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Show #349
Original airdate: Nov 22, 2007
Guest: Jim DiEuginio
Topic: JFK Assassination anniversary today

Interview Audio - Part One

Jim DiEuginio

  • Jim talks about what sparked his interest when he began his research in the mid '70's
  • Jim Garrison, Lisa Pease, Probe Magazine
  • The Warren Commission lie --- It's ok. The American people don't read (Allen Dulles)
  • He talks about contradictory evidendence in the Warren Report
  • Blakey supevised the coverup
  • The release of about 2000 pages of JFK Assassination investigation documents
  • The documents prove a lack of evidence connecting the Mannlicher Carcano to Oswald
  • Jim describes the appearance of CE399 (The Magic Bullet) at Parkland Hospital
  • How the bullet was pushed as evidence... The bullet wasn't the one shown to the witnesses
  • Oswald DID NOT order the Mannicher Carcano!
  • The bullet was found on a stretcher other than the one Gov. Connely was on
  • CE399 - False, Misleading, A tremendous miscarriage of justice
  • The venom has been directed toward the researchers rather than the criminals
  • Several points showing Oswald likely an intel agent from early on
  • George DeMorenschield and the White Russian, Anti-Communists that Oswald hung around with in Dallas
  • Probe Magazine,

    Jim's web page
  • Some of the disinformationalists and how they cloud legitimate study and research
  • 'John McAdams' information webpage

  • Medical evidence tampering - Moving the bullet entry point/trajectory
  • Garrison was attacked from every direction and by every agency - CIA, FBI, The Media etc.
  • Bill Davey - Let Justice Be Done to be revised and released again soon...A great book on the JFK subject
  • Mae Brussell. One of the greats. She had 48 four drawer file cabinets of information
  • John Kelin's book 'Praise from a Future Generation'- Another great book
  • Explaining the film - Oliver Stone's JFK; The petty criticisms of the editorial licence used in the film
  • JFK: The Book of the Film - an explanation by the film maker on why he did what he did

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: JFK Assassination anniversary today

    Interview Audio - Part One

    Jim Fetzer
  • JFK News items - Op-ed pieces this week
  • Rediculous information from the usual suspects
  • Google "CIA Max Holland" for an idea of the kind of people that write that crap
  • Several proven evidentiary items
  • Gerald Ford... moving the bullet entry points
  • Tim Miller publisher of Gerald Ford's book
  • The Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB)
  • contradictions in evidence that continue to be foisted on us
  • Fletcher Prouty - "The CIA an Agency. They're protecting their client... not the American public"
  • Why Oswald couldn't have done it
  • A couple of articles promoting the Warren Commission view
  • Malcolm Kilduff pointed to his right temple as a point of entry
  • A listing of people that believe in the conspiratorial view of the JFK Assassination
  • The changing brain
  • Spurious National Security cautions used to prevent records from being released in the case of Johannides, Campbell and Morales who all may have been at both the JFK assassination AND the RFK Assassination
  • The motorcycle rider following the JFK Limo was sprayed so much by JFK's brain and head matter, he thought he'd been shot

    Show #348
    Original airdate: Nov 15, 2007
    Guest: Paris Flammonde
    Topic: Book 4: Indices of the Assassination of America

    Interview Audio - Part One

    Paris Flammonde
  • Starting with a description of his first three volumes and how the fouth ties in
  • The contributors to the fourth volume
  • Book reviews of several authors from both sides of the JFK arguement (Lone Nut/Conspiracy)
  • Who this book series is directed at
  • Talk about Jim Garrison's brave investigation. What he was up against and what he accomplished
  • Discussion of The Military Industrial Complex's constant fight with Jim Garrison
  • Paris attributes Jim's early death, just into his 70's, to the strain of this battle
  • Paris discusses a few articles he wrote that led to the writing of this series
  • General structure of each volume with a few specifics
  • Book 3 shows pictures of a great many Warren Commission critics. Q uite a compilation
  • Paris' website:
  • Paris Flammonde c/o Scanuscription books PO Box 48 Sciota Pa 18360
  • Reminiscences about a few researchers he'd met
  • The authorship of a work of this size is ebnough to burn out a researcher on this subject
  • While Bugliosi was offered a huge amount to write his book, most researchers break even or lose money in an effort to get the truth out
  • About Intelligence agency's budgets
  • Discussion of Col. Fletcher Prouty and his insiders view
  • Ed Lansdale

    Guest: Lisa Pease
    Topic: Arthur H. Bremer, The Man Who Shot Gov. George Wallace

    Interview Audio - Part One

    Lisa Pease
  • 1972 just before Watergate, Wallace was shot while he was gaining steam in his campaign
  • The shooter, Aurther H Bremer, was released last friday
  • The prosecutor Arthur 'Bud' Marshall, wasn't convinced Bremer was the shooter
  • Wallace was paralyzed in the incident
  • Chuck Colson... E Howard Hunt... Nixon... all linked somehow to this
  • Wallace was a right wing leaning Democrat and was gaining campaign steam. He may have been a threat to Nixon
  • Was Nixon's campaign worried JFK's ghost would resurface and win vicariously through George Wallace?
  • Although there's no hard evidence, the case against Nixon's campaign in this is very suggestive
  • Parallels with the RFK assassination... Bizarre coincidences?
  • Gore Vidal noticed the Bremer Diary looked like E Howard Hunt wrote it
  • Lisa's article, "Arthur Bremer and George Wallace - Déjà Vu all over again" at
  • Lisa says she heard that J Edgar Hoover was killed by the CIA... from an ex CIA officer
  • JFK disinformation; So many threads to follow leading anywhere but where it should... to the CIA
  • was Bud Fensterwald CIA? Many researchers thought so
  • How the CIA gained power in the beginning
  • Was Bryan the hypnotic programmer for both Sirhan and Bremer?
  • Lisa recommends a chapter in the book "The Assassination Chain" by Sybil Leek as a pretty good source on the Wallace shooting
  • 26 volumes - 4 investigations... There's plenty we don't know
  • No one knows his source of income. This made several people suspicious
  • Jeff Morley working on connections with George Joannedes - CIA - Oswald - RFK assassination
  • Why is the CIA hiding the George Joannedes file?
  • The absurdity of Electronic Voting
  • Diebold has changed it's name to Premier Elections Have a look. They're the same crooks.

    Show #347
    Original airdate: Nov 8, 2007
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio /Shane O'Sullivan
    Topic: JFK Research

    Interview Audio - Part One

    Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim's a founding member of Probe Magazine
  • He's a Prolific author and researcher in the JFK case
  • Jim DiEugenio's Probe Magazine website
  • Panning the Bugliosi book
  • Bugliosi's book - The references were disproved in many cases years previously and still he uses them
  • It's an open question as to just how much of the book, Bugliosi actually wrote
  • Bugliosi's whole premise is to say "The evidence doesn't matter bnecause Oswald did it"... rediculous on it's face
  • He talks about his disappointment in several of the newer books because of their unsubstantiated claims and poor historical record
  • He talks about one such book review he did
  • Jim talks about Ultimate Sacrifice and it's conflict with Edwin Black's accurate and detailed work. Waldren anmd Hartmann simply got it all wrong
  • Edwin Black's essay is available through the Chicago Public Library. It's worth the trouble.
  • DiEuginio likes the book 'Brothers" and explains why
  • About the 6th floor palm print
  • The Torbitt Document (essay) - the Slickest of propaganda Jim explains why
  • Gerald McKnight's book BREACH OF TRUST: one of the top 10 JFKbooks ever written
  • New film - "Oswald's Ghost" coming out in December...
  • A discussion of the enormous amount that is known about 1 moment in history. The JFK Assassination was An incredibly documented event

    Interview Audio - Part Two

    Guest: Shane O'Sullivan
    Topic: RFK Research

  • The release of his new DVD will be on Nov 20 "RFK Must Die - The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy"
  • It will be available at his website: or can be preordered at Amazon
  • How Shane became involved in the RFK subject and what led him to his making of this DVD
  • Exclusive interviews with key witnesses
  • The 3/2? CIA agents at the Ambassador Hotel
  • The investigation is ongoing but Shane puts the story out as he sees it now
  • Shane admits the video is "his" point of view but he tries to be as objective as he can possibly be in the process
  • He talks a bit about the Manchurian Candidate aspect and hypnosis
  • Phil Van Praag audio investigations
  • Shane's question: After all this time, does Sirhan still need to be in prison?
  • His hope is that the DVD will make the case more approacheable and bring new researchers into the case
  • His take on the political associations involved and how that was used against Sirhan
  • How RFK's treatment of the CIA may have been one of the triggers to his demise
  • It all boils down to "do you believe Sirhan is innocent or don't you?"

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Current Events

    Interview Audio - Part Three

    Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Current Events
  • Discussing less than stellar JFK assassination books
  • Nancy Disgrace - the Duke rape case...
  • Musharrif has locked down Pakistan... Bush condemns it
  • Kieth Olberman on Countdown: Torture used to make a phony case in the war on terror
  • Candidate, Ron Paul $4.2 million raised in one day for his campaign
  • Recent legalities on childbirth and just when a fetus becomes a person - Graduated theory of rights
  • Pat Robertson endorses Rudy Giulianni: a contradiction given Giulianni's history
  • Jerry Fallwell: 9/11 God's will because of America's sins
  • Ace Baker video investigations. Anomalies in the plane impacts on 9/11. His conclusion?... The videos are fake
  • Molten Metal under the WTC rubble. Thermate/Thermite? 14 million gallons of water dumped on the WTC?...
  • You can find WTC thermal images at
  • Why are the workers in the WTC 1 & 2 still wearing safety clothing after all this time
  • Stock Market volatility

    Show #346
    Original airdate: Nov 1, 2007
    Guest: Col. L Fletcher Prouty
    Topic: Several exerpts, various topics

    Interview Audio - Part One

    Fletcher Prouty
    Clip 1 - Bobby Kennedy
  • Talk about a "Kennedy Girl" Fletch met that had been at the Ambassador Hotel
  • This woman was following Kennedy and Sirhan was in front facing Bobby
  • She told him that a gun had gone off beside her ear (From behind her)at the same time she was watching Sirhan waving his gun
  • The woman was never called to testify and her husband was given a job at General Motors in Detroit
    Clip 2 - CIA people in the House Assassinations Comittee
  • Prouty says he's never outed a CIA operative in all of his works
    Clip 3 - CIA Special Operations
  • The legality and structure of operations
  • How other government agencies give the CIA authority to perform operations
  • Focal Point Offices
    Clip 4 - NSAM 263/273
  • Prouty: "The most important document of the JFK era was NSAM 263
  • Fletch was one of the people that had worked on it
  • 263 would've ended the Vietnam conflict before it began and brought all Americans home from there by 1965
  • The general mood in the hallways of the Pentagon after the Bay of Pigs fiasco ("That God dam Kennedy")
  • The Honolulu Conference
  • NSAM 273 reversed the Vietnam Policy. It had to have been written before JFK's death but not by JFK
  • Bill Bundy's locations and times don't jive with the official history. Could he have written 273? The records show he was in Honolulu
  • Bundy speaks with the president.... Which president?
  • Anomalies in the Pentagon Papers
  • The chronology of these events just doesn't add up!
  • The Pentagon Papers contain NSAM's 263 & 273 but they've been cleverly diguised by being mixed with surrounding documents
    Clip 5 - The Pentagon Papers
  • The Pentagon Papers are a propagandic version of actual documents The actual documents are much more concise and in better order
  • Prouty says Daniel Ellsberg was given the papers. The whole thing was handed to him in its current propagandic form
  • He talks about MK Ultra
  • Fletcher describs brainwashing and how MK Ultra came about
  • AIDS was 'created' and they would not have released it if there were not an antidote for it!
  • The US Government brought many people to America after WWII for their specific knowledge - Operation Paperclip?
    Clip 6 - Drugs
  • The impregnable air defense system in America... and still drugs get in by air?
  • Air Defense Command are asked to "leave the planes alone"
  • People in the Air Defense Command are in collusion with the drug cartels
  • Prouty talks about drug transports in Southeast Asia

    Show #345
    Original airdate: Oct 25, 2007
    Guest: Bruce Campbell Adamson
    Topic: George De Mohrenschildt

