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  • Play Introduction
    Presenter - Len Osanic

  • Play Episode 01 - Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?
    Presenter - Col L Fletcher Prouty
    Fletcher Prouty was the liaison between the Pentagon and the CIA in the 1950s and early 1960s. His insider accounts of the developing U.S. National Security State, such as "Understanding Special Operations" and "The Secret Team", retain their importance today. Prouty was fictionalized as "Mister X" in Oliver Stone's film "JFK". www.prouty.org

  • Play Episode 02 - The Two Oswalds
    Presenter - John Armstrong
    John Armstrong is a prominent researcher and author of the book "Harvey and Lee", a landmark investigation of Lee Oswald's biography. Armstrong's theory of an intelligence operation running two separate Oswalds is controversial, but his research extends to many corners of the assassination story, and in fascinating factual detail shows indisputably that a massive coverup was engaged concealing the Oswald story, and that Oswald was framed by the authorities for the murder of JFK. harveyandlee.net

  • Play Episode 03 - Oswald in the USSR
    Presenter - Bill Simpich
    Bill Simpich is a researcher and civil-rights attorney in the San Francisco area, who has been investigating the Lee Oswald "legend" in a series of important articles appearing at the Mary Ferrell website -"State Secret" (https://www.maryferrell.org/wiki/index.php/Featured_State_Secret_Preface) - and at OpEd News - "The Twelve Who Built The Oswald Legend" http://www.opednews.com

  • Play Episode 04 - New Orleans
    Presenter - Joan Mellen
    Joan Mellen is a researcher and the author of several books on personalities associated with the Kennedy assassination, including "Farewell To Justice" on Jim Garrison and "Our Man In Haiti" on George deMohrenschildt. Previously, Joan has written film criticism and biography. She is a professor of English and creative writing at Temple University. www.joanmellen.com

  • Play Episode 05 - Mexico City
    Presenter - John Armstrong
    In his book "Harvey And Lee", John Armstrong takes a careful sceptical look at the Oswald in Mexico City story, which was accepted uncritically by the Warren Commission but has faced scrutiny ever since. Armstrong works from long-classified files compiled by staff members of the HSCA, which revealed that the CIA lied to government investigators. In this episode, John Armstrong takes a hard look at what proof exists placing Oswald in Mexico City in the first place. http://harveyandlee.net/

  • Play Episode 06 - The Sylvia Odio Incident
    Presenter - Jim DiEugenio
    Jim DiEugenio is a researcher, author, and editor of Probe Magazine and the website CTKA (Citizens For Truth About The Kennedy Assassination). He is a frequent guest on Black Op Radio. Jim's most recent books - "Destiny Betrayed 2nd Edition" and "Reclaiming Parkland" offer the reader cogent and precise accounts of the assassination and the coverup. www.ctka.net

  • Play Episode 07 - Richard Case Nagell
    Presenter - Dick Russell
    Dick Russell is an author and environmental journalist who has been writing about the assassination of JFK since the 1970s. His book on Richard Case Nagell - 'The Man Who Knew Too Much" - is considered one of the best books in the assassination literature. www.dickrussell.org

  • Play Episode 08 - The Chicago Plot
    Presenter - Ted Yacucci
    Ted Yacucci is a filmmaker and progressive Democratic Party activist who has appeared on Black Op Radio speaking about his ongoing documentary project on The Chicago Plot.

  • Play Episode 09 - Rose Cherami
    Presenter - Jim DiEugenio
    Author Jim DiEugenio ("Reclaiming Parkland", "Destiny Betrayed") is a frequent guest on Black Op Radio, including a popular segment answering listener questions. www.ctka.net

  • Play Episode 10 - The First Words
    Presenter - Fletcher Prouty
    Fletcher Prouty's famous account of hearing the initial reports of JFK's shooting while at breakfast in Christchurch, New Zealand has been featured in books and in the film "JFK". Here, Fletcher tells the story in his own words and describes what generated suspicion in his mind and why. http://www.prouty.org/

  • Play Episode 11 - Films of the Assassination
    Presenter - Robert Groden
    Author and photographic consultant Robert Groden has been involved with the assassination case since the 1970s. He famously was responsible for the first public screening of the Zapruder film, on ABC television in 1975. Groden has also, over the years, staked a table at Dealey Plaza where he offers alternative information to an interested public. www.jfkmurder.com

  • Play Episode 12 - The Shot Sequence
    Presenter - Pat Speer
    Pat Speer is a researcher whose work is featured as "A New Perspective On The Kennedy Assassination" on his detailed and well-researched website. Speer favours a close reading of eyewitness testimony and the evidence, which provides the reader with a multi-faceted approach on events long draped in rumour and half-truth. patspeer.com

