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    Show #815
    Original airdate: December 29, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Barbara Schemanski
    Topics: Assassination Research / Black Op Radio Listener Interests

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:27:58)   MP3 download

  • Jim's new site,, has increased visitor numbers
  • Stone and Costner look back at their film JFK 25 years later
  • National Enquirer, Castro’s Confession: "I Killed JFK!"
  • Castro’s death has revived a Castroite Oswald, by Arnaldo Fernandez
  • Reviews of the films A Coup in Camelot, by Martin Hay and Jackie, by Jim
  • Gerald Posner vs. Roger Stone in Coral Gables, by Jim
  • Their debate was a way not to inform the public about new developments
  • Jim's review provides up-to-date bios of each of the two participants
  • Posner worked in John McCloy's law firm
  • Robert Loomis of Random House enlisted him to write a response to the film JFK
  • Posner received cooperation from CIA
  • The MSM pledged allegiance to Case Closed
  • Unlike Posner, Jim has viewed Dealey Plaza from the "Oswald" window
  • Photo of Oswald and David Ferrie at a Civil Air Patrol barbecue
  • In 2010, it was demonstrated that Posner was a serial plagiarist
  • Roger Stone has Richard Nixon's face tattooed on his back
  • At age 19, Stone worked for the infamous CREEP
  • The 2000 Florida election recount “Brooks Brothers riot
  • The episode likely stopped Gore from actually taking the lead
  • In the debate, Stone made many inaccurate and confusing statements
  • Posner doesn't have any idea of the ARRB and the medical evidence
  • Posner said the Commission, CBS, and the HSCA duplicated Oswald’s shooting feat
  • HSCA March 22, 1979 memo: Test on Mannlicher-Carcano
  • Marine sniper Carlos Hathcock and the Mannlicher Carcano
  • Why at this late date are these guys doing this dog and pony show?
  • Victoria Adams, the girl on the stairs
  • The Warren Commission lied and Posner swallowed the lie
  • Listener Letters, full Carson shows before 1972 were often taped over by NBC
  • Groden, Dillard, and the southwest window
  • Jim thinks there is an image of a human figure in that window
  • Witness Lillian Mooneyham saw somebody in that window after the assassination
  • The inclusion of the FPCC ties the same plotters to L.A., Chicago, Tampa, and Dallas

    Play Barbara Schemanski   (1:19:25)   MP3 download

  • Barbara is a long time BOR listener and correspondent
  • 9/11 was hard to understand, a look back at Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Barbara read many JFK assassination related books
  • The 9/11 breakdown of all systems was just not believable
  • Barbara would like to learn more about Intelligence research
  • Barbara would like to know more about Mae Brussell's work
  • Barbara has enjoyed listening to audio from the period
  • Researchers can become tied to their point of view
  • Marguerite Oswald reading Lee's letters from Russia
  • Seeking Les Crane Show #695, Marguerite Oswald and Melvin Belli
  • Len interviewed Robert Stone (BOR #362), maker of Oswald's Ghost
  • Oswald's whole history is so strange
  • The film Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977) directed by Robert Aldrich
  • The film Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel (2009)
  • The film American Drug War:The Last White Hope (2007)
  • The film William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe (2009)
  • C-SPAN JFK; Cinema as History (1992)
  • Presidential succession, the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

    Show #814
    Original airdate: December 22, 2016
    Guests: John Armstrong
    Topics: HARVEY and LEE, W. R. Westbrook, Kenneth Croy

    Play John Armstrong   (3:47:54)   MP3 download

  • Documentary discrepancies led to a HARVEY and a LEE
  • Myra DaRouse Larue interview, "Call me Harvey"
  • The Warren Report was written to conform to a lone nut theory
  • John's article NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (contains many links)
  • Foreign born HARVEY, married to Marina, is being set up
  • American born LEE is used to set up HARVEY
  • We only know what interviews were reported, were there others?
  • Why would two police officers raid a bus?
  • At 12:45, officially they could not be looking for Oswald
  • Read Croys testimony, when Oswald was shot, Croy was standing next to Jack Ruby
  • John believes it was Kenneth Croy who let Ruby into the basement
  • LEE in the white shirt, HARVEY in the brown shirt
  • Ignored reports that would totally ruin the Warren Commission
  • In the National Archives, John inspected and handled each item of
            inventory listed on the joint FBI/DPD inventory of 11/26/63 (p. 263-283)
  • 400 E. 10TH ST. ... 404 E. 10TH ST. ... 410 E. 10TH ST.
  • John does not think HARVEY and LEE looked identical
  • How many police officers do you know?
  • I feel that I'm standing around watching, the way you've written it out
  • George Applin, in 1979, on seeing Jack Ruby in the theater
  • Instructions came from Ruby, and to Ruby from David Atlee Phillips
  • Who was in charge of the Saigon Military Mission? Ed Lansdale
  • The two Oswalds, something going on in his earlier life
  • In June, July, and August 1963, Ruby was seen with Oswald in Dallas
  • When Marina and Harvey are in New Orleans
  • Go back farther, year by year, the duplication goes on
  • Westbrook did not drive his car after Oswald's arrest
  •, Harvey & Lee (2003)
  • Seven Hours with John Armstrong on MP3
  • Appendix 5: List of Witnesses
  • Alphabetical list of witnesses and testimony

    Show #813
    Original airdate: December 15, 2016
    Guests: Mark Shaw
    Topics: Dorothy Kilgallen

    Play Mark Shaw   (47:56)   MP3 download

  • Mark has writtten The Reporter Who Knew Too Much: (2016)
  • That reporter was Dorothy Kilgallen
  • Mark knew of Kilgallen as a panelist on What's My Line
  • Mark knew and wrote about Melvin Belli who represented Jack Ruby
  • Dorothy was a Pulitzer Prize nominated investigative journalist
  • Ernest Hemingway said she was the greatest female writer in the world
  • Mark's site,
  • Dorothy was the only reporter to interview Jack Ruby, she did it twice
  • Jack Kennedy was a good friend of Dorothy's
  • She died on November 8, 1965, age 52
  • She was writing a book on the Kennedy assassination
  • " could cost me my life"
  • Suspicious circumstances, the death scene was staged
  • The killers won, the file disappeared, we lost a credible reporter
  • Murder is the worst form of censorship
  • Her whole life she fought for justice, integrity
  • Oswald File Must Not Close, November 29, 1963
  • Ruby thought much of Kilgallen
  • Her hairdressers Marc Sinclair and Charles Simpson
  • Belli was not a criminal defense lawyer
  • The trial of the century (more)
  • The assassination was a mob operation from beginning to end
  • Dorothy was complicated, hard-edged, an enemy of Frank Sinatra
  • There was no indication of a drug or alcohol problem
  • Nobody stood up for Dorothy at the time of her death
  • She could shout as loud as Hoover could
  • She thought she was invincible, she was a star
  • Mark worked on the book for three years

    Show #812
    Original airdate: December 8, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Adele Edisen
    Topics: Assassination Research, Holocaust Denial / Col. Jose Rivera

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:20:14)   MP3 download

  • has been renamed
  • New features, CTKA Classics, From the Probe Archives, author bios, a good search engine
  • Kennedys and King accepts donations, to further outreach and presence
  • Two new films, Rules Don't Apply (2016) on Howard Hughes
  • Howard Hughes inherited his father's Hughes Tool Company
  • He produced films and as a pilot he set many aviation records
  • He was the major stock holder of TWA, he had WWII government contracts
  • He built the huge wooden seaplane HK-1, the Spruce Goose
  • Juan Trippe of Pan Am wanted to ruin Hughes and TWA
  • He got involved with CIA, the 350 million dollar Glomar Explorer
  • James Angleton attended Hughes's memorial service, Age of Secrets: (Meier 1995)
  • The film is written and directed by Warren Beatty, who starred in The Parallax View (1974)
  • Jim is dissappointed in the film, which is not really about Hughes
  • Jackie (2016) with Natalie Portman
  • Election recounts, some electors will not vote for Trump
  • Some cabinet appointments have been named
  • Mark the date: Oct 26, 2017, Rex Bradford on the release of declassified records
  • Adele Edisen passed away (play BOR segment below)
  • Certain people knew JFK was going to be assassinated several months in advance
  • The film The Searchers (BOR #809) reviewed by Joseph Green
  • Fidel Castro passed away (August 13, 1926 – November 25, 2016)
  • The Cuban revolution angered American businessmen
  • Operation Zapata (Bay of Pigs), Operation Mongoose, Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Only one death in the 13 days of the Missile Crisis, Major Rudolf Anderson Jr.
  • JFK was winding down tensions with Castro even at the moment of his death
  • It took 50 years for Obama to do what Kennedy was doing
  • The Pavlovian bell-ringing of communism in this hemisphere
  • Letters, read Jeff Carter on the enigma of the Oswald backyard photos
  • Was Vallee's car registered to Oswald? Read Paul Bleau (BOR #811) on patsy similarities
  • Jim thinks Oswald was to be shot at the Texas Theater, Operation Northwoods
  • Did Jim dismiss Holocaust deniers glibly? No. Jim is aware of the debate
  • The trials of Ernst Zundel and David Irving
  • A lot of forensic evidence in the Irving libel trial
  • Read Richard Evans, Christopher Browning, Robert Van Pelt
  • Jim is not impressed with Debating the Holocaust: (Dalton 2009)
  • The Invention of the Jewish People (Sand 2008), not about the Holocaust
  • After JFK, U.S. policy on the Middle East went off the rails
  • Stealing the Atom Bomb: (Mattson 2016), reviewed by Jim
  • Kennedy was for a homeland for the Palestinians
  • The Holocaust in American Life (Novick 2000)
  • Is there no book on the Chicago Plot? The Echo from Dealey Plaza: (Bolden 2009)
  • JFK and the Unspeakable: (Douglass 2010)
  • Internal Combustion: (2008) by Edwin Black
  • The Chicago Plot should have been investigated by the WC and the HSCA

    Play Adele Edisen   (1:58:54)   MP3 download

  • Rebroadcast of BOR Show #526, from May 12, 2011
  • Adele earned a Physiology Ph.D in 1954
  • 1963, National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness, New Orleans
  • Adele met Jose Rivera in Atlantic City through the NINDB
  • Rivera offered her dinner when she would be in Washington, D.C.
  • On April 22nd, 1963, she met Rivera and they went out to dinner
  • He spoke of Dallas and the Carousel Club
  • He asked if she knew Lee Oswald, and mentioned his wife and child
  • She believes Rivera dosed her with LSD on Lifesavers candy
  • She felt clumsy, got little sleep, and her throat was dry
  • People called him Dr., but he had no Ph.D or MD
  • He had a Hispanic accent, two birthplaces, and was born in 1905 and 1912
  • She seemed to follow a post-hypnotic suggestion to call Rivera
  • They had dinner a second time, and things got really strange
  • Another Lifesaver caused her to have a euphoric reaction
  • "I wonder what Jackie will do when her husband dies?"
  • "Do you see Caroline on her pony Macaroni?"
  • "Write down this name: Lee Harvey Oswald"
  • "Tell him to kill the chief"
  • "Here's where it will happen ... it will be on the fifth floor"
  • The phone number he gave her, 899-4244, was Jesse Garner's
  • She may have been dosed with BZ (Quinuclidinyl benzilate)
  • She had visual effects driven by loud sounds, loss of focus
  • "How patriotic are you?" You'll go to the FBI, won't you?"
  • She saw Rivera again in September, 1963 at LSU
  • She called and spoke to Marina and Oswald in May, 1963
  • Oswald said he did not know Dr. Rivera
  • "It'll happen after the Shriner's Circus comes to New Orleans"
  • She called the Secret Service in June, 1963, spoke to the FBI
  • On Saturday, 11/24/63, she visited the Secret Service
  • She met with Special Agent J. Calvin Rice and Orrin Bartlett of the FBI
  • They first questioned her story, then seemed to believe her
  • She knew of no actions taken regarding having told her story
  • Adele spoke to Jim Garrison in 1975
  • Her lawyer wrote Senator Frank Church of the Church Committee
  • Her FOIA requests were unfruitful
  • Finally she spoke at the 1994 ASK conference, then to the ARRB
  • Her evidence points to internal domestic conspiracy
  • They don't want to rock the boat, well, the boat is sinking
  • The people are totally ignorant of their own history
  • The traitors are probably living well
  • The Warren Commission covered up for the guilty
  • A New Oswald Witness Goes Public by Bill Kelly
  • Col. Jose Rivera & US Army Service Command by Bill Kelly

    Show #811
    Original airdate: Dec 1st 2016
    Guests: Dick Russell / Paul Bleau
    Topics: A Coup In Camelot / Three Failed Plots

    Play Dick Russell   (52:18)   MP3 download

  • Dick appears in the film A Coup In Camelot (2015)
  • Dick was 17 when the assassination happened
  • As a reporter, in 1975 he interviewed professor Richard Popkin
  • He wrote about a programmed assassin, Luis Castillo, and Richard Case Nagell
  • On September 20th, 1963, Nagell was arrested for shooting a gun in a bank
  • His notebook had remarkable similarities to Oswald's, listings, phone numbers, FPCC
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much: Hired to Kill Oswald and Prevent the Assassination of JFK (2003)
  • Dick met and began a most curious relationship with Nagell
  • Nagell tried and failed to convince Oswald that he was being setup
  • The bulk of the film (Camelot) is about how the evidence had to be tampered with
  • It makes a strong case for a conspiracy including the military and Secret Service
  • Dick interviewed the cop who arrested Nagell, Jim Bundren
  • "I wouldn't want to be in Dallas right now"
  • Nagell worked for CIA and Russian Intelligence
  • In Mexico City, he participated in a disinformation campaign following the Missile Crisis
  • The Russians asked him to look into an assassination plot by Alpha 66, and to keep an eye on Oswald
  • Nagell knew of a June, 1963 plot to kill JFK in Los Angeles
  • Nagell knew and reported on Oswald to the Russians and CIA
  • An August, 1963 meeting between CIA, Oswald, Angelo, and Leopoldo
  • The Russians instructed Nagell to convince Oswald he was being setup, or kill him
  • Vaughn Marlowe was part of the FPCC in Los Angeles and knew Nagell
  • Nagell said Marlowe was being recruited to shoot Kennedy in June, 1963
  • Take Nagell seriously and you have to acknowledge there was a conspiracy
  • Dick knew Nagell, he always believed him, Nagell hinted that he knew the whole story
  • Nagell was found dead the day an ARRB subpoena was delivered to him
  • Oswald was involved, but not a lone assassin. he was certainly a patsy
  • Dick thinks Intelligence operatives induced Nagell's fatal heart attack
  • Dick met Antonio Veciana, who told him he saw Oswald with 'Maurice Bishop'
  • "Maurice Bishop...was David Atlee Phillips"
  • The MSM will review Case Closed: (1993), but not The Devil's Chessboard: (Talbot 2016)
  • Dick wrote bestselling books with Gov. Jesse Ventura, which never got reviewed by the MSM
  • The 2017 record release may reveal more about George Joannides
  • The country changed forever on that day
  • The lack of trust in the government has been earned by the government
  • The Cuban exile area is still ripe for further investigation

    Play Paul Bleau   (1:14:01)   MP3 download

  • The Three Failed Plots to Kill JFK: at (formerly
  • The Plot to Kill JFK in Chicago Nov. 2, 1963, by Edwin Black (text) (audio)
  • Paul looked into other plots and found similarities to Oswald and Dallas
  • Paul found seven potential patsies on the radar
  • Harry L. Power in Terre Haute, Indiana
  • Nexus: (Hancock 2011), speculates that Oswald was being maneuvered
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much: (Russell 2003)
  • Richard Case Nagell, Vaughn Marlowe, the showing of PT 109 in Beverly Hills
  • Nagell, veteran, Army Intelligence, claimed an anti-Castro group set it's sights on Kennedy
  • Nagell had military ID with his photo and the name and signature of Lee H. Oswald
  • Like Oswald, Nagell had a Minolta camera, Fair Play for Cuba leaflets, etc.
  • Marlowe, veteran, a good shot, an executive of L.A. Fair Play for Cuba Committee, etc.
  • Chicago, similar patsy, motorcade route, a building resembling the Depository. etc.
  • Thomas Arthur Vallee, former Marine, assigned to a U2 base as a radar operator
  • Vallee trained an anti-Castro group to assassinate Fidel Castro (1926 – 2016)
  • JFK and the Unspeakable: (Douglass 2010), Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden
  • Chicago Secret Service Chief Maurice Martineau took steps to eliminate documentary trails
  • The Tampa plot, November 19, 1963 (newsreel)
  • Ultimate Sacrifice: (Waldron / Hartmann 2008), The Tampa Plot in Retrospect (Kelly 2012)
  • Gilberto Policarpo Lopez, FPCC, defector, tie to Russia, an unusual trip to Mexico City
  • What the HSCA said about the Lopez allegation (page 118)
  • San Antonio, November 21st, 1963, Harry Power, potential scapegoat, ex-marine
  • Similarities between Power, Oswald, and other scapegoats, lined up before the assassination
  • November 18th, 1963, in the morning, President Kennedy gave a speech in Miami (video)
  • On the Secret Service radar, terrorist Orlando Bosch
  • Another patsy candidate, Santiago Garriga, opened an FPCC chapter in Miami
  • Oswald, an asset, or an easily dispensed with pawn?
  • Paul's article includes a chart of 24 points of comparison among five patsies
  • Ship the patsy to a city, bring the President to the patsy's job
  • NOTE: The following is included in an upcoming addendum at
  • FPCC founded in 1960, Where the Boys Are: (Van Gosse 1993)
  • Members were writers, artists, intellectuals, let's be fair in our discourse re Cuba
  • 1960/1961, 5 to 7 thousand members, 27 chapters
  • What are people doing in 1963 in the Deep South, opening chapters in hostile cities?
  • Similarity in ambush logistics, motorcade, weak protection, use of surrogates
  • Patsies who could be tied to Castro, misfits, plausibly good shots
  • Massage control, investigating surgically, if at all, hiding facts
  • William Harvey, assassination MO, ZR/RIFLE
  • Oswald, backyard photos, FPCC in New Orleans, interviewed about Marxism, etc.
  • CIA/FPCC involvement, David Atlee Phillips, James McCord, William Harvey
  • 201 files on individuals, 301 files on suspicious organizations
  • The earliest link was in June, then early Fall, Dallas was one of the last opportunities

    Show #810
    Original airdate: November 24, 2016
    Guests: Larry Schnapf / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: CAPA Oswald Mock Trial / Dallas Conference, Listener Questions

    Play Larry Schnapf   (0:41:11)   MP3 download

  • CAPA, pressing the government for further 2017 record releases
  • Larry is an attorney on the Legal Committee, one of several CAPA committees
  • The Warren Commission acted as finder of fact, judge, and jury
  • With Bill Kelly (BOR #806), holding a mock trial in Houston, November, 2017
  • Perhaps Oswald's children will support a Texas court of inquiry
  • Larry at the JFK Assassination Conference, Oswald Was Not Convictable
  • National Academy of Sciences 2009 Forensic Science report
  • Inadmissible evidence, Marina testimony, broken chains of custody, etc.
  • Marina's testimony was the most prejudicial produced by the government
  • Identification and tracing of the rifle, postal order, Klein's
  • The rifle in the brown paper bag, Commission Exhibit 1302
  • The number, markings, and chains of custody of the bullet shells
  • Broken chain of custody of CE 399, the 'single bullet'
  • Lt. Day found Oswald's palmprint after FBI inspection did not
  • The forensic evidence creates reasonable doubt, adding up
  • On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald (1986) (1) (2) (3) (4), Spence was not prepared
  • 1967 Yale Law School mock trial of Oswald, hung jury
  • 1992 American Bar Association, mock trial of Oswald, hung jury, transcript
  • 2013 State Bar of Texas, mock trial of Oswald, hung jury
  • The FBI reacts to political pressure, the press colludes with the elites
  • What happened during the JFK assassination is still happening today
  •, Facebook,,

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (0:60:14)   MP3 download

  • Jim attended the JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas last weekend
  • He enjoyed Casey Quinlan's presentation on the National Security State
  • And ones by Chris Gallop, Brian Edwards, Gary Murr
  • Mark Shaw, Who Killed Dorothy Kilgallen?
  • Stuart Webster on Oswald's Dallas library card
  • The premiere of the film The Searchers (BOR #809)
  • Carmine Savastano on the improbabilities on the day of the assassination
  • Bill and Gayle Newman spoke at the conference
  • The Newmans were the closest witnesses of the fatal head shot
  • A recent James Restonn Jr. article on Oswald targeting Connally
  • Larry Hancock spoke about Gene Wheaton and Operation 40
  • Jim spoke about JFK's foreign policy, JFK's Forgotten Crisis: (Riedel 2015)
  • China invaded India in October 1962 over the issue of Tibet
  •, Paul Bleau on Three Failed Plots to Kill JFK prior to Dallas
  • JFK Lancer Conferences can be viewed on DVD
  • The National Archives should give us a finite list of the documents they have
  • A withheld report on Oswald and CIA by Dan Hardway and Eddie Lopez
  • The film Jackie, Jim read the script, soap opera-ish
  • It is hard to tell where the Hughes empire and CIA begin and end
  • Howard Hughes in Vancouver, Age of Secrets: (Meier 1995)
  • Listener questions
  • Assassination conspiracy writing in the context of conservative vs. liberal
  • Jim does not see the conspiracy as right vs. left, stick with the facts
  • The new Hawaii Five-0, an episode on planning the assassination in Hawaii
  • JFK never approved an assassination of Castro, that was a CIA operation
  • Has Oswald DNA ever been tested? No
  • Warren Hinckle and Ramparts Magazine, the CTKA site will be updated very soon
  • The real JFK mystery, 50 years later, by Justyn Dillingham (2014)
  • Mitch Werbell, a legendary CIA weapons expert, Spooks: (Hougan 1978)
  • Silencers, Snipers & the CIA (Hewett 1995)