    Interview Audio - Part One

    Bruce Campbell Adamson
  • Bruce gives a brief history of himself and how he became involved in the case
  • His books are available at his Website
  • Bruce's address: PO Box 1003 Aptos Calif. 95001
  • What led him in the direction of De Morenschildt to begin with
  • He has writtern extensively on the JFK subject focusing on George De Mohrenschildt in particular
  • He has written a series of 11 books under the running title "Oswald's Closest Friend; The George de Mohrenschildt Story"
  • George H W Bush - Friends with De Morenschildt and fellow CIA member
  • De Morenschildt was connected to a huge number of well known people
  • Bruce lays out a fairly detailed scenario implicating LBJ, GHW Bush and The Brown Bros & Harriman Bank (where Prescott Bush worked)
  • He believes Abraham Zapruder knew each other
  • Bruce mentions GHW Bush is a figure in the JFK Assassination
  • Describing De Mohrenschildt 'handling' of Lee Oswald through the Paine's
  • A summarization of De Mohrenschildt's major ties to almost everyone of interest in the JFK assassination
  • Unbeknownst to his killer, DeMohrenschildt actually had a tape recorder turned on at the time
    because he was taping a television show for someone. The fatal gunshot was actually picked up on the tape!
    It appears to have been a murder, but it's interesting how the authorities decided to not pursue that possibility.
    Youtube Video
  • Video with photo of George Dem murder scene

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Current Events Interview Audio - Part Two

  • Jim starts by talking about the book "Ultimate Sacrifice"
  • The rediculous premise of the book
  • Chauncey Holt, Robert Blakey and others
  • Len mentions Jim Fetzer's book "Murder In Dealy Plaza"
  • Jefferson Morley / George Joannides
  • HR1955 An Orwellian bill outlawing thought crimes
  • More on the bill here
  • Jim talks about the bill's interpretation of a thought crime
  • He relates a Naomi Wolf article
  • Internment camps, Free Speech Zones and the "owned" media
  • Some WTC facts and Giullianni's lack of popularity and "dress code"

    Show #344
    Original airdate: Oct 18, 2007
    Guest: John Kelin
    Topic: Book: Praise from a Future Generation

    Interview Audio - Part One

    John Kelin
  • John's Website
  • A brief history telling where John got his interest in JFK Assassination theory and research
  • John's key motivators were Mark Lane, The Zapruder film and Oliver Stone's JFK
  • His experiences with Vincent Salandria
  • Praise from a Future Generation: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy and the First Generation Critics of the Warren Report
  • How his book title came about
  • About Shirley Martin and how Mark Lane came to represent Lee Harvey Oswald after his death
  • His opinion of Mark Lane and Lane's importance in the history of the JFK case. Lane was an inspiration to so many in the early days
  • John's feels Bugliosi's book "Reclaiming History" is 'dishonest'
  • John's review of the Bugliosi book on Reclaiming History. org
  • George W Bush: "An establishment figure" --- He knows how the game is played
  • John will be speaking at the Lancer Conference this year but he's unable to be at COPA

    Guest: Randy Benson
    Topic: film "The Searchers"

    Interview Audio - Part Two

    Randy Benson
  • Randy gives a brief history leading to his making of the movie "The Searchers"
  • The evolution of the film's story, a story about the early Warren Commission Critics
  • Part of the unfinished work in progress, The Searchers will be shown at COPA in Dallas this year on the friday after Thanksgiving
  • Benson relates his take on Oliver Stone's 'JFK' and how it inspired him
  • He was first educated by Jim Marrs' book 'Crossfire' after seeing the movie JFK
  • An exchange of opinions on recent political history
  • Randy asks "Why are the Pozners and Bugliosis allowed so much airtime and space on store shelves when they are so obviously wrong?"
  • So far the movie has a one hour running time and Randy states that it will finish at around two hours in length
  • The Warren Commission Critics: "Normal people doing a tremendous service"

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Current Events

    Interview Audio - Part Three

    Jim Fetzer
  • Jim starts by letting us know the Jim Garrison papers are now available
  • News about Vladamir Putin's comments saying America's involvement in Iraq was now pointless
  • Putin "... Russia, unlike Iraq still has enough power to defend itself"
  • Pullout times put forward for Iraq - 17 years, 20 years, Never...
  • Putin has put Russia's strategic bombers on full alert for the month of october
  • He talks about the recent cruise missile incident noting 6 of the involved people are dead
  • Although Putin's record with dissenters is less than stellar (The Pelonium incident), to his credit
  • He seems to be putting the pressure, on behalf of the world, on America to not invade Iran

    Show #343
    Original airdate: Oct 11, 2007
    Guest: Jim Marrs/ Dr. William Pepper
    Topic: JFK Assassination

    Interview Audio - Part One

    Jim Marrs
  • Secretary Evelyn Lincoln letter of Oct 1994 to Jim Marrs discussed
  • Jim Marrs website
  • Ron Paul signs cause trouble Article
  • Vicente Fox admits that he and George W. Bush have ’agreed’ on common currency, North American Union Article
  • E Howard Hunt's deathbed confession and Saint John Hunt
  • Who would kill JFK? - A list of his obvious enemies
  • Jim labels the banking elite as the most likely perpetrators. JFK issued debt free money
  • Talk about Vincent Bugliosi's rediculous book "Reclaiming History" - "Should be named Reclaiming The Warren Commission"
  • Bugliosi's name calling indicates that his book can't stand on it's facts and merits.
  • Bugliosi should be content that he has the truth on his side. Of course, he can't
  • The coverup still exists. This is clear evidence of a conspiracy
  • Although it's likely Oswald didn't fire a shot, If you believe he did, he couldn't have fired all of the shots.
  • That, by definition is a conspiracy and a conspiracy at the highest levels of power
  • The back / neck shot and why this shot matters
  • The fate of several members of the Warren Commission
  • Jim's new book PSI Spies: The True Story of America's Psychic Warfare Program (on Amazon)
  • Government / Military psychic research in the seventies
  • Jim Marrs website
  • He talks about the subjects of his books and his motivations for writing them
  • Another popular book by Jim, The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty (on Amazon)
  • A bit about 'official versions' and what really happened
  • Support the troops? ... Get em' outa there!
  • The Amero, The North American Union and destabilization
  • We see no news on these things in the major media...
  • The manipulation of the media to incite fear and control the public
  • Ron Paul signs cause trouble Article
  • Secret Service Agent Clint Hill wasn't supposed to be in the Dallas Motorcade
  • Aspects of the Secret Service assignment in Dallas slightly pre-JFK

    Interview Audio - Part Two

    Dr. William Pepper
  • Dr William Pepper has taken over from Larry Teeter in representing Sirhan Sirhan in the RFK Assassination
  • Teeter shunned technology and as a result, his cases and communication were very slow and difficult
  • In the 9/11 matter, Dr Pepper has been helping 'The Jersey Girls' in trying to find out what really happened
  • He'll be a panel member of a new commission that will be formed in New York regarding 9/11
  • It'll be an official body and should reveal truths that have, up to now, not been revealed
  • He has two upcoming books. One about the conclusion of his work on the MLK assassination
  • The other is about Hugo Chavez, looking beyond the smear tactics of the popular media
  • Both ar untitled as yet
  • Dr Pepper has been working on torture trials in
  • He recently won a case that, for the first time in history, shows a 'sovreign state' (Iran) as guilty and liable of torture
  • In future Nikbin vs Iran may be available on the Federal District Court website but as yet it isn't posted
  • :

    Interview Audio - Part Three

    Jim Fetzer
  • A talk about Jim Marrs' book 'Psi Spies'
  • John Hunt Medical evidence under the title"A Demonstrable Impossibility" on
  • Several anomalies in the gunshot evidence in the JFK assassination regarding "re-writing" the medical evidence reports
  • Jim warns us of terror drills coming up this week - More false flags?
  • Jim supports Ron Paul as a presidential candidate
  • Ron Paul's media coverage, although he seems to have great public support, is almost non existant
  • Jim compares the candidates' popularity and credibility issues
  • He talks about Dr Judy Wood and exotic weaponry research
  • Next week's guest, Randy Benson, has a movie:"The Searchers", a movie regarding the original critics of the Warren Commission
  • It will be launched at the upcoming COPA meeting in Dallas
  • A talk about Lee Oswald's severed head. Will they be able to re-exhume it for DNA analysis?
  • Retouching film frames and the Zapruder film
  • He refers the listener to the book "The Great Zapruder Film Hoax"
  • J Edgar Hoover said the shots came from the fifth floor

    Show #342
    Original airdate: Oct 4, 2007
    Guest: Andrew Winiarczyk
    Topic: The Last Hurrah Bookshop

    Interview Audio -Part One

  • Address "Last Hurrah Bookshop - 937 Memorial Ave. Williamsport Pennsylvania 17701"
  • Best to phone him at 570-321-1150 - Email is "
  • Andy has been specializing in politically oriented /conspiratorial books since 1983
  • Initially he was interested in selling books and took a chance on there being a market for this book subject
  • The 1960's political assassinations were the subjects his friends were interested in and he focused there
  • There are more than 2000 books focussing on the political assassinations of the 1960's
  • He has read almost all of the books he sells
  • Andy will make recommendations upon request based on subject matter
  • He tries to carry books that are hard to find
  • An overview of some of the books and book sets he carries
  • A sure way to get on the Last Hurrah mailing list is to order a book from Andy
  • Will also buy books but he needs a list and a report of the condition of each book
  • A little about authorship and the reasons someone might write "another" JFK book
  • About some of the poor researchers. Some believe in what they write and some are disinformationalists

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: JFK confenece update

    Interview Audio - Part Two

  • Jim reviews a new book 'Programmed To Kill'
  • Jim calls it "complete and absolute rubbish"
  • Review of speakers for Nov. conference in Dallas
  • A segment on American post-9/11 torture and the use of fear to promote the current political agenda within and without America
  • He relates a 'top 10' list asking for a re-investigation of 9/11
  • Views on several presidential candidates
  • Jim says it's beginning to look like Hillary vs Giulliani at this point
  • The proposed NAFTA I35 Super Corridor
  • Texas land seizure laws
  • Senator Gravel expresses shame that America is once again involved in a foreign war
  • Blackwater

    Show #341
    Original airdate: Sept 27, 2007
    Guest: Col. L Fletcher Prouty
    Topic: The NSA

    Interview Audio -Part One

  • The NSA: The 'Eye's & Ears' of America in the world
  • The 'purely mechanical' job of the NSA
  • A vague tool and function list of the NSA used to listen and detect information around the world in the 60's
  • The sheer volume of information is overwhelming and computers are needed to filter it all
  • The NSA is a governmentally/millitarily directed agency
  • The CIA is different in that it is an independent agency with a focused agenda
  • JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Fletch explains the occasional collisions of policy between the agencies and military operations
  • How the checks and balances failed in the Iran/Contra operations
  • He tells us that the abolishment of the OSO was a mistake and it led to the breakdown of checks and balances
  • With the dissolution of the OSO, communication with many other agencies and departments was no longer possible, causing a great many problems
  • Isolating departments from each other under seperate command and the different personalities became problems

    Guest: Pat Valentino
    Topic: More JFK videos on the web

    Interview Audio -Part Two
  • A talk about YouTube & Google videos focussing on JFK Assassination news
  • Evidence of Revision link
  • Happy Birthday Pat and his good friend David Lifton (Belated - Sept 20)
  • Pat tells us about what Secret Service agents were and weren't doing doing during the assassination
  • Discussion of ballistic evidence and the relavence of it
  • Len talks about Kennedy being 'removed'
  • Pat says "Imagine how much more valuable the Zapruder Film would be if it were a sound movie"
  • The tampering of the Zapruder Film is proof of a conspiracy
  • Pat says there's no evidence any of the OJ group were carrying a gun during the original incident in spite of what the news said
  • He relates facts he knows about the incident and how OJ was sold out by his friend, Bruce Fromong
  • He tells us what he gleaned from the released recordings
  • Pat believes both Simpson and Fromong were set up and gives convincing reasons why he thinks so
  • How Simpson came up with the bail money
  • Simpson's ghost writer was a witness against him and gives interviews that are, word for word, identical--Strange!
  • Pat has a copy of the Pre-Goldman Simpson Book transcript
  • Pat & Len discuss media manipulation of truth comparing incidents in the JFK and OJ Simpson cases

