Reference Material Section Four:
319 significant articles related to Black Op Radio topics

  (1882 05/23)   A History of the Office of Naval Intelligence, 1882-1942

  (1890 05/19)   Ho Chi Minh
                          (Kallie Szczepanski) (

  (1942 03/29)   The Huk Rebellion

  (1954 05/07)   The Fall of Dien Bien Phu and the Rise of U.S. Involvement in Vietnam
                          (Howard Simpson and Ted Tanen interviewed by Charles Stuart Kennedy) (

  (1959 08/24)   LIFE Magazine August 24, 1959
                          Jackie Kennedy: A Front Runner's Appealing Wife

  (1960 03/28)   LIFE Magazine March 28, 1960
                          Hubert and Jack in Wisconsin

  (1960 08/08)   LIFE Magazine August 8, 1960
                          Balloons Soar as the Nixons Begin Campaign

  (1960 11/21)   LIFE Magazine November 21, 1960
                          The Victorious Young Kennedys

  (1960 12/19)   LIFE Magazine December 19, 1960
                          The Kennedys and Their Son at Christening

  (1961 01/27)   LIFE Magazine January 27, 1961
                          The Kennedy Inauguration

  (1961 05/26)   LIFE Magazine May 26, 1961
                          The Kennedys in Canada

  (1961 08/04)   LIFE Magazine August 4, 1961
                          'Any dangerous spot is tenable if brave men make it so'

  (1962 00/00)   Counter-Guerrilla Operations: The Philippine Experience
                          (Charles Bohannon / Napoleon Valeriano)

  (1962 01/26)   LIFE Magazine January 26, 1962
                          Hard-headed Hard-driving, Kid Brother

  (1963 05/10)   LIFE Magazine May 10, 1963
                          Raw Untold Truth by Men Who Fought - Bay of Pigs

  (1963 09/06)   LIFE Magazine September 6, 1963
                          Spectacle of the March

  (1963 10/02)   The Taylor/McNamara Trip Report of October 1963 and NSAM 263
                          (Fletcher Prouty / David Ratcliffe) (Understanding Special Operations)

  (1963 11/22)   A History of the Zapruder Film
                          (Martin Shackelford / Debra Conway) (

  (1963 11/29)   The Oswald File Must Not Close
                          (Dorothy Kilgallen)

  (1963 12/13)   LIFE Magazine December 13, 1963
                          President Johnson at his White House Desk

  (1963 12/21)   Seeds of Doubt: Some Questions About the Assassination
                          (Jack Minnis and Staughton Lynd) (The New Republic)

  (1963 12/22)   Limit CIA Role To Intelligence
                          (President Harry Truman)

  (1964 03/20)   LIFE Magazine March 20, 1964
                          Ambassador Lodge in Saigon

  (1964 05/29)   LIFE Magazine May 29, 1964
                          Jacqueline Kennedy

  (1964 06/12)   LIFE Magazine June 12, 1964
                          Ugly War in Vietnam

  (1964 09/06)   16 Questions on the Assassination
                          (Bertrand Russell) (The Minority of One)

  (1964 11/02)   The Warren Report Analysis of Shots, Trajectories, and Wounds:
                          A Lawyer's Dissenting View
                          (Vincent Salandria) (Philadelphia Legal Intelligencer)

  (1965 01/00)   A Lawyer's Notes on the Warren Commission Report
                          (Alfredda Scobey) (American Bar Association Journal)

  (1965 01/00)   National Geographic:January 1965 American Special Forces in Viet Nam
                          (Howard Sochurek) (
  (1965 01/00)   1965 Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Eastern Thailand Map

  (1965 03/26)   LIFE Magazine March 26, 1965
                          Historic Turning Point for the Negro's Cause

  (1965 07/02)   LIFE Magazine July 2, 1965
                          Deeper Into the Vietnam War

  (1965 07/16)   LIFE Magazine July 16, 1965
                          A Thousand Days (Part I)

  (1965 07/23)   LIFE Magazine July 23, 1965
                          Adlai Stevenson - 1900 - 1965 (A Thousand Days Part II)

  (1965 07/30)   LIFE Magazine July 30, 1965
                          Mantle's Misery (A Thousand Days Part III)

  (1965 08/06)   LIFE Magazine August 6, 1965
                          The Fleet Lashes Out

  (1965 11/05)   LIFE Magazine November 5, 1965
                          A Thousand Days (Part IV)

  (1965 11/12)   LIFE Magazine November 12, 1965
                          Stunning Victory of a Loner (A Thousand Days Part V)

  (1965 11/19)   LIFE Magazine November 19, 1965
                          The Lights Went Out (A Thousand Days Part VI)