    Show #809
    Original airdate: November 17, 2016
    Guests: Randy Benson / Vince Palamara
    Topics: The Searchers / A Coup in Camelot

    Play Randy Benson   (0:45:00)   MP3 download

  • Randy's film, The Searchers, a portrait of the assassination research community
  • Who are these people, doing the work of the historians, teachers, schools?
  • Randy read Crossfire: (Marrs 1989) and On the Trail of the Assassins: (Garrison 1988)
  • It upset Randy that he did not know, was not taught, what the searchers knew
  • The film and Randy will be at the Texas Theatre, Oak Cliff, Mon, November 21
  • John Judge, fighting the good fight, the narrative throughline of the film
  • The notion of the wacky conspiracy theorist was coined by CIA
  • Andy Winiarczyk, his home is a bookstore, or the bookstore is his home
  • A second National Archives had to be built to hold 6.5 million JFK Records Act pages
  • Archival footage was available for $300 per minute, Randy was quoted $300 per second
  • Duke University is a good source on Fair Use for documentary films
  • An article on Fair Use and the Zapruder film
  • Randy has a limited 20 CD edition of his film and 37 hours of interview footage
  • Randy is thinking of screening his film at universities across the country
  • The searchers are normal people who did a job that had to be done
  • Randy will premiere The Searchers at JFK Lancer on Saturday, November 19
  • The work of the searchers are a million different little pieces
  • and Facebook, email -

    Play Vince Palamara   (0:58:59)   MP3 download

  • Vince's blog, Facebook, YouTube channel, Amazon
  • Vince was interviewed in 2013 for a segment in the film A Coup in Camelot (2015)
  • Doug Horne, Dr. David Mantik, Jerry Dealey, Sherry Fiester,
            Dick Russell, Barry Ernest, Art Van Kampen (bios)
  • A forensic angle on this case, blood spatter, photos, x-rays, Secret Service
  • Vince is an acknowledged expert on the Secret Service and the Dallas trip
  • The lack of agents near the car, the motorcycle escort, the limo bubble top
  • Media photographers moved to the back of the motorcade
  • It was folklore that Kennedy ordered agents off the back of the car
  • In William Manchester's The Death of a President, November 1963 (1967)
  • The Secret Service had lost a President, they had a lot to lose
  • Special Agent Floyd Boring later denied the Kennedy order, but, he originated the story
  • The 28 mile Tampa motorcade, they had the resources to man multistory rooftops
  • Though Vince suspects three agents, he vacillates between negligence and conspiracy
  • Floyd Boring, William Greer, and Emory Roberts
  • As the shots were fired, Roberts ordered follow up car agents not to move
  • Emory Roberts recalled two agents at Love Field
  • LBJ says goodbye to the Secret Service and Emory Roberts
  • Driver Bill Greer looked back (at JFK) not once, but twice
  • Chief Inspector Michael Torina, What Does a Secret Service Agent Do? (Hyde 1962)
  • Agents and police are to guard building rooftops during motorcades, Fletcher Prouty
  • Evidence for collusion, sit on your hands, six to eight seconds, let it happen
  • The assassination attempt on President Reagan
  • JFK Air Force Aide, Gen. Godfrey McHugh, would sit in the front of the limo
  • The Secret Service put him in another car in Dallas
  • Due May 1, 2017, Vince's latest book, The Not So Secret Service:

    Show #808
    Original airdate: November 10, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Chris Gallop / John Barbour
    Topics: U.S. Election / Listener Questions / Symposium / New Film

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (0:70:21)   MP3 download

  • Result of the U.S. Presidential Election, surprising
  • The popular vote vs. the Electoral College
  • Democratic Party Superdelegates
  • The role of wikileaks in the Clinton campaign
  • Trump portrayed himself as the outsider
  • Hillary and her party sabotaged Bernie Sanders
  • Democratic Party lost the south during the civil rights struggle
  •, Jim Garrison on the JFK Assassination (1967) text
  • CIA's Internal Investigation of The Bay of Pigs
  • Listener questions, The Nation article on Honduras
  • American Experience 2013 portrayal of President Kennedy
  • Cynicism in the U.S., HSCA interview of James W. Powell
  • Who's Who in the JFK Assassination (Benson 1993)
  • Downtown Lincoln Mercury, Albert Bogard, Frank Pizzo
  • On the Trail of the Assassins: (Garrison 1988)
  • Mexico City had a direct impact on what happened in Dallas
  • A CIA tall-tale, unleashed on the day of the assassination
  • State Secret (Simpich 2014) (free on-line at
  • Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City (Lopez/Hardway Report) audio
  • The CIA Mexico City Mystery Man photo
  • Thomas Arthur Vallee (BOR #806 Bill Kelly)

    Play Chris Gallop   (34:50)   MP3 download

  • 4th Annual JFK Luncheon / Symposium on Nov. 17, 2016
  • 11-5pm, Stevens Garden and Grill, 223 Depot Street, Mansfield, Texas
  • Beverly Oliver Massegee, Gary Shaw, Brian Edwards and Casey Quinlan
  • The government stole our President and have been lying about it for 50 years
  • Michael Marcades (BOR #807), Rose Cherami's son
  • Chris' site and e-mail
  • Raffle, an Abraham Bolden autographed The Echo from Dealey Plaza: (2009)
  • Signed photo by one of JFK's military pallbearers, Hubert Clark
  • Available at the luncheon, the A Coup In Camelot DVD
  • Barr McClellan, Russ Baker
  • The Searchers will be shown at the Texas Theatre, Oak Cliff, Mon, November 21

    Play John Barbour   (1:19:42)   MP3 download

  • Hillary and Trump came to Las Vegas a lot
  • A known evil and an unknown evil
  • When somebody becomes President they never break the law!
  • Liars run for office, truth seekers run for lives
  • John was on Coast to Coast AM September 27 and was cut off
  • John quoted a conversation and said the word 'nigger'
  • John's new film The Garrison Tapes: Part Two:
  • The film features Jim Garrison speaking about media corruption
  • Garrison investigated the history of CIA, control foreign policy
  • Wall Street lawyers created CIA, James Forrestal
  • Elements of the media were ready before JFK was killed
  • CIA control of the media, Operation Mockingbird
  • John is a storyteller, there is no story greater than Garrison's
  • Len worked with John on the first 11 minutes of the film
  • John acknowldges that he get's riled up
  • John will be speaking in Dallas at the Judyth Vary Baker conference
  • The new film will be shown at the Texas Theatre, Oak Cliff, Mon, November 21
  • John on Facebook
  • John Barbour's Last Word On 'The Garrison Tapes' (BOR #759)

    Show #807
    Original airdate: November 3, 2016
    Guests: Michael Marcades & Debra Conway / Bill Simpich
    Topics: Rose Cherami / The Oswald Legend

    Play Debra Conway & Michael Marcades   (43:13)   MP3 download

  • JFK Lancer publishes books featuring experts and witnesses
  • Rose Cherami: Gathering Fallen Petals (Marcades/Kirkpatrick 2016)
  • Melba Christine Youngblood Marcades was Michael's mother
  • Michael and Debra met last year at the Lancer conference
  • 30 years ago, Gary Shaw and Joe West met with Michael's family
  • Michael met Rose only three times, and was 12 when Rose died in 1965
  • Michael had always been aware of the assassination's impact on the world
  • Columnist Norma Kirkpatrick helped Michael with his manuscript
  • Sherry Fiester reviewed the medical evidence regarding Rose's death
  • Sherry determined Rose was shot in the head, and then run over
  • Rose struck by a car driven by Jerry Don Moore
  • She was alive and received eight hours of medical care
  • Anne Dischler, assistant investigator to Lt. Fruge of the Louisiana State Police
  • Even in this century, Anne feared revealing all she knew
  • Rose stated on Thursday and Friday that JFK would be assassinated
  • Michael's work has been to understand who his mother was
  • JFK Lancer's 2016 November In Dallas Conference

    Play Bill Simpich   (51:07)   MP3 download

  • The Twelve Who Built the Oswald Legend at
  • State Secret: (Simpich 2014) (free on-line at
  • This series is from the research for that book
  • Part 11: The Paines Carry the Weight
  • Legend maker #12, Michael Paine's few meetings with Lee were all memorable
  • They attended ACLU and John Birch Society meetings together
  • John Abt's communist background would not have helped Oswald
  • Michael was descended from a signer of the Declaration of Independence
  • His step-father, Arthur Young, invented the Bell helicopter
  • Michael was a pacifist who won two Bronze Service Stars in Korea
  • Ruth Paine studied Russian and worked for Soviet/American friendship
  • Her father, William A. Hyde, was approached by CIA to work for them in Saigon
  • Ruth was considered a friend of CIA, somebody they could use
  • Ruth took in Marina and her child, to learn Russian
  • Oswald, a spy in his own mind, kept his one-room locale secret
  • Ruth directed Lee to his job at the Texas School Book Depository
  • The Paines were actively involved in babysitting Oswald
  • Ruth and Oswald's November 9 letter to the Soviets
  • Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin thought the letter was a provocation
  • Part 12: The Endgame
  • Michael's mother Ruth Forbes was active with the Universal World Federalists
  • Legend maker #2 Cord Meyer was that group's leader
  • Ruth Forbes was a friend of Mary Bancroft, a spy and the paramour of CIA chief Allen Dulles
  • Ruth Paine's sister, Sylvia Hoke, was Naval Intelligence and a CIA employee in 1961
  • Sylvia's husband John Hoke provided services to the CIA until at least mid-1963
  • The Paines and the Hydes were extremely spooked up
  • J. Lee Rankin concluded that something in the Oswald story was deeply wrong
  • Need to review the evidence around four men who lead back to the Paines
  • Grocer Leonard Hutchison, barber Cliff Shasteen,
            auto salesman Albert Bogard, gun owner Garland Slack
  • Bill concludes that Oswald was impersonated on many occasions
  • The impersonations of Oswald are the key in analyzing this assassination

           #1   James Angleton - CIA Chief of Counter-Intelligence
           #2   Cord Meyer - CIA Chief of the International Organizations Division
           #3   Priscilla Johnson - Reporter, North American News Alliance, Moscow, 1959
           #4   Richard Snyder - American Embassy consul, Moscow, U.S.S.R. in 1959
           #5   Ann Egerter - CIA Counter-Intelligence Staff, Langley
           #6   Marvin Gheesling - FBI Special Agent
           #7   John Fain - FBI Special Agent
           #8   Alexander Ziger - Minsk Radio and TV factory supervisor
           #9   George de Mohrenschildt - White Russian friend of Oswald in Dallas
           #10 Guy Banister - ex-FBI Special Agent, New Orleans associate of Oswald
           #11 Anne Goodpasture - CIA Counter-Intelligence Staff, Mexico City
           #12 Michael Paine - Dallas benefactor of Marina Oswald

    Show #806
    Original airdate: October 27, 2016
    Guests: Bill Kelly / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Tampa Plot / RFK Case and Listener Questions

    Play Bill Kelly   (33:26)   MP3 download

  • Bill's blog, JFKcountercoup
  • The Tampa Plot in Retrospect (July 7, 2012)
  • Blaine said Bolden lied about the missing Tampa trip reports (November 18, 1963)
  • Bill got a copy after the archives acquired one from Blaine
  • FINAL SURVEY REPORT Re: Visit of the President to Tampa, Florida
  • Tampa sheriff's deputies were on roofs and overpasses with rifles
  • There was a plot and a patsy, Gilberto Policarpo Lopez, a former defector
  • On that trip, Kennedy visited MacDill Air Force base
  • Bill thinks of the assassination as a detailed plan rather than a plot
  • We should pursue missing records, case by case
  • CAPA - Citizens Against Political Assassinations
  • Chicago, Tampa, and Dallas are not separate, they're part of the same plot
  • The modus operandi is a covert intelligence operation
  • November 22nd and Dallas were the 11th hour, it's gotta be done
  • The rejected Pathfinder Plan to kill Castro
  • Lopez, the patsy in Tampa, fits the Oswald mode
  • Bill's concept of the COP - Covert Operational Personality

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:02:25)   MP3 download

  • The interesting parallels among the plots and their patsies
  • Why would there be FPCC chapters in New Orleans and Tampa?
  • The same design in Chicago, Tampa, Los Angeles, then Dallas
  •, Reclaiming Parkland: (paperback), please write good reviews at Amazon
  • W. R. Poage Legislative Library at Baylor University update by Joe Green
  • Spatial Chart of Northern Half of Dealey Plaza
  • November Dallas screenings of The Searchers by Randy Benson, trailer
  • The Polka Dot File (Faura 2016) reviewed by Jim, (see BOR #790)
  • Faura was a reporter for a Los Angeles paper when he walked into the RFK case
  • Fernando worked on the mystery of the girl in the polka dot dress
  • You have to understand hypno-programming and Sirhan's Palestinian past
  • Sirhan's last memory, Lots of cream, lots of sugar
  • Bjorn Nielsen, Palle Hardrup, Copenhagen, hypnotized to rob and murder
  • The Search for the "Manchurian Candidate": (Marks 1991)
  • The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination: (Melanson 1991)
  • RFK signs poster for bystander Michael Wayne minutes before he is assassinated
  • Stipulation of evidence, you accept the prosecutor's case
  • The RFK case has three 'magic bullets'
  • Dewayne Wolfer's LAPD bullet trajectory diagram
  • Howard Willens and The American Scholar by Gary Aguilar, re: Warren Report
  • Listener questions, shot from the front, from the grassy knoll? Yes
  • Jim's review of Jeffrey Caufield's book on General Walker
  • Fletcher Prouty, Len, and additional shooters along the Dallas route?
  • Oswald said, 'You`re the cop. You figure it out'
  • Kerry Thornley or Gerry Patrick Hemming? The trust issue
  • In History's Shadow: Lee Harvey Oswald, Kerry Thornley (Biles 2002)
  • LBJ's post-assassination mental state? He got more erratic
  • LBJ / RFK, Mutual Contempt: (Shesol 1998)
  • Johnson having Kennedy hand out Civil Rights Act signing pens (16:38)
  • Seven hour Len Osanic / John Armstrong (Harvey & Lee) interview
  • Southern Poverty Law Center's disparaging article on Mark Lane
  • May 29, 2017 is the hundredth anniversary of John Kennedy's birth

    Show #805
    Original airdate: October 20, 2016
    Guests: Larry Hancock / Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: November in Dallas 2016 / Ed Lansdale

    Play Larry Hancock   (38:29)   MP3 download

  • JFK Lancer's November in Dallas Conference
  • Hear and dialogue with people, do walking tours
  • Bill and Gayle Newman will be interviewed
  • Dr. Cyril Wecht, Gary Shaw, Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko
  • Someone Would Have Talked (Hancock 2010 edition)
  • Gary Murr on the Connally wounds
  • Meeting areas, author sessions, a book room
  • Joan Mellen on Lyndon Johnson
  • Michael Marcades, the son of Rose Cheramie
  • Mark Shaw on Dorothy Kilgallen
  • Jim DiEugenio, Russ Baker, Bill Simpich, Stu Wexler
  • A focus on helping researchers, the 2017 release of documents
  • Panels on NARA Document Releases & JFK Act, and Evaluating Sources
  • COPA, CAPA, JFK Lancer, a rivalry?
  • Working on integrating research community organizations
  • Conference days are very full
  • Sunday morning walking tours in Dealey Plaza Plaza beginning at 11:00
  • Several very detailed tours conducted by knowledgeable persons
  • The Sixth Floor Museum has improved, more cooperation
  • There are still issues with some of their displays and exhibits
  • Retired #3 CIA officer, Charles Briggs helped set up the museum
  • Jim Schutze on the hassling of Robert Groden>
  • Taxpayers paid millions of dollars for the Zapruder film
             then turned it over to a private organization
  • The weekend before the anniversary, Friday through Sunday, November 18-20
  • Marie Fonzi will be presenting on the HSCA
  • The former Dallas Conspiracy Museum did not have prejudice
  • The Sixth Floor Museum 'history' is not right
  • The conference has free facilities and also day rates

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty   (9:45)

  • Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza Nov 22 1963 (YouTube)
  • Col. Prouty discusses the photographic record in Dealey Plaza
  • Gen. Vicktor Krulak confirms photo of CIA Gen. Ed Lansdale Nov 22 1963

    Show #804
    Original airdate: October 13, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Edwin Black
    Topics: Listener Letters / The Chicago Plot

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:10:06)   MP3 download

  •, revised edition of Reclaiming Parkland (2016) (Paperback edition)
  • Jim will be at the Lancer Conference in Dallas, November 18-20, 2016
  • Mort Sahl 1970 interview, Our Hidden History (David Giglio BOR #803)
  • Case Distorted: by Bill Davy (Probe, March-April 1996)
  • Review by Jim of Faustian Bargains: by Joan Mellen (2016)
  • John McAdams and Marquette Go to Court by Jim
  • Confronting professors in the classroom to expose liberal bias
  • At least 12 prior incidents, to intimidate both students and teachers
  • John Mcadams - Laughing stock of the Internet?
  • McAdams does not seem to be bound by norms of behavior
  • Listener Letters: Mae Brussell and Jim Garrison connect the dots
  • William Torbitt and Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal
  • Nonsense, careless, irresponsible, disinformation
  • Col. Prouty and the small nuclear plant at McMurdo Station in the Antarctic
  • Abraham Bolden (BOR #378) and The Echo from Dealey Plaza: (2009)
  • Bolden implicates the Secret Service in a cover-up in the Chicago Plot (see next part)
  • Jim and Len think Bolden is creditable
  • The FBI and the Mexico City tapes of 'Oswald'
  • Telephone conversation between the President and J. Edgar Hoover, 23 Nov 1963
  • Interview of Ms. Anne Goodpasture by T. Jeremy Gunn, April 23, 1998
  • Review of The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew and Associates by Jim
  • Church Committee (David Giglio BOR #803) testimony of John Roselli 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Roselli and Sam Giancana may have been killed because of their CIA/Castro involvement
  • The Walker bullet was different ammunition than CE-399

    Play Len Osanic reading Edwin Black's The Chicago Plot   (1:06:38)   MP3 download

  • The Chicago Plot.pdf, November 1975 article, read by Len Osanic
  • A Chicago conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy just 20 days before Dallas
  • Four men, four rifles with telescopic sights
  • Thomas Arthur Vallee, a 30-year-old ex-Marine classified extreme paranoid schizophrenic
  • The cover reference for the U-2 project, was Joint Technical Advisory Group (JTAG)
  • Vallee and Oswald even resembled one another physically
  • The Diem brothers had been assassinated by a CIA backed coup
  • People in Washington, absolutely refused to allow the president to fly to Chicago
  • The shadow of the assassins followed JFK wherever he went from that moment on
  • The FBI and the Secret Service botched the protection of the president
  • Secret Service agent (Abraham Bolden) broke the "old boy system" of the Secret Service
  • Vallee was not interviewed about his possible connections to the Dallas investigation
  • Vallee answered quickly and curtly: "Soldiers Field. The plot against John F. Kennedy."
  • What the hell is going on? How many guys out there are trying to kill him?
  • Oswald was crucified in the basement of the Dallas police station
  • 50 Reasons For 50 Years - Episode 08 - The Chicago Plot

    Show #803
    Original airdate: October 6, 2016
    Guests: David Ratcliffe / Jim DiEugenio / David Giglio / Dr. William Pepper
    Topics: Mae Brussell / Mort Sahl / Church Committee / MLK Book & Sirhan

    Play David Ratcliffe   (1:00:03)   MP3 download

  • In 1983, Dave was at UC Santa Cruz, when he was told about Mae Brussell and World
  • Her depth and reach were astonishing, well read, very bright, critical thinking faculties
  • Her program started in the early 70's as Dialogue Conspiracy
  • Her initiation was on the weekend of the JFK assassination, she saw Oswald gunned down
  • Daily clipping of major newspapers, filing JFK, MLK, RFK, Watergate articles
  •, John Judge, a Remembrance, by David Ratcliffe, 31 May 2014
  • Mae was a mentor of John Judge, he attempted to start a Mae Brussell Research Center
  • She studied the way German Nazis were helped into the U.S. after the war
  • The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination (Brussell 1984)
  • Mae had typed summaries of each of her shows/tapes
  • Worldwatchers Archive has other articles by Mae
  • The world becomes more complex, more evidence, the 1% of the 1%, we have the light and the dark in us
  • Dave will finish the inclusion of Mae's show text and create a searchable index
  • Book reviews by Joe Green, Rat’s Nest: Two New Books on the CIA-Nazi-drug Nexus
  • The Essential Mae Brussell: Investigations of Fascism in America, edited by Alex Constantine
  • Drugs as Weapons Against Us, by John Potash
  • When John Lennon was killed, right from the get-go she sensed something was off
  • Dissenting Views (Green 2010), Dissenting Views II: (Green 2014)
  • Mae had a very healthy dose of paranoia, given what she had analyzed
  • The 1% is not monolithic, there are competing groups vying for position and control
  • There was a malevolence and a darkness that opened up in the middle of the 20th century
  • She was richly creative and focused that energy into an area she felt was critical
  • John Lennon, The World Is Run by Insane People
  • For each one of us, it's between us and the universe
  • There are some people who are not intending the good,
            and sometimes prison is the place for them,
            or sometimes these guys just keep getting elected
  • Three people, Mae, Jim Garrison, and Fletcher Prouty influence the decisions Len makes
  • was started in 1995, "Oh, you'll love the web!"
  • Mae was connecting the dots, the day after, or predicting
  • She went from '63 to '88, 25 years, she is as contemporary now as she was then
  • It is commendable, her devotion to historical truth
  • The extraction and concentration of wealth has not stopped, it started over 500 years ago
  • There was nothing disingenuous about her, she had an unquenchable ebullience
  • Dave is working on the Hidden History Center web presence
  • Please consider a donation to BOR