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: 911 research debates

    Interview Audio -Part Three
  • Jim touches on some JFK news
  • He talks about controversial 9/11 evidence
  • Dave Von Kleist's videos "In Plane Sight" and "The Ripple Effect" and the 'pods'
  • Evidence of remote piloting of 9/11 planes
  • Jim says the planes weren't the ones that we were told about but maybe Military
  • All Four 9/11 crash sites: The cleanest Air Crash sites in history. Virtually no wreckage!
  • If the official story were true, Jim says the plane should have been seen sticking out of each building after the crash
  • Evidence of anomalies in the speeds of the various aircraft involved
  • Video evidence at and lack of evidence of Wake Vortex
  • Jim talks about video fakery and Len's still open on the subject until more facts come to light
  • More on Ace Baker - The smoke movement anomalies
  • The trashing by the president of Columbia University against the "invited" Ahmadinejad
  • The selective translations of Ahmadinejad by network translators looks like propaganda
  • The Iranian "10 Questions"
  • Mohammed Mossadeq was a duly elected, removed by America and now history may repeat itself with Ahmadinejad
  • The Iranian Guard have been labeled 'terrorists' by the Bush administration
  • 180,000 contractors in Iraq and only 130,000 military troops there
  • The rediculous cost of contractors

    Show #340
    Original airdate: Sept 20, 2007
    Guest: Col. L Fletcher Prouty
    Topic: JFK Assassination

    Interview Audio -Part One

  • Student tasered at a Florida University during a John Kerry Q & A What's your opinion?
  • What would Col. Prouty investigate?
  • Anomalies in the police procedure right from the start
  • Oswald was fingered long before it would have logically been possible
  • Fletch numbers off many of the shots - 4 bullets: Impossible for Oswald
  • The police didn't take notes - A telling point that proves there's more to the story
  • The press still covers the story just as it always did... The coverup continues
  • If the Dallas Police had done their job, they would likely have solved the crime properly by midnight the night of the assassination
  • The sheer number and kinds of anomalies prove the conspiracy
  • Prouty explains that when there's a lone nut, you have to prove nothing. There's no real reason for the assassination
  • once you show that a conspiracy exists, then you need to look into the reasons and this can get messy for the conspirators
  • He talks about JFK's joint USA/USSR space program idea and the TFX project
  • The redistribution of moneys allotted to the TFX program was a major factor in stirring the anti-JFK movement within the Military Industrial Complex
  • JFK's intention to bring home all personnel from Vietnam was the biggest factor in his assassination
  • No agency was responsible while representing any agency.
  • The people involved were likely from a number of government agencies but they remain nameless and faceless. No fingers can ever be pointed
  • A description of the procedures that are required in the protection of the president and the lack of procedure that day
  • Calls were made to Secret Service and Military units normally required to tell them to stand down
  • The secret Service wasn't inept per se. They weren't asked to do their job
  • The removal of the president's protection is the way you allow the assassination
  • Phoney Dallas Policemen and Secret Service agents were all over Dealy Plaza
  • The innumerable cover stories prove the enormous power behind the coverup
  • The parade routes are calculated to put the president in the least danger possible. This takes months of work
  • The parade route was changed at the 11th hour. Who has the power to do that?
  • Fletch calls the redirection of the parade route "A real wild west ambush"
  • Comments on the 'Tramp' pictures. Looking carefully at who's in the pictures
  • The tramps have new clothes, The police are in stage costume, The police carry shotguns.. something the Dallas Police don't do
  • They were marched into the sherrifs office and out the back door with no record of them being booked
  • Col. Prouty fingers General Edward Lansdale as being in one of the tramp pictures when he shouldn't have been there
  • Prouty mailed out several copies of the pictures to people who knew Lansdale
  • Lansdale was the man that sent Col. Prouty to the South Pole for the assassination
  • The entire Kennedy Cabinet was also on their way to Tokyo during the assassination. Something that never happened before
  • He explains how the cover story was already out at the time of the assasination, something that wasn't likely possible at that time
  • Reporters mentioned hearing 'automatic rifle fire' before the cover story set in
  • The information collected and released on Oswald was far too elaborate to have been thrown together immediately after the shooting without having been assembled beforehand

    Show #339
    Original airdate: Sept 13, 2007
    Guest: Les Murzsa
    Topic: 9/11 - Inside Job

    Interview Audio -Part One

  • Producer Les Murzsa releases new 45 minute film "9/11 2007" View Movie
  • Les talks about the transition from his CD audio to the new video
  • He created a video segment about WTC Building 7 and then a few others and then strung them together
  • About news items that have mysteriously removed from the web
  • How search engines are somehow censoring the availability of information.
  • In some cases, even if it's still available on the web, the search engine won't take you there
  • Les tells us about what he perceives as an inordinate amount of fake personalities on YouTube
  • These personalities seem to be used to create divertive disinformation in an attempt to draw people from pertinent videos
  • Len relates the same kind of experience he's noticed with the mcadams's and the Pozners
  • Les gives his view of what happened with the 'My Pet Goat' incident
  • He gives a description of the recent Vancouver 9/11 conference
  • information learned about the North American Union and a building in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
  • A talk about types of symposiums and the direction of information... Is it a learning experience or preaching to the converted?
  • The suspicious release of the recent "new" Bin Laden video
  • Les says he'll send a copy of his DVD video with every purchase of his F.I.O.Y. CD from Black Op Radio

    Audio Part Two Guest: Jim Fetzer Topic: 9/11 anniversary in NYC /Zeitgeist; The Movie /Current Events

  • Jim talks about New York conferences he spoke at and was interviewed about this past week
  • He talks about his appalling experiences with Hannity & Colmes and Bill O'Reilly
  • Talking about his appearance on the stage with Dylan Avery's group, We Are Change
  • A discussion of Alex Jones' arrest and Geraldo's reaction
  • Les gives a bit of his family's history with NYC and 9/11
  • Fetz replies to an email question about the white jetliner that appeared around The Whitehouse and NYC on 9/11
  • He relates several points of evidence surrounding the Pentagon attack
  • The relatively low temperatures of the fire and the suspicious collapse of the WTC, particularly Building 7
  • Warnings of another false flag attack in America coming from several places
  • The shortage of police ammunition in many places in America and some possible implications
  • Jim talks about several people that appeared at the conferences he attended this past week
  • Les explains what O'Reilly's ploy is in trying to squash Jim in his interview
  • Les & Jim talk about Bush, Petraeus(Betray-us), The Surge, The Benchmarks, The Iraq Seperation Bill and permanent bases in Iraq
  • A discussion of Bush's rediculous correlation between Iraq and Vietnam
  • The assassination of Sheik Abu Risha that was Americas greatest ally this week
  • The equally rediculous new Bin Laden video and other Bin Laden videos
  • Bush's gaffs at the summit in Australia
  • The recent accidental carrying of a half dozen bombs carrying live nuclear warheads this past week
  • The entire US military is standing down on Sept 14th and on the same day, El Al Airlines has no flights out of the US
  • Jim talks about the sabre rattling between America, Russia and China
  • He talks about the movie Zeitgeist
  • Fetz calls the first section of Zeigeist 'brilliant' and gives several reasons why
  • Part two about 9/11 and Jim's skepticism of Steven Jones' photos depicting molten metal
  • section 3 of the video on the Federal Reserve and will save comment until next week
  • Jim talks about recent news about JFK Jr's death and some implications should the news be true
  • He talks about certain people taking oaths of loyalty to George Bush instead of to the US Constitution

    Show #338
    Original airdate: Sept 6, 2007
    Guest: Antonia Juhasz
    Topic: Iraqi Oil

    Audio Part One

  • Antonia Juhasz webpage
  • Author of "The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time"
  • Antonia's websites are and
  • Iraq parliament is resisting the Iraqi Oil Law (nicknamed the Iraq Seperation Bill)that Bush is insisting on
  • Iraq is resisting because the law would open 2/3 of Iraqi oil to outside entities
  • The fear is that Iraq would split into 3 seperate regimes, thereby deviding the country forever
  • Many oil companies are standing in line to grab the oil of Iraq should this law pass... a rape of Iraqi resources
  • 50% of mined Iraqi oil at present goes to the USA. The rest is devided among European countries
  • The war is about more than oil. It's about Corporate Imperial control of the world economy
  • If the law passes, the resources in Iraq would be mopped up for a full 30 years with absolutely no benefit for Iraqis
  • Not one nickle or job would be legislated for Iraqi benefit... A complete rip off for the benefit of international corporatists
  • Pressure is needed now to pressure governments into refusing this unjust law

    Show #337
    Original airdate: Aug 30, 2007
    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Current Events

    Audio Part One

  • Jim starts with a talk about Ed Haslam on Mary Sherman & Monkey Virus Research
  • Len has interviewed Mr Haslam on archive segments "195 a, b & c"
  • Discussion on the validity of the testimony of Judith Vary Baker
  • Anyone interested in this research can find relavent books at
  • Jim mentions James Quintiri's request to re-investigate the WTC collapses
  • 3 short YouTube videos on 9/11 questions 'Larry Silverbird, Towers of Dust and This is an Orange'
  • He relates several points of evidence regarding 9/11
  • Jim talks about several items that were mentioned in the news about 9/11 that just don't seem right
  • Problems with the History Channel 9/11 special
  • Several views of the Pentagon being hit by an airliner, we are still not allowed to see any of them?
  • Speculation on an Iran invasion and Len comments on the troops being so thinly spread they can't possibly invade
  • Fetz talks about the recent revelation that American police departments are starved for ammunition because of the Iraq War
  • He talks about his worry that America may run so short of munitions that contractors like Blackwater could gain a power foothold.
  • He gives a short resume of Phillip Zellicow and suggests that Keane and Hamilton were bamboozled by him
  • The question of media ownership, the steering of news and the lack of investigative reporting
  • Talk about the movie Zeitgeist Len can't recommend it enough, stick past the long 8 minute intro...

    Show #336
    Original airdate: Aug 16, 2007
    Guest: Prof. Donald W Scott
    Topic: Aids: A Crime Beyond Belief

    Audio Part One

  • His new book about to be published "Aids: A Crime Beyond Belief"
  • Prof. Scott explains how AIDS came into being
  • He explains how AIDS is used as a bioweapon along with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Chronic Fatigue victims are not taken seriously and are therefore neglected by the medical profession
  • The same pathogen that causes AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is also a factor in Gulf War Syndrome
  • Federal funding for Cancer and other disease Research wasn't going to find cures and treatment.
  • Funding was actually going to discovery of the properties that could make it a bioweapon
  • Scott gives us a refresher on Mycoplasmas
  • His book identifies the real power behind government
  • The book will be available soon for $33.95US ($43.95Canadian) by emailing:
    or at Chapters or by mail: Executive Services 30 Brodie Ave. Sudbury Ont Canada P3C 3M8
  • The Journal of Degenerative Diseases is available for $25.00 at CCMRF Box 133 Station B Sudbury Ont. Canada P3E 4N5
  • Scott tells us about Pre-CIA Operation Paperclip
  • Mycoplasmas are carried naturally by 2% of caucasian men and 33% of black men
  • He tells us that among the many CIA scams was the huge BRE-X scandal
  • Prof. Scott dealings with the notorious Kerry Thornley. The diary was fictionalized to protect the guilty
  • Thornley's diary is available for $25.00 at CCMRF Box 133 Station. B Sudbury Ont. Canada P3E 4N5
  • He talks about Thornley and E. Howard Hunt.
  • He tells us we can read between the lines and determine who Thornley is talking about in the diary

    Guest: Pat Valentino
    Topic: Current Events

    Audio Part two

  • Following up on Prof. Scott, Pat gives us a rundown on Robert Strecker and AIDS and his 1988 video
  • A discussion on Magic Johnson and the fact that we haven't heard anything about his AIDS infection... Was he cured?
  • Visna Virus and the development of AIDS
  • Pat discusses Dr. Robert Strecker's video " The Strecker Memorandum"
  • A discussion of illness and adverse reactions following innoculations, particularly Autism
  • He talks about where he was during the RFK assassination
  • Pat had made a few recordings at live lectures by Mark Lane a month prior to RFK's murder and was particularly ensconsed in 1960's assassination knowledge
  • He makes the point that many of the anti-Vietnam War voices were shot
  • How could they know RFK was going to go through the kitchen? An unidentified voice on several of the audio recordings of the night calls him there
  • A talk about the police inciting violence at peaceful demonstrations
  • Agent Provocateurs this week at Montabello at the North American Union Conference
  • The rediculousness of JFK Assassination exhibit #399
  • The Military Industrial Complex's role in assassination
  • The parallels with 9/11, today's situation in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq
  • Pat talks about the many demolitions he's watched and the demolition of WTC Building 7
  • an exchange about 9/11 and several anomalies that are never addressed
  • More on the indefensible rediculousness of the position on JFK of Bugliosi and Pozner
  • It seems that Americans don't get outraged when their government to lies to them, even when the lies lead to war
  • Pat talks about some of the spin Allan Dulles used at the outset of the Warren Commission investigation
  • He talks about an exchange between David Lifton and Allen Dulles
  • Aug 24 2007 RIP Arron Russo

    Show #335
    Original airdate: Aug 16, 2007
    Guest: Paul Kuntzler
    Topic: JFK Activist

    Audio Part One

  • A short history of Paul Kuntzler leading to his interest in the JFK Assassination
  • Took out a full two page ad in the July 31 2007 New York Times with his views on the JFK assassination
  • He makes the point JFK stood for change and progress and that led to his death
  • He assembled several noted researchers at The Willard Hotel in New York City to discuss the assassination
  • The CIA has upwards of 500 reporters and media personell to cloud various issues - Allen Dulles' "Mighty Wurlitzer"
  • Paul tells us that Gerald Pozner's 'Case Closed' was ghost written by the CIA and they merely named him author.
  • An American representative for Stern Magazine (Germany) intensively interviewed Paul in New York and also in Dallas
  • He discusses the limousine windsheild bullet hole that proves there was a front shot and therefore a conspiracy
  • Paul names General Curtis LeMay as one of the assassination planners and talks about how he came to discover this
  • Paul is a dedicated researcher with a disgust of the continuing coverup of the JFK assassination
  • Although he believes in the New York Times and the Washington Post, on this issue they are a 'profound moral disgrace'
  • More to come in Sept.