  • Play Episode 13 - The Tague Shot
    Presenter - Len Osanic
    A third person was wounded in Dealey Plaza. James Tague, standing near the Triple Underpass, was struck in the cheek by a piece of the nearby curb when an apparent stray bullet impacted. The Warren Commission never could explain the bullet damage to the curbstone or how it related to a shot sequence explaining the assassination

  • Play Episode 14 - The Immediate Aftermath
    presenter - Robert Groden
    Author and photographic consultant Robert Groden has served as a curator of amateur films and photographs from November in Dallas. Here, Groden contextualizes the pictures and films exposed in the seconds immediately after the shots were fired, which support what many witnesses said: the focus of attention almost immediately was on the knoll area and not the School Book Depository building. www.jfkmurder.com

  • Play Episode 15 - Victoria Adams
    Presenter - Barry Ernest
    Barry Ernest's book "The Girl On The Stairs" has received high praise and is considered one of the more significant of recent publications on the assassination. The book tells two stories: one of the subject, assassination witness Victoria Adams, and the second of the author's own experiences as a researcher over the decades. Simply put, Victoria Adams' corroborated testimony devastates the Warren Commission's conclusions and the Commission knew it even as it wrongly questioned her integrity. thegirlonthestairs.wordpress.com

  • Play Episode 16 - The Secret Service
    Presenter - James Fetzer
    Professor James Fetzer is the Distinguished McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth and the author of numerous books and articles on the assassination.

  • Play Episode 17 - The Snipers Nest
    Presenter - Len Osanic
    Much of the so-called bedrock evidence in this case was discovered on the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository by members of the Dallas Police Department. Due to lapses during the initial investigation, the official record of the discovery of the supposed sniperís nest as well as the alleged assassinís rifle is incomplete.

  • Play Episode 18 - Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza
    Presenter - Fletcher Prouty
    Photographs from Dealey Plaza featuring the "Three Tramps" has long fascinated researchers and led to much unsupported speculation. Fletcher Prouty's interest in the photos focused on a different speculation than most: he was interested less in the tramps than in a man seen passing them in one photo, a man Prouty identified as notorious psychological warfare expert General Edward Lansdale. While this ID has been controversial, other Pentagon insiders confirmed privately to Prouty that the man indeed was Ed Lansdale. www.prouty.org

  • Play Episode 19 - The Paines
    Presenter - Jim DiEugenio
    Author Jim DiEugenio narrates information from his book 'Destiny Betrayed 2nd Edition" which examines the curious role played by Ruth and Michael Paine as they intersected with the Oswalds in the spring and autumn of 1963. While the Warren Commission portrayed the Paines as a simple Quaker couple, later research discovered ties to the intelligence community which had been either denied or downplayed. www.ctka.net

  • Play Episode 20 - Oswald and Tippit
    Presenter - Len Osanic & John Armstrong
    Lee Oswald's behaviour in the minutes following the assassination seems inexplicable: is he a panic stricken assassin fleeing the scene of the crime or a trained intelligence operative heading to a prearranged location? Len reviews what passes for the official story with a critical eye. John Armstrong picks up the trail and examines details of the Tippit story - from the GloCo station to the Texas Theater. www.harveyandlee

  • Play Episode 21 - The Texas Theater
    Presenter - John Armstrong
    John Armstrong's mammoth book "Harvey and Lee" questions the official story's Oswald narrative, and includes critical information about activity inside the Texas Theater early in the afternoon of November 22, 1963. Witnesses inside the Texas Theater said Oswald arrived a half hour or so before the official story has it, and described him as moving from seat to seat as if expecting to meet with someone.

  • Play Episode 22 - Oswald's Identification
    Presenter - Jim Marrs
    Journalist and author Jim Marrs published "Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy" in 1989, a book which influenced the movie "JFK", and he served as a consultant for the film. In addition to his many books on esoteric subjects, Marrs also appears frequently in the broadcast media and on internet programs. www.jimmarrs.com

  • Play Episode 23 - Evidence of a Coup d'Etat
    Presenter - John Judge
    Researcher John Judge is a co-founder of the Committee for An Open Archives and the Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA). He has been an activist opposing war, racism and militarism since the 1960s. politicalassassinations.com

  • Play Episode 24 - The Autopsy
    Presenter - Dr Cyril H Wecht
    Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D., is a forensic pathologist, attorney and medical-legal consultant. He is among the first generation critics of the Warren Commission Report, and was the dissenting member of the HSCA's medical panel. The Wecht Institute, associated with Duquesne University, has sponsored several major conferences on the assassination. www.cyrilwecht.com