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:08:59)   MP3 download

  • The Burlington, Vermont conference has been cancelled due to health issues
  •, Caroline Kennedy: JFK wouldn't have escalated US in Vietnam
  • Review of Spies in the Congo: (Williams 2016)
  • Dallas continues Harassment of Robert Groden by Jim Schutze
  • Charles Briggs obituary, CIA liaison for the creation of the Sixth Floor Museum
  • Dallas 2013, an embarrassing Orwellian abomination
  • Only right to assemble inside a chain-linked fence
  • If they had that security in 1963, JFK wouldn't have been shot
  • Hammarskjold and Kennedy vs. The Power Elite by Jim
  • Release the Records on Dag Hammarskjold’s Death, The New York Times
  • UK and USA obstruct United Nations' Hammarskjold Inquiry, The Guardian
  • RFK Jr. points to forensic evidence of second gunman, Litchfield County Times
  • I Was RFK’s Speechwriter. Now I’m Voting for Trump. Here’s Why. Politico
  • John F. Kennedy's Vision of Peace, RFK Jr., Rolling Stone
  • JFK and the Unspeakable: (Douglass 2015)
  • October 3rd, the anniversary of Mae Brussell's death (1988)
  • Tom Davis, TOM DAVIS BOOKS housed her archive
  • Jim and Lisa Pease were able to view the contents of the 40 file cabinets
  • Mae was interested in the OSS, McCloy, Dulles relationship with Nazis
  • Reinhard Gehlen, German general, American general
  • Virgina McCullough, BOR #17, September 3, 2000
  • Mort Sahl 1970 KPFA Interview
  • Sahl’s brand of humor was both socially and politically conscious
  • Sahl wanted Jim Garrison on his radio show, he was taken off the air
  • Jim Garrison's October 1967 Playboy interview
  • Sahl got Garrison on the Johnny Carson Show in 1968
  • On the Trail of the Assassins (Garrison 1988)
  • Mort would read from the Warren Report in his act
  • 9/11 is marginalized like Carson tried to marginalize Garrison

    Play David Giglio   (1:10:06)   MP3 download

  • David's The Church Committee Final Report: Book III available by direct download from BOR
  • David's YouTube channel, Our Hidden History
  • The channel has a lot of material from the Church Committee (1975-76)
  • Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities
  • They looked at CIA assassinations, front companies, dealings with the press
  • They looked at the FBI, Martin Luther King, Black Panthers, war protesters
  • They looked at the Warren Commission, "a house of cards"
  • Doug Valentine's ABCs of American Interrogation Methods
  • MLK, one of the greatest Americans ever, treated like a traitor
  • The download includes a 5 1/2 hour audio book, an e-book, and a pdf
  • Once JFK is killed, the FBI really took off on MLK, even after his death
  • Clip 1: MLK was the target of an intensive campaign, to neutralize him
  • Clip 2: The FBI attempted to separate King from his wife to reduce his stature
  • Clip 3: IRS files on King and the SCLC were carefully scrutinized for irregularities
  • Clip 4: Extreme personal vindictiveness, evidence of Hoover's bitterness against Dr. King
  • Clip 5: Unable to conclude two (of King's) advisors were connected to the Communist Party
  • FBI attacks had been building on Dr. King as his influence grew
  • Clip 6: The viciousness of the (FBI) campaign to destroy him (King)
  • Clip 7: A shameful chapter in the nation's history
  • Clip 8: December 23rd, 1963, a nine hour FBI conference to discuss Dr. King
  • Clip 9: To produce the desired results without embarrassment to the Bureau
  • Tactics used against an enemy in war were used against King
  • Clip 10: Legality, morals, or ethics was never raised, in government we are amoral
  • Clip 11: Proposed, the FBI should select a new national negro leader
  • Clip 12: A tape recording mailed, sterilized to prevent it's being traced to the Bureau
  • Clip 13: The letter, invited Dr. King to take his own life
  • Clip 14: The director (Hoover) was livid over Dr. King's receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize (speech)
  • April 30, 1967, Riverside Church, New York, Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam (text)
  • Clip 15: The FBI interpreted King's anti-Vietnam war speech as being Communist influenced
  • Clip 16: In Memphis, acts of violence broke out, so-called nonviolence cannot be controlled
  • Clip 17: The FBI recommended an article shaming King for staying at a "white" Memphis hotel
  • March 29, 1968 FBI memo from Sullivan to Moore, to publicize hypocrisy
  • What did they do then? What are they doing now?
  • Think like a psychopath, get those big jobs in the intelligence agencies
  • The download has an excellent narration by Chris Abernathy
  • There is a lot of Church Report material on-line

    Play Dr. William Pepper   (12:17)   MP3 download

  • William's third and final book on MLK's assassination, The Plot To Kill King: (2016)
  • The book has not been seriously reviewed, or it's accusations challenged
  • The FBI effort to attack King, the vindictiveness of Hoover
  • Tolson forwarded $25,000 to bribe the warden to allow James Earl Ray to escape
  • Dr. King was not killed by the shot, he was murdered in the emergency room
  • The Sirhan case has exhausted all remedies in the United States
  • Dr. Pepper is exploring the possibility of an International Court application

    Show #802
    Original airdate: September 29, 2016
    Guests: Jeff Carter
    Topics: 28 Redacted Pages of 9/11

    Play Jeff Carter   (1:32:04)   MP3 download

  • The U.S. Senate overrode the Obama veto on 9/11 Victims Bill
  • Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), 9/11 lawsuits against Saudi Arabia
  • Peter Dale Scott on the Deep State, 9/11, and the JFK assassination
  • Iraq was made the scapegoat for 9/11, the 28 Pages showed Saudi associations
  • The 28 pages showed contact between Saudi officials and the hijackers
  • Lawsuits may help advance the investigation of those contacts
  • Hijackers in San Diego in February, 2000
  • America wanted this attack to happen, make sure these hijackings happened
  • Watering a weed to make sure it grows, a new Pearl Harbor
  • An ABC News article by Richard Clarke
  • Peter Dale Scott, on the The American Deep State (2014)
  • Disconnecting the Dots: (Fenton 2011)
  • A long standing intelligence interaction between the Saudis and the U.S.
  • Hiding covert activities by shopping them out to other countries
  • The Lone Gunmen pilot episode, aired on March 4, 2001
  • OIG Report on CIA Accountability with Respect to the 9/11 Attacks
  • How could the Pentagon be hit?, we knew we were under attack
  • 9/11 produced, War on Terror, surveillance, out-of-control National Security
  • How many alarm bells have to go off before you realize you got a fire going?
  • The Reichstag Fire, people surrender all their liberties
  • Regime change in Iraq, Libya, and now Syria
  • U.S. foreign policy, the sole hegemonic power on the planet
  • Our way of life supported by continual destabilization of other countries
  • Homegrown terrorist plots have to be uncovered every now and then
  • Terrorism activity was planned in Victoria, BC on Canada Day
  • RCMP 'committed criminal offences' in terror sting
  • B.C. bomb plotters set free after judge rules RCMP entrapped pair
  • Lone suspect killed in anti-terrorism operation in southern Ontario
  • Suspect killed in anti-terrorism operation in Ontario
  • The powers that be are out of control, they are dangerous to all of us

    Show #801
    Original airdate: September 22, 2016
    Guests: Governor Jesse Ventura and Jen Hobbs / Dr. Mark de Valk
    Topics: Marijuana Manifesto / Cinema and the Assassination & Fletcher Prouty

    Play Governor Jesse Ventura and Jen Hobbs   (1:02:03)   MP3 download      Youtube Link

  • Jesse Ventura's Marijuana Manifesto (Ventura/Jen Hobbs/Kubby 2016)
  • Someone very close to Jesse has been helped dramatically by medical marijuana
  • Jesse wants to see marijuana legalized across the whole U.S. in his lifetime
  • Jen's husband is a medical marijuana patient
  • Male marijuana is hemp, female marijuana gets you high
  • The euphoric feeling is for mental health, like a glass of wine
  • Hemp/marijuana can make paper, fuel, medicine
  • CBD (cannabidiol) has the most medical value
  • William Randolph Hearst and the devil weed that black people smoke
  • Today, Washington, Jefferson and Franklin would be liable to arrest under federal law
  • Government funded studies show marijuana helps PTSD, concussions, cancer, etc.
  • People are hurting that could be helped by this plant
  • Nixon's war on drugs has civilian casualties
  • Prison privatization, prisons fill them to capacity for corporate profit
  • Insourcing of prison labor for pennies a day
  • Whole Foods sells fish prepared by inmates
  • The U.S. government holds the patent for the extraction of CBD
  • The war on drugs is the main catalyst to the militarization of our police forces
  • Blacks are pulled over and searched twice as much as whites
  • Whites are one and a half times as likely to have contraband than blacks
  • Jury nullification, when on a jury, vote to acquit
  • Charlotte, a child with 30 epileptic seizures a day
  • A certain strain of CBD rich marijuana got her down to a seizure a month
  • GW Pharmaceuticals has the patent for creating CBD drugs chemically
  • Marijuana tests can detect three week old consumption
  • Jesse offers three reasons why a marijuana party is better than a drinking party

    Play Dr. Mark de Valk   (2:07:51)   MP3 download

  • Mark congratulates Len on producing 800 BOR shows
  • Mark's book of essays on cinema, Screening the Tortured Body: (2016)
  • Academia, the JFK assassination, and cultural artifacts
  • Mark is from Toronto and has lived in England for 16 years
  • Mark read a Toronto Star edition from the weekend of the assassination
  • He served as editor for
  • There are various communities with strong desires to resolve this case
  • White blood cells, providing an antidote to the history written by those in power
  • His book is on state subjugation of the individual and of the body
  • Mark looks at Stone's JFK and at JFK representing the will of the body politic
  • A public figure executed in a public square, Dealey Plaza
  • Zapruder's camera emulates a CCTV camera
  • When referring to LHO as 'accused' assassin, Posner, McAdams, etc., are still quoted
  • Seven Days in May, filmed in summer and autumn 1963
  • State power, subjugation, control, and surveillance on the individual, on the human body
  • The military/industrial complex, the 'sovereign', is actually running the show
  • JFK as an agency of the body politic, was fighting another faction of the body politic
  • The Zapruder film, and the cinema screen, serve as the new public scaffold
  • The film has been manipulated by both sides
  • Oliver Stone's World Trade Center (2006)
  • Challenge the state and become imprisoned, exiled, or executed
  • The JFK film is an excellent primer for the general public
  • The film provides a grade two or three level understanding of the case,
             if a more comprehensive understanding is considered university level
  • In terms of cinema, it is excellent, with an underlying truth
  • WC supporters who are lawyers, are advocates for a particular point of view
  • JFK researchers are getting closer to the bullseye, not who did what,
             but getting the word out to the collective consciousness
  • Col. Fletcher Prouty and The Secret Team: (1973), read on-line at
  • Fletcher is telling us a lot more than we think we're reading, in a coded way
  • The Dulles–Jackson–Correa Report (pdf), January 1, 1949
  • Fletcher was capable, he got promoted as Air Force liaison to CIA for special ops
  • Once he got the newspaper, that day, Fletcher knew there was something wrong
  • Could Fletcher Prouty himself have been CIA? No.
  • Len says there are all sorts of indications to preclude that possibility
  • Retired from the military, Fletcher worked for General Aircraft Corp.
  • Then he was Pentagon branch manager of the First National Bank of Arlington
  • Also Madison National Bank and Amtrak's marketing division
  • Understanding Special Operations by David Ratcliffe with L. Fletcher Prouty (1999)
  • His November 1963 Antarctic trip involved the operation of a very small nuclear reactor
  • BULLETIN of the U.S. ANTARCTIC PROJECTS OFFICER Vol. V, No. 4 December 1963
  • Photographed in Dealey Plaza, where had Ed Lansdale been at the moment of the shooting?
  • Listen to Fletcher speak about Gen. Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza
  • Wherever they could, they interrupted distribution of The Secret Team
  • The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World
  • President Truman's December 1963 editorial on CIA
  • Who was high enough up to call a base commander whose job was presidential protection?
  • They may have been panicking by Dealey Plaza, after the Chicago and Miami plots
  • The Ballad of Ed Lansdale, by Len Osanic (copyright 2002)
  • "The Collected Works Of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty" CD-ROM
  • Ed Lansdale in Dealey Paza Nov 22nd 1693

    Show #800
    Original airdate: September 15, 2016
    Guests: Len Osanic and Chris La May
    Topics: 800 Black Op Radio Shows

    Play Len Osanic   (1:16:49)   MP3 download

  • This interview of Len Osanic marks the 800th show of Black Op Radio
  • Included are: guest statistics, topics, events, audio clips
  • Len provides thoughtful answers to many questions, including:

       What was the inspiration for starting an internet broadcast?
       How does one go about acquiring guests?
       Do you read every book you interview an author about?
       Who had to know about the plot ahead of time?
       How long will Black Op Radio continue?

  • Recommended sites and further reading:

       Black Op Radio Show Archive and Products
       "50 Reasons For 50 Years... "
       The Col. L Fletcher Prouty Reference Site
       Proutypedia, dedicated to the life and works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
       The Secret Team by L. Fletcher Prouty
       The Guns of Dallas by L. Fletcher Prouty
       Understanding Special Operations by David Ratcliffe with L. Fletcher Prouty
       Freedom To Fascism, Aaron Russo site
       Citizens For Truth In The Kennedy Assassination (CTKA)
       Other links of interest

    Show #799
    Original airdate: September 8, 2016
    Guests: Joan Mellen
    Topics: Faustian Bargains: Lyndon Johnson

    Play Joan Mellen   (1:16:49)   MP3 download

  • Joan's new book, Faustian Bargains: (2016), is available now
  • A bargain with the Devil, you have to pay a certain price
  • Lyndon Johnson made Faustian bargains with many people, John Connally, Bill Moyers
  • Johnson and Hillary Clinton liberalism, neither are real
  • CIA was about furthering the interests of defense contractors, many in Texas
  • Joan's publisher wanted to tone down the CIA angle
  • Joan acquired Mac Wallace's ONI files from Dr. Walt Brown (BOR Show #734)
  • LBJ is not mentioned in the files, but, Wallace received favors from Johnson
  • LBJ friend, Texas farmer and scammer Billie Sol Estes
  • LBJ biographer Robert Caro has never written about Wallace or Estes
  • Joan found the Johnson was a murderer, Box 13, stolen 1948 Senate election
  • Joan found no evidence Johnson was involved in planning JFK's assassination
  • When Johnson left office, he was the richest U.S. President
  • The morning after the assassination, Johnson was ready, he knew his plans
  • FBI Agent Warren de Brueys was Oswald's handler in New Orleans
  • If evidence comes to hand, you have to change your mind
  • An unidentified fingerprint from the Texas School Book Depository
  • Joan beleived it was Mac Wallace's print
  • Joan hired investigators, the unidentified print is not Wallace's
  • Madeline Brown's Murchison party guest list kept changing
  • Jay Harrison worked for the Dallas police, he was commended by the WC
  • CIA's footprints in the assassination do not fit Lyndon Johnson
  • Wallace murdered John Douglas Kinser, lover of Lyndon's sister Josefa
  • During the Six Day war in June 1967, the USS Liberty was off the coast of Egypt
  • It was an electronic intercept ship, they were attacked by Isreali jets
  • Secdef McNamara called back Navy planes sent to their aid
  • The Navy refused, President Johnson told them, "Send back those planes!"
  • Some Liberty sailors could not accept that their government had a role in the attack
  • The JFK plotters would know that Johnson was their man
  • The attack on the Liberty was a false flag to blame on Egypt and Gamal Abdel-Nasser
  • President Johnson, the Commander-In-Chief, left his men to die
  • Many escutives of Brown & Root were CIA assests
  • The 26th of July Movement was Fidel Castro's revoluntionary organization
  • Joan always interviews many persons
  • Joan loves to be on Black Op Radio with Len

    Show #798
    Original airdate: September 1, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Len Saunders
    Topics: Ramparts and Listener Questions / Marijuana and the U.S. Border

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:31:47)   MP3 download

  •, Hammarskjold and Kennedy vs. The Power Elite
  • The Incubus of Intervention: (Poulgrain 2015), (Dr. Greg Poulgrain BOR Show #792)
  • The Grasberg Mine, "Copper Mountain", 15 grams of gold per ton!
  • Dale Myers and his "So-Called Evidence", by Joseph McBride
  • Tippit, the throw-down wallet, 50 Reasons For 50 Years - Episode 36
  • The wallet found at the Tippit scene contained ID for both Oswald and Hidell
  • One of three Oswald wallets found on November 22, 1963
  • Sylvia Meagher, three different versions of the Dallas Police radio transcript
  • The Martin Luther King Congressional Cover-Up, (Emison 2014), reviewed by Jim
  • Journalist and author, Warren Hinckle died on August 22nd
  • Hinckle was executive editor of Ramparts from 1964 to 1969
  • The University on the Make, Ramparts, April 1966, Madame Nhu
  • NSA and the CIA, Ramparts, March 1967
  • JFK jigaaw puzzle cover, Ramparts, November 1966
  • JFK Assassination: The Inquest by William Turner, Ramparts, June 1967
  • MHCHAOS, CIA domestic spying operation, Secrets: (Angus Mackenzie 1998)
  • The Children of Vietnam by William F. Pepper, Ramparts, January 1967
  • Ramparts was amazingly influential, no publication today comes close
  • Donald Duncan "I quit!" cover, Ramparts, February 1966
  • The weekly Los Angeles Free Press (1964–1978), Art Kunkin
  • A phenomenal moment in American journalism
  • Black Panther Huey Newton, Ramparts, October 1968
  • Burning Draft Cards cover, Ramparts, December 1967
  • The Fish Is Red: (Hinckle / Turner 1981)
  • An excellent writer, If You Have a Lemon, Make Lemonade (Hinckle 1974)
  • A Bomb in Every Issue: (Richardson 2009)
  • The Oliver Stone Experience (Seitz 2016)
  • Oliver was told JFK’s murder was an inside job by a member of the security detail
  • Listener questions: Richard Case Nagell
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much: (Russell 1993), the best witness there was
  • Sirhan Sirhan's deprogramming was stopped by prison authorities
  • The Polka Dot Dress Girl (BOR Show #790) triggered for Sirhan the rings on a target
  • The success of these assassinations have led to political helplessness
  • The web provides an opportunity for BOR and CTKA to bring out the truth
  • "They" gather everything, "they're" very concerened about instant communication
  • The two parties run the debates, what do you think is gonna happen?
  • Recordings of "Oswald" in Mexico City did survive beyond November 22
  • FBI agents heard the tapes, not the voice of Oswald
  • Anne Goodpasture should have been interviewed by the Warren Commission
  • Deposition of Anne Goodpasture, December 15, 1995
  • Deposition of Anne Goodpasture, April 23, 1998
  • "If there was any justice in this world, she'd be in jail"
  • Lopez and Hardway wanted to indict Goodpasture and David Atlee Phillips
  • HSCA Interview of David Atlee Phillips, November 27, 1976
  • Goodpasture knew the tapes and photos she sent were not Oswald
  • Why endure lying disinformationists on blogs for years?
  • Read the Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City report!
  • CIA - Please arrest Sylvia Duran, please arrest her twice!
  • HSCA JFK Exhibit F-440A, interview of Silvia Tirado Bazan (Duran)
  • NOTE: (Documents spell Duran's first name variously as Sylvia/Silvia)
  • Jim Garrison was the first to question the Oswald in Mexico City story
  • Why did Phillips and Goodpasture both risk perjury indictments by lying?
  • Mexico City was the fulcrum to what happened in Dealey Plaza
  • The Warren Commission intended to cover up the assassination

    Play Len Saunders   (25:13)   MP3 download

  • Len, Canadian by birth, is an immigration lawyer in Blaine, Washington, U.S.A.
  • Blaine is the third busiest U.S./Canada border crossing
  • The U.S. border cracking down on past pot use article
  • U.S. Ports of Entry are regulated by the U.S. federal government
  • Two blocks from the border in Blaine one can buy marijuana legally
  • Non-American citizens, admitting an intention to buy or smoke marijuana
       or admitting past use, could be denied entry
  • Such admissions are not a crime
  • Marijuana is illegal federally
  • Mr. Saunders finds this all a little excessive
  • To ask about marijuana use, without any provocation, is none of their business
  • More prevalent in the three years since Washington State legalized it's use
  • A handful of officers are overzealous in their enforcement
  • Having admitted marijuana use under oath, one is deemed inadmissible for life
  • If Canada legalizes use, this problem will grow until a harmonization of laws
  • Len's client, Ted, signed a sworn statement after a four hour interrogation
  • Never sign anything at a Port of Entry - ever
  • You may be detained at a crossing for hours, they can't hold you indefinitely
  • Possession or an arrest and conviction is one thing
  • Questioning out of the blue is not any of their business
  • Most people get flustered, they get intimidated
  • Federal law supersedes State law in the U.S.
  • A waste of government resources and people's time at very busy crossings
  • September Letters confirm the applicant’s admissibility
  • Prime Minister Trudeau has admitted smoking marijuana, how would they treat him?
  • If you need Len's U.S. Immigration legal services, call (360) 332-7100

    Show #797
    Original airdate: August 25, 2016
    Guests: Ben Wecht / Bill Kelly / Phil Van Praag
    Topics: Duquesne University Conference, September 9 / Assassination Audio

    Play Ben Wecht   (21:22)   MP3 download

  • More than Meets the Ear ... Audio Forensics from JFK to Trayvon Martin
  • Friday, September 9 - 8:45 am to 4:30 pm (EST) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Acoustic forensics, analysis of sound recordings as evidence
  • The Forensic Fridays seminars are webcast from a password protected site
  • One audience, criminal investigators, litigators
  • Another audience, students of the JFK and RFK assassinations
  • The Air Force One recordings (JFK), the Pruszynski tape (RFK)
  • Another audience, those interested in sound engineering, the technical aspects
  • There is a 20% discount for CAPA members, Ben is on their board
  • The Cyril H. Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and Law
  • On demand archival seminars will be available for a fee in the future
  • Also the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin 911 call
  • And audio of the Laquan McDonald shooting
  • Visit to access archival DVDs

