The JFK Assassination According to the History Textbooks

The JFK Assassination According to the History Textbooks

From: Paul Bleau
Sent: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 7:57 PM
Subject: Complaint

A few years ago I completed a study on how History Books cover the JFK assassination and how the authors justified their writings. Overwhelmingly the authors portray it as a crime committed by a lone nut who was killed 2 days later by another loner.

The Warren Commission is the key source (as well as a few authors who back the lone nut scenario). The other subsequeny investigations as well as work done by independent researchers who back conspiracy scenarios are not on the radar. The result is that young students who are part of a captive audience are being given an incomplete, biased account of this historical event.

I believe that on this issue, historians are violating their code of conduct by not honoring the historical record. Two articles about this issue are published on the following website:

Interviews were also given on BlackOp Radio:

I am hoping that the AHA can look into this situation and encourage its members to reconsider how to present this information to students in a more balanced and up to date manner.
Thank you
Paul Bleau
College Professor