  • Play Episode 25 - The Head Wound
    Presenter - Robert Groden
    Robert Groden served as a photographic consultant for the House Select Committee on Assassinations in the 1970s. He has authored several books on the assassination, and produced documentaries such as "JFK:The Case For Conspiracy". A central contradiction in the evidence remains the unexplained divergence between witness accounts of the presidentís head wound and the official record including photos resulting from the autopsy www.jfkmurder.com

  • Play Episode 26 - The Back Wound
    Presenter - Pat Speer
    Researcher Pat Speer encapsulates a wealth of information developed in much greater detail in his online book "A New Perspective On The Kennedy Assassination". The wound on the President's back, according to autopsy diagrams and his clothing, appears to be at an anatomical position which does not allow for the trajectory of the Single Bullet Theory. This "problem" for the official story was downplayed and even lied about by the autopsy doctors and other official investigators. www.patspeer.com

  • Play Episode 27 - Oswald in Custody
    presenter - Len Osanic
    Oswald was fingered as the assassin of JFK almost from the moment he was taken into custody at the Texas Theater. The hallways of the Dallas police were allowed to become a chaotic crush of bodies and video equipment. as reporters breathlessly presented live reports to a still traumatized public. The crazy scene belied the fact that the Dallas Police had very little evidence linking their prisoner to the killing.

  • Play Episode 28 - Oswald is Shot

    Series editor Jeff Carter assembles documentary news footage broadcast live on November 24 1963, as the transfer of prisoner Oswald went wrong and the assassination narrative toppled and lay exposed. The murder of Oswald on live television was the second shocking rupture of consensus reality in just less than 48 hours in America. www.oculartip.ca

  • Play Episode 29 - The Media Convicts
    Presenter - Len Osanic
    In the days and months following Oswald's death at the hands of Jack Ruby, the American mainstream media published a steady stream of information bolstering the incrimination of the deceased suspect. This first wave of conviction-by-media culminated with the live televised release of the Warren Report on a CBS News special, a program featuring documentary segments based on information which had been released publicly just moments earlier.

  • Play Episode 30 - Mexico City Redux
    Presenter - Len Osanic
    Very intriguing things began to happen to Lee Oswald*s CIA files on the eve of his alleged visit to Mexico City in September 1963. This is a brief and simplified overview of what is one of the true smoking guns in the assassination record

  • Play Episode 31 - Evidence On Demand
    Presenter - Jim DiEugenio Jim DiEugenio co-edited Probe Magazine with Lisa Pease through the 1990s, as classified files were being released and the backstory of Ruth and Michael Paine was becoming clearer. DiEugenio expands the focus to the Paine's garage in his book "Destiny Betrayed 2nd edition". www.ctka.net

  • Play Episode 32 - The Warren Commission
    Presenter - Dr Walt Brown
    Walt Brown has a Ph.D. in history from the University of Notre Dame and is a longtime researcher of the Warren Commission and the assassination. His "Master Analytic Chronology of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy November 22, 1963" is an exhaustive and rewarding timeline of registered impressions of this historic event. Walt Brown Website

  • Play Episode 33 - Agent Oswald
    Presenter - Gerald McKnight Gerald McKnight is professor emeritus of history at Hood College, Maryland. His book "Breach Of Trust: How The Warren Commission Failed The Nation And Why" has been described as "extraordinary","deeply provocative", and "persuasive". It is a carefully researched dissection of the Warren Commission's methods and conclusions. www.kansaspress.ku.edu/mckbre.html

  • Play Episode 34 - Secret Service & The CIA
    Presenter - Mark Lane
    Mark Lane's 1966 book *Rush To Judgment* was the first critique of the Warren Commission to really break through to wide public attention. He has continued since to publish on the case. This episode is based on information developed by Lane for his recent book *Last Word - My Indictment Of The CIA In The Murder of JFK marklane.com

  • Play Episode 35 - The Commission's Witnesses
    Presenter - Dr Walt Brown
    Walt Brown has a Ph.D. in history from the University of Notre Dame and sports an encyclopedic understanding of the Kennedy assassination. He is the author of titles such as "Treachery In Dallas", "Warren Omission", and his recent "Master Analytic Chronology of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy November 22, 1963". Deep Politics Quarterly

  • Play Episode 36 - The Tippit Crime Scene
    Presenter - Joseph McBride
    Joseph McBride's "Into The Nightmare: My Search for the Killers of President John F. Kennedy and Officer J.D. Tippit" features extensive research and original interviews to provide a fresh look at the crucial Tippit slaying side-story to the JFK assassination. www.intothenigntmare.com

  • Play Episode 37 - The Single Bullet Theory
    Presenter - Dr Cyril H Wecht
    Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D., is a forensic pathologist, attorney and medical-legal consultant. His critique of the single bullet theory is almost as old as the theory itself and, unlike the theory, still stands the test of time. www.cyrilwecht.com