    Play Bill Kelly   (50:35)   MP3 download

  • This is a replay of BOR Show #710 from Dec 18, 2014
  • Air Force One in-flight taping was inaugurated by John Kennedy
  • Three or four radios on-board were taped, six hours of recordings
  • We have only two hours, LBJ's tape and Gen. Clifton's tape
  • Bill and Ed Primeau combined and edited the tapes
  • The tapes are like the assassination's black box
  • A good picture of key hours, important evidence
  • The response of the Cabinet's plane, Gen. LeMay's location
  • The White House Situation Room (CROWN), Maj. Patterson (STRANGER)
  • The Cabinet plane's missing code book, LHO was known at CROWN
  • Continue to search for the tapes, open air waves, HAM radio could listen in
  • Air Force connections, LHO on a USAF flight to Frankfurt in October 1959
  • Col. Church and LHO on a boat to France at the same time, FOIA request
  • A Marine who bunked with LHO at Atsugi, LHO was a communication tech
  • Oswald, a Covert Operational Personality, not lone nuts
  • No mention of Oswald's name on the tape today
  • William Manchester and others quote from a fuller tape transcript
  • Dallas was ordered not to charge Oswald with a communist conspiracy
  • Get the remaining records released, a goal we can achieve
  • Blakey did unmeasurable damage to the assassination investigation
  • If Oswald is completely guilty, there is no reason not to release records
  • Researchers working with the tapes, Larry Hancock, Doug Horne, David Lifton
  • A good article on the tape by Doug Horne
  • BOR Air Force One Tapes, eight 15 minute segments

    Play Phil Van Praag   (47:51)   MP3 download

  • This is a replay of BOR Show #334 from Aug 9, 2010
  • Phil, an audio expert, gives a brief history leading to this work
  • Phil's earlier work, Evolution of the Audio Recorder
  • The Discovery Times Channel broadcast a recording made at the scene of the RFK assassination
  • Phil has been analyzing this 30 minute recording for some time
  • Phil made two sets of discoveries on this recording
  • One, he discovered 13 shot sounds on the tape Sirhan's gun held only 8 bullets
  • Two, some of the shots occurred so close together that they couldn't have been fired from one weapon
  • Given these two discoveries, there had to be at least one more gun firing at the same time as Sirhan's gun
  • The recording proves that what Karl Uecker was testifying to for these many years is, in fact, the truth
  • Phil used several audio programs to cross-check his findings and to give him multiple perspectives of the tape
  • There were several video captures of Stanislaw Pruszynski, the man that accidentally captured the recording
  • With the multiple video recordings, the audio can be locked to a timeline
  • Phil may be contacted at
  • Article by James DiEugnio, Conspiracy Test: The RFK Assassination

    B>Show #796
    Original airdate: August 18, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Books, Films, and Listener Questions

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:23:42)   MP3 download

  •, Dodd and Dulles vs. Kennedy in Africa (DiEugenio 1999)
  • Hammarskjold and Kennedy vs. The Power Elite (DiEugenio 2016)
  • JFK: Ordeal in Africa (Mahoney 1983)
  • The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew, Janus Films, cinéma vérité
  • Four films, Primary, Adventures on the New Frontier, Crisis, Faces of November
  • Elections today are staged, choreographed, and rehearsed
  • Favorite son candidates
  • Unreleased films, The Searchers (Benson) and one by Joe Green
  • Listener Questions, CIA & JFK: The Secret Assassination Files (Morley 2016)
  • Len considers Jim's reviews of books to be a high benchmark
  • John McAdams and the Siege of Chicago (DiEugenio / Hunt 2013)
  • The Magic Bullet beyond fantasy trajectory
  • Anthony Summers, the National Enquirer and the second rifleman
  • When Tony Summers Fell in Love with Patricia Lambert (DiEugenio 2013)
  • False Witness: Aptly Titled (DiEugenio / Davy 1999)
  • You are either uninformed, a paid shill, or completely stupid
  • John McAdams info page John Mcadams - Laughing stock of the Internet?
  • 50 Reasons for 50 years...
  • In this case every single aspect is an anomaly
  • The Warren Commission was a rogue prosecution
  • The Warren Commission said it was Lee Oswald, don't confuse me with the facts
  • You can prove conspiracy in this case in about 100 different ways
  • 2013 Wecht Conference, Passing the Torch
  • BOR Show 791, the Mystery Man photo
  • Anne Goodpasture and the "Lopez Report"

    Show #795
    Original airdate: August 11, 2016
    Guests: Governor Jesse Ventura
    Topics: Sh*t Politicians Say

    Play Governor Jesse Ventura Interview on Youtube

    Play Governor Jesse Ventura   (1:03:39)   MP3 download

  • Jesse won his case in front of a jury, the appeals court threw it out
  • Our whole system is based on corrupt bribery
  • Jesse has been playing by the rules
  • With a second trial, Jesse can further prove Chris Kyle is a liar
  • Media conglomerates want to defame people and profit from it
  • "Unjust enrichment", they don't want to fact check
  • 33 media conglomerates came in to this case on the appeal
  • MSM are no longer in the news business, they're in the entertainment business
  • Sue for libel, the bar is very high, the truth is supposed to come out
  • Face to face, Kyle did not have the courage to tell the truth
  • The New Yorker on Chris Kyle
  • The Governor's new book, Sh*t Politicians Say (2016)
  • A fun book to put out during the national party conventions
  • “George W. Bush ... defending us from freedom” - Rick Perry
  • “A zebra does not change its spots” - Al Gore
  • 9/11 and the declassified 28 pages
  • We overthrew Saddam, the archenemy of the Saudis
  • If they weren't incriminating, why were they withheld?
  • The Pentagon, the NFL, and $6.8 Million
  • Vietnam veterans were not honored when they came home
  • Billions of dollars versus a little collateral damage
  • Private sector prisons need to be full to make a profit
  • Jesse won't vote for Democrats or Republicans, they have to kowtow
  • Third party candidates are more attractive than the two criminal parties
  • Because he was allowed to debate, Jesse became the 38th Governor of Minnesota
  • The corporations are running this country, which is the definition of fascism
  • RT is not one of the conglomerates opposing me in this court case
  • Russian television will give Jesse a chance to speak freely
  • Russia became our enemy because Wall Street was running our country
  • Russia has two military bases outside of Russia
  • The United States has 178 military bases outside of the U.S.
  • The truth takes people out of their comfort zone
  • Jesse considered running for President, but, could not give it 100%
  • The electoral college should have been eliminated a long time ago

    Show #794
    Original airdate: August 4, 2016
    Guests: Paul Bleau
    Topics: JFK and the Unforgivable:

    Play Paul Bleau   (1:26:09)   MP3 download

  • JFK and the Unforgivable: Part 1, Part 2 at
  • Paul's April 2016 CTKA article (1, 2, 3) on textbooks and the assassination
  • Historians tend to back the Warren Commission version
  • Other investigations or independant authors were not on the radar
  • Part intellectual laziness, part falling for the propaganda
  • The official record of six governmental investigations
  • Statements of participants in those investigations
  • Paul seeks to change the narrative with his article
  • A huge cross-section of experts not on the side of the lone-nutters
  • AHA Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct
  • A call to action, a captive audience of 14 to 18 year olds
  • Send a complaint to the American Historical Association
  • NOTE: The many links in Paul's article are not duplicated in these notes
  • The Warren Commission ~
  • "findings of the Commission" are necessary to the conclusions
  • Jesse Curry, "it just seems it would have to be fired from the front"
  • James Sibert, "the single-bullet theory" "moving that back wound up"
  • The Sibert and O’Neill Report ~
  • Alex Rosen, the FBI was not actively investigating a conspiracy
  • Charles Shaffer, assassinated as a result of a mob-related conspiracy
  • Alfredda Scobey, many problems the prosecution would have faced
  • Burt Griffin, "I feel betrayed ... the CIA lied to us ..."
  • Russell, Cooper, Boggs, did not buy the single bullet
  • Gerald Ford, "an initial conclusion: it was not the work of one person"
  • LBJ had not completely discounted the possibility of international connections
  • The Jim Garrison Investigation ~
  • Garrison had established an association between, Ferrie, Shaw, and Oswald
  • The Rockefeller Commission morphed into the Church Committee ~
  • "the investigation of the assassination was deficient"
  • Gary Hart, FBI and CIA, "a conscious decision to withhold evidence"
  • Richard Schweiker, "Everywhere ... there are fingerprints of intelligence."
  • Bob Tanenbaum, "Schweiker told me in his opinion the CIA was responsible"
  • The case against the WC made by government officials so far is devastating
  • The HSCA ~
  • Investigation into the possibility of conspiracy in the assassination was inadequate
  • CIA was deficient ... prior to and subsequent to the assassination
  • (HSCA) were inclined to believe Sylvia Odio
  • "Oswald, the CIA and Mexico City," also known as the Lopez Report
  • Established that someone was impersonating Oswald seven weeks before the assassination
  • Gaeton Fonzi, BOR Show #45 - July 26, 2001, The Last Investigation (1993)
  • Marie Fonzi, BOR Show #751 - October 1, 2015
  • Antonio Veciana witnessed Maurice Bishop (David Atlee Phillips) meeting with Oswald
  • Operatives linked to the JM/WAVE CIA station, remove(d) the President
  • Gaeton Fonzi, "there is no doubt that it was a coup d'état"
  • Dan Hardway, "The CIA has something to hide; Joannides knew what they had to hide"
  • J. Edgar Hoover, agents can state ... the voice on the tape is not ... Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Robert Blakey, "I no longer believe that we were able to conduct an
       appropriate investigation of the Agency and its relationship to Oswald"
  • The WC, "not an investigation ... a justification to assert that Oswald acted alone"
  • High level insiders, do not buy, that Oswald acted alone
  • Liberty Lobby vs. E. Howard Hunt ~
  • "compelled to conclude that the CIA had indeed killed President Kennedy"
  • The ARRB ~
  • Created to re-examine for release records that agencies regarded as too sensitive
  • Jeremy Gunn, "There were many things that were disturbing"
  • "the ... handwritten ... autopsy ... in the National Archives is ... not the original version"
  • "rather important exculpatory evidence for Oswald, suggesting he didn't do it"
  • Doug Horne, photographs of "the President's brain," are of someone else's brain
  • Few insiders still back the Warren Commission
  • Those who think that there is a conspiracy, we have good company
  • Outright liars, obfuscating, leaving out facts
  • Most historians, were not aware of the ARRB and the wealth of new evidence
  • Not one cited, a source other than the Warren Commission
  • Historians may learn from people the government entrusted to investigate the crime
  • Contact address for the American Historical Association:
  • "50 Reasons For 50 Years... "
  • Read the official reports, the basic sources of the independent investigators
  • Paul Bleau letter to American Historical Association - Letter

    Show #793
    Original airdate: July 28, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research/Listener questions

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:17:41)   MP3 download

  • Jim compliments Len on BOR's guest list
  • Jim will review The Martin Luther King Congressional Cover-Up by John Emison (2014)
  • Mark Lane - witness manipulation? See The Ryder/Russo Graveyard Smear at CTKA
  • Seaport Traders records on the "Oswald" Smith & Wesson .38 Special?
  • See Reclaiming Parkland: (DiEugenio 2013), page 104
  • There was no 5024 form or signature of receipt,
  • There is no proof at all that the FBI talked to anyone who gave the revolver to Oswald
  • Mark Lane and anti-Semitism directed at him
  • Why would an accomplished marksman pick the Mannlicher-Carcano?
  • See Castro Figured Out The JFK Case in Five Days: at CTKA
  • A manual bolt-action rifle is not a rapid-fire weapon
  • It was ludicrous to allow the Warren Commission proceedings to be secret
  • The title, Accessories After The Fact (Meagher 1967), is not an overstatement
  • Accusations against Jim Garrison's investigatory methods in regard to witnesses
  • See chapter 11 of Destiny Betrayed: (DiEugenio 2nd Edition 2012)
  • In the summer of 1967, Garrison was swamped by the media
  • Garrison did make use of sodium pentothol, as did many investigators
  • The death of Morley Safer
  • Oswald/Cruz photo, see Donald Trump, JFK, Oswald and the 2016 Presidential Election
  • The Left and the Death of Kennedy: Five Professors (Marcus 1997)
  • If the CIA killed Kennedy, what can we do about it?
  • If there is to be a political exorcism, it has to tell the truth about the past
  • Oswald's name was on Banister's radar back in 1961
  • Why would Guy Banister use Oswald's name to buy trucks?
  • Does it matter today who killed Kennedy?
  • Yes, it does, and yes, some of the people are still around
  • It (the U.S.A.) is a very much for the worse country today
  • The democratic wing of the Democratic party is gone
  • No combat troops in Vietnam, five years later a peak of 540,000
  • The bloody CIA coup against Sukarno in Indonesia
  • The U.S.A. was changed, the world wad changed
  • Kennedy was a nationalist, not an imperalist
  • The cover up of who Kennedy was, was more closely held than the facts of the assassination
  • Robert Dallek gets the coverage, but never mentions Edmund Gullion
  • After the JFK assassination, coup, coup, coup...
  • A lot money, the riches of Indonesia and the riches of the Congo
  • Investigating the crime is a real education on how the world works
  • The case is so complex, it's not easy to get a handle on it
  • Becoming obsessed with Dealey Plaza, the MSM conceals who Kennedy really was
  • Back to Dealey Plaza, Aguilar & Wecht Rebuttal, Part One, Part Two
  • A 24-page butt kicking on Sturdivan and the Haags
  • On a level playing field, we kick their butts from here to kingdom come

    Show #792
    Original airdate: July 21, 2016
    Guests: Dr. Greg Poulgrain
    Topics: Indonesia, John F. Kennedy, Allen Dulles

    Play Dr. Greg Poulgrain   (1:38:11)   MP3 download

  • The Incubus of Intervention: (Poulgrain 2015)
  • Indonesia is a near neighbor to Australia, biggest Muslim country
  • Kennedy's proposed 1964 visit would have changed the political landscape
  • Sukarno is blamed for starting konfrontasi, (Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation)
  • British decolonization, they wanted to keep an interest after independence
  • The British arranged for the 1962 Brunei Rebellion
  • CIA and MI6 had given weapons to the Chinese communist underground
  • The U.S. congress said we can't give aid to Indonesia
  • Kennedy wanted to improve the Indonesian living standard
  • Directly against an Allen Dulles operation started in 1957
  • Although Dulles had been dismissed in 1961, he remained in a powerful position
  • Kennedy was uninformed about the natural resources in West New Guinea
  • The richest sulfur-free oil in the world and a mountain of gold
  • Dulles and Rockefeller interests were aware of the potential for exploitation
  • Moscow wanted elections, the Chinese wanted armed seizure of power
  • Exploitation of natural resources and Cold War strategy were against Kennedy
  • Lee Kuan Yew was openly anti-British but covertly pro-British
  • Indonesia was the richest colony in the world for 350 years
  • Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai escaped an assassination attempt in 1955
  • Dulles turned on and turned off rebellions to maintain martial law
  • Operations that look like they're a failure, but yet it's just act one in the play
  • Allen Pope had about 26 documents he should never have been carrying
  • Dulles was involved in intelligence operations before Kennedy was born
  • Dag Hammarskjöld was going to intervene in the former Dutch colonies
  • Open nationalistic interests versus covert resource exploitation interests
  • Kennedy was very popular in Indonesia, he could have stopped konfrontasi
  • In 2015 the UN found Hammarskjöld's death was an assassination
  • The Church Committee found Dulles responsible for the Lumumba assassination
  • Distract from Indonesia and New Guinea by highlighting Cuba and the Congo
  • J. Edgar Hoover ok'd the operation of the altimeters in Hammarskjöld's plane
  • Who Killed Hammarskjöld: (Williams 2014)
  • The UN and the New York Agreement of August 1962
  • George de Mohrenschildt, Allen Dulles, Vichy France
  • Allen Dulles met de Mohrenschildt in Baku when George was 10 years old
  • Jeanne de Mohrenschildt's nephew was shut up in an asylum in Australia
  • Dulles once took a German spy to dinner before handing her over to the British
  • Allen Dulles is still greatly underestimated
  • Kennedy could kick him out of office, but it didn't diminish his power
  • The Devil's Chessboard: (Talbot 2015)
  • The 1965 assassinations of six army generals, General Suharto
  • Exploitation and terror, Suharto ruled for 30 plus years
  • It has to be another generation to get proper democratic institutions
  • Allen Dulles met Hitler in 1933, and correctly predicted Germany's attack on Poland

    Show #791
    Original airdate: July 14, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:02:45)   MP3 download

  • Researcher Greg Parker has taken ill, donate here
  • Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination,
  • Dan Hardway Sworn Affidavit re: CIA Obstruction of 1978 HSCA Investigation
  • 50 Reasons for 50 Years... Episode 44, Presenter - Dan Hardway
  • The Lopez Report - Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City
  • Review of NOVA’s Cold Case: JFK, by Gary Aguilar and Cyril Wecht
  • AFTE Journal Aguilar/Wecht rebuttal, Part One (Summer 2015)
  • AFTE Journal Aguilar/Wecht rebuttal, Part Two (Spring 2016)
  • The Left and the Death of Kennedy: Five Professors by Ray Marcus
  • Jim's review of The Incubus of Intervention: (Greg Poulgrain 2015)
  • An example of the new scholarship in the Kennedy presidency
  • JFK: Ordeal in Africa (Mahoney 1983)
  • Betting on the Africans: (Muehlenbeck 2012)
  • Kennedy, Johnson, and the Nonaligned World (Rakove 2012)
  • The first conference of non-aligned nations in Indonesia in 1955
  • Listener letters: Emmet Hudson and the men on the steps
  • Oswald and Rafael Cruz? Oswald and the 2016 Presidential Election (DiEugenio)
  • The Zapruder film, how does one sell evidence?
  • The FBI or Dallas police should have confiscated the film
  • This was a murder case, all the evidence should have been public
  • Will Apple's New Patent Push Delete on Ability to Record Police?
  • The story of Scott Enyart and his film of the RFK assassination, BOR #737
  • The arrest of Jack Lawrence, HSCA document
  • Deaf mute eyewitness Ed Hoffman, Beyond the Fence Line: (Quinlan/Edwards 2008)
  • Could the dark complected man next to Umbrella Man be the driver of the station wagon?
  • Most desired suppressed evidence? The Oswald interrogation tape
  • The actual raw data from Mexico City
  • John Scelso/John Whitten HSCA testimony
  • Cruz/Oswald, everything in the MSM is a bunch of baloney
  • The 2016 U.S. presidential race, a sack of s--t and a lump of s--t

    Show #790
    Original airdate: July 7, 2016
    Guests: Fernando Faura
    Topics: The girl in the polka dot dress

    Play Fernando Faura   (1:33:25)   MP3 download

  • The Polka Dot File on the Robert F. Kennedy Killing: (2016)
  • Fernando was a reporter in Southern California in 1968
  • He arrived at the Ambassador, then proceeded to Good Samaritan Hospital
  • A young man with Fernando overheard a witness tell a policeman a story
  • Sirhan was with two other men, accomplices?
  • He came across a lawyer who had the Sirhan family as clients
  • Fernando overheard a DA who said there were two men with Sirhan
  • An honest investigation? A reporter is a sceptic by nature
  • If there was a conspiracy, that wasn't gonna happen
  • Fernando found one of the two men, silenced by the FBI
  • Sirhan was upset and complained about Senator Kennedy
  • The woman in the polka dot dress was in the same room
  • Sandy Serrano had spoken to the girl in the polka dot dress (3:48)
  • Fernando's paper ran a headline story about polka dot dress girl
  • He was approached by John Fahey who said he had spent the day with her
  • Fahey had spoken to the FBI, but, was afraid to go to the police
  • He tried to pick her up at the Ambassador the day of the assassination
  • "They're going to take care of Mr. Kennedy tonight"
  • As they drove north to Ventura, she predicted the killing accurately
  • She and he were spooked, as they were being followed
  • She invited him to witness the killing
  • Fernando gave Special Unit Senator a transcript of the story
  • Fernando and Fahey retraced his steps
  • SUS took the recording and never returned it
  • Fernando felt his investigation was ahead of the police and FBI
  • The night of the shooting, the Sirhan house was broken into
  • SUS denied the existence of the woman in the polka dot dress
  • LIFE magazine polygraphed John Fahey, he passed
  • Another cover up, another Dallas
  • Fernando found the restaurant ticket proving part of Fahey's story
  • Fernando had a portrait based on a police artist sketch
  • Witness Vincent DiPierro acknowledged the portrait was of the girl
  • The police battered Sandy Serrano
  • Retired officer Manny Pena was working with SUS
  • The Rosicrucian temple, CAT airline
  • The White House told LIFE to stop their investigation due to National Security
  • The RFK autopsy was attended by many persons, one walked out with a bullet
  • Nixon's 1968 scuttling of the Paris peace talks, Anna Chennault
  • Jim Garrison was right, there was a coup in 1963

    Show #789
    Original airdate: June 30, 2016
    Guests: Rick Bauer and Robert Wilson
    Topics: Dave Ferrie