    Guest: Pat Valentino
    Topic: JFK Updates / Current Events

    Audio Part Two
  • Pat rebuts some absurd JFK disinformation regarding some of David Lifton's work
  • Bugliosi's book is once again proved to be a disgrace on several levels
  • Pat believes that Bugliosi believes what is written in his book although it's easy to prove the evidence is a fraud
  • He discusses Bugliosi's 'bully' tactics in his writing
  • Len talks about a few interviewees and how the interviews, if they are honest, are open to several points of view.
  • They don't close the interview to just their own opinion
  • Pat and Len talk about Gen Ed Lansdale's appearance in Dealy Plaza and that fact proves a Coup D'etat
  • Pat reads Page 1063 of Bugliosi's book saying Lifton is an honest researcher.
  • He talks about the scathing reviews of Oliver Stone's JFK 'BEFORE' it was ever released
  • Len talks about how he let's the guest get their point of view out without interference
  • Pat describes David Lifton's approach to research as the very same
  • People are left 'so wanting of the story'after a media report that documentaries are more popular than ever
  • Current news - General Petraeus not writing his own report. What is being held back?
  • Talk about the fraudulent US election

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: The upcoming North American Union conference

    Audio Part Three

  • Jim starts with a warning about another 9/11 to coincide with the North American Union Conference, Aug 20 - Aug 22
  • Government insiders that aren't in alignment with the current point of view in Washinmgton will be left out of the loop and left 'without access'
  • Len asks the question "What evidence makes every attack the work of Al-Qaeda?"
  • Jim talks about Depleted Uranium
  • Jim also discusses the current relevance with Gen Smedley Butler's book "War Is A Racket"
  • The CIA Editing Wikipedia - No longer information you can trust
  • BBC article Wikipedia 'shows CIA page edits'
  • He talks about three possible locations for a false flag attack attempt to coincide with the North American Union Conference
  • Jim touches on Karl Rove's leaving Washington at the end of the month
  • Impeachment is "reqired", not optional. How can Nancy Pelosi take this off the table?
  • An article by Actor Richard Belzer. Belzer says Bugliosi a "Laughing Stock" among researchers
  • Len reminds the Laughing Stock of the Intenet" moniker still belongs to john mcadams

    Show #334
    Original airdate: Aug 9, 2007

    Guest: Phil Van Praag
    Topic: RFK Audio Evidence

    Audio Part One

  • Phil, an audio expert, gives a brief history leading to this work
  • Phil's earlier work: The Book Evolution of the Audio Recorder
  • Phil has analyzed a recording broadcast on the Discovery Times Channel made at the scene of the RFK assassination
  • He's been analyzing this 30 minute recording for some time
  • Phil made two sets of discoveries on this recording
  • 1: He discovered 13 shot sounds on the tape Sirhan's gun held only 8 bullets
  • 2: some of the shots occurred so close together that they couldn't have been fired from one weapon
  • Given these two discoveries, there had to be at least one more gun firing at the same time as Sirhan's gun
  • The recording proves that what Karl Uecker was testifying to for these many years is, in fact, the truth
  • Phil used several audio programs to cross-check his findings and to give him multiple perspectives of the tape
  • There were several video captures of Stanislaw Pruszynski, the man that captured the recording almost accidentally
  • With the multiple video recordings, the audio can be locked to a timeline
  • Phil may be contacted at " "
  • Article by James DiEugnio Conspiracy Test: The RFK Assassination

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Current Events

    Audio Part Two

  • Len & Jim discuss the last segment
  • Jim talks about an article by Bill Kelley
  • The article talks about George DeMorenschilt and interviews done by, of all people, Bill O'Riley
  • Mohammed Karzai says The hunt for Bin Laden is at a standstill
  • Terrorism is worse in Afghanistan and Iran is an ally in the fight against terrorism
  • Bush contradicts these statements by saying the exact opposite
  • Len mentions the drop in the stock market and China's massive control of American dollars which it could dump at any time
  • China threatens ‘nuclear option’ of dollar sales Article
  • Jim mentions the Canadian meeting concerning the new North American Union and the conversion to the Amero on Aug 21 & 22
  • 1001 contractors killed so far in Iraq
  • Jim talks about the wholesale outsourcing of war contracts at huge expense to the American taxpayer
  • He mentions The Patriot Act, Habeus Corpus, Fema, Fanny Mae, Domestic wiretapping
  • Joseph Stiglitz predicts the total collapse of the US economy within 22 months

    Show #333
    Original airdate: Aug 2, 2007

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Current Events

    Audio Part One

  • Paul Kuntzler, purchased four pages, in the Washington Blade, to publicize his beliefs about the JFK Assassination.
  • Paul Kuntzler JFK article
  • Jim & Len discuss Kuntzler's overwhelming conclusion
  • Len says Lyndon Johnston probably had a bigger role than he'd previously thought
  • Jim lists the many people that had a hand in the assassination and lists many reasons for their involvement
  • Jim mentions the 'late-found' palm print of Lee Oswald on the Mannlicher Carcano
  • Len makes emphasis on this point in that this evidence plant alone lets us know that the government will stop at nothing to deceive us
  • Jim review of Paul Kuntzer's work: He's on the correct side of the arguments but it could've been done somewhat better
  • Paul Kuntzler is definately not a Pozner or a Bugliosi
  • Len talks about the movie "JFK" and "The Book of The Film"
  • The point of the movie is not in it's accuracy to history although it is far more accurate than anything else available
  • Jim continues with the bullet directions as Kuntzler related and many other details
  • Jim mentions the North American Union Conference about to be held in Quebec on Aug 21 & 22 2007
  • Jim points out that we haven't heard a word about it in the major news media
  • Jim suggests a false flag event might occur on the dates of this meeting to distract the public from the content
  • The subject turns to the situation in the US Department of Justice and Len calls it "Beyond Absurd"
  • Len mentions a few inconsistencies between the contents of Bugliosi's book and Bugliosi's knowledge of the content
  • Bush won't let aide Rove testify to Congress Reuters Article

    Show #332
    Original airdate: July 26, 2007

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Current Events

    Audio Part One

  • Jim & Len start the show by going over points from last week's show
  • They talk about Tippit's murder and how Oswald's 'revolver' couldn't have ejected bullets, let alone bullets from 2 different guns
  • Jim discusses Bugliosi's authorship while Len disputes authorship when the author is ultimately a ghost writer
  • Bush's numbers are now lower than Richard Nixon's at the height of Watergate
  • Len comments on the continuing and growing unbelievability in the Bush administration - The whole gang should be in jail!
  • Jim reads a few reports saying Bush's approval rating would increase with the advent of a terrorist attack on American soil
  • He talks about the unprotected state of the docks and ports of America
  • Len asks why the Anthrax attack investigations have gone no where
  • Jim talks about Bush's new Executive Order making it illegal to protest the the war
  • Russian newspaper predicting America becoming a police state within a year if Bush and his cohorts aren't removed soon
  • The FBI wants to assemble a spy network in America - KGB/Stazi anyone?
  • News story talking about the kidnapping of people to work in the US embassy in Iraq
  • Jim taks about new research on WTC video research by Ace Baker
  • The Madison 9/11 conference advertised on 9/11 down a bit)

    Show #331
    Original airdate: July 19, 2007

    Saint John Hunt Audio Part One

  • Saint John and The Sinners
  • Saint John Hunt Website
  • Rolling Stone Article - The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt
  • Saint John talks about his personal history with his father
  • Len plays a segment from the E Howard Hunt tape
  • Howard Hunt talks about Cord Meyer, David Atlee Phillips, David Morales and the heirarchy of the people he worked with
  • Hunt (Sr) lays the assassination at the feet of Lyndon Johnson
  • Saint John talks about that segment and the three tramps
  • Howard never admitted to Saint John that he was in Dallas that day
  • He belives his father went to his grave withholding much more than he revealed
  • Hunt talks about the corporatization of the popular media and how they'll never discuss the E Howard Hunt story
  • He discusses the Bugliosi book and how, while the book is complete garbage Bugliosi uses his credibility from his previous work to pass it to the public
  • Len talks about the Secret Team and how E Howard Hunt called it "The Back Channel"
  • Saint John discusses the DVD he's made available on his website
  • The DVD is a half hour of Saint John Hunt's story of him and his father
  • Saint John talks about his father's court case and how it fell apart when he couldn't explain where he was credibly
  • He tells us that when Eisenhower coined the term "Military Idustrial Complex" it was originally written "Military 'Congressional' Idustrial Complex"

    Dr. David Mantik Audio Part Two

  • A Not Entirely Positive Review
  • Dr. Mantik was first drawn into assassination research when Oliver Stone's 'JFK' came out
  • He has contributed research centered mostly in the area of the medical evidence and the Zapruder Film
  • Mantic talks about his article. It's a discredditing of Bugliosi's book
  • Although David found Bugliosi to be charming and attentive, he labels people he disagrees with as "crazy" or "Conspiracy Theorist"
  • Rather than use hard facts, Bugliosi uses labeling to demonize the subject
  • Mantic talks about his use of the optical densitometer on the photographs from the assassination
  • The analysis proves very little if any brain matter was in the cranium during the autopsy x-rays
  • This proves the brain photos were not of the same autopsy subject... Bugliosi completely avoids the subject
  • Dr. Mantic proves Bugliosi is but a layman in the eyes of this case and that's just not enough expertise to comment on any medical evidence
  • He talks about the Neutron Activation Analysis as it relates to the assassination
  • David & Len discuss the advances in technology and the possible re-analysis of crucial evidence such as the Dallas Police dictabelt
    Show #330
    Original airdate: July 12, 2007
    Guest: Wayne Prante
    Topic: The Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference

    Audio Part One

  • Wayne gives an overview/history of the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society
  • What got him involved in 9/11 truth
  • He explains several points that make the official 9/11 story unlikely
  • It was difficult to start the Vancouver Society, It took time to develop the membership
  • Wayne points out that his society is committed to action as well as information.
  • Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society
  • Discussion of the border problems America has
  • Wayne measures his organization at about 80 members. For Vancouver, a good count
  • He lists many of the participating speakers at the recent Vancouver conference and their varied topics
  • Upcoming events by the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society
  • He mentions the third release of Loose Change coming soon and it's a theatrical release this time
  • More discussion points on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon
  • They discuss the distractions that were going on that day such as the war exercises
  • Wayne wants to set up a war crimes tribunal to try the US administration
  • There will be another Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society event in September
  • He discusses the poor media coverage of the last event and the work to get noticed
  • Len mentions about the ridicule from the local stations even after hearing hard factual information
  • Wayne calls on anyone living in the Vancouver area that's interested, to join his group (use the above link) Guest: Jim Fetzer /
    Topic: Ladybird Johnson's passing this week/Current Events in the news