  (1965 11/26)   LIFE Magazine November 26, 1965
                          The Blunt Reality of War in Vietnam

  (1966 01/14)   LIFE Magazine January 14, 1966
                          Peace Drive Aimed at These Two Men

  (1966 02/11)   LIFE Magazine February 11, 1966
                          The War Goes On

  (1966 02/25)   LIFE Magazine February 25, 1966
                          Vietnam - A Searching Assessment

  (1966 08/01)   The Warren Commission, The Truth, and Arlen Specter (Gaeton Fonzi)
                          (Greater Philadelphia Magazine)

  (1966 11/18)   LIFE Magazine November 18, 1966
                          Robert Kennedy

  (1967 01/00)   The Children of Vietnam
                          (William F. Pepper) (Ramparts)

  (1967 04/07)   LIFE Magazine April 7, 1967
                          North Vietnam Under Siege

  (1967 11/24)   LIFE Magazine November 24, 1967
                          Why Kennedy Went To Texas

  (1968 00/00)   LIFE Magazine 1968
                          The Kennedys

  (1968 04/19)   LIFE Magazine April 19, 1968
                          America's Farewell in Anger and Grief

  (1968 04/20)   Bathroom and posed sniper in the Legacy Building boarding house from which James Earl Ray allegedly shot Dr. King
                          (Paris Match) (

  (1969 00/00)   The Kennedy conspiracy: an uncommissioned report on the Jim Garrison investigation (Excerpts)
                          (Paris Flammonde) (Merideth Press)

  (1969 05/23)   Truth Committee Releases (RFK) Conspiracy Evidence
                          (Floyd B. Nelson) (Los Angeles Free Press)

  (1969 06/27)   LIFE Magazine June 27, 1969
                          The Faces of the American Dead in Vietnam - One Week's Toll

  (1970 05/00)   The Secret Team and the Games They Play
                          (L. Fletcher Prouty) (The Washington Monthly)

  (1970 05/00)   The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy:
                          The Application of Computers to the Photographic Evidence
                          (Richard E. Sprague) (Computers And Automation)

  (1970 08/07)   LIFE Magazine August 7, 1970
                          Johnson and the Kennedys

  (1970 11/00)   Gilbert Fitzhugh's Golden Fleece
                          (A. Ernest Fitzgerald)

  (1970 12/18)   LIFE Magazine December 18, 1970
                          Khrushchev Remembers the Cuban Missile Crisis

  (1971 04/09)   LIFE Magazine April 9, 1971
                          Emperor of the FBI

  (1972 03/19)   New York Times Book Review, March 19, 1972 (Leonard Lewin)
                          Report from Iron Mountain: On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace

  (1972 08/00)   Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped? (Mae Brussell)
  (1972 08/00)   How Nixon Actually Got Into Power
                          (Mae Brussell) (The Realist - Issue No. 93 - August, 1972)

  (1972 10/00)   How All the News About Political Assassinations In the United States
                          Has Not Been Fit to Print in The New York Times
                          (Jerry Policoff) (The Realist - Issue No. 94 - October, 1972)

  (1973 00/00)   Trilateral Commission: World Shadow Government

  (1973 01/13)   Reopening the R.F.K. Investigation: Paul Schrade and Congressman Allard Lowenstein
                          (Jim Berland) (KPFK)

  (1973 10/07)   The Second Gun (Video)
                          (Ted Charach)

  (1974 00/00)   The French in Indochina
                          (Thomas Ladenburg) (

  (1974 12/15)   6 Years Later, Evidence in Sirhan's Case Is Questioned
                          (John M. Crewdson) (New York Times)

  (1975 00/00)   Farewell America: Commentary by Harold Weisberg

  (1975 04/11)   Allard Lowenstein with William F. Buckley Jr.: Who Killed Bobby Kennedy? (Video)
                          (Firing Line)

  (1975 07/00)   How the CIA Controls President Ford
                          (L. Fletcher Prouty) (Genesis)

  (1975 08/15)   Judge Approves A Sirhan Review
                          (New York Times)

  (1975 09/00)   Antineoplastic Activity of Cannabinoids
                          (Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 55, No. 3)

  (1975 09/01)   'Dear President Ford: I Know Who Killed JFK'
                          (Russell) (The Village Voice)

  (1977 02/19)   Suppressed Evidence of More than One Assassin?
                          (Allard K. Lowenstein) (The Saturday Review)

  (1978 12/01)   Jonestown Was a CIA Mind Control Experiment
                          (Mae Brussell)

  (1979 11/00)   Psychological and Unconventional Warfare 1941-1952
                          (Col. Alfred H. Paddock, Jr.) (USAWC)