    Play Rick Bauer and Robert Wilson   (1:40:53)   MP3 download

  • Rick Bauer, Dave Ferrie, and the Murder of JFK
  • Robert was born in '65, in his research he corresponded with Fletcher Prouty
  • Dave Ferrie was Rick's original flight instructor
  • The JFK film portrayal strikes Rick as more Joe Pesci then Dave Ferrie
  • Rick met Dave in September '65 in the Tulane University Navy ROTC
  • Dave worked for ComAir at Lakefront Airport
  • Rick last saw Dave in the first two weeks of May 1966
  • As a pilot and instructor Dave was extremely professional
  • In 1967 Rick was in Pensacola when he heard of the Garrison investigation
  • Rick and other students studied in Dave's apartment
  • The apartment was cluttered and filthy as in JFK
  • Rick did not see any mice in cages there
  • Rick and others knew nothing about Dave's homosexuality
  • Dave helped a color blind student learn to pass a color blind test
  • Dave was not likely to accidently overdose
  • Rick knows intelligence officers, Dave could have served in that capacity
  • There are a lot of loose ends in the Ferrie story
  • Government concealment of intelligence continues today
  • Rick was impressed with Dave's intelligence, experience, and professionalism
  • One had to learn to get past Dave's appearance due to alopecia
  • Cuban exile Eladio del Valle, a Ferrie associate, was murdered in Miami
  • Rick called the FBI in 1967, they never called back
  • Rick married a Russian woman, she was thoroughly vetted
  • Oswald, a defecting marine, bringing back a wife, is illogical to Rick
  • Rick was given Best Evidence (Lifton 1981) by an FBI agent
  • "We all breathe the same air"
  • Rick knew and was friends with murdered Russian politician Boris Nemtsov
  • Rick's photography sites,, and
  • FBI interview of David Ferrie 11/25/63
  • Robert thinks Rick's story gives Dave Ferrie a certain dignity

    Show #788
    Original airdate: June 23, 2016
    Guests: Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Recollections of 23 Years 1941-1963

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty   (4:16:25)   MP3 download

  • I came on duty before the beginning of WWII, an ROTC cavalry unit
  • Active duty with the 4th Armored Division July 10th 1941
  • I reported to Creighton W. Abrams from my own home town
  • I began flight training in Maxwell Field in Alabama about May of 1942
  • In February of 1943 I was in Africa with the Air Transport Command
  • We flew General Smith into Saudi Arabia to meet representatives of Standard Oil
  • That's the first clandestine exercise I was ever involved in
  • We established an operating base during the Cairo Conference
  • In Teheran, Churchill had no ID, the Russians weren't going to let him through
  • Success at Teheran enabled Chiang Kai-shek to put more pressure on the Japanese
  • American generals supported Ho Chi Minh against the Japanese
  • A few miles below the Turkish Syrian border, 750 American former prisoners of war
  • I realized that some of my passengers were Nazi intelligence officers
  • This group did contain men who had been selected by Frank Wisner of the OSS
  • I never saw devastation equal to what I saw in the Soviet Union
  • January of '45 I began flying the Pacific, four-engine transport work
  • The atom bomb had been used, this was mid-August, the Japanese had quit
  • We flew up to Tokyo on September 1st, 1945
  • At Atsugi air base, here were our enemies, they came over and helped us
  • Equipment for 500,000 men going to Hanoi in Indochina
  • Hiroshima, I flew very low over the area and had a good look at it
  • The decision had been made to establish an Air Force ROTC
  • I taught a very interesting course called "The Evolution of Warfare"
  • I visited Werner Von Braun to write about rockets and missiles
  • The Korean War broke out in June of 1950
  • I was one of five officers selected to initiate a new Air Defense Command
  • A difficult period, because of the enormous devastation power of the atom bomb
  • Spring of '52, I was the Military Manager of Tokyo International Airport
  • Out of Tokyo we ran a regularly scheduled Embassy Run
  • Civil Air Transport, were delivering supplies to the French, fighting Ho Chi Minh
  • I met Colonel Lansdale and his organization in Vietnam
  • I was selected to attend the Armed Forces Staff College, in Norfolk, Virginia
  • One of the courses was a hypothetical NATO confrontation through Europe
  • It just shocked the whole group, the impact of what nuclear weapons could do
  • The hydrogen bomb would wipe out any city, you cannot fight war with that
  • I went to the Pentagon from that schoo, to the Air Force Plans Office, in July of 1955
  • General Thomas White told me NSC had published Directive Directive 5412, in 1954
  • The Department of Defense would provide support for clandestine operations
  • "Military Support of the Clandestine Operations of the United States Government"
  • I was the "Chief of Team B," in charge of clandestine operations, for the Air Force
  • The Economy Act of 1932 became the heart of the covert program
  • We created literally hundreds of false military organizations
  • The 1234 Logistics Squadron really belongs to CIA
  • This clandestine system we established, we called "Tab-6"
  • Mr. Dulles sent me around the world to many of his stations
  • In Athens there was a camp for people we call, "mechanics" (hit men, gunmen)
  • Thousands of ex-Nazis were being brought to the US for their various skills
  • We could paratroop people in following a massive nuclear attack
  • "Special Forces" were created for that post-strike purpose
  • Hitler's chief of intelligence, Reinhardt Gehlen, became a U.S. Army general
  • European command began looking on CIA as a "Fourth Force" in nuclear warfare
  • From 1945 until 1965, CIA was the operating command for military forces in Vietnam
  • CIA had quite an air force, operated and maintained under "Air America"
  • New Year's Eve of 1958-59, I waited for CIA orders to go into Cuba
  • Senator Kennedy understood events going on in Vietnam and Laos and in Cuba
  • President Kennedy was briefed, 3,000 instead of 300 and an invasion was planned
  • The first objective for the program: they must destroy the aircraft
  • Three B-26 bombers destroyed all but three of Castro's combat-capable aircraft
  • McGeorge Bundy reversed the President's decision and said, "no air strike tomorrow."
  • We didn't need air cover, those Cuban jets were supposed to be rubble by sunrise
  • We had to cover Vietnam with helicopter maintenance people
  • A great number of those were cover military; they were involved with the CIA
  • By the summer of '63 Kennedy had made up his mind to get out of Vietnam
  • NSAM 263, otherwise known as the Taylor/McNamara Trip Report of October '63
  • By the end of 1965 all U.S. personnel will be out of Vietnam
  • President Diem was killed in Vietnam
  • Ed Lansdale came to me one day, "Fletch, how would you like to go to the South Pole?"
  • I was out of Washington from, I think, the 10th of November until November 28th
  • That time, unequaled in history, Vietnam War, the death of Kennedy, other strange events
  • The Secretary of Defense established an office called the Office of Special Operations
  • Providing for Department of Defense support in connection with special operations activities
  • We had to work with Treasury, with FAA, with Customs, we had to have cleared people
  • As intricate as anything we did in the days was handling money
  • NSA is eyes and ears, a purely technical or mechanical job
  • Communications channels exist all over the world, floating around, all vibrating away
  • CIA activities are much different from the NSA activities
  • Lansdale was a good operator, but not the man to be the boss
  • Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza Video
  • Proutypedia

    Show #787
    Original airdate: June 16, 2016
    Guests: William Pepper
    Topics: The Plot to Kill King

    Play William Pepper   (55:37)   MP3 download

  • RFK asked Dr. Pepper to run his Westchester County, NY campaign
  • He served as director of the Commission on Civil Rights in New Rochelle, NY
  • Dr. Martin Luther King read The Children of Vietnam in Ramparts in January 1967
  • King asked William to become director of the National Conference for New Politics
  • The military feared King's 1968 effort to bring a mass of humanity to Washington
  • William turned down RFK's request to work on his presidential campaign
  • Dr. Ralph Abernathy asked William to interrogate James Earl Ray
  • After 10 years, William became convinced that Ray was just a patsy
  • William knew the Rockefellers and turned down offers of work from them
  • William became Ray's lawyer until Ray's 1998 death
  • ‘Guilt or Innocence: The Trial of James Earl Ray’ (1993)
  • Orders to Kill: (Pepper 1995), the successful civil trial of Loyd Jowers
  • The jury attributed liability for King's murder to the government of the United States
  • Dr. Pepper's newest book (2016) has been 39 years in the making
  • The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Len finds this the most disturbing book he has read in 10 years
  • Dr. Pepper has felt despair over the callous inhumanity of King's murder
  • Dr. Pepper continues to struggle for Sirhan Sirhan as his lead attorney
  • Martin King was not killed by the bullet which was fired from the bushes
  • He was smothered with a pillow in the hospital emergency room
  • J. Edgar Hoover, Clyde Tolson, and the Adkins family Dixie mafia
  • Ray had been profiled at Hoover's request as the ideal patsy
  • William moved his family to England because of threats on his life
  • Assassinations in America in the 60's have to be viewed in historical context
  • It is the nature of the system to cover up sponsored evil
  • LOOK magazine told William that President Johnson did not want him published
  • An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King (Pepper 2003)
  • Dr. Pepper has been able to examine this assassination in unprecedented detail
  • Dr. Pepper had lunch with the actual shooter of Dr. King
  • Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again
  • Songs of Peace and Violence in the Shadow of Drawn Swords Free Download

    Show #786
    Original airdate: June 9, 2016
    Guests: Vince Palamara
    Topics: Secret Service Presidential Protection

    Play Vince Palamara   (01:23:41)   MP3 download

  • Five Presidents: (Hill/McCubbin 2016) reviewed by Vince
  • Vince began by speaking about the Secret Service from secondary sources
  • He moved on to doing primary research and interviews with former agents
  • Some agents doubted the WC conclusion and suspected a conspiracy
  • Vince's Survivor's Guilt: (2013), comprises 20 years of research
  • His book JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda: (2015) is on the medical evidence
  • Vince plans to publish on the Secret Service from Franklin Roosevelt to Reagan
  • Limo driver Bill Greer is one of three agents on Vince's suspects list
  • Suspects agents were either sinisterly involved or guilty of gross negligence
  • As shots ring out, Greer turns and looks at Kennedy (Zapruder film)
  • His foot on the brake, or off the gas, he turns again and sees the fatal headshot
  • The Secret Service is in charge of presidential protection, not the president
  • Rufus Youngblood was worried their responsibility would be handed to the FBI
  • Buildings along motorcade routes were regularly guarded
  • President Kennedy in Nashville, Tennessee on May 18, 1963
  • The military participated in San Antonio, but, not in Dallas
  • President Kennedy in San Diego, California, on June 6, 1963
  • Vince thinks Zapruder frames were removed to hide the limousine stop
  • Bill Greer was an Irish born Protestant
  • Agent criticism of Kennedy, Dangerous World: The Kennedy Years (1997)
  • Vince's other two suspect agents, Emory Roberts and Floyd Boring
  • Action through inaction, certain agents were not in Dallas
  • 11 agents had transferred out of the White House in 1963
  • Follow-up car driver agent Sam Kinney interviewed by Vince
  • Clint Hill, though married, has a personal relationship with Lisa McCubbin
  • Vince has experienced having his mail slit open
  • Vince's next book we be called The Not So Secret Service
  • -

    Show #785
    Original airdate: June 6, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Review of Citizen Lane

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:09:27)   MP3 download

  • The BOR tribute to Mark Lane (Show #783)
  • Anticipation of the release of the film Citizen Lane
  •, The Death of Mark Lane by Jim
  • Citizen Lane: (Lane 2012)
  • Jim compares the WC lawyers with Mark Lane
  • Mark set up a store-front office in Spanish Harlem (Manhattan)
  • Mark Lane and the Wassaic State School for Mental Defectives
  • Mark was the first elected official to get arrested as a Freedom Rider
  • The FBI trailed and taped Mark because of his criticism of the WC
  • Mark Lane, Helen Markham, a telephone call, and the Warren Commission
  • Jack Ruby's polygraph examination
  • Mark Lane interviewed witness Lee Bowers
  • John McAdams has been effectively discredited for years
  • Conversations With Americans: (Lane 1970)
  • The 1971 Winter Soldier Investigation in Detroit (film)
  • Lane and Canadian asylum for Texas trained Vietnamese pilots
  • Mark represented AIM at the time of the Wounded Knee protest
  • Jim Hougan on Jonestown and Mark Lane
  • Willis A. Carto, William F. Buckley Jr. libel suit
  • 'Lane's Law' on radio and internet in 2004
  • A Lawyer’s Brief was a response to Henry Wade's press conference
  • Jim's review of the Hulu miniseries 11/22/63
  • Jim's review of the Netflix presentation Bridge of Spies
  • Five Presidents: by Clint Hill (2016) reviewed by Vince Palamara

    Show #784
    Original airdate: May 26, 2016
    Guests: David Giglio
    Topics: Our Hidden History

    Play David Giglio   (30:56)   MP3 download

  • Our Hidden History YouTube Channel
  • Our Hidden History on Facebook
  • There is a lot of information on the JFK assassination
  • Intelligence activity investigations answer the question, "Would they lie?"
  • The films of Emile de Antonio
  • The JFK assassination fits into the larger arc of what was going on
  • Church Committee Reports presented as audio on YouTube
  • Covert actions that result in people's deaths
  • Oswald wasn't an unknown, he was well known to the FBI
  • Covert Action Information Bulletin archive
  • Castro was dubious about the early assassination investigation (11/27/63)

    Show #783
    Original airdate: May 19, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Donald Freed / John Barbour / Joseph McBride / Cyril Wecht
    Guests: Robert Tanenbaum / Joan Mellen / David Lifton / Steve Jaffe
    Topics: Mark Lane (February 24, 1927 – May 10, 2016)

    Play Mark Lane in Memoriam   (5:02:37)   MP3 download

  • Clip from Len's first interview with Mark Lane (BOR #294)

  • Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim learned of Mark's passing from Debra Conway
  • Jim wrote a notice about his death
  • Because of Mark, tens of thousands of people delved into the assassination
  • As an attorney, his point of view was from the rights of the accused
  • Lane wrote 10,000 words in defense of Oswald in December, 1963
  • Marguerite Oswald hired Lane to defend Lee in front of the Warren Commission
  • WC general counsel, J. Lee Rankin, denied Lane that opportuniy
  • Lane did testify before the Commission as a witness
  • Lane was surveilled by the FBI, he hired a lecture hall in Mahattan
  • Lane could not get his first book published in the U.S.
  • Lane was able to coax some threatened witnesses to speak on film
  • That film, Rush to Judgment (1966)
  • Dalton Trumbo, Donald Freed, and Mark Lane contributed to another film
  • That film, Executive Action (1973) (trailer only)
  • Mark produced Two Men In Dallas (1976) about witness Roger Craig
  • Mark formed the Citizens Commission of Inquiry
  • Mark Lane's site:
  • Firing Line - William Buckley debates Mark Lane (1966)
  • His greatest achievement was the inspiration he was to so many on the JFK case
  • CIA: Countering Criticism of the Warren Report

  • Clip from the Louis Nizer/Mark Lane February 11, 1967 debate (BOR #386)

  • Donald Freed
  • Mark was a brilliant young lawyer helping to protect people
  • As a New York State legislator, Mark investigated the hospital system
  • Mark was an official in New York on the 1960 JFK presidential campaign
  • Mark was considered by many as the premier courtroom lawyer of his generation
  • Within weeks of the assassination, Mark unearthed the diagram of events in Dealey Plaza
  • Evidence which was added in the decades which followed was built on that ediface
  • Rush to Judgment (1966) was one of the most important books of the 20th century
  • Donald and Mark worked together on the film Executive Action (1973) (trailer only)
  • With Rev. James Lawson, Mark discovered the MLK assassination witness Grace Stephens
  • The phrase "conspiracy theory" is used to descredit any disturbance in the status quo
  • Donald and Mark wrote the screenplay Slay The Dreamer about the MLK assassination
  • Mark embarassed several major media establishments and was never forgiven
  • At Jonestown Mark found out there had been an infiltration there
  • As a writer Mark caused a great disturbance, to the establishment he was anathema
  • He was a wit, a remarkable mind, he was good company
  • He had clients in the underdog category, Wounded Knee
  • MLK assassination witness Grace Stephens refused to identify James Earl Ray
  • Mark did historic and unforgetable work

  • Clip from Len's first interview with Mark Lane (BOR #294)

  • John Barbour
  • Jane Fonda introduced Mark Lane to John
  • Mark took on the federal government and decimated the WC Report
  • Mark is featured in John's film The Garrison Tapes
  • Mark was the godfather taking on the Warren Commission
  • In any other case, the hearings would not have been secret
  • Mark and Dick Gregory wrote Code Name "Zorro": (1978) about MLK
  • John was fired by NBC for his intention to review the book
  • E. Howard Hunt sued Spotlight Magazine, Mark represented the magazine
  • John and Mark were writing a play based on Plausible Denial: (1991)
  • Mark Lane's contributions were enormous

  • Clip of Mark Lane interviewed by Len Osanic (BOR #365)

  • Joseph McBride
  • Joseph met Mark at a book convention
  • Mark included two articles by Joseph in Plausible Denial: (1991)
  • Mark was the first with extended serious criticism of the official story
  • Joseph wrote Into the Nightmare: (2013)
  • On the day, Joseph heard of shots from the front which changed to shots from the back
  • A Citizen's Dissent: Mark Lane Replies to the Defenders of the Warren Report (1968)
  • Mark's writing was lucid, wry, droll, mocking, entertaining, accessible
  • Lane interviewed Darrell Wayne Garner (CE 2589)
  • The films Rush to Judgment (1966) and Two Men In Dallas (1976)
  • Mark was the only WC witness to insist on testifying in public
  • In the community of researchers, Mark Lane is sort of the father of us all
  • Mark put his head on the line for ridicule and villification, a key moment of truth
  • It is the sacred right of every citizen, the presumption of innocence
  • Empathy for Oswald as an innocent man who was scapegoated
  • In the American tradition, Mark gave speeches directly to the people
  • There is still hope for freedom of expression, like Black Op Radio
  • Mark Lane, Mae Brussell, Penn Jones, others, they were pathfinders
  • TV coverage of assassination weekend was a four day docudrama
  • Lane could eloquently demolish the case in about ninety seconds
  • 50 Reasons... Joseph McBride and 50 Reasons... Mark Lane

  • Clip of Mark Lane interviewed by Len Osanic (BOR #365)

  • Cyril Wecht
  • Mark was the number one person to focus attention on the WC Report
  • His book, Rush to Judgment (1966) is still a must on the library shelves
  • Cyril wrote a paper on the JFK autopsy and Mark contacted him
  • Mark was always a colleague and friend, always ready to share his views
  • Mark was a key presenter at Wecht conferences on the 40th and 50th anniversaries
  • Courageous, outspoken, not hesitant about criticizing the mighty U.S. government
  • Mark had a good sense of humor, not pretentious at all, down to earth
  • Mark was not bullied or cowed or frightened
  • He was a great trial attorney, he could have been most financially successful

  • Clip of Mark Lane interviewed by Len Osanic (BOR #580)

  • Robert Tanenbaum
  • Mark was the first person to take on the executive intelligence agencies
  • He had an office in Spanish Harlem, he wanted to represent the outcasts in society
  • Mark was a major player in trying to make the justice sustem more just
  • He was very much involved in creating the House Assassinations Committee (HSCA)
  • When Robert started with the HSCA, he had read only Rush to Judgment (1966)
  • Congress works on compromise, there is no compromise in the search for the truth
  • Mark gave Robert an FBI memo stating it was not Oswald's voice on the Mexico City tape
  • Mark and Cyril Wecht, two of the most courageous Americans
  • Wecht and Lane would have been among the founding fathers in 1776
  • Mark realized no coutroom would have convicted Oswald of a crime
  • He was defense attorney a prosecutor would cherish
  • Mark is a profile in courage if there ever was one
  • He did make the world a better place

  • Clip of Mark Lane interviewed by Len Osanic (BOR #580)

  • Joan Mellen
  • The New York Post would not publish Mark's 1963 Oswald article
  • Brilliant, witty, sarcastic, totally devoted to his principles
  • Mark had a dog which he taught to pee on J. Edgar Hoover's grave
  • Mark was a civil rights movement Freedom Rider
  • Bertrand Russell and Britain's Who Killed Kennedy Committee
  • Mark wrote Rush to Judgment (1966) in Ralph Schoenman's apartment
  • Joan and Ralph, for some period, were married
  • Mark volunteered to assist Jim Garrison with the Clay Shaw trial
  • Mark suspected David Atlee Phillips and Richard Helms as participants
  • Mark did not suffer fools gladly
  • Mark helped Garrison with the basics of the assassination
  • In a way his career was destroyed, certainly defined, by the JFK case
  • CIA and the FBI both pursued him until the end
  • He never showed an ounce of fear or hesitation
  • Mark was angry with Bobby Keneddy for endorsing the WC
  • Joan wishes she could speak to him one more time
  • He made you feel you were the most interesting person
  • He shared jokes, he was so much fun to be with
  • He risked the rewards that society offers to people who hew the line
  • Lane lectured logically, quietly, you never had a doubt listening to him
  • Joan hired him as a lawyer, and it was wonderful to work with him

  • Clip from Len's first interview with Mark Lane (BOR #294)

  • David Lifton
  • Mark Lane appears on page one of David's book Best Evidence (1981)
  • David was working on project Apollo in 1964
  • For his birthday his folks took him to hear Mark speak
  • David thought it might be funny to hear someone who thought Oswald was innocent
  • He realized Mark was solving an unsolved crime
  • David bought the Report when it first came out
  • In January 1967 David published The Case For Three Assassins in Ramparts
  • David read and was impressed with Lane's Rush to Judgment (1966)
  • A turning point for David was his discovery of pre-autopsy surgery on JFK's body
  • Firing Line - William Buckley debates Mark Lane (1966)
  • It's a close call but Lane got the better of Buckley
  • Wesley Liebeler and Mark Lane debated at UCLA on 1/25/1967
  • Lane thought the Report was a fraud, David thought it was the evidence that was false
  • CE 917, a telegram sent from the Moscow American Embassy about Oswald
  • Lane continued to refer to the redacted portion after he knew better
  • At some point, Mark professed to not know of David's book
  • Eventually David found Mark to be willing to spin
  • David is working on the non-reaction of the Secret Service in Dealey Plaza

  • Clip from Len's first interview with Mark Lane (BOR #386)

  • Steve Jaffe
  • Steve met Mark in the Fall of 1956
  • Steve had heard Mark speak at the University of California Santa Barbara
  • A wonderful friend with a great sense of humor for over 50 years
  • The media were part of the plan which killed the president
  • Mark's work interupted the cover story
  • Steve's favorite Lane book is A Citizen's Dissent: (1968)
  • Mark once delighted in cross-examning an automobile GPS device
  • He was courageous and brilliant
  • If Mark had represented Oswald at a trial, he would have been acquitted
  • Stanford University debate with Professor John Kaplan on 3 May 1967
  • Marked worked to free convicted murderer James Richardson
  • Steve became a producer on the film Executive Action (1973) (trailer only)
  • A film about Mark Citizen Lane
  • If younger generations carry on, we'll be in good shape

  • Clip from Len's first interview with Mark Lane (BOR #294)

  • Books by Mark Lane:

       Rush to Judgment (1966)
       A Citizen's Dissent: Mark Lane Replies to the Defenders of the Warren Report (1968)
       Chicago Eyewitness (1968)
       Arcadia (1970)
       Conversations with Americans: Testimony from 32 Vietnam Veterans (1970)
       Murder in Memphis: The FBI and the Assassination of Martin Luther King (with Dick Gregory 1978)
       The Strongest Poison (1980)
       Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK? (1991)
       Last Word: My Indictment of the CIA in the Murder of JFK (2011)
       Citizen Lane: Defending our Rights in the Courts, the Capitol, and the Streets (2012)

  • A short biography of Mark Lane

  • Mark Lane was featured on Black Op Radio 13 times

    Show #782
    Original airdate: May 12, 2016
    Guests: Cyril Wecht / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: CAPA / A Trumped Up Candidacy

    Play Cyril Wecht   (16:02)   MP3 download

  • CAPA (Citizens Against Political Assassination)
  • Dr. Wecht is the chairman of CAPA
  • The organization is seeking paid memberships
  • A mock trial is scheduled for November 17-18, 2017 in Houston
  • An organized and collective effort for further document releases
  • To ultimately find the truth - who was behind the killing of JFK?