    Audio Part Two

  • Jim talks about Ladybird's Highway Beautification Project and other benevolent projects by her
  • Chertoff suggests there will be another 9/11 this summer
  • Fetz mentions the rediculous British terrorist scares (7/7, The Liquid Bombings, The Scottish Bombings)
  • Jim mentions "If there is an attack in America this summer, it'll have to be of greater magnitude than 9/11" meaning if 9/11 killed 3000, the new attack might kill 30,000
  • Jim says Bush makes himself look kooky but Len sees Bush thumbing his nose at America
  • Cindy Sheehan, disappointed with the Democrats announced she may run against Nancy Pelosi
  • Bush 0 for 18 on his "benchmarks"
  • Len calls Bushite politics "Right out of Wag The Dog"
  • The top 10 oil exporters to the US according to the CIA World Factbook
  • Putin tells Bush "If you attack Iran, Russia will consider it an attack on the Soviet Union"
  • Jim & Len discuss the political hardball played out in Russia such as the poisoning of rivals
  • Jim talks about Vladamir Putin's popularity
  • Len announces a double header next week-- David Mantik and Saint John Hunt
    Show #329
    Original airdate: July 5, 2007
    Guest: Jim Fetzer /
    Topic: Current Events

    Audio Part One

  • Oswald 'had no time to fire all Kennedy bullets'
  • Jim starts with a couple of items relating to Vincent Bugliosi's book
  • Len talks about disinformation and fraud by authors
  • The term 'Mackie' to describe disinformation and moral fraud
  • Read the many complaints of the sixth floor Boycott
  • "Mr. Bugliosi’s attack on my work is unbalanced-it is pejorative and sarcastic, in the extreme". - Doug Horne
  • Fetz reads a letter written by Bugliosi's secretary, trying to bully the observations by Lifton
  • The letter goes on to challenge Lifton to prove the writing is ghost written
  • An email responses from a listener, to Jim, and then from David Lifton
  • Lifton explains his knowledge of the history of the book's authorship mentioning names of a few ghost writers
  • Lifton reply letter
  • The subject moves to the Scooter Libby commutation and a few comparisons with the Clinton impeachment
  • Impeachment headquarters has opened in Los Angeles
  • Jim refuses to support the Democrats until they change their stance
  • A discussion of Natural Law
  • Jim uses excerpts from his book 'Render Unto Darwin' for examples
  • Jim talks about the state of fascism in America and the catering to corporate interests in Iraq using Halliburton as an example
  • Jim mentions the five Nobel Prize winners coming out against the new oil laws
  • Scooter Libby a Mossad Agent?--- Try Googling it
  • A discussion of the number of contractors in Iraq
  • Len & Jim discuss the immigration distraction
  • Jim extols the virtues of Michael Moore's new movie "Sicko"
  • There was a one hour segment of Sicko on You Tube but it has since been removed
  • Barr McClellan replies
    Show #328
    Original airdate: June 28, 2007
    Guest: Jim Fetzer /
    Topic: Current Events

    Audio Part One

  • Jim talks about the many historical and biblical references to Iraq
  • Jim says America will be universally reviled if they bomb Iran but they'll do it anyway.
  • Len's opinion is that they won't bomb Iran and gives his reasons
  • Discussion regarding about the late Jack Valenti
  • Valenti was the orchestrator of the attack on Oliver Stone's great movie "JFK"
  • A discussion of the recent release of the apparent"CIA Family Jewels". Is this the WHOLE truth?
  • Len talks about what Fletcher Prouty said happened with national and international "interference"
  • He also mentions how wars are now fought... calculated to be unwinnable
  • Jim lists off the Family Jewels and speculates on the missing first jewel
  • Jim moves the conversation to the topic of the fired US attorneys
  • Len mentions Tony Snow's blatant lying
  • Dick Cheney and the "Executive Branch" controversy
  • Cheney has acted as the Stalin of the Bush administration... " Cheney thrives in darkness
  • Warrentless wire-tapping
  • Australian Justice Richard Posner believes secret trials and mass surveillance should be used to prevent terrorism... against the constitution
  • Are the Republicans and Democrats really any different? ... The Republicrat
  • Aspartame linked to Cancer yet again
  • Donald Rumsfeld was instrumental in the release of Aspartame as a food additive against the advice of much of the food industry
  • Jim & Len discuss the pools of molten metal found at the WTC site
  • Dr Judy Wood's site - Molten Metal and other important issues
  • Jim talks about the massive amounts of soil brought into the WTC site and possible reasons why
    Show #327
    Original airdate: June 21, 2007
    Guest: Chris Paine /
    Topic: Who Killed The Electric Car

    Audio Part One

  • Documentary: Who Killed The Electric Car
  • Chris decided to make the movie when the popular media dropped the ball on the issue
  • Car manufacturers see the electric car as a threat to the auto industry
  • GM, the manufacturer of this vehicle, made them extremely difficult to obtain
  • Mr Paine was an original leaser of the car.
  • When the lease contracts expired, the cars were returned to GM and desroyed
  • Plug In America: a site that shows you how to convert to 'electric'
  • Link at the Who Killed The Electric Car website
  • Who Killed The Air Car now released

    Guest: Jim Fetzer /
    Topic: 33 Unanswered Questions
    Audio Part Two

  • Jim lists off answers to the 33 Questions
  • Jim's Website; Assassination Science
  • Jim's other website; Assassination Research
  • Len mentions the ineptitudes of George Bush's administration and the resulting promotions
  • Jim and Len mention a few obscure but extremely relevant details in the JFK assassination
  • They discuss many of the "coincidences" between the assassination and it's characters
  • Bottom line: Bugliosi's a fraud with regard to this book
  • Calum Douglas Flight Data Recorder Presentation
  • Article Pilots for 9/11 Truth

    Guest: Michael Morrissey /
    Topic: Book: Correspondence with Vincent Salandria
    Audio Part Three

  • Introduction and short segment on the "The Vince Times" Fletcher Prouty's pet name for Salandria's news letter
  • The letter was published from 1993 to 2000. Michael was instrumental in the operation of the electronic version (E-mail)
  • Michael talks about Noam Chomsky's 'strange stance' on all things conspiracy
  • Mr. Morrissey agrees with the main thesis of Oliver Stone's movie "JFK"
  • Vince Salandria was the first critic of the Warren Commission Report
  • Salandria had dealings with Jim Garrison
  • You can get Michael's books HERE
  • Michael's association with Vince Salandria allowed him access to other like minded people
  • Michael elaborates on Len's observation on the "abrasive and negative" tone to the group of correspondants
  • The content of the book is incomplete with respect to 'other people's' letters. Michael just didn't keep them and the book would have been far too long
  • Len quit the group because of Salandria's arrogant closed minded responses
  • Len uses the examples of JFK, RFK and MLK to show how the government has been subverted and caused these assassinations and therefore must prevent proper investigation in perpetuity
  • Morrissey furthers this analogy with the example of 9/11
  • Michael makes the point that Prouty said that a shadow force was in control (The High Cabal). He further explains that the government has become this force; an "overt" High Cabal
  • Morrissey: Impeachment isn't a political process. It's a judicial tool of the people to remove corruption
  • He talks about what he calls "False Mysteries" - We know who the perpetrators are but pretend we know nothing
  • He reads the message of Henrey Kissinger's appointment to the 9/11 commission (Before Kean and Zelikow were appointed) as a middle finger to America saying "We don't want to know the truth"
  • Morrisey and Fletcher Prouty were the first to write about the assassination of Alfred Herrhausen
  • From the Fletcher Prouty website - Letter of the month -  :Commentary Nov.
    Show #326
    Original airdate: June 14, 2007
    Guest: Christian Bronsil /
    Topic: The Air Car

    Part One

  • The Air Car Website
  • Compressed air technology CAT
  • Only prototypes have been created but Mr. Bronsil promises a restyled model in a year or so
  • Some information on and a simple history of this car
  • Prices are expected to be between $4000 and $11000... An extremely affordable vehicle
  • Hybrid engines are being developed to dramatically increase the vehicles' range
  • Bronsil is looking for enteurpreneurs. This is a turn key manufacturing opportunity
  • An idea who's time has come

    Part Two

  • Jim Fetzer Review of "Reclaiming History"
  • Bugliosi's book taking a nosedive in sales
  • Jim talks about his review of this book
  • David W Mantic has a review archived on Jim's Assassination Science website
  • A talk about the recent Tuberculosis scare
  • The terrorist watchlist has swelled to an incredible 5 million names
  • Jim reads Len's review of the Bugliosi book
  • Len mentions some recent G8 history and this week's G8 news where a group of Americans have tried to get into the G8 in Germany with Plastic Explosives
  • David Talbot will be on CSPAN2 Sat June 16 at 7:00 pm discussing his book "Brothers"
  • Jim relates some information and contradictions about the Pentagon attack on 9/11, 2001
  • Pandora's Black Box
  • A link to the G8 False Flag Attempt The Le Monde link seems to only be in French
  • Jim talks about the loss of human rights in America particularly the right to free speech
  • Lack of memory in the justice department
    Show #325
    Original airdate: June 7, 2007
    Guests: John Simkin / Chalmers Johnson PhD.
    Topic: The Education Forum / Blowback

    John Simkin Part One

  • A discussion of the Education Research Forums he runs
  • John, a formr school teacher, created the forum to discuss "all sides" in the JFK question and other controversial subjects and also to allow for correction of history
  • He touts the idea that this is a "civilized" forum where forum abuse is reduced
  • It's an extension of Dealy Plaza UK, formerly run by Ian Griggs
  • David Talbot Meeting details
  • JFK Forum
  • Spartacus Website
  • JFK Website
  • He makes the correlation between authors that are willing to be interviewed/cross examined about their material
  • Those that aren't and what that simple act says about the quality of their research
  • discussion of the pathetic state of the media primarily in North America relative to JFK
  • Mr. Simkin tells us how legitimate authors tend to lose credibility when they write about controversial matters
  • He shows that history is altered when the primary characters and their families are threatened when they want to tell their stories and suspicions
  • John mentions the downfall and exiting of US Presidents and the appearance that they were 'removed' by the CIA

    Dr. Chalmers Johnson Part Two

    CHALMERS JOHNSON taught for thirty years, 1962-1992, at the Berkeley and San Diego campuses of the University of California and held endowed chairs in Asian politics at both. At Berkeley he was chairman of the Center for Chinese Studies and of the Department of Political Science. His B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in economics and political science are all from the University of California, Berkeley. From 1968 until 1972 he served as a consultant to the Office of National Estimates of the Central Intelligence Agency. He first visited Japan in 1953 as a U.S. Navy officer and has lived and worked there with his wife, the anthropologist Sheila K. Johnson, every year between 1961 and 1998. He has written some seventeen books, including Peasant Nationalism and Communist Power on the Chinese revolution, An Instance of Treason on Japan's most famous spy, Revolutionary Change on the theory of violent protest movements, and MITI and the Japanese Miracle on Japanese economic development. In 1976 Chalmers Johnson was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was chairman of the academic advisory committee for the PBS television series "The Pacific Century," and he played a prominent role in the PBS "Frontline" documentary "Losing the War with Japan." Both won Emmy awards. In 2006 he appeared in the prize-winning documentary film "Why We Fight." His most recent books are Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire (Metropolitan Books, 2000) and The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic (Metropolitan, 2004). Blowback won the 2001 American Book Award of the Before Columbus Foundation, and Sorrows of Empire won the 2005 gold medal for non-fiction conferred by the Commonwealth Club of California. His new book Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic was published by Metropolitan in February 2007.