  (1980 03/15)   Ex-Rep. Lowenstein Fatally Shot By Gunman in N.Y. Law Office
                          (Robert G. Kaiser) (Washington Post)

  (1980 04/26)   Philippe Thyraud de Vosjoli: The French Connection
                          (Edward Jay Epstein)

  (1980 11/00)   Who Killed JFK?
                          (Gaeton Fonzi) (The Washingtonian)

  (1980 12/14)   The Murder of John Lennon (Video)
                          (Mae Brussell)

  (1983 11/00)   The Assassination of John Kennedy: An Alternative Hypothesis (Robin Ramsay)
                          From Prague With Love: Maria Novotny, Michael Eddowes, Profumo and Kennedy (Stephen Dorril)
                          Decoding Edward Jay Epstein's 'Legend' (Robin Ramsay)
                          PERMINDEX: The International Trade in Disinformation (Stephen Dorril)
                          (Lobster No. 2)

  (1983 11/23)   Churchill's Debt To Nazi Sloganeers
                          (L. Fletcher Prouty) (Opinion - NYT)

  (1984 08/26)   Former diplomat: Congress should investigate U.S. KAL story
                          (Marie Colvin) (UPI)

  (1985 00/00)   The Black Hole of Guyana: The Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre
                          (John Judge)

  (1986 00/00)   The U.S. Government and the Vietnam War:
                          Executive and Legislative Roles and Relationships, Part I: 1945-1960
                          (William Conrad Gibbons)

  (1988 06/05)   Testifying To Torture
                          (James LeMoyne) (New York Times Magazine)

  (1988 06/08)   A Tale Of Unspeakable Evil In Honduras
                          (Judy Mann) (Washington Post)

  (1989 10/29)   Conduct Unbecoming
                          (Philip Weiss) (New York Times)

  (1990 02/11)   H-Bombs Dreams
                          (Richard Rhodes) (New York Times)

  (1990 10/00)   The Secret Treaty of Fort Hunt
                          (Carl Oglesby) (Covert Action Information Bulletin)

  (1990 11/00)   The Assassination of Alfred Herrhausen
                          (Col. L. Fletcher Prouty)

  (1991 02/17)   The Obsession, the suicide of RFK assassination researcher Greg Stone
                          (Garry Abrams) (Los Angeles Times)

  (1991 10/00)   Peer Review: Treacherous Servant, Disastrous Master
                          (Charles W. McCutchen)

  (1991 12/00)   Vietnam Lives in My Soul!
                          (Ed Murphy) (Connections Magazine)

  (1991 12/00)   Jim Garrison meets Mr. "X" (Video 1 of 2)
                          (Oliver Stone's JFK)
  (1991 12/00)   Jim Garrison meets Mr. "X" (Video 2 of 2)
                          (Oliver Stone's JFK)

  (1992 00/00)   The CIA's Saigon Military Mission
                          (L. Fletcher Prouty)

  (1992 03/31)   A Different Kennedy Murder Mystery: Where Are The RFK Pictures?
                          (Thomas D. Elias) (Scripps Howard News Service)

  (1992 05/27)   Lincoln, Kennedy, and the Autopsy (Marc S. Micozzi)
                          JFK's death - the plain truth from the MDs who did the autopsy (Dennis L. Breo)
                          JFK's death, part II - Dallas MDs recall their memories (Dennis L. Breo)
                          (Journal of the American Medical Association)

  (1992 10/07)   Closing the Case in JAMA on the John F. Kennedy Autopsy (George D. Lundberg)
                          JFK's death, part III - Dr Finck speaks out: 'two bullets, from the rear' (Dennis L. Breo)
                          (Journal of the American Medical Association)

  (1992 11/17)   It Happened Right Here!
                          Wife of key witness in Justice scandal - INSLAW case - is arrested in Napa
                          (Harry V. Martin) (Napa Sentinel)

  (1993 10/00)   The Art of Misrepresenting Evidence
                          (Stewart Galanor)

  (1993 03/21)   Army feared King, secretly watched him
                          (Stephen Tompkins) (The Commercial Appeal)
  (1993 03/21)   In 1917, spy target was black America
                          (Stephen Tompkins) (The Commercial Appeal)
  (1993 03/21)   Top spy feared current below surface unrest
                          (Stephen Tompkins) (The Commercial Appeal)
  (1993 03/21)   Spying linked Carmichael to Chinese, Cuba
                          (Stephen Tompkins) (The Commercial Appeal)

  (1993 12/03)   The CIA Drug Connection Is as Old as the Agency
                          (Larry Collins) (New York Times)

  (1993 04/01)   Review: 'Guilt or Innocence: The Trial of James Earl Ray'
                          (Adam Sandler) (