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:06:48)   MP3 download

  • Jim's site,
  • James Files is to be released from jail
  • Controversy about the number of documents to be released next year
  • National Archives list of documents to be released
  • JFK Assassination conference, 11/13/16 in Burlington, Vermont
  • From the Archive, The Formation of the Clark Panel: (Lisa Pease)
  • Doubts about the Warren Commission were rising by 1967
  • A.G. Ramsey Clark appointed a panel to look at the medical evidence
  • Dr. Russell Fisher and the curious death of CIA officer John Paisley
  • It is difficult to believe the Rydberg drawings (CE385, CE386, CE388)
  • There's the official 1963 autopsy and what the Clark Panel came up with
  • Donald Trump, JFK, Oswald and the 2016 Presidential Election
  • The Trump accusation about Ted Cruz's father, Rafael Cruz
  • The April 7 Wayne Madsen report
  • Florida and the 2000 election, Supreme Injustice: (Dershowitz 2003)
  • Roger Stone and the Brooks Brothers Riot
  • New Orleans, Let Justice Be Done: (Davy 1999)

    Show #781
    Original airdate: May 5, 2016
    Guests: Marilyn Tenenoff & Pete Johnson / T. Carter
    Topics: Remembering John Judge

    Play Marilyn Tenenoff & Pete Johnson   (41:04)   MP3 download

  • Marilyn is a poet, bookkeeper, English teacher, and John's partner
  • The Museum of Hidden History, Hidden History Center
  • John was a dedicated researcher and a visionary
  • Marilyn was interested in John's take on the Jonestown Massacre
  • John was given the Ralph McGehee Intelligence Library
  • Marylin needs to inventory his books and scan his documents
  • Volunteering, helping, donating, newsletter
  • Dave Ratcliffe is serving as Assistant Director
  • "The answer is love, cooperation, communication, working together"
  • John was a counter-military-recruiter in high schools
  • A Celebration of the Life of John Judge, May 31, 2014
  • John worked for prisoner's rights, anti-psychiatry work
  • John believed in the ability of people to overcome
  • A paper on John by former Representative Cynthia McKinney
  • Contact Marilyn at

    Play T Carter   (29:20)   MP3 download

  • T Carter (Tamara) met John in 1994, she had an interest in the JFK assassination
  • She helped found COPA and worked on the mailings
  • A Memoir of Injustice: (Ray / Carter 2011)
  • Forming COPA, John was so diplomatic and harmonious
  • John lived a humble life, to devote all his time and money
  • John was optimistic, "There are more of us than them"
  • For John, people mattered, and one person mattered
  • John worked against racist school mascots
  • John worked with Representatives Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney
  • Hidden history is suppressed for a reason, their dirty secrets
  • We live in a representative democracy and we must participate
  • John was a great guy to have dinner with
  • Selected Writings of John Judge

    Show #780
    Original airdate: April 28, 2016
    Guests: Paul Bleau / Joe Green / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination as History / John Judge / Letters

    Play Paul Bleau   (1:15:08)   MP3 download

  •, The JFK Assassination According to the History Textbooks
  • Paul was six at the time of the assassination
  • Paul was entertained by Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy (Marrs 1993)
  • JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters (Douglass 2010)
  • The case had evolved, 50 Reasons for 50 years...
  • Paul started reading about the assassination in history text books
  • Conspiracy theorists are not the ones to have hijacked the issue
  • The title Reclaiming History is disingenuous
  • Students are a captive audience, they don't choose their books
  • Paul read the 20 most recommended history text books
  • Oswald, "Communist sympathizer", "assassinated", "acted alone"
  • What are your sources? Why support the WC rather than the HSCA?
  • Sources, WC, Posner, Bugliosi, Shennon
  • Doubt is not enough, you have to spell out the conspiracy for them
  • Text books have been under the radar, it is the historical record
  • Oswald had a smoking gun? The complete opposite is true
  • AHA Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct
  • The historic record is dishonored and ignored
  • Early critics, contradictory testimony, unheard testimony
  • The final conclusion of the HSCA found a conspiracy
  • E. Howard Hunt, Mark Lane, and Liberty Lobby
  • The authors called cranks, are the ones who did the research
  • A vacuum of effort, just look at CE-399, seven wounds?
  • "No one has adduced credible evidence of a conspiracy
        that is not simply circumstantial"
  • "conspiracy mongering", "grassy knoll politics", " we speculate endlessly"
  • The Semmelweis Reflex
  • Clandestine relationships between CIA and the academic community
  • Students are exposed to something incomplete and biased

    Play Joe Green   (25:18)   MP3 download

  • John Judge wrote about the Deep State
  • Joe went to Dallas to meet John at a COPA JFK assassination conference
  • John's knowledge was encyclopedic, he was funny, acerbic, witty
  • John grew up in the shadow of the Pentagon, and that shadow was pretty big
  • Ideas can get processed through different aspects of the government
  • There's different fingers, the palm is the military/industrial complex
  • John was always hopeful, work together, love each other, there is hope
  • Disagreement is fine, the problem is disinformation
  •, Good Americans (Judge 1983)
  • The Hidden History Center gofundme page
  • Grassy Knoll Moment of Silence 2013

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:11:38)   MP3 download

  • How CBS News Aided the JFK Cover-up (DiEugenio 2014)
  • Feinman/CBS documents on Pat Speers' site
  • The Confessions of Kim Philby
  • Kennedy Pushed for Inspection of Israel Nuclear Facilities
  • How the CIA Writes History (Morley 2016)
  • How do we square the bus and taxi with Roger Craig's statements?
  • Marvin C. Robinson 11/23/63 statement to the FBI
  • If both stories are true then it suggests there's a double for Oswald
  • Did Jackie Kennedy suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome?
  • Jim Fetzer and his Decline and Fall
  • Testing Oswald's clothing for gunpowder residue
  • Elegy on the passing of John Judge and Mike Ruppert
  • John was an activist on the political assassinations of the 60's
  • Ruppert's
  • Bill Schaap and Ellen Ray have both passed, Lies Of Our Times
  • Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination (Brussell 1984)
  • New Orleans DA Connick burned Garrison's files
  • Jim viewed some of Garrison's JFK assassination files
  • The Collected Works Of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
  • Garrison was more right than ever wrong
  • Get out of Dealey Plaza, start talking about the big picture
  • A State Department/CIA effort to get rid of Diem and his brother
  • Selected Writings of John Judge, Hidden History Center, to donate

    Show #779
    Original airdate: April 21, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK, CBS, and Roger Feinman

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:40:28)   MP3 download

  • The Mauser, the Carcano & the Lt. Day Rifle (Josephs)
  • John Lattimer Never Quit: The Thorburn Business (Cranor)
  • Lattimer failed to inform us that JFK's brain is missing
  • Silencers, Sniper Rifles & the CIA (Hewett)
  • Professional people mapped out a three-sided, L-shaped ambush
  • The JFK Assassination According to the History Textbooks 1 2 3 (Bleau)
  • Three major sources used, Posner, Bugliosi, Shenon
  • Why CBS Covered Up the JFK Assassination 1 2 (DiEugenio)
  • Critic Roger Feinman worked for CBS for only four years
  • In 1975 CBS was gearing up for another defense of the Warren Report
  • The 26 volumes do not back up the Warren Report
  • The Second Oswald: (Popkin 1966)
  • A Philadelphia Lawyer (Salandria 1965)
  • Six Seconds in Dallas: (Thompson 1967)
  • Accessories After The Fact: (Meagher 1967)
  • Rush To Judgment (Lane 1967)
  • Inquest: (Epstein 1967)
  • Whitewash: (Weisberg 1966)
  • In 1975, you had certain crimes of the CIA and FBI
  • That Oswald shot Kennedy as revenge for the plots against Castro
  • The import of Allen Dulles not telling the WC about the Cuban plots
  • Feinman wrote internal memos regarding odd CBS methodologies
  • In September 1976, CBS terminated Feinman
  • The collection of documents he secured was absolutely unprecedented
  • An open debate between the critics and former Commission counsels
  • A suggested "The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald"
  • A suggested "The Warren Report on Trial"
  • The secretive CNEC, CBS News Executive Committee
  • Against the project, "the national interest," "political implications"
  • John McCloy’s influence on the program was a violation of guidelines
  • The 1967 Special was titled “A CBS News Inquiry: The Warren Report”
  • Three jiggles, four jiggles, and six jiggles
  • Firing through the branches of an oak tree
  • The oak tree and the curved pavement was not simulated by CBS
  • They never mentioned the Tague hit
  • The Perry/Clark press conference was not revealed on the program
  • Rydberg believed his inexperience caused the Commission to use him
  • CE 399 has all the indications of being fired into water or cotton
  • Eric Sevareid in 1967 on conspiracy theorists

    Show #778
    Original airdate: April 14, 2016
    Guests: Col. L Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Recollections of 23 Years Service

    Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty's Military Experiences 1941-1963
  • Entering the Army, the Air Corps, and Air Transport Command
  • Transport and VIP Pilot in North Africa, the Middle East, Eurasia, and the West Pacific

    Play Part One   (46:38)   MP3 download

    Play Part Two   (46:48)   MP3 download


  • On Okinawa: The Surrender of Japan, & 500,000 manpack Re-Routed to Korea and Indochina
  • 1946-1948: Inaugurating the Air Force's ROTC Program at Yale
  • 1949-1950: Writing the First USAF ROTC text book on Aeronautics & Rockets and Guided Missiles
  • 1950-1951: A New Air Defense Command
  • 1952-1954: Managing Tokyo International Airport And Heavy-Transport Flying
  • 1955: Attending the Armed Forces Staff College
  • 1955: Assignment to New Position of "Focal Point" Officer for Air Force Support of
  • U.S. Government Clandestine Operations
  • Coordination of the CIA: How Covert Operations Are Run
  • The Suez Crisis of 1956
  • The CIA in Europe
  • Nuclear Warfare: the CIA becomes a Fourth Force
  • Cuba, 1959-1960: From Over-The-Beach Work to Invasion

    Play Part Three   (45:12)   MP3 download

    Play Part Four   (44:09)   MP3 download


  • Experiences of and Perspectives on the Bay of Pigs
  • A Result of CIA Covert Military Commanders in Vietnam:
  • The League of Families for the Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia
  • JFK Prepares To Get Out Of Vietnam:
  • The Taylor/McNamara Trip Report of October 1963 and NSAM 263
  • The Murders of President Diem and Kennedy
  • Explanation of the Office of Special Operations--
  • Military Services Providing Support to Government Clandestine Activities
  • The Economy Act of 1932: Handling The Money To Run Covert Operations
  • Clarifying the Role of the National Security Agency (NSA)
  • Abolishing the OSO and Moving Special Operations Into the JCS

    Play Part Five   (41:19)   MP3 download

    Play Part Six   (32:21)   MP3 download

    Show #777
    Original airdate: April 7, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Judge Joe Brown
    Topics: Martin Luthor King Assassination

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (43:54)   MP3 download

  • April 4 MLK assassination anniversary
  • William Pepper attempted to get a retrial for James Earl Ray in Memphis
  • Judge Brown was going to allow the case to go forward
  • Ray never got a trial, attorney Art Haines
  • Judge Brown was removed from the case, Pepper moved for a civil trial
  • The jury agreed that it was the result of a conspiracy
  • JFK in 1963, Malcolm X in 1965, in 1968 King and Robert Kennedy
  • The assassinations were how we got Richard Nixon
  • The Republicans used racial undertones to divide the populace
  • Hoover and the letter and tape mailed to King
  • King's April 4, 1967 Beyond Vietnam speech
  • Dr. King was a guest on the Mike Douglas show in 1967
  • Military Intelligence began to surveil anti-Vietnam radicals
  • Orders to Kill: (Pepper 2015)
  • To film the assassination, provide backup, on top of the fire station
  • Marrell McCullough, an agent provocateur for the Memphis Police
  • Frame-Up: (Weisberg 1970), the rooming house window and bath tub
  • Witness Grace Stephens sent to a state mental asylum
  • The King family backed the reopening of the case
  • Pepper won his case in court (trial transcript)
  • Murder in Memphis: (Lane/Gregory 1977), Tennessee Waltz: (Ray 1987)
  • The Martin Luther King Assassination (Melanson 1994)
  • Kick Kennedy on RFK's reaction to MLK's assassination (April 04, 2016)
  • Songs Of Peace and Violence... (Pepper/Osanic)

    Play Judge Joe Brown   (1:03:41)   MP3 download

  • From BOR Show #423, May 14th, 2009
  • What King's assassination meant to Judge Brown and that time
  • How American's have given up their freedoms through fear
  • Judge Brown states the Who isn't as important as the What and the Why
  • His experience with the ballistics in the case and his qualifications
  • The rifle and comparisons to other rifles
  • Brown is appalled with recent changes in the law concerning terrorism
  • The FBI damaged the evidence bullet
  • The judge doesn't believe James Earl Ray had the wherewithal to have carried out the assassination
  • The Ramparts scandal in Los Angeles
  • The MLK coroner was completely corrupt
  • Bore-sighting a rifle... explains a colonator
  • No investigator stood where King was shot and looked around
  • The tower at the fire station
  • King's all black security detail called to a meeting
  • One officer refused to go to the meeting and he was hog-tied and tossed into a squad car
  • The trajectories of the bullets
  • How Outers Foul Out works... a reverse plating process
  • The first detective on the scene was directed to interview a witness
  • The witness was passed out drunk and could not have witnessed anything
  • Explaining how the bathroom shot could not be done
  • James Earl Ray never confessed
  • The death of Judge Battle does not cause the setting aside of the plea
  • Judge Brown's stellar reversal record
  • Government (FBI) was discussing whether King was better off dead or alive
  • Judge Brown talks about the tradition of racially motivated murders in and around Memphis
  • Commentary on the media ignorance of the case
  • Reporters no longer have the knowledge they need to report stories properly
  • The differences in media approaches in different countries
  • Judge Brown observes things that were wrong with the Ray case are now enacted into laws

    Show #776
    Original airdate: March 31st, 2016
    Guests: John Perkins
    Topics: The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man / Hoodwinked

    Play John Perkins   (52:29)   MP3 download

  • The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: (2016)
  • The original was written right after 9/11
  • That economic system has spread all over the world
  • 2.5 billion people live below two dollars a day
  • The American Revolution, was fought against the East India Company
  • Corporations had to serve a public interest, those laws changed
  • Maximize profits, whatever it takes, including corrupting government
  • We have the power, corporations totally depend on us
  • Vermont, the smallest state, passed a law to label GMOs
  • Pick a company, write an e-mail, "We want you to do the right thing"
  • Organize a social networking movement, get everyone you know
  • Pick a movement you really believe in, you've got to be passionate
  • Turn the death economy into a life economy
  • 62 individuals have as many assets as half the world's population
  • A matter of changing perception, business has to serve a public interest
  • In 1773 the British were perceived as being "invincible"
  • Take an action every day
  • Do banks commit crimes, no, people in banks commit crimes
  • Over 50% of our tax dollars spent on militarization
  • Iceland has indicted 70 or so bankers
  • Where to Invade Next (Moore 2016)
  • An awakening of people around the planet
  • Joseph Stiglitz writes about the same things John does
  • John was and his daughter were threatened, he was offered a bribe

    Play Part Two- John Perkins       MP3 download

  • Replay from show # 545 in 2011
  • Len's introduction, John's background and his book Hoodwinked
  • Less than 5% of the world's population (U.S.) consumes over 25% of it's resources
  • Our laws are written by corporate lobbyists, one goal, maximize profits, we need a change of conciousness
  • We need to be socially and environmentally responsible, charters had to serve a public interest, late 1800's
  • Corporations have the rights but not the responsibilities of individuals, a trinket economy, a militarized economy
  • Rainforest Action Network sued Mitsubishi and won, executives didn't dare (do the right thing) until pushed
  • Obama, run by Wall Street, agribusinesses, take back our power, the marketplace is a democracy, casting a vote
  • Encourage companies, let them know, greenwashing, we got rid of apartheid, polluted rivers, aerosols, trans fats
  • Support companies that are committed to creating a just and sustainable world, every child, the Earth
  • Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (2004), business students get it, the new generation, around the world
  • There are a lot of sociopaths sitting at the top of big corporations, they need rules to control them

    Show #775
    Original airdate: March 24, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Assassination research / Ed Lansdale

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:25:13)   MP3 download

  •, upcoming reviews and articles
  • A serious problem, the first rifle found was a 7.65 Mauser
  • Roger Craig is a good witness
  • Downloads from "Passing the Torch" (Wecht Institute Symposium, 2013)
  • Six Seconds in Dallas: (Thompson 1967)
  • Marvin Robinson and Craig on the Nash station wagon (FBI)
  • Bernard Haire on the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Harvey & Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald (Armstrong 2003)
  • Wes Wise, Carl Mather, and the red 1957 Plymouth, license PP 4537
  • Things the WC wanted to ignore are so pregnant with possibilities
  • Buell Wesley Frazier and an Enfield rifle (Stovall Exhibit C)
  • Gilbert Jesus on problems with the brown paper bag
  • The Irving, Texas post office dead letter department package
  • FBI Report of 23 Dec 1963 re: Oswald
  • Robert Scheer Can’t Help Himself, by Jim
  • Scheer worked at Ramparts, and in 1997 at the Los Angeles Times
  • Stone (1991), Posner (1993), and Hersh (1998), Bob Loomis
  • The Posthumous Assassination of JFK, by Jim (excerpt)
  • Report on Plots to Assassination Fidel Castro (CIA 1967)
  • CIA had to brief RFK about the plots because he was not in on them
  • CIA, Maheu, Giancana, McGuire, Rowan
  • RFK was upset the Agency would deal with these kinds of people
  • William Harvey, Sheffield Edwards, and Phase 2
  • Not true that Robert Kennedy may have approved of the plots
  • Bundy, Helms, Harvey, all said JFK never knew about ongoing plots
  • Ramparts, If You Have a Lemon, Make Lemonade (Hinkle 1990)
  • Deadly Secrets: (Hinckle/Turner 1993)
  • The worst thing in media is to censure true facts
  • The invasion of Iraq was a mass-psywar propaganda campaign

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty   (9:45)

  • Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza Nov 22 1963 (YouTube)

    Show #774
    Original airdate: March 17, 2016
    Guests: Cory Taylor / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK: A President Betrayed / Assassination research

    Play Cory Taylor   (1:14:41)   MP3 download

  • JFK: A President Betrayed, Agora Productions
  • Cory's dad was an RFK campaign chairman in California
  • Oliver Stone and James Douglass had deep impacts on Cory
  • What could we establish in the record for there to be a motive?
  • Len is very impressed with the story telling of the film
  • Two years research prior to production, over 60 books read
  • The challenge, what to leave out, so much material
  • A synopsis, not a script, but a blueprint
  • Include leading questions in your interviews
  • Kennedy staff, eye witnesses, historians, academics, authors
  • The film is narrated by Morgan Freeman
  • Len appreciates the scope and accuracy of the film
  • The generation that won the Second World War
  • Kennedy's style was so contradictory
  • LeMay's war hawk mentality was born out of real experience
  • Surprising, how much credit that Nikita Khrushchev deserves
  • Some of the other Joint Chiefs were just as bad if not worse
  • Dean Acheson personifies a looking down on Kennedy
  • Kennedy's commitment to peace using back channels
  • Senator Kennedy understood Vietnam was not going to be successful
  • Averell Harriman, John Galbraith, a Vietnam cable not sent
  • Norman Cousins was to meet with Khrushchev
  • Kennedy message, no more serious partner in pursuit of peace
  • The Improbable Triumvirate: (Cousins 1972)
  • Cousins daughters are in the film, and original photos
  • Vienna Summit translators Viktor Sukhodrev and Alexander Akalovsky
  • A majority of interviewees do not indulge a conspiracy
  • Each American has to decide for themselves
  • LBJ choices, Cuba, Intelligence/Military conspiracy, or whitewash
  • Astounding the amount of information researchers have uncovered
  • 1953 footage of Senator Kennedy talking about Vietnam
  • Kennedy was pursuing a dialogue with Fidel Castro, Jean Daniel
  • A lot of DVD extras, more details on Vietnam
  • The film affirms that John Kennedy had certain qualities of leadership
  • A peaceful world, really inspiring, what he was trying to do
  • People working for the greater good develop enemies
  • Cory is working on the early period of the Nazi party