  • A discussion of his three great books,
  • Chalmers starts the interview by talking about his incredibly relevant book "Blowback" released before 9/11
  • The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy and the End of the Republic released in 2004
  • Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic
  • link to Chalmers Johnson's books
  • Chalmers states that the primary reason America began the war in Iraq was imperialism but 'Oil' was and still is a good draw for corporate interests
  • Len mentions Canada & Mexico as number 1 & 2 importers of Oil to the US. Chart
  • He talks about the incredibly expensive Missile Defense Program and why it doesn't work and why it will never work
  • Tommy Frank's statement (not verbatim) "If America experiences another 9/11 type attack, the military will see no other option but to take over the (US) Government"
  • He tells us the press/media are "a catastrophic failure"
  • A comparison of American Empire with Roman Empire
  • Pelosi states "Impeachment is off the table". That statement is unconstitutional
  • Chalmers Johnson can't imagine a president that could resist the militarized industrial complex but that to change the system would be relatively simple idea in a mobilization of the people
  • NY Times Book Review of Nemesis

    Jim Fetzer Part Three

  • Len & Jim talk about an upcoming ten mini-series based on Bugliosi's awful new book, Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • Jim & Lan talk about BUgiosi's book and the several authors that had to have written it.
  • Bugliosi, upon being asked about a section of his own book states "I don't know" letting us know he didn't write it
  • Jim says this book should be viewed as a 'hoax'
  • Jim talks about the recent Republican debate
  • JIm talks about analogies made by Bush between Iraq and Korea
  • Len mentions the chart link he made in Chalmers Johnson's interview to the oil chart
  • Oil exporters to America listed in order: 1. Canada 2. Mexico 3. Nigeria...
  • A discussion of internet search engines, Wikipedia being a questionable source
  • Jim & Len talk about the current Republican candidates, none of which disavow the use of nuclear weapons in Iraq/Iran
    Show #324
    Original airdate: May 31, 2007
    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: The Vincent Bugliosi book: Reclaiming History

    Jim Fetzer Part One

  • Jim & Len start by discussing Lee Oswald and the fact that he had nothing whatsoever to do with the assassination
  • Transcript of MSN interview Talbot vs. Bugliosi & Chris Matthews
  • About some of the rediculous things stated in Bugliosi's book, Reclaiming History
  • Lee Harvey Oswald's W-2 (IRS Income statement) a state secret after all these years?
  • Jim talks about Bugliosi's interview on Hardball
  • New York Times Review Article
  • Jim takes apart the official versions of Oswald's story and the various supposed evidence
  • He goes through some of the 53 pieces of evidence
  • Oswald was a paid informant for the FBI... and who else?
  • Ruth Payne a Quaker with guns... ?
  • City of Dallas Archives: JFK Collection - Box 13 image 1   image 2   image 2  
  • Jim talks about Marine Marksmanship. Jim was a Marine Rifle Trainer
  • Bugliosi seems to be using his past credibility to push the ideas in this INcredible book beyond the evidence
  • Several points of evidence at length
  • Jerry Coley (Black Op interview 297b Nov 16, 2006) heard that a Secret Service Agent had been shot in Dealy Plaza during the Assassination but the news disappeared after the first day.
  • Discovery of a pool of blood on the steps near the picket fence and his subsequent
  • Don Roberdeau Map showing location of blood (see "liquid red pool")

    Show #323
    Original airdate: May 24, 2007
    Guest: David Lifton
    Topic: The Vincent Bugliosi book: Reclaiming History

    David Lifton Part One

  • David states that he's known about this book's (Reclaiming History) impending release for years
  • Bugliosi justifies himself by ridiculing respected researchers including David Lifton
  • The book was ghostwritten -- and not very well.
  • Kurt Gentry the "ghost writer" who wrote Helter Skelter, and was acknowledged
  • Lifton says the book represents 14 years of work and several ghost writers
  • Lifton calls Bugliosi a 'Street Bully' with his writing tactics
  • Bugliosi openly admits he bit off more than he could chew with this book
  • David Lifton's work concentrates on altering the autopsy evidence - where the real story is
  • The Lansdale Memo is mentioned and the incorrect slant Bugliosi puts on it
  • He describes the altering of the head wound and the mistakes and omissions in Bugliosi's book
  • Bugliosi left the Leibler memo out of his book
  • This important memo recommended re-opening the case on the evidence uncovered by David Lifton but turned down by Lyndon Johnson

    David Lifton Part Two

  • Although the case has been proven, Bugliosi fails to mention how the body arrived at Bethesda
  • It arrived in a body bag and in a metal shipping casket - It wasn't sent that way from Dallas
  • Lifton states he believes that Bugliosi is sincere in his belief that Oswald was the lone assassin-- against the evidence
  • Oswald told his brother not to believe the so-called evidence but Bugliosi missed this important statement completely
  • David says you shouldn't spend more than a dollar on this book
  • You can join the Literary Guild
  • You can get 5 books plus a free gift for 99 cents plus a promise to buy four further books in the next two years
  • Lifton states the movement is split and until there is a consensus, there will not be a proper investigation
  • David promises a clear and concise explanation of the autopsy alterations in a future work to be released soon
  • He has no website as yet but he's working on it

    Show #322
    Original airdate May 17, 2007
    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Vincent Bugliosi

    Jim Fetzer Interview

  • Doubt cast on apparent "Magic Bullet" lead... Different weapons .
  • Bullet Fragment research link
  • Chemical And foerensic Analysis Of JFK Assassination Lots
  • So many fragments, one "pristine" Magic Bullet
  • Fetz describes the difference between 'Cerebral' and 'Cerebellum' brain areas
  • Jim talks about various photographic exhibits of JFK's head
  • A comparison of different researchers and witnesses
  • He comments on Ken Rahn's work
  • Response from Doug Horne regarding the book
  • Black Op Web Board or Assassination Science for Chris Dolmar's excellent debate shattering Ken Rahn's work
  • Normal Army Aid to augment the Secret Service for President Kennedy was refused in Dallas.
  • Bugliosi's book ghost written?... by someone that was less than informed
  • Jim mentions Arlen Specter, Gerald Pozner and Gerald Ford and the Magic Bullet
  • He mentions several points of evidence that have been altered
  • The Great Zapruder Film Hoax: A great book by Jim Fetzer
  • A talk about the Secret Service anomalies
  • The placement of the characters in and around the car enabling clear bullet trajectories
  • Murder In Dealy Plaza: Another great Jim Fetzer book
  • Jim calls Bugliosi's book, Reclaiming History, rediculous. It permanently tarnishes his previous great works
  • Len argues the existence of Karma... - Wolfowitz out of the World Bank

    Show #321
    Original airdate May 10, 2007
    Guest: Joan Mellen
    Topic: Anti 'Jim Garrison' Propaganda'

    Joan Mellen Interview
  • Joan Mellen's email David Talbot book: "Brothers"
  • Joan pans Vincent Bugliosi's book, 'The Betrayal of America' -- a betrayal of reason
  • Joan mention's St John Hunt and his father's revelations which contradict Buliosi completely
  • Do death bed confessions really tell a true story?
  • Joan Pans the Talbot book, 'Brothers' as a silly book
  • Joan expresses disgust with the recent books that are a hatchet job against Jim Garrison
  • Joan asks thequestion "Why did Bobby Kennedy send Walter Sheridan to investigate the JFK case?"
  • She makes the point that the "Mafia did it" theory is rediculous. There is no evidence
  • Joan remembers Bobby as being ruthless - not the sainted angel as we have generally been led to believe
  • Did Bobby want to sabotage Jim Garrison?
  • Joan puts forward the theory that RFK sent Sherridan to discredit Garrison to prevent the anti-Castro dealings from coming to light
  • She mentions ommissions in Bugliosi's book
  • A discussion of Shane O'Sullivan's work
  • Why the vicious attacks on Jim Garrison? Perhaps Garrison was closer than we know...

    Guest: Pat Valentino
    Topic: Vincent Bugliosi's latest book 'The Betrayal of America'
    Pat Valentino Interview

  • Pat gives a heads up to the newer release date of the book
  • He refers to several chapters
  • Pat refers to Jim Fetzers 16 smoking guns and that Bugliosi does a poor job of trying to discredit them
  • He points out that Bugliosi is a very good lawyer but his take on The JFK Assassination is all wrong
  • In the book, Bugliosi makes many flimsy arguments against all logic
  • We wholly support NOT buying this book. It is a fraud and aganst all evidence and logic
  • Pat relates the "Peasant striking down a king" quote from the book
  • With this book, Bugliosi is trying to turn the tables on the logical story and he does a poor job
  • Get Len's new book "Rush To GRUDGEMENT"

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: His new book: 'Render Unto Darwin'
    Jim Fetzer Interview

  • Faith versus science
  • Science progresses to logically explain life and the Religious Right seem to be trying to push the clock back
  • The two can co-exist without conflict
  • Jim explains Logic versus Faith
  • He makes the point that Theism and Atheism are 'unprovable' ideas and therefore untestable.
  • Science is both testable and proveable and there is nothing either atheistic nor theistic about science. It is just truth
  • Jim mentions, to call evolution a lie based on a theistic view , completely based on faith goes against logic.
  • What makes life on earth; creation as it were, 'unknowable'to man?
  • Science, by definition would be a creation of god as well
  • Jim explains a bit about genetics and heredity
  • A talk about Prohibition and the parallels to the war on drugs
  • Jim talks about the 'Intelligent Design' view
  • Len mentions Karma
  • Defensible and indefensible moral arguments
  • Jim makes several moral comparisons
  • The Ten Commandments as a defensible moral argument
    Show #320
    Original airdate May 3, 2007
    Guest: Col L Fletcher Prouty
    Topic: Understanding CIA funding

    Col L Fletcher Prouty Interview
  • Fletcher explains basic financing of the CIA and begins to show how cover accounts are run from other agencies to divert attention from the agency
  • All CIA monies are handled in accordance with The National Economy Act of 1932
  • He comments on the 'real' financing in the Iran/Contra affair
  • an explanation of how CIA offices and operations are run around the world
  • The CIA funding act of 1949
  • How the agency was able to increase it's budget to the point of total free spending
  • How funding is hidden by routing it through other departments. The Dept of Agriculture was used as an example.
  • The Department is then reimbursed by the CIA and no one is the wiser
  • Fletcher explains how rifles for an operation were procured, transfered and reimbursed
  • Infiltration - He explains how well known people worked their way up as far as the Whitehouse
  • Prouty names Alexander Butterfield as a CIA placed focal point officer...and the man that revealed the existence of the Nixon Whitehouse Tapes
  • Butterfield introduces E Howard Hunt to Prouty. Prouty already knew Hunt but didn't let on this knowledge to Butterfield

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Current events in the news

    Jim Fetzer Interview
  • Len & Jim talk about the late E Howard Hunt and the revelations he made to his son, St. John Hunt
  • Jim lists off the names Hunt claimed were involved in the JFK Assassination... None of them were The Mafia, The USSR, or a lone nut
  • The clear points made by Hunt were that He and Lee Harvey Oswald were not involved but it was a CIA 'OP'
  • The Magic Bullet, The impossibility of the bullet trajectories and Vincent Bugliosi's 1600 page diatribe against common sense
  • Jim relates some of the steps Oswald made that make it impossible for him to have been the shooter
  • He makes a great many points about the assassination
  • Len explains Fletcher Prouty's views of Lee Oswald
  • Jim talks about 9/11 points and parallels with the JFK investigation
  • Fetzer talks about several anomalies in Whitehouse and Pentagon proceedure when the planes hit the Twin Towers
  • Jim talks about his new book "The 9/11 Conspiracy" with 11 contributing authors/researchers
  • He talks a bit about his recent interviews and debates
  • An interesting WTC7 Video YouTube link

    Show #319
    Original airdate April 26, 2007
    Guest: Pat Valentino
    Topic: Book: Reclaiming History

    Pat Valentino Interview
  • Book: Reclaiming History - Vincent Bugliosi
  • An exchange about JFK disinformation and constraints laid out by the media
  • Listing the book's chapters and commentary
  • The book only really refutesthe findings of Jim Garrison, David Lifton, and Mark Lane; three very credible researchers on this case
  • Pat talks about his trips around the US with Jim Garrison interviewing and recording JFK witnesses
  • Mark Fuhrman investigates the Michael Skakel trial
  • Skakel is very likely innocent based on the evidence... or lack of it
  • Pat explains the lack of evidence against the Duke Lacrosse team players accused of rape.
  • He explains that "from the beginning" there was absolutely no evidence pointing to these players much to the chagrin of Nancy dis-Grace
  • An update on the OJ Simpson situation

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Bugliosi's book

    Jim Fetzer Interview
  • Jim talks about Bugliosi's book
  • A talk about the speed of the release of Oswald's profile; Within hours.... An impossibility in '63 unless it's a pre-assembled cover story
  • Commentary about the Democratic Debate on MSNBC
  • Jim mentions Rudy Giuliani's comments saying there will be another 9/11 if the Democrats are elected
  • The Iraq conflict. How much war is enough?
  • Condoleeza Rice brushing off a subpoena... Is she above the law?
  • Rosie O'Donnell leaving The View and getting her own show
  • The Loose Change feature film
  • Recent news on Cheney
  • The Blackberry failure caused by Iraeli infiltration?
  • Info on the 9/11 strike on the Pentagon and similar items on the Murrah building in Oklahoma City
  • Jim comments on several appearances and interviews he's done lately
  • Hardfire SCHOLARS FOR 9/11 TRUTH / FETZER / ROBERTS / WIECK / - View Interview

    Show #318
    Original airdate April 19, 2007
    Guest: Fletcher Prouty
    Topic: Malthus, Darwin, and Population

    A great Col. L. Fletcher Prouty interview Topic: Leadership

    L Fletcher Prouty Interview
  • Leadership building / Bridge building
  • Col Prouty explains how leadership is 'discovered'
  • How leaders will rise to the occasion irrespective of politics and social preference
  • He makes the point that polititians, being elected persons, are often inept. Their desire to be leaders by itself does not necessarily make them a good leader

