"Top Ten Things You Never Knew About Mohamed Atta."

From "Welcome to Terrorland: Mohamed Atta & the 9/11 Cover-up in Florida."

NUMBER 10: Intimidated Witness #1: Atta's American girlfriend.

Mohamed Atta had an American girlfriend with whom he lived for two months in Venice, FL., a lingerie model named Amanda Keller. You haven't heard her story because she was intimidated into silence by the FBI.

In the aftermath of the attack she spoke only a dozen words to the press: "I can't really discuss anything. I'm afraid I'll get in trouble."

NUMBER 9: Mohamed Atta, Beastie Boys fan.

Atta often listened to them non-stop.

"One time I got mad cause he broke one of my knick-knacks, so I snapped his CD's in half," said Amanda Keller, his erstwhile American girlfriend. "I broke all of his CD's, cause they drove me crazy, he played the 'Beastie Boys' nonstop."

In the aftermath of the argument, Atta told her why he was such a big fan. "He told me about this girl he'd dated in France, that had his son," said Keller. "He didn't tell anyone else about that, for some reason he felt he could spill his guts to me. His son was like nine, he said. He said his son was the reason he liked the Beastie Boys so much, cause they were his son's favorite band."

NUMBER 8. Mohamed Atta, Islamic Party Animal

"Atta and his crew were always flush with lots and lots of money," said Stephanie Frederickson, a 50-year old housewife and foster mother who with her husband lived right next door to Atta's apartment. "Those guys were all really party animals."

During their brief time together, Amanda and Atta went out almost every night, she said, and were part of a social scene at clubs like Margarita Maggie's in Sarasota. "When we went out we would meet pilots from Africa, Germany, and there were always lots of Arabs."

In fact, Atta was a heavy drinker, snorted coke, was a stylish dresser and wore enough expensive gold jewelry that a waitress in Venice thought he might be in the Mob.

NUMBER 7. Mohamed Atta liked pork chops.

"Islamic fundamentalist" Mohamed Atta loved pork chops, according to former girlfriend Amanda Keller. In fact, she said this was 'fanatical Islamo-fascist' Atta's one endearing trait.

Devout Muslims don't eat pork, do they?

NUMBER 6. Mohamed Atta didn't come to the U.S. to learn to fly.

Atta was already a licensed pilot when he arrived in the US., with pilot's licenses from half a dozen countries, and while at Huffman Aviation was not treated like a 'newbie' pilot, but accorded the privileges of a flight instructor.

And instead of attending just one flight school, Huffman Aviation, as the FBI states, his path took him through at least three Florida flight programs, not including his visit to a flight school in Oklahoma and a stint at the first flight school he attended in the U.S., whose name, oddly enough, remains unknown.

If Atta's real reason for being in Florida wasn't to go to flight school... "why then was he here?"

That facts this basic remain unknown illustrates the extent of the official blackout on information about 9/11.

NUMBER 5. Mohamed Atta's email list included people working for U.S. Defense contractors.

One, for instance, worked for Canadian firm Virtual Prototypes, which helped develop the avionics for F-15, F-22 and B-2.. Mohamed Atta's kept an email list, showing him to have been in contact with employee's of US Defense contractors.

Atta's emails are reprinted in "Welcome to Terrorland's 40-page Appendix, filled with never before seen photos and documents about the terrorist conspiracy.

NUMBER 4. Mohamed Atta attended the International Officer's School at Maxwell Air force Base, in Montgomery, Alabama.

Witnesses there recall him having been introduced around at an officers' club party. Mohamed Atta and at least five other of the nineteen terrorists participated in military training at secure military facilities in the United States. A 'Mohamed Atta' attended International Officers School at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. Others of the terrorists studied in exchange programs at US Defense installations like the Defense Language Institute in Monterrey, CA.

NUMBER 3. Mohamed Atta got dumped by his American girlfriend.

"The day I stopped liking him," Keller says today, "was when I saw him for the first time out at the pool. He was wearing a lime-green Speedo. He had a flanky ass."

He had also embarrassed her in a night club, which turned out to be the beginning of the end. "We were at Margarita Maggie's in Sarasota near the quay," Amanda stated. "Angelina, Olivia, Timothy, Juergen, Sabrina, Mohamed, Wolfgang...they were all there."

"And Mohamed, like a dumbass was standing on top of a speaker dancing. The man could not dance to save his life, he was real stiff, just kind of shaking, doing the 'Roxbury head bob' thing. He just embarrassed me instantly when we got there, and I just pretended I didn't know him."

NUMBER 2. Mohamed Atta was in Venice, Florida at least three times during the last six weeks of his life.

The FBI is covering this fact up, perhaps because it will lead to questions about the identities of those who Atta had gone to the retirement community on Florida's Gulf Coast to meet, which included "Magic Dutch Boy" Rudi Dekkers.

And, the NUMBER 1 Thing You Never Knew About Mohamed Atta:

1. Mohamed Atta was a psychopath.

"He told me he'd get even with me," Amanda Keller said, after she threw him out of the apartment they shared. "He said, 'You will be sorry for this.'"

He revenged himself by disemboweling her pet cat and and dismembering its half-dozen baby kittens, then strewing the pieces around her apartment to be discovered when she returned home from work after a long night at the "lingerie model" escort service in Sarasota she worked for to the apartment that was now hers alone.

Amanda kept a pet dog, and several cats as well, one of whom had just had a litter, she informed us haltingly. There were six adorable kittens. But when she flicked on the lights in her apartment, she didn't hear any noises coming from them, and she couldn't see any of the kittens...

Voice cracking with horror, she told us what she saw when she turned on the light: pieces of dead kittens-kitten parts-strewn all over the living room. "She(the mother cat) had had a litter of six. Only one survived...The mother was gutted on my kitchen table. And there were little baby cat parts all over the place."

"The only ones to survive were my little dog that hid under the couch, and my Siamese who sat on top of the fridge behind the cookie jar. My friend Page came in with me, and helped me pick up little kitten parts that were all over the apartment."

Chopping up kittens across from the Venice Airport

In an apartment directly across the street from the Venice Airport, the American girl who had just spurned Atta was on her hands and knees picking up kitten parts. Amanda Keller moved out of the apartment that same day, and never returned.

Numerous descriptions of Atta have painted him as menacing, dark, glaring, sometimes just wooden. We even heard speculation, from people who had been in his presence in Venice, that they suspected he might have been brainwashed.

But after listening to Amanda Keller's story, which we will see fully corroborated by credible witnesses, we can answer one of the open questions about the 9/11 attack: Why was Mohamed Atta chosen to commit one of history's most unspeakable crimes?

Because he could. He was capable of it. Not just capable... he was perfect for the job. He does not deserve the 'heroic suicide' mantle placed on his shoulders by aggrieved Arab radicals. Any self-respecting Islamic fundamentalist should be ashamed that he sprang from their number. Atta wasn't a hero. He belonged in a psych-ward.

Mohamed Atta was a psychopath. A Kitten Killer. We're in Jeffrey Dahmer territory here.