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (54:08)   MP3 download

  •, Obama transparency article
  • Obama has been a disappointment in many ways
  • Who Are They Anyway... (Osanic 2016)
  • Where's the Hope and Change? At least have a level playing field
  • NSA data will soon routinely be used for domestic policing
  • He gave in to Wall Street, NSA and CIA, a bargain with the Pentagon
  • Kennedy's policy in the Middle East
  • Researcher Roger Feinman and CBS
  • Firing Line, William Buckley debates Mark Lane (1966)
  • The Church Committee Schweiker/Hart report (1976)
  • First televised showing of the Zapruder film (1975)
  • Feinman wrote memos to CBS executives
  • NBC, The Case of Jim Garrison (1967), Garrison Response (1967)
  • A CBS News Inquiry: The Warren Report (1967)
  • Policoff and Hennelly on the media and the JFK assassination (2002)
  • CBS moved to terminate Roger, he had a union sanctioned hearing
  • Roger Feinman's unproduced script (2005)
  • A planned debate on the Warren Commission for television
  • CBS News president Richard Salant, CBS News Executive Committee
  • "Inane, irresponsible, hare-brained challenges of Mark Lane and others"
  • John McCloy's daughter Ellen works for Richard Salant
  • "Is the question whether Oswald was a CIA or FBI informant
         really so substantial that we have to deal with it?"
  • The case of the urologist apologist, by Sylvia Meagher (1972)

    Show #773
    Original airdate: March 10, 2016
    Guests: William Pepper / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Sirhan Parole / Rockefeller Commission and Listener Letters

    Play William Pepper   (25:49)   MP3 download

  • Sirhan's parole hearing lasted for seven hours
  • Incarcerated another five years before the next hearing
  • Paul Schrade gave a victim statement
  • It wasn't clear that William was going to be allowed to appear
  • Three psychologists had indicated Sirhan is a low risk
  • Sirhan is a political prisoner
  • Still waiting for a Ninth circuit ruling on an evidentiary hearing
  • Not surprised, but disappointed
  • They might fear, he might reveal, intelligence agency involvement
  • They understand that he could be innocent
  • Sirhan was encouraged that Paul took the position of his innocence
  • William's final book on the King case is due in June
  • William

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:02:54)   MP3 download

  • CTKA
  • Why the Arabs Don't Want Us In Syria by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • Syria and JFK's Middle East Policy by Jim
  • Full transcript of Sirhan's February 10, 2016 Parole Board Hearing
  • Thomas J. Dodd & Son: Corruption of Blood? by Lisa Pease
  • Senator Dodd was on a subcommittee monitoring weapon sales from Klein's
  • "It will take fifty years to undo the damage he (JFK) did us in three years"
  • Review of General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: by Jim
  • One of the worst books since Waldron and Hartmann
  • Bigger does not mean better, trumpeting, unaware of developments in the field
  • Loran Hall, Sylvia Odio, and Leon Oswald
  • This was very disturbing to the Warren Commission
  • Prove or disprove before we go to press
  • Hall's HSCA testimony
  • Hall said the FBI report was simply false and contradictory
  • Gerald Ford White House Altered Rockefeller Commission Report
  • The Hosty Oswald note, Kissinger, Allende
  • Gerald Ford appointed the Rockefeller Commission
  • Removal of 86 pages on CIA assassination plots by Dick Cheney
  • The guy running the Commission was David Belin
  • The Committee on the Present Danger
  • Ford was terrible on the Warren Commission, pretty bad as President
  • Listener letters, How does a Mauser turn into a Mannlicher-Carcano?
  • Roger Craig, Seymour Weitzman, and the Mauser
  • A west coast conference on JFK, RFK, Malcolm X, King assassinations?
  • How do I move to Canada?
  • Is there room for a third conference?
  • Is there a documentary on Garrison done by our side?
  • The Garrison Tapes, John Barbour with Len Osanic
  • 50 Reasons for 50 years...
  • Hours of searching for pictures and documents, 3/4 of the effort
  • You want to have a research staff
  • Episode 44 - Information They Were Seeking, Dan Hardway, "Don't cut anything"
  • Somehow the 7.65 Mauser vanished, stamped on the rifle "6.5 Made in Italy"
  • Warren Commission Report Appendix XII Speculations and Rumors (page 645)
  • Episode 38 - Mannlicher Carcano
  • Testimony of Seymour Weitzman, Eugene Boone, J. W. Fritz

    Show #772
    Original airdate: March 3, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Edwin Black
    Topics: CTKA and Listener questions / The Chicago Plot

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:23:48)   MP3 download

  • Citizens For Truth In The Kennedy Assassination
  • Sirhan parole hearing: Paul Schrade, Shane O'Sullivan, Peter Holley
  • Scott Enyart vs. LAPD by David Manning, Part I, Part II
  • This is the Washington Post? by Jim
  • Review of General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: by Jim
  • Excerpt of 1974 Call to Abolish CIA
  • Hillary Clinton and the Syrian Bloodbath by Jeffrey Sachs
  • Listener questions, letters from Cuba to Oswald, Fabian Escalante
  • ZR Rifle : The Plot to Kill Kennedy and Castro (Furiati 1994)
  • What did they have on Ruby, to make him do what he did?
  • Ruby was likely involved in the assassination, or he was threatened
  • Two Oswalds, even Hoover knew he was impersonated, John Armstrong
  • The Harvey & Lee: chapter on Mexico City is up there with the Lopez Report
  • There's nothing more important to this case than Mexico City
  • The Wesley Leibler critique of the Warren Report
  • Seven weeks in advance, CIA was planning to incriminate Oswald
  • The Warren Report on Oswald in Mexico City
  • They never interviewed Silvia Duran
  • CIA had Mexican security forces arrest Duran
  • The Coleman-Slawson Report: Oswald's Foreign Activities
  • In the 70's, Jim read the Jim Garrison Playboy interview
  • In film school, Jim started a screenplay on the JFK case, Probe Magazine
  • Let Justice Be Done: (Davy 1999), A Farewell to Justice: (Mellen 2005)
  • Where and who was the second shooter?
  • Witnesses did see other people in TSBD windows, smoke on the grassy knoll
  • S. M. Holland, Lee Bowers, James Worrell, Officer Marrion Baker
  • The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 1 The Coup d'Etat by Nigel Turner
  • Fletcher Prouty, Turner was the victim of a mole
  • 50 Reasons For 50 Years, over 800,000 views
  • "The Decline and Fall of Jim Fetzer" by Jim, Part 1, Part 2
  • Buell Wesley Frazier did not drive Oswald to work every day
  • Has any assassin actually had the target come to him while he was at work?
  • Oswald got his job before the motorcade route was announced
  • The Texas trip was announced in April
  • Survivor's Guilt: (Palamara 2013)
  • Ruth Paine failed to tell Oswald of a better paying job offer
  • The Chicago Plot reflected so many aspects of the Dallas Plot
  • Things had to fall into place miraculously for the assassination to proceed
  • Review of JFK: A President Betrayed (Taylor 2013)

    Play Len Osanic reading Edwin Black   (1:06:36)   MP3 download

  • The Chicago Plot.pdf
  • Four men were in Chicago to assassinate JFK on November 2, 1963
  • 50 Reasons For 50 Years - Episode 08 - The Chicago Plot

    Show #771
    Original airdate: February 25, 2016
    Guests: Joan Mellen / Bob Fox
    Topics: The Great Game in Cuba / Bugliosi & Lombardi

    Play Joan Mellen   (1:11:47)   MP3 download

  • The Great Game in Cuba: CIA and the Cuban Revolution (2016 edition)
  • The relationship between CIA and business
  • King Ranch, Alberto Fernandez, Gustavo de los Reyes, Robert Kleberg Jr.
  • A plot to assassinate Fidel and Raul Castro and Che Guevara
  • The 303 Committee, to give the president plausible deniability
  • Reyes was a Cuban cattleman who plotted to overthrow Castro
  • Joan has added a section called, Documents of the Struggle
  • How CIA operated, it's motives, with whom did it ally itself?
  • The intertwined relationship of CIA and business
  • Reader's Digest under the sway of CIA
  • CIA reviewed Joan's book, they said the research was good
  • CIA distrusted Cuban exiles, CIA attempted to dictate policy
  • Castro confiscated King Ranch in Cuba
  • Some of the things Castro did, you can't justify it
  • The most important letter in CIA is the "A", Agency
  • Who is the agency really working for? Big Money
  • The JFK Act released many documents beyond the Kennedy assassination
  • Make the world safe for defense contractors, capitalism in imperial mode
  • Kennedy, they thought they could outsmart him
  • Little Boy Blue, they thought he was out of his depth
  • They killed him, the got him before he got them
  • War Is A Racket (Major General Smedley Butler 1935)
  • CIA had no interest in getting rid of Castro
  • Joan has added 100 pages, including more Cubans of interest
  • Guillermo Cabrera Infante. Three Trapped Tigers (1967)
  • The United States ignited and exacerbated what happened in Cuba
  • King Ranch in Texas was one million acres, Santa Gertrudis cattle
  • The ranch sold leases for oil, to Humble/Exxon, all this cash
  • Michael J. P. Malone very heavily connected to CIA, two 201 files
  • Malone saved David Atlee Phillips life
  • Kleberg was close to the FBI and close to Dulles
  • At the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy didn't know CIA was operating against him
  • In 1956 Eisenhower knew CIA's clandestine service was out of control
  • The unfindable Bruce-Lovett Report (1956)
  • In the sixties Joan was pro-Castro, pro-Guevara
  • Lyndon Johnson got to Washington with Congressman Richard Kleberg
  • Once you see Oswald, you can't leave CIA out of the story
  • Anti-Batista Cubans wanted a democratic Cuba, 26 July
  • Alberto Fowler who helped Garrison, would have killed Kennedy
  • Lansdale saw that the Bay of Pigs was self defeating

    Play Bob Fox   (1:00:57)   MP3 download

  • Bob was in the first grade when JFK was assassinated
  • When Bob was nine, he knew Lee Oswald was a patsy
  • In college Bob attended a Bugliosi talk on the RFK assassination
  • Bob has 5,000 posts at
  • Deeper Into Dave Perry at
  • John McAdams no longer teaches at Marquette University
  • 50 Reasons for 50 years...
  • Joseph Goebbels would be proud to be a producer at FOX news
  • Vince Bugliosi’s Take on the JFK and RFK Assassinations
  • On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Bugliosi had been contacted by David Atlee Phillips in July 1986
  • Inside the Assassination Records Review Board: (Horne 2009)
  • Evan Freed affidavit re; a second RFK gunman
  • The Relationship Between JFK and Vince Lombardi
  • The research community should debate, not argue
  • Truth about Fletcher Prouty at
  • Len plans a test recreation/alteration of the Zapruder film

    Show #770
    Original airdate: February 18, 2016
    Guests: John Armstrong and Jim DiEugenio / Dr. Michael Chesser
    Topics: Money Orders / x-Rays and Photographs

    Play John Armstrong and Jim DiEugenio   (1:30:36)   MP3 download

  • U.S. Postal Money Orders and Mail Order Rifle by John at CTKA
  • Only a Klein's rubber stamp is on the back of the money order
  • No bank ever endorsed the money order
  • John spotted this in the WC volumes
  • Oswald's March 12, 1963 Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall time card
  • The money order was bought at a post office and mailed miles away
  • 90 minutes from purchase to the mail flight at Love Field
  • The deposit slip is dated February 15th
  •, Harvey & Lee: (2003), .pdf
  • Rifle C2766, Crescent Firearms to Klein's Sporting Goods
  • Louis Feldsott, William Waldman
  • A $21.45 money order, FBI agents found a gun sold for $21.95
  • On 11/23/63 the FBI announced the rifle sold for $12.78
  • On 11/29/63 the purchase amount changed to $21.45
  • Dial Ryder, Irving Sports Shop, scope mounted
  • First Dial had mounted a scope, then he hadn't
  • A $12.78 money order does not account for a scope
  • Oswald ordered a 36" rifle and got a 40" rifle
  • Milton Klein, "the FBI has warned me"
  • John found many unsigned and backdated FBI reports
  • C2766 was sold to Klein's on June 18, 1962
  • The money order was fake
  • Waldman Exhibit No. 10, seven deposits for $21.45
  • Deposited on 3/13/63 with a bank deposit slip dated 2/15/63
  • Worthless evidence used by WC, not an innocent mistake
  • Other Oswald money orders, serial numbers in sequence
  • The March 12 money order number relates to the end of 1963
  • Harry Holmes, Postal Inspector and FBI informant (more)
  • Money orders found in Kansas City and Alexandria, VA
  • Records disappeared, the money order disappeared
  • The FBI found nothing related to the sale of C2766
  • They fabricated and backdated
  • Harry Holmes knew the time the envelope was date stamped
  • WC attorneys had to be accomplices
  • Who had access to a Post Office on a Saturday?
  • The rifle was selected shortly before the assassination
  • Oswald tried to purchase rifles from Robert McKeown

    Play Dr. Michael Chesser   (1:05:23)   MP3 download

  •, Michael is a neurologist
  • A Review of the JFK Cranial x-Rays and Photographs
  • JFK and the Unspeakable: (Douglass 2010)
  • Michel read the medical evidence after visiting the archives
  • David Lifton, Doug Horne, Sherry Fiester
  • David Mantik, William Law, Vince Palamara
  • Michael was authorized to see all the autopsy photographs
  • He was denied at first, he had no history as a researcher
  • The scalp retraction photograph
  • Dr. Chesser describes skull anatomy and orientation
  • He sees where the Harper Fragment likely fits
  • An incision into the right forehead, added before the autopsy
  • The 1960 skull x-ray, looking for evidence of diseases
  • He made comparative optical density readings
  • The white patch appears much whiter than it should
  • Making a duplicate, a double exposure, to appear whiter
  • To hide a skull defect, fragments, a fracture pattern
  • Dr. Ebersole was asked to look at the x-rays
  • The HSCA copies versus the originals
  • The 6.5 mm bright object x-ray is very strange
  • Superimposed fragments do line up, with different densities
  • Burn marks on the x-rays, very rare, two burns
  • One more example of alteration of the evidence
  • The scalp was stretched to cover up the right occiput defect
  • Disagreement over deception or cover up at Bethesda
  • If evidence wasn't altered at Bethesda, multiple observers were wrong
  • A wound was behind the right ear, absent right ocipital bone
  • Zapruder Z-313, the head snap is mechanical to the force
  • The brain photos show an intact cerebellum
  • I don't think this is President Kennedy's brain
  • It is morbid to come to a conclusion like this
  • No sign of hemorrhage or bleeding
  • The left lateral x-ray, you don't see the back of the head
  • Humes maneuvers around questions, to avoid certain things
  • The visit to the archives, this is worse than I ever imagined
  • Two or three people standing over you, professional, courteous
  • Access is through the deed of gift attorney
  • An ongoing effort to keep the lid on things

    Show #769
    Original airdate: February 11, 2016
    Guests: Paul Schrade / Lynn Mangan
    Topics: Sirhan Parole Denied

    Play Paul Schrade   (53:58)   MP3 download

  • Paul worked with Bobby in the 1960 presidential election of John Kennedy
  • Paul was a board member of the United Auto Workers union
  • Bobby won the California primary the evening of the assassination
  • The party went into the pantry, Bobby shook hands
  • Television lights blinded him, he fell, struck by a bullet in the head
  • There was evidence of a second gunman, definite physical evidence
  • Sirhan was never behind Bobby, Bobby was shot in the back
  • Paul did not want to get involved, he began investigating
  • Test bullets could not match the Sirhan gun
  • The police and D.A. covered up and destroyed evidence
  • A photograph of bullet holes in the door frame
  • Proving over eight shots, proof of a second gunman
  • It took until 1988 to get into the evidence files
  • Sirhan did wound four people
  • Evidence of LAPD framing Sirhan, no evidence of a third gunman
  • Philip Van Praag examined the Pruszynsk recording (shots at 5:23)
  • There were 13 shots on that tape, two guns
  • Van Praag was able to discern two makes of weapons
  • LAPD presented test bullets from another gun
  • Parole boards don't discuss evidence
  • Sirhan's execution would have been murder
  • He has no chance, they give him another five years
  • Paul made the case that he couldn't have shot Robert Kennedy
  • He had the right to parole in 1981, they denied it
  • There were two board members there yesterday
  • Paul wanted Sirhan to know that he was not guilty
  • Sirhan, I forgive you
  • The board were petty, amateur psychiatrists
  • I wouldn't shake the head of the boards hand
  • William Pepper and Laurie Dusek, they're philosophical about it
  • There's no perfect crime, there's no perfect cover up
  • Even if he had his memory, he's still not guilty
  • Hypno-programed, probably true, it doesn't work with the public
  • Prosecute the prosecutors who convicted without evidence
  • The FBI criticized the Van Praag analysis
  • Five shots heard over the eight from Sirhan
  • L.A. County D.A. Jackie Lacey innocence project
  • Back to his brother's or back to Jordan
  • It is possible to visit Sirhan
  • They know they sent him to the death chamber without evidence
  • They can't accuse me of being a "conspiracy nut"
  • Find a good strategy to break this case wide open

    Play Lynn Mangan   (1:05:11)   MP3 download

  • Sirhan’s Researcher
  • A catch-22, a memory block of the event
  • Paul told the board, two guns were firing in the pantry
  • Lynn discusses the Larry Baggett memo
  • Special Exhibit 10, the wrong test bullet
  • Paul Schrade's talk was simply brilliant, touching
  • The parole board, they're sneaky
  • They published Lynn's name incorrectly twice
  • Lynn states that she could go on and on
  • Lynn has a complete break with Sirhan, finished
  • The 1975 examiners committed open fraud
  • They got away with it, Sirhan did not shoot Kennedy
  • Lynn wanted Schrade's help, he's a good man
  • How did these seven examiners get suckered into it?
  • Where is the autopsy surgeon's mark on it?
  • If you can't remember, how can you apologize?
  • Lynn will not say she encourages his release
  • People write to deliberately confuse and distort
  • Orchestrated, you can tell by the footprints of the cover up
  • The Kennedy family remained quiet, they know much more
  • Corruption, no oversight, vandalism of the judicial system
  • Lynn describes her last visit with Sirhan
  • Larry Teeter did his best, he was out numbered
  • My research is truthful, accurate, examine my work
  • They wanted to stop Bobby and they did

    Show #768
    Original airdate: February 4, 2016
    Guests: Shane O'Sullivan / David Manning / Barry Krusch
    Topics: Sirhan Parole Hearing / Scott Enyart / JFK $5000 Shell Game Challenge

    Play Shane O'Sullivan   (44:04)   MP3 download

  • Shane's film, RFK Must Die (2007)
  • Who Killed Bobby? The Unsolved Murder of Robert F. Kennedy (2008)
  • Sirhan Sirhan parole hearing coming up on February 10th
  • Shane wrote a chapter on Sirhan for a book by Mark de Valk (BOR #593)
  • Shane has all of Sirhan's parole hearing transcripts
  • Sirhan had a release date due in 1984
  • Attorney General candidate Van de Kamp provoked a rescission hearing
  • As a boy, Sirhan lived in Jerusalem
  • At 24, he was found firing a gun in the Ambassador Hotel
  • He does not remember the shooting itself
  • Court transcripts and documents available at Mary Ferrell
  • Audio of Sirhan at Rampart Station
  • Shane's new site for this parole hearing
  • Listeners can share this information on social media, alert people
  • California has banned audio and video recording of parole hearings
  • Paul Schrade, shooting victim, will address the parole board
  • Schrade is on a mission to re-open the case
  • Parole criteria, express remorse, the nature of the crime
  • The board goes on the facts of the original court decision
  • A court process is needed to change the facts of the case
  • Sirhan's prison record is a testament to his courage
  • Is he a danger to society? He's 72 years old
  • Because you killed a senator, we're not going to let you out
  • After 9/11 he was branded a Muslim terrorist with prior knowledge
  • He was born a Christian and is still a Christian
  • In jail with Sirhan Sirhan (2016) (Kindle)
  • Jail logs of Sirhan's time in custody until May 23, 1969
  • R.F.K. Must Die! (Kaiser 2008) used these documents
  • Shane's professional film site

    Play David Manning   (1:00:20)   MP3 download

  • David was in high school in LA the day of RFK's assassination
  • He saw Kennedy in person, they touched hands in a crowd
  • David met Mort Sahl in Las Vegas, the Garrison investigation
  • David worked with Breck Wall, from Dallas, Jack Ruby was gay
  • Breck said Kerry Thornley had posed in the backyard photos
  • David spoke to Jim Garrison by phone in 1975
  • A Heritage of Stone (Garrison 1970)
  • Destiny Betrayed: (DiEugenio 1992)
  • Jim DiEugenio and David lived in the same city
  • With others, they formed CTKA and Probe magazine
  • William W. Turner Obituary by Jim DiEugenio
  • The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (Turner/Christian 1978)
  • The real possibility Sirhan was mind-controlled
  • David worked with Mae Brussell
  • The National Security State has all the advantages
  • They have secrecy, the malevolencey of that secrecy
  • The world has never seen an empire like the United States
  • The President can operate in secret, with no accountability
  • The word for it is tyranny
  • Scott Enyart (BOR #012) sued the City of Los Angeles for his film
  • Scott had been taking pictures during the assassination
  • The City hired private attorney, Skip Miller to defend the case
  • Lynn Mangan (BOR #742), the archives, none of the pantry pictures
  • Thane Cesar is not your guy, a wingman patsy
  • CIA Catalog of Clandestine Weapons, Tools, and Gadgets (Minnery 1992)
  • On page 10, a Stinger, palm it, it holds three .22 rounds
  • Three guys behind him (RFK) with the Stingers
  • Sirhan was firing blanks, there was paper wadding floating around
  • Witnesses saw another shooter firing live rounds in a rolled up poster
  • David was at the trial every day, he did remotes for KPFK radio
  • His article, The Nearness of History: at CTKA (Part 1)
  • The police were keeping information from the public
  • Scott's photos probably showed these guys
  • Sirhan, in jail for 48 years, he was gonna take the fall
  • Skip Miller said Scott was a liar, never in the pantry
  • Miller was loud, rude, obnoxious, sarcastic, a sneer
  • David was one of few to report on the entire trial
  • They're never going to parole him
  • How do you coerce a psychologist to lie, an attorney?
  • Have you ever heard a definition of "National Security"?
  • Probe thought this was an extremely important trial
  • William Pepper, (, the focus should be get a new trial
  • The shooter in Aurora Colorado, is the son of a mind-control scientist
  • Sirhan Sirhan Letter Writing Campaign (Facebook)

    Play Barry Krusch   (45:52)   MP3 download

  • The JFK $5000 Shell Game Challenge
  • Hulu is going to air a series, 11.22.63, Stephen King
  • Most people haven't seen or looked at the evidence
  • Evidence has to pass tests, chain of custody
  • The ammunition was an actual "shell game"
  • No one can win this $5000
  • Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald (2012) (free online)
  • Lieutenant Day, a fishy character, self-incriminating testimony
  • Day passed shells to either Sims or Brown
  • From Sims to Doughty, or from Brown to Williams, Fritz gets a shell
  • Exonerate Oswald, show that someone tried to frame him
  • Also on the Game site, Amy DeLong (National Archives) audio
  • Oswalds thumbprint video, more
  • Three shells and another two shells, there were five shells
  • Documentary evidence points to two found at the scene
  • Many photographs were reconstructions taken on the 25th
  • How to make the assassination relevant for younger people?
  • Books, videos, a web-based interactive medium
  • An epistemological trainwreck, the evidentiary base is highly suspect
  • The Wikipedia Rehabilitation Project
  • Try to edit the article on Oswald, it's locked
  • The truth is not relevant, it is what their editors say it is
  • Proutypedia, the facts about Fletcher Prouty
  • Anatomy of an Online Atrocity:
  • Strong evidence of conspiracy and conspiracy to frame Oswald
  • Five government investigations, the fix in in at a very high level
  • Who benefits? Is the fox guarding the henhouse?
  • Barry's $100,000 challenge, prove Oswald was the assassin
  • Conspiracy, like smoke in a campfire
  • When captured, Oswald was not killed, like he was supposed to be
  • Rambler vs. bus, dual Oswalds, Mauser vs. Caracano
  • Doubling of evidence, over and over again in this case
  • Why is Oswald even a suspect?