    A great Col. L. Fletcher Prouty interview Topic: "Define IT"

    L Fletcher Prouty Interview
  • The President could not define "it", The objective that would determine when the Vietnam War would be won (Iraq anyone?)
  • Prouty explains the lack of purpose of the US military.
  • Wars can be fought but never won militarily. Economic wars are what are fought now, using military methods

    A great Col. L. Fletcher Prouty interview Topic: Malthus

    L Fletcher Prouty Interview
  • Man discovered that the Earth was a sphere and therefore finite. This knowledge caused the concept of ownership and bred Colonialism
  • Governments sent out surveyors to stake claims to any part of the earth for their respective countries regardless of the indiginous populations
  • Col Prouty explains that this 'colonial' concept still exists today and guides foreign policy
  • He draws the parallel between The British East India Company and The Diem Government in Vietnam, The same colonial method in a later time
  • Prouty cited several quotes from the book "Report From Iron Mountain"
  • A countries status in the world resides in the amount of military power it can present
  • As well, in many countries, the militaries power over it's own people determines the stability of that country
  • A short explanation of 'the business of war'; the real motive for going to war in today's world
  • Prouty mentions the USSR's war in Afghanistan and the parallel with the Vietnam conflict
  • Life of Type - For every dollar spent on weapons, $10 is spent on the support and maintenance of those weapons
  • Thomas Malthus, charged with inventorying the earth for England
  • The Malthusian concept that populations are growing at a geometric rate while food supplies only grow at a mathematical rate gave rise to the idea that populations must be culled to prevent overpopulation. An excuse for racism and ethnic cleansing
  • He explains The Saigon Military Mission's purpose was to move populations around Vietnam to destabilize Vietnam and create the war
  • The government in South Vietnam and the newly immigrated North Vietnamese population became the "South Vietnam" and the indiginous population became known as "The Viet Cong"
  • America's involvement in Vietnam began in 1945, not the accepted 1965

    Show #317
    Original airdate April 12, 2007
    Guest: Fletcher Prouty / Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Current Politics / 9/11 / JFK

    A great Col. L. Fletcher Prouty interview Topic: World History

    L Fletcher Prouty Interview
  • Col Prouty explains how politics changed once it was learned that The Earth was spherical and therefore 'Finite'
  • He explains how this idea was the thing that brought about Colonialism
  • Malthus given the job of 'inventorying' the planet
  • Malthus came up with the theory that the food supply only increases at a mathematical rate and populations will increase at a geometric rate.
  • This gives rise to the idea that populations need to be 'culled' to prevent over population.
  • Prouty explains that this idea is still in the minds of those who control us

    Jim Fetzer Interview
  • Jim comments on Col Prouty's segment
  • Jim's new book "Render Unto Darwin" available from discusses this subject among others
  • Jim will be at the VoxPop Restaurant in Brooklyn NY on Wed Apr 18, 9:00pm
  • Len & Jim discuss Osama's actual ties to 9/11 and President Bush's lacadaisical aproach to Bin Laden's capture
  • Why does the American public at least begin a general outcry over Bush's shenanigans?
  • 9/11 - Synthetic pretext to go to war in Iraq?
  • Iraq - A "BIGGER" Vietnam
  • There is no definition for a 'Win Scenario'. This, like Vietnam is an ongoing and unwinnable war
  • Rediculous political appointments...
  • The targetting of Saddam Hussein by US Military is an assassination and therefore illegal
  • The Saddam executed.... not the real Saddam?
  • Even Ollie North says what Bush has done obfuscates whateve Clinton might have done to get himself impeached
  • Jim lists off several laws that make Bush a criminal in the eyes of America and the world
  • Jim explains the NIST's report that the steel was never exposed to heat over 500 degrees F making the 'steel weakened by heat' scenario impossible
  • Len mentions Charlie Sheen's statement "If there's a problem with Building 7, then there's a problem with the whole thing"
  • Jim gives his reasoning for advanced weaponry being used to bring down the WTC buildings

    Show #316
    Original airdate April 5, 2007
    Guest: Lisa Pease
    Topic: Book Review: Bradley Ayers' book 'The Zenith Secret'

    A great Col. L. Fletcher Prouty interview Topic: The JFK Assassination

    L Fletcher Prouty Interview

  • Conducting A Proper Murder Investigation in November 1963 ?
  • TFX figher contract, weapons procument, NASA, CIA, the oppostion to JFK
  • Cancelling Secret Service, Military, and Police Units in Dallas
  • Compare news released on Oswald, to Hinkley same day of event
  • Inserting False Actors in Their Place
  • The Volume and Significance of the Photographic Evidence
  • The Christchurch Star's Impact Upon the Facts of the Assassination
  • CIA General Edward G. Lansdale in Dealey Plaza...

    Lisa Pease Interview
  • Lisa starts with some background of E Howard Hunt and the recent revelations by his son, St John Hunt
  • The Last confession of E Howard Hunt
  • some phone line static 30 seconds
  • A bit about the new movie 'The Hoax'
  • RFK material - About the 3 CIA agents listed by Shane O'Sullivan
  • Lisa states that evidence negates the '3 CIA agent' story
  • Lisa discusses the integrity of Talbot & Morley. Talbot's new book coming out - "Brothers"
  • David Talbot Talbot left a major San Francisco paper to form his own magazine,,
  • Jeff Morley was a journalist for the Washington Post
  • Link to Talbot’s book/info
  • Talbot’s bio summary bio summary
  • Morley’s bio (unofficial) bio (unofficial)
  • She wonders just how much information is true, misinformation or disinformation
  • Lisa endorses the book 'The Zenith Secret' but states that it's only a pice of the puzzle
  • Phase One and Phase Two. Two CIA plots against Castro and Lisa's explanation of this episode in relation to JFK/RFK
    Show #315
    Original airdate March 29, 2007
    Guest: James S. Ketchum, MD, Author
    Topic: Chemical Warfare Secrets Almost Forgotten

    Written by the physician who played a pivotal role in psychoactive drug testing of hundreds of volunteers, the story breaks an official silence that has lasted almost fifty years. Dr. James Ketchum may be the only scientist still equal to the task. His book goes a long way toward revealing the contents of once classified documents that still reside in restricted archives.

    Forgotten Secrets Website

    James S. Ketchum Interview

  • Edgewood chemical program began innocently enough as a search for "non-lethal weapons"
  • L.S.D.
  • James explains that his program, for the most part was completely separate from the MK Ultra Program
  • He states that his test subjects were all willing volunteers and they were carefully screened
  • There was no opposition to the release of the information in this book unlike many other books about formerly secret programs
  • Dr. Ketchum makes a good case that his work and the work he was involved in was a reasonably noble pursuit
  • Much of the work has been shelved and forgotten to the detriment of science
  • He explains that LSD is much more innocuous than it’s legend although it should not be taken unsupervised

    Part Two Jim Fetzer Subject: JFK / RFK / 9/11

  • Jim covers some new items of interest in the JFK case
  • Charles Harrelson’s death
  • A talk about the ‘Three Tramps’
  • More on E Howard Hunt according to his son, St John Hunt
  • Some explanation of E Howard Hunt by Jim
  • A short segment on the evidence leading to Shane O’Sullivan’s upcoming RFK documentary
  • Jim & Len discuss the number of shots in the JFK murder
  • Jim talks about Bradley Ayers and his belief in the integrity of his new book ‘The Zenith Secret’
  • Some discourse on Michael Ruppert, his recent problems and a history of Ruppert’s work

    Show #314
    Original air date March 22, 2007
    Guest: Les Murzsa
    Topic: Inside Job

    Music Producer Les Murzsa has put the story of 911 to music in this impressive album.
    Using real quotes the real story is reavealed and put in proper perspective.

    A scathing indictment of the Bush administration's lies behind the 9/11 attacks. A 12 song concept album featuring hundreds of quotes from the 9/11 Truth Movement. Featuring; Jim Fetzer, Alex Jones, David Ray Griffin, George Noory, Charlie Sheen and many others.

    Les Murzsa Interview

  • Les gives a short self-bio
  • His motivations for this great music creation
  • The first Three tunes: The buildup of terror
  • Song Titles 1) The Justice Squad, 2) The Humanity Of Donald Rumsfeld, 3) Smoke 'em Out
  • Les describes where he was at the time and the terror alerts
  • The next 3 songs based more on the 9/11 story/cover story
  • Song Titles 4) Dick Cheney Orders NORAD To Stand Down, 5)PNAC, The Project For A New American Century, 6) The New Pearl Harbour
  • The next 3 songs: The explosions
  • Song Titles 7) Inside Job, Neo-Cons In Strategic Positions, 8) "There's A Bomb In The Building" - What The FDNY Were Saying 9) The Explosions Being Reported Before The Controlled Demolitions
  • Song Titles 10) WTC 7 11) Semper Fi, Semper Fidelity, Always Faithful, 12) Fool Me But Can't Get Fooled Again, One Of The Stories Of The Century
  • Les mentions more reasons why 9/11 was an inside job
  • Album available on the "Products" page at Black Op Radio
  • Len recommends a TV show, Pilot Episode - The Lone Gunman.
    A spinoff of the X Files series Link to watch it

  • Show #313
    Original air date March 15, 2007
    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: JFK Reserch & US. Politics
    Jim Fetzer Interview

  • Talk about reluctant interview guest,Bradley Earl Ayers and his new book, 'The Zenith Secret'
  • Jim talks about interference in book publishing
  • Book:Ayers' book is the target of an apparent CIA interference in publishing
  • JFK: Several common sense points of conflict with the official story
  • New revelations that an apparent 9/11 conspirator "planned the whole thing" - upon common sense review, looks awfully thin
  • Several points on why Khalid Sheikh Mohammed could not have done it
  • An explanation of morality as it pertains to recent comments by a top general on homosexuality
  • About the coming North American Union; 'Not debated' and 'not wanted'
  • Haliburton Corporation leaves Houston Tx for downtown Dubai---Loots America then abandons her
  • The firing of 8 Bush appointed attorneys for purely political reasons
  • Jim talks about Aaron Russo's interview with Alex Jones being removed from You Tube
  • Len suggests the Halliburton's move out of America as a precursor to major corporations leaving America before 2008

  • Show #312
    Original air date March 8, 2007
    Guest: Paris Flammonde
    Topic: Book Set: The Assassination of America - Volume 3
    Audio Part One Paris Flammonde

  • Paris begins with a short explanation of investigation and moves to the mechanics of assassination
  • He explains the movement of all of the Dealy Plaza witnesses to the Grassy Knoll rather than the Texas School Book Depository
  • A mention of Jim Garrison's early theories regarding JFK's assassination
  • Some of the premature and unusual deaths after the assassination
  • The Government / Media assault on Jim Garrison
  • A short history of the Kennedy family
  • Lyndon Johnson's questionable circumstances and methods
  • About several researchers and their various personalities and credibilities
  • A talk about the several uninformed, misinformed and disinformed 'authorities' in the case
  • Information about the fourth book in this series to be available in the future
  • The Last Hurrah Book Shop Phone 570-321-1150 (Andy)
  • This 3 book set available at

    Guest Part 2: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: US. Politics
    Audio Part Two Jim Fetzer

  • Jim mentions The Zenith Secret , a new book by Bradley Ayers a military man and CIA recruit that was familiar with JM Wave
  • He alsow knew of Morales and Campbell in Florida in 1963 who were said to have been in the Ambassador Hotel during the RFK assassination
  • Fetz recommends this book highly for anyone interested in the case
  • A Scooter Libby verdict update pointing a condemning finger at Dick Cheney
  • 25,000 "seriously" injured vets to date as a result of the Iraq war caused by questionable intel
  • Jim explains the background story for those who aren't up on the significance of this case
  • He talks about the polititians that have wrested control of Washington and subverted the US Constitution
  • Jim predicts an ultimate pardon for Libby as the NeoCon Cabal continues to thumb it's nose at Americans and the world
  • He explains the uprisings that are likely to result from further US involvement in the Middle East
  • Talk about 36 Vermont towns back impeachment
  • Show #311
    Original air date March 1, 2007
    Guest: Paris Flammonde
    Topic: Book Set: The Assassination of America - Volume 2

    Audio Part One Paris Flammonde

  • Paris talks about Eling Caruthers Garrison aka Jim Garrison
  • How an investigation should be conducted
  • Some Dealy Plaza anomalies
  • About Clay Shaw and David Ferrie
  • The Last Hurrah Book Shop Phone 570-321-1150
  • The Warren Commission and the credibility some of the members thought it lacked
  • He makes the point that there was a proven conspiracy but that point has been obfuscated and ignored over time
  • ONI, FBI, CIA and Guy Bannister et al
  • Gordon Novell - The Scarlet Pimpernel?
  • Novell's Canadian trip - purely speculation...
  • The key Government players - Just pawns in the grand scheme
  • The 'co-incidences' of people involved in the background stories as well as the later investigations
  • About Clay Shaw's trial
  • The press ignored the later opinions of the Judge and Jurors in the investigation that, although it couldn't be proven Shaw was likely guilty.
  • Next show - Volume 3...