  • Play Episode 38 - The Mannlicher Carcano
    Presenter - Governor Jesse Ventura
    Jesse Ventura's cable show "Conspiracy Theory" covered numerous parapolitical subjects which were otherwise excised from popular discourse. The JFK episode gave host Ventura an opportunity to conduct his own rifle test, and to add his voice to the consensus that the rifle in question was incapable of the deed. Conspiracy Theory

  • Play Episode 39 - A Mail Order Rifle
    Presenter - John Armstrong
    John Armstrong is the author of "Harvey and Lee", a book which features some of the most exacting analysis of key evidence in the assassination canon. Armstrong's ability to examine complex paper trails and explain clearly and cogently what is actually in the record, has helped to establish clear evidence of the framing of Oswald and of the coverup. harveyandlee.net

  • Play Episode 40 - CE399
    Presenter - Len Osanic
    Working from important information developed by researcher John Hunt, the journey of Commission Exhibit 399 - the so-called magic bullet - presumed to begin from the stretcher of Governor Connally, is far more uncertain than the Official Story ever let on. jfklancer.com

  • Play Episode 41 - Senator Russell Dissents
    Presenter - Gerald McKnight
    Professor Gerald McKnight presents more information from his definitive "Breach Of Trust". McKnight had been a neighbour of prolific researcher and critic Harold Weisberg, who played a role in the eventual publicizing of Senator Russell's differences with the Commission. http://www.kansaspress.ku.edu/mckbre.html

  • Play Episode 42 - Dead Witnesses
    Presenter - Richard Belzer
    Author, actor, and standup comedian Richard Belzer reads excerpts from his latest book "Hit List: An In-Depth Investigation into the Mysterious Deaths of Witnesses to the JFK Assassination". www.ibelz.

  • Play Episode 43 - The Garrison Investigation
    Presenter - Jim DiEugenio
    Author Jim DiEugenio's book "Destiny Betrayed: 2nd Edition" is a detailed review of New Orleans prosecutor Jim Garrison's attempt to find justice in the JFK case. DiEugenio uses the massive document releases mandated by the ARRB in the wake of the film "JFK" to examine Garrison's case and the furious reaction against him led covertly by the CIA. http://www.ctka.net/

  • Play Episode 44 - The Information They Were Seeking
    Presenter - Dan Hardway
    Dan Hardway served as an investigator for the House Select Committee On Assassinations in the late 1970s. Along with colleague Ed Lopez, Hardway was assigned to the CIA file, and the information they developed was immediately classified. In this series exclusive, Hardway discusses his experiences.

  • Play Episode 45 - Oliver Stone's JFK
    Presenter - Len Osanic
    Oliver Stone's 1992 blockbuster Hollywood film sent the American establishment into an apoplectic fit. Although the film worked from evidence developed by numerous researchers over the years, Stone was attacked personally and unfairly. The public response to the film, however, led to a major victory - The JFK Records Act.

  • Play Episode 46 - Political Truth: The Media and the Assassination
    Presenter - Joseph McBride
    Joseph McBride was a volunteer worker in Kennedyís 1960 Wisconsin presidential primary campaign, and has since authored seventeen books, including several highly regard film biographies on subjects Frank Capra, John Ford, Howard Hawks and Stephen Spielberg. He is a professor in the Cinema Department at San Francisco State University. He has followed the mediation of the assassination since the day it happened. www.josephmcbridefilm.com

  • Play Episode 47 - The Airforce One Getaway
    Presenter - Bill Kelly
    Researcher Bill Kelly has been instrumental in clarifying issues surrounding the Air Force One tapes, and he oversaw the 2013 digitization of the existing tapes in conjunction with Primeau Forensics.

  • Play Episode 48 - The ARRB Medical Evidence
    presenter - Doug Horne
    Douglas P. Horne served as Chief Analyst for Military Records on the staff of the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) in the 1990s. He was directly involved with the Board's interviews and depositions intended to clarify the medical records. Doug summarizes his thoughts and opinions on these new records. insidethearrb.livejournal.com

  • Play Episode 49 - Postponed In Full
    Presenter - Jefferson Morley
    Journalist Jefferson Morley is the author of "Our Man In Mexico" and the moderator of the website JFKfacts. He has been plaintiff in an ongoing legal dispute with the CIA since 2003, seeking release of Joannides' CIA administrative file, still classified 50 years later. jfkfacts.org

  • Play Episode 50 - The Bigger Picture
    Presenter - Oliver Stone, David Ratcliffe, Len Osanic
    Filmmaker Oliver Stone discusses the Kennedy Administration in the context of the Cold War era. Webmaster David Ratcliffe reads from Vincent Salandriaís important 1998 address on the *false mystery*. And host Len Osanic wraps the proceedings up on a personal note