    Show #767
    Original airdate: January 28, 2016
    Guests: Dave Ratcliffe / Anita Langley / Greg Burnham
    Topics: Fletcher Prouty Birthday, January 24

    Play Dave Ratcliffe   (54:12)   MP3 download

  • Dave was 8 on November 22, 1963
  • Dave listened to World Watchers by Mae Brussell
  • Dave met Mae's associate Tom Davis
  • Tom introduced Dave to John Judge who introduced him to Fletcher Prouty
  • Dave read The Secret Team (Prouty 1973)
  • Fletcher was writing about his own jobs and assignments
  • You don't often get that from career military officers
  • Prouty created a focal point office for Air Force support of clandestine operations
  • National Security managers had more authority than elected officials
  • William Blum points out the number of covert operations since WWII
  • Dave spent five days with Fletcher in May of 1989
  • JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy (Prouty 1992)
  • Christchurch Star 23 November 1963
  • A pre-packaged story to be picked up by news services around the world
  • Understanding Special Operations (Ratcliffe 1999)
  • Fletcher was moved into the Joint Chiefs to oversee all covert military support
  • He was extraordinarily articulate, sharp, observant
  • "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely" (Dalberg-Acton)
  • Fletcher was clearly executive material, he had all kinds of skills
  • All of our ancestors were indigenous, a sense of relationship to place
  • An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States (Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz 2015)
  • The inevitability of Manifest Destiny
  • Inheriting the Trade (DeWolfe 2008)
  • The First Way of War: (Grenier 2008)
  •, Aaron Carapella
  • Vincent Salandria, lies that are our birthright
  • Welcome to the Front Door of
  • Fletcher was and is a very significant person

    Play Anita Langley   (44:44)   MP3 download

  • Len met Anita at his Fiasco Bros. recording studio
  • Anita helped Len produce a Fletcher Prouty CD-ROM
  • Col. Prouty shared with Len original documents relating to their interests
  • Fletcher's The Secret Team is now on-line
  • Anita was impressed by original NSAM drafts
  • The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty DVD
  • This is Black Op Radio's 17th season
  • Anita interviewed Dr. Christopher Shaw about vaccines (BOR 273)
  • The relationship between Prouty, Gen. Krulak, and Ed Lansdale
  • Gen. Krulak identified Ed Lansdale in photos from Dealey Plaza
  • Mae Brussell, Jim Garrison, and Fletcher Prouty
  • Dave Ratcliff interviewed Fletcher, Understanding Special Operations
  • Proutypedia, a source for truth about Fletcher Prouty
  • John McAdams, something for the gullible and the easily misdirected
  • The difference between differing opinions and disinformation
  • Lansdale was not The Guy, his specialty was in cover stories
  • Allen Dulles may have been fired, but, he kept on working
  • Len's battle with Wikipedia over their Fletcher Prouty page
  • Astroturf and manipulation of media messages
  • Reading Fletcher's material changed Anita's life
  • The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site

    Play Greg Burnham   (27:21)   MP3 download

  • Fletcher needs to remain front and center, he offered so much insight
  • He was easy to get along with, always well thought out and well-reasoned
  • Fletcher never violated his top secret clearances
  • He is missed when current events occur
  • Fletchers books are must-reads
  • Cover stories, alarmism in the media, there's a red flag
  • Take it with a serious grain of salt, do your own research
  • Some write about what they've researched, Fletcher lived it
  • He spoke out of duty, he might have preferred not to have that duty
  • Gary Mack would e-mail Greg criticizing Fletcher
  • Greg admired Fletchers approach to these subjects, well presented
  • And his reluctance to get into speculative details of the assassination
  • They fired as many shots as it took
  • Fletcher was the model for man "X" in Oliver Stone's JFK
  • and

    Show #766
    Original airdate: January 21, 2016
    Guests: Fletcher Prouty with David Ratcliffe
    Topics: Understanding The Secret Team

    Play Fletcher Prouty with David Ratcliffe   (4:21:20)   MP3 download

  • Understanding The Secret Team
  • The National Security Act of 1947
  • President Truman abolished the OSS, created the National Intelligence Group
  • A new branch of the service: the Air Force, a single Department of Defense
  • Intelligence ... wasn't coordinated, new ways of gathering intelligence
  • CIA is created to coordinate the intelligence of the rest of the government
  • An atom bomb ... has no real value until it's been delivered
  • We were made a defensive nation by the Department of Defense
  • OSS members, well-trained in covert work, came into CIA
  • OPC (Office of Policy Coordination), was to preserve certain assets
  • The creation of the National Security Council
  • President, Vice-President, Secretaries of State and Defense, no others
  • Directive "10-slant-2" (10/2) recognized ... covert action
  • In 1948, the Allen Dulles, William Jackson, Mathias Correa Report
  • Dulles ... saw that report as, you might say, his own Mein Kampf
  • The single primary character of the CIA is Allen Dulles
  • There is no law that says it is a covert operations agency
  • President Truman wrote, greatest mistake, to create the CIA
  • Shifting NSC oversight from directing to approving plans
  • OCB was the Operations Coordinating Board, a part of NSC
  • OPC was the residual OSS organization, from World War II
  • Dulles was able to circumvent the law, to have clandestine capability
  • NSC found itself, approving reactive covert operations
  • Gulf of Tonkin, North Vietnamese, had been provoked, they did not initiate
  • Deputy Director Plans, just our euphemism for covert operations
  • His brother, Secretary of State, the dominant vote in the NSC
  • Only one, NSC had directed the CIA to involve itself in Tibet
  • The intelligence community, was not homogenous
  • Futile to try to enforce the law, on either Defense or CIA or State
  • There exists a Secret Team that is out of control
  • Covert operations in Customs, Treasury, even in FAA
  • It's not CIA all the time, they say it was the CIA
  • Experienced military intelligence officers, work with the CIA
  • Military officers ... say pilots ... will be assigned to CIA
  • Reserve military, employed as civilians by CIA, called to active duty
  • CIA men, call him Commander Jones, he works for CIA
  • All of a sudden went into this guise of defense
  • General Westmoreland, had no place to go in Vietnam and win the war
  • General Krulak, devised a war plan, to march on Hanoi, and end the war
  • Offense is the core of war, the antithesis of, a Department of Defense
  • They are unable to assimilate, nuclear weapons into war planning
  • We can still go on the offense, we are doing it economically
  • Evolution of warfare, ended with the explosion of the hydrogen bomb
  • CIA could promote, counterinsurgency or covert operations
  • We had to create this Manichaean devil so we created Communism
  • Then you can justify having a navy, air force, and an enormous army
  • I was, "to provide military support of clandestine operations of the CIA"
  • National Security Council Directive #5412 of March 15, 1954
  • Dulles said, "I want an office that has access to a system in the Pentagon"
  • That agency might not even know that employee was our man
  • Colonel Lansdale, a full colonel in the Air Force, that was his cover story
  • A member of the office of the Secretary of Defense, his home is really CIA
  • We bought hundreds of airplanes for the CIA, technically for the Air Force
  • Millions and millions of dollars, never went through Air Force procurement
  • Units in the Army that were supporting CIA, there were 605
  • A lot of these people worked right up into the White House
  • Eisenhower, did not want the CIA to create a capability that was on-going
  • The secret of covert operations is the control of money
  • Reimbursement is very important, it keeps bills from appearing in public
  • Reimbursement, can be used, without explaining that it was for salaries
  • Congress, allocate a bulk sum and then just sit back
  • An awful lot of potential for money to be handled without an accounting
  • CIA considered as a fourth force, Army, Navy, Air Force, and CIA
  • 234 Provisional Support Group, CIA people in military uniforms
  • The agency was able, to create quite a well-equipped military force
  • Generals Lemnitzer and Shoup, never knew they were part of a covert operation
  • "I want 2,008 missiles", you have to have the authority
  • CIA, used an Air Force unit, without raising any eyebrows at all
  • All covert operations require foreign alliances
  • The Bay of Pig, thirteen hundred troops, is not covert
  • They didn't ask for airplanes, rifles, trucks, they already had all that
  • President Eisenhower never, never authorized an invasion of Cuba
  • The Agency told us, that their target would be an invasion of Cuba
  • The plan was to wipe out all Castro's combat aircraft
  • To control the CIA we created an organization called the NSC
  • "I don't need to know about that, Colonel. What I don't know ..."
  • To really understand CIA, the world is all just one big chess board
  • Dick Helms was a very effective person in charge of covert operations
  • The Agency has been given, the early morning presentation to the President
  • That briefing, during the day, that becomes their agenda
  • Intelligence, began to lead the Government every single day
  • Dulles went to Paris with the Wilson peace conference group after WW I
  • John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulle, Sullivan & Cromwell
  • John Foster Dulles, principal spokesman for the World Council of Churches
  • Allen Dulles, who is a missionary, a diplomat, a financier, a lawyer
  • The government itself was becoming a government of reaction
  • Kennedy was making moves to rid the government of this reactive motivation
  • Kennedy, planned moves that would set the course of our history for years
  • Set up Special Operations under the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • SACSA, the Special Assistant for Counterinsurgency and Special Activities
  • Deception is an extremely important function, rarely talked about
  • The shift from Eisenhower to Kennedy, was most unexpected
  • Kennedy asked General Taylor to review the Bay of Pigs
  • This Taylor/Burke/Dulles/Kennedy report, was NSAM No. 55, 56, and 57
  • "You are my advisor in peacetime as you would be in wartime"
  • Not going to depend on Allen Dulles and the CIA
  • In fact it may have caused a major move toward that deadly decision
  • Kennedy put JCS in charge of Cold War activities, removed CIA from the scene
  • Maxwell Taylor was not the right man to do that.
  • Kennedy's years of Congressional experience, paid off in a big way for him
  • Member of the House and of the Senate, had grown up in the Court of St. James
  • Allen Dulles was becoming effective indoctrinating Bobby and Maxwell Taylor
  • NSAM 55 had been extracted, practically verbatim, out of the Taylor/Dulles report
  • "That little son-of-a-bitch Bobby was there all the time"
  • Lansdale was assigned to Vietnam as Chief of CIA's Saigon Military Mission
  • Stabilize any other country, the strengthening of its army
  • They were all reading Mao Tse-tung's Little Red Book
  • The army was a school of fish living in the water and the water was the people
  • US military out in all these countries as Military Assistance Program people
  • We moved into Iran after 1949 in large numbers
  • Richard Helms, former Director of Central Intelligence, Ambassador to Iran
  • People in Iran who are in power have access to the people that we've trained
  • Allende was elected by the people and then he was killed by Pinochet
  • The Kennedy administration began to stop some of these activities
  • These activities don't take place within the CIA alone, this is the Secret Team
  • "All of a sudden, people from the Pentagon are calling me buying sugar stock"
  • Leave room for the U.S. government to plausibly disclaim its role
  • They asked me for 42,000 rifles, that was not covert
  • What you are really doing is denying the sovereignty of another nation
  • Everyone except the American people knew ... about these things
  • We live in a one-world financial communications sphere
  • In the United States, we have had the advantage in economic power
  • What we're going to do ... is move into the energy and food eras
  • The big war will be over the energy supplies, transport and food supplies

    For more or

    Show #765
    Original airdate: January 14, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Calvin McCamy
    Topics: Listener Questions & more HSCA Testimony

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:01:13)   MP3 download

  • Jim has retired from his teaching profession,
  • Jim's review of Where Angels Tread Lightly by John Newman
  • Cuban/American relations, 1958-1963, an appendix of CIA cryptograms
  • From the Archive, Lisa Pease on Freeport Sulphur, part 1, part 2
  • 300,000 to 500,000 were killed in the overthrow of Indonesia's President Sukarno
  • Kennedy, Johnson, and the Nonaligned World (Rakove 2012)
  • Kennedy invited Sukarno to the United States
  • Johnson and CIA reversed the policy, reversed NSAM 179
  • Lisa ties together Phillips, Shaw, Ferrie, CIA, and Freeport Sulpher
  • Jim's obituary of William Turner (1927-2015)
  • CIA Operation CHAOS, Ramparts magazine
  • The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (Turner/Christian) (1978)
  • Listener questions: JFK throat wound, tracheotomy, coincidence?
  • The death of Ivar Kreuger in Paris in 1932
  • Jim considers himself a Kennedy Democrat
  • JFK speech, 'What is a Liberal?'
  • Philip Shenon, John McCone, A Thousand Days: (Schlesinger 1965)
  • Secret Service Agent Elmer Moore and the cover up
  • HSCA, S. Jonathan Blackmer and Jim Garrison
  • The distortion of the political right, the U.S. lost its way with the assassinations
  • The rise of the Neocons, Johnson's old boy network on steroids, PNAC
  • Spy Saga: (Melanson 1990) and the HSCA
  • Armstrong, Newman, and DiEugenio have built beyond Melanson's work
  • What did Oswald know about his role in Dealey Plaza?
  • Oswald was working to destroy the FPCC
  • Allan Eaglesham's site, on the James Files story
  • Fabian Escalante, JFK: THE CUBA FILES: (2006)

    Play Calvin McCamy   (57:17)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Blakey narration, Calvin McCamy testimony
  • Ascertain ... first, signs (of) distress, second, positions in the limousine
  • We had a copy, a direct copy, of the Zapruder film
  • There was some sign of (JFK) distress before frame 207
  • Some sign of (Connally distress) by frame 226
  • The men were in positions that were consistent with the single bullet theory
  • One-eighteenth of a second later his facial expression has changed radically
  • Frame 193 of the Zapruder film
  • This is the first jerk from 162 to (163) 164, and the second one, 166 to 167
  • (JFK EXHIBIT F-133) Topographic Survey Map of northern portion of Dealey Plaza
  • There had been a shot that didn't hit anybody at that time, at about 166 to 167?
        This would explain the observed facts, yes
  • Part of the limousine, yes. This is the Croft photo
  • The single bullet that hit them both is just as they enter behind the sign? Yes
  • The radius was broken, ... he could have continued to clutch the hat

    Show #764
    Original airdate: January 7, 2016
    Guests: Governor and Mrs. John B. Connally
    Topics: HSCA Testimony - First day of hearings - September 6, 1978

    Play John and Nellie Connally   (3:26:54)   MP3 download

  • Chairman Stokes introduction
  • Representative Richardson Preyer opening statement
  • G. Robert Blakey narration
  • A thaw in the cold war was perceptible, a result of Kennedy's foreign policy
  • Mr. and Mrs. John B. Connally testimony
  • The possibility of a trip to Texas arose in the spring of 1962
  • The President was not extremely popular in Texas, nor was he in the country
  • He was characterized as being antibusiness
  • I came to Washington in early October 1963, and went to see the President
  • Hit the major cities of Texas - Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio
  • The plans were constantly shifting and changing
  • JFK EXHIBIT F-17, article, "Kennedy to Visit Texas 11/21-22"
  • One of the biggest controversies arose over whether or not we were going to
       have a motorcade in Dallas. That was one of the big ones. And we lost that one
  • Most people think that riding in a motorcade is easy. It's not
  • We ran the risk of having some embarrassing placards or signs or a few pickets
  • I frankly never had any fear of physical harm or violence
  • (JFK EXHIBIT F-11) Photo of Kennedy, Connally, others in Fort Worth 11//22/63
  • (JFK EXHIBIT F-12) Photo of Kennedy, Connally, others at the Dallas airport
  • (JFK EXHIBIT F-13) Photo of Kennedy, Connally, others in the motorcade
  • (JFK EXHIBIT F-9), Map of Dallas motorcade route
  • JFK EXHIBIT F-10, Aerial views of Dealey Plaza
  • JFK EXHIBIT F-11, Aerial view of Dealey Plaza
  • "Mr. President, you can't say Dallas doesn't love you."
  • A film is shown as Blakey describes the events portrayed in it
  • I ... saw the President clutch his neck ... sort of slumped down in the seat
  • I heard Mrs. Kennedy say, "They have shot my husband."
  • "They have killed my husband, I have his brains in my hand."
  • I heard what I thought was a rifle shot ... I ... had fear of an assassination
  • I was hit. I was knocked over, just doubled over by the force of the bullet
  • I heard another shot. I heard it hit. It hit with a very pronounced impact
  • I could see blood and brain tissue all over the interior of the car
  • I said, "My God, they are going to kill us all."
  • The two shots I heard ... came from behind us
  • I don't think any shots came from any other direction
  • I do not believe ... that I was hit with the first bullet
  • I know it was the second shot that hit the Governor
  • I had ... no reason to suspect that there would be any acts of violence
  • The motorcade ... was not settled until that week, the week of the visit
  • The motorcade ... would not necessarily have had to go through Dealey Plaza
  • A rifle shot has ... a crack and then you get a kind of singing sound
  • I did not hear, was not conscious of the shot that hit me
  • These things are engraved in our minds
  • I don't recall any real difficulties with respect to security
  • Your ... injuries ... occurred by one bullet? I think ... it did
  • I heard the noise, I turned ... I observed the President and I was horrified
  • Speculation has arisen, rumors have flowed, theories have been advanced
  • How do you prove there was no conspiracy? I think that is the task that you have
  • I think it will be a mere result of circumstances that are incapable of proof
  • The Secret Service was determined and dedicated to protect the life of the President
  • I don't know that any political figure ... can be spared an assassin's bullet

    Show #763
    Original airdate: Jan 1st, 2016
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:37:53)   MP3 download

  • Popular interview of David Talbot w/Jim DiEugenio, BOR #755 (YouTube)
  • Jim's review of the film Trumbo
  • Blacklisted and jailed screenwriter Dalton Trumbo
  • President Kennedy crossed picket lines to see Spartacus
  • House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), wipe out anything Left
  • RFK found 1/3 of the American Communist Party were FBI informants
  •,, Dr. Michael Chesser, JFK Cranial x-Rays and Photographs
  • The Paines' Participation in the Minox Camera Charade by Carol Hewett
  • Police confiscated a Minox camera, timer, no light meter, two rolls of exposed film
  • The FBI turns the camera into a light meter
  • The miniature camera had been a favorite of spies worldwide
  • Ruth said Michael Paine had owned a Minox camera
  • The Paine's garage, the gift that keeps on giving
  • The WC never asked the Paines about the camera
  • The most documented example of deliberate evidence tampering by the FBI
  • Jim's review of The Devil's Chessboard: (Talbot 2015)
  • The Devil's Chessboard has an incredible scope to it
  • Allen Dulles helped create the Cold War state
  • The best book about Allen Dulles ever written
  • Despite FDR, Dulles was negotiating with Himmler and the Nazis
  • The Noel Field affair, Dulles was using Noel Field and his family
  • The Alger Hiss Case, America's Dreyfus: The Case Nixon Rigged (Brady 2015)
  • Nixon and the Dulles brothers unleashed the fear of communist spies in our midst
  • The kidnapping and murder of Jesus de Galindez
  • Harlem's Hotel Theresa, Castro, Malcolm X, Nasser, Nehru, Khrushchev, JFK
  • Endless Enemies (Kwitny 1986), instigated by the United States of America
  • The conflict between Dulles and DeGaulle went back to World War II
  • Kennedy supported DeGaulle, but he could not vouch for the CIA
  • DeGaulle said Kennedy’s security forces were in cahoots with a renegade military
  • Fired, Dulles began private meetings at his home with high-level CIA officers
  • Virulent anti-Kennedy talk, “The Old Man will take care of it”
  • In intelligence circles Allen Dulles was often referred to as The Old Man
  • “I always wondered what Bill Harvey was doing in Dallas in November of 1963”
  • The day JFK was killed, Dulles went to alternative Agency headquarters Camp Peary
  • Dulles began a lobbying campaign to get named to the Warren Commission
  • Happy New Year!