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: US. Politics
    Audio Part Two Jim Fetzer

  • Fetz comments on and reads his response to a Pozner piece
  • Len & Jim have an exchange about Dick 'shoot 'em in the face' Cheney
  • Jim talks about recent 'Police State' actions - Operations' "Falcon"
  • He shares "America Has Lost Their Country" by Paul Craig Roberts
  • About the the BBC News clip announcing the WTC7 collapse 23 minutes before the actual collapse

  • Show #310
    Original air date Feb 22, 2007
    Guest: Paris Flammonde
    Topic: Book Set: The Assassination of America

    Audio Part One Paris Flammonde

  • Mr. Flammonde gives a small bio of himself with regard to the JFK assassination
  • A short piece about one of Paris' acquaintances, Jim Garrison
  • About the 3 (soon to be 4) volume set of books; 'The Assassination of America'
  • His books are available at -
  • Volume 1: The Deaths in Dallas
  • Some of the disinformation and evidence tampering in Dallas
  • Why it probably wasn’t Lee Harvey Oswald
  • How and why Paris was able to get the footnotes inserted at the bottom of the page rather than the end of the book
  • JD Tippett and Jack Ruby
  • George De Mohrenschildt
  • His opinion of people that manufacture their own history eg: Judyth Vary Baker
  • Bernard (Bud) Fensterwald, CIA?… But his interest was purely non-CIA
  • A quick overview of book 1

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: JFK research note and 911 research
    Audio Part Two Jim Fetzer

  • Jim starts by talking about David Lifton’s recent work about Lee Harvey Oswald
  • He relates several ‘At-the-scene’ radio interviews from Nov 23 ’63
  • Jim’s site
  • He explains how his previous site was hijacked and he was frozen out
  • Evidence against the official story
  • A site showing strange evidence in 9/11 such as possible directed energy weaponry
  • Jim did an interview with the BBC for a conspiracy documentary
  • BBC Conspiracy Files Trailer on You Tube -
  • Bush and Iran… Iran as a distraction?
  • Iran to be bombed by this weekend?

    Special - JFK Assassination Research Video clip with Jim DiEugino

    Show #309
    Original air date Feb 15, 2007
    Guest: Pat Valentino
    Topic: The OJ Simpson Book

    Audio Part One Pat Valentino

  • Opinion on Jim Fetzer's comments on the book
  • The book was ghost-written? Author - Pablo Vinvez
  • Disproving much of the book as speculation
  • The book can't be disproved by anyone who hasn't read it!
  • Talk about YouTube and copywright infringement
  • About JFK/LBJ and NSAM 263 & NSAM 273
  • Simpson blood evidence and the preservative EDTA

    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: JFK research note and 911 research
    Audio Part Two Jim Fetzer

  • Jim relates several points by several eye witnesses in the JFK assassination
  • Zapruder Film alteration
  • Counting the shots as related by witnesses
  • Len asks Jim about recent activity in 9/11 research
  • Jim gives information about what's going on with ST911.ORG and his other websites
  • Discussion regarding explosive evidence in 9/11 and it's relevance
  • BBC conspiracy files View trailer
  • Anomalies reported by the networks 'far too soon' for comfort The Solution video
  • A short report on Iraq/Iran evidence
  • Talk about the various theories regarding the building collapse speeds

    Show #308
    Original air date Feb 8, 2007
    Guest: Carl Oglesby
    Topics: Book: The Yankee and Cowboy War

    Audio Part One Carl Oglesby

  • Carl gives a history of himself and how he got started on the JFK subject
  • talk about his reasons for believing the assassination was a conspiracy
  • He tells us he believes that, for all intents and purposes, the case is dead at this point
  • An explanation of Yankees and Cowboys and the North/South conflict
  • discussion of 'Clandestine America'
  • Reinhard Gehlen - Brigadier General for Nazi Intel to CIA pioneer
  • Talk about people JFK would've upset
  • The deposing of Richard Nixon - A bloodlless Coup D'Etat
  • Carl's book suggestion - Harlot's Ghost by Norman Mailer
  • He makes the point that one should be sound and factual in investigating the case
  • ...The government is somehow involved
  • George W Bush - Just a sillier 'Cowboy'
  • When we get tired of fighting then 'they've' won
  • The book is relevant w/ GHW Bush who became DCI in the Nixon era

    Audio Part Two Jim Fetzer
  • LBJ and E Howard Hunt info
  • Hunt's recent death and LBJ's possible involvement with Hunt in JFK's death
  • 9/11 update
  • Jim states there is a witness to a "countdown" in the Twin Towers on 9/11
  • Plamegate info
  • Info on the prelude to Iran
  • A commentary on Bush's recent address
  • Discussion regarding China's military/space abilities

    Prof. Donald Scott Interviewed at Black Op Studio

    Video Part One

    Video Part Two

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    Show #307
    Original air date Feb 1st, 2007
    Guest: Author Robert Blair Kaiser
    Topics: Book / RFK Must Die

    Audio Robert Blair Kaiser

  • Brief discussion of the pubishing history of the book, both past and future
  • A history of what caused his interest in writing this book
  • How Kaiser was able to interview Sirhan as early as he did
  • Explanation of how the defense was assembled
  • Trying to get the 'Manchurian Candidate' scenario brought out in court
  • Manchurian Candidate; The book and some of the realities of the times
  • Kaiser believes Sirhan was the shooter
  • Sirhan threatens Kaiser's life
  • A talk about the defense. Kaiser believes it was adequate
  • Kaiser explains why he believes there was no second gunman
  • A discussion of the 'hypnotic writing' and what the significance might be
  • Talk about Sirhan's mother
  • A talk about Scott Shane and his new revelations
  • Kaiser talks about Sirhan's brothers and some of the post-assassination goings on
  • He condemns the FBI investigation and J Edgar Hoover
  • The book is only available at 6 US public libraries... Where have they gone?
  • Kaiser explains a bit about the sexual nature of the assassination
  • Points that were never properly concluded in the case

    Show #306
    Original air date Jan 24, 2007
    Guest: Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Gary Powers U2 Flight

    Order DVD at "Products" page

    Show #305
    Original air date Jan 18, 2007
    Guest: Author Loren Singer
    Topics: Book/Movie - The Parallax View

    Audio Part One Loren Singer

  • Loren gives a brief history of himself
  • Talk about Corporate Assassination....Government outsourcing
  • A history of the lead up to Loren's writing of The Parallax View
  • Loren talks about his disappointment in the movie... that it misses some of the punch that was in the book
  • Talk about whether or not the book was a parallel to the JFK/RFK murders
  • An exchange about assassination in general in relation to the book and up to today
  • A bit about the 'Business' of assassination
  • Discussion of the book's epilogue and the author's intent
  • Other movies and books (other authors) such as Manchurian Candidate and 6 Seconds In Dallas
    6 minute clip from Parallax

    Audio Part two: Jim Fetzer - US Politics and 9/11

  • Discourse on the Loren Singer interview
  • Jim brings up a well known disinformationalist--- Len Tirades
  • Who is John McAdams? Laughing Stock Of the Internet...
  • Talk about the upcoming 'Troop Surge'
  • Principles of international law laid out by Jim
  • Commentary on the new OJ book
  • Jim talks about his radio show and William Law.

    Show #304
    original air date Jan 11, 2007
    Guests: Pat Valentino /
    Topics: RFK/CIA

    Audio Part One Pat Valentino

  • Discussion of "The Parallax View", "Executive Action", "Manchurian Candidate" and "Seven Days In May"
  • JFK / RFK books
  • Discussion of some of The Warren Commission Report anomalies
  • Talk about points in the JFK Assassination
  • Talk about Lee Oswald, Jack Ruby and surrounding circumstances of the JFK assassination

    Audio Part Two A Classic Col. L Fletcher Prouty Clip
    From April 5, 1975: Conference on The CIA and World Peace

  • History of clandestine activity in early Vietnam
  • Central Intelligence Group becomes CIA
  • Coordination of Intelligence
  • Sources and Methods... what is the law?
  • National Security Council 5412/2
  • 7000 military people, 605 military units in support clandestine activity
  • The "Dulles - Jackson - Corea Report" Jan. 1 1949
  • Is there a Secret Charter for the Agency?
  • 10/2 becomes the 40 Committee

    Audio Part Three Jim Fetzer
    U.S. Politics Update

  • Jim's talks about his meetings with The McClendan Group
  • Discussion of the vaccuum of 9/11 issues recently in the media
  • Talk about Bush and McCain
  • Jim mentions the movies "Children of Men" and "Blood Diamond"
  • Hustler Magazine article on 9/11
  • Show #303
    original air date Jan 4, 2007
    Guest: Lisa Pease/ Pat Valentino
    Topics: Gerald Ford

    Audio Part One Jim Fetzer
    US. Politics

  • Commentary on George Bush & Iraq
  • Iraq ‘used’ to be the envy of the Middle East
  • Mention of CNN’s comments mistaking Obama with Usama
  • John Negroponte’s power move to Deputy Secretary of State and conjecture of other power moves in Washington
  • Saddam Hussein’s execution
  • Pat Robertson’s comments, America would be attacked by a nuclear weapon
  • Commentary on the looting and corruption of America by the Bushites and black box voting
  • Mention of the new Bush law allowing unrestricted access to private mail
  • Len & Jim critique the new movie “The Good Shepherd”
  • A talk about the movie JFK as compared with The Good Shepherd

    Audio Part Two Lisa Pease
    Topic: Gerald Ford

  • Lisa & Len begin with a discussion of Gerald Ford; his death and his sketchy past
  • Some comments on Richard Nixon
  • Lisa’s Blog Pag
  • Lisa comments on how US Government is structured on blackmail and a few characters
    that were well known to use this tactic including Nixon, Hoover and Ford
  • Lisa goes into some depth on Hoover, Hughes, Meheu, the Mafia and the Kennedy’s
  • The Kennedy’s were not privy to most of the CIA’s shenanigans but only in on the ones that had ended;
    the failed Bay of Pigs operation affecting them most
  • How Gerald Ford changed evidence and his part in the corrupting of the Warren Commission Report findings
  • Lisa explains a bit of the web of deceit between Nixon, Haldeman, Ford, The CIA
    and The FBI and some key events surrounding and including the Watergate Hotel break-in
  • The power struggles surrounding William Colby designed to keep “The Family Jewels” in the family
  • For easier investigation of the Church Committee, use the formal name:
    The U.S. Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities
  • the fact that Ford brought George HW Bush to the head of the CIA
    and opened the way for him to become Vice President and President
  • Len and Lisa wind up with comments on Gerald Ford’s legacy

    Audio Part Three Pat Valentino
    Topic: Gerald Ford

  • Pat starts with talk about Gerald Ford’s book and his use of top secret minutes
    of Warren Commission meetings in the book which reveals Oswald’s FBI connections
  • Speculation about who Lee Harvey Oswald really was
  • Mention of David Lifton’s new book(the title wasn’t mentioned) We can’t wait!
  • Jim Garrison’s investigation
  • Harold Weisberg
  • Editing of the movie JFK was award winning and a few comments on scenes in the movie
  • Pat is disappointed that Garrison’s ‘Star Witness’, Perry Russo’s story was excluded t
  • Dr Fink’s testimony and story was also excluded from the movie
  • Talk about the huge love-fest in the major media with Ford and how undeserved it is
  • Talk about Gerald Ford’s attendance on the Warren Commission
  • Talk about William Colby and his stance which was different than the accepted norm
  • Pat corrects a few historical inaccuracies with regard to the JFK assassination
  • No matter what Ford did that was bad, the Warren Commission was his lowest point
  • Len & Pat comment on the ongoing lack of investigation or search for Usama Bin Laden
  • Pat mentions a few points about the Duke Lacrosse rape case and what prosecutors
    do to sabotage their own cases, eg: The OJ Simpson case
  • Len mentions L Fletcher Prouty’s birthday Jan 24 and the new real-time video broadcast