  (1994 00/00)   The Last Circle
                          (Carol Marshall)

  (1994 10/00)   Paranoia Unbound
                          (Max Holland) (Wilson Quarterly)

  (1995 02/00)   Review of Gerald Posner, Case Closed
                          (David Wrone)

  (1995 07/00)   Ted Charach's Press Conference: Thane Eugene Cesar's Gun Found
                          (David Manning) (Probe)

  (1995 08/15)   The FBI's Fib about the Mannlicher Carcano
                          (Milicent Cranor) (Probe)

  (1995 08/15)   CTKA Pays Tribute to Women in the Research Community

  (1995 12/15)   ARRB: Behind the Curtain
                          (James DiEugenio) (Probe)

  (1995 12/15)   Who bombed the Murrah Building?
                          (Steve Wilmsen and Mark Eddy) (Denver Post)

  (1996 00/00)   Stone's JFK and the Conspiracy
                          (L. Fletcher Prouty)

  (1996 01/18)   New Twist in Kennedy Mystery : Photo Negatives of Robert F. Kennedy's Assassination Disappear
                          (Emi Endo / Eric Malnic) (Los Angeles Times)

  (1996 05/03)   RFK Assassination Witness Scott Enyart (Video)
                          (Unsolved Mysteries)

  (1996 07/00)   The Probe Interview: Bob Tanenbaum
                          (James DiEugenio) (Probe)

  (1996 09/00)   Kissinger and Rockefeller Connections to American Central Intelligence and
                          the Origins of AIDS and Ebola speech
                          (Leonard G. Horowitz)

  (1996 12/00)   Lethal Dangers of the Billion-Dollar Vaccine Business
                          (Andrea Rock)

  (1997 00/00)   The Department of Defense, 1947-1997 : organization and leaders
                          (Roger R. Trask / Alfred Goldberg)

  (1997 00/00)   Reading Mastery - Level 2 Storybook 1 (My Pet Goat)
                          (Engelmann / Bruner) (Reading Mastery Plus)

  (1997 11/20)   "Harvey & Lee"
                          (John Armstrong) (JFK Lancer 1997 Conference speech)

  (1998 00/00)   Operation Mongoose: The Psyop Papers
                          (ParaScope, Inc)

  (1998 04/15)   Sirhan and the RFK Assassination, Part I: The Grand Illusion
                          (Lisa Pease) (Probe)

  (1998 06/15)   Sirhan and the RFK Assassination, Part II: Rubik's Cube
                          (Lisa Pease) (Probe)

  (1998 06/24)   Ten Days In Jakarta
                          (Greg Poulgrain)

  (1998 10/21)   C.I.A. IG Report - Vol. II Oliver North Is Toast!
                          (Michael C. Ruppert) (From The Wilderness)

  (1998 11/20)   Fabricated Evidence
                          (John Armstrong) (JFK Lancer 1998 Conference speech)

  (1998 12/00)   Only The Godfather
                          (Michael C. Ruppert) (From The Wilderness)

  (1998 12/20)   Zapruder Film Civil Suit Filed
                          (Clint Bradford) (

  (1999 00/00)   Real Deal: Edgewood Technology Services
                          (Catherine Austin Fitts)

  (1999 00/00)   Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.: The power of nonviolent action
                          (Mary King) (UNESCO)

  (1999 02/12)   Roberto Hernández Ramírez: Narcotraficante
                          (Por Esto!)

  (1999 03/14)   'False Witness' - the JFK assassination revisited
                          (Joan Mellen) (Baltimore Sun)

  (1999 04/00)   The Culture of the ARRB
                          (Doug Horne) (Kennedy Assassination Chronicles)

  (1999 05/15)   Hiding Oswald's Intelligence Connections
                          Death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Conference speech
                          (John Armstrong)

  (1999 07/00)   Vaccines in Civilian Defense Against Bioterrorism
                          (Philip K. Russell) (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

  (1999 12/11)   Specter: Teen Did No Wrong
                          (Chris Johnson) (Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader)

  (2000 02/18)   Harken Energy - Bush's No Good Trade
                          (Tom Flocco) (WND)

  (2000 02/25)   Making history: the original source for the 1988 first Echelon report steps forward
                          (Duncan Campbell)

  (2000 04/00)   Crime, the World's Biggest Free Enterprise
                          (Jean De Maillard) (Le Monde Diplomatique)

  (2000 04/00)   Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist
                          (H. Michael Sweeney)

  (2000 04/30)   The Democratic Party's Presidential Drug Money Pipeline
                          (Michael C. Ruppert) (From The Wilderness)

  (2000 05/00)   The Martin Luther King Conspiracy Exposed in Memphis
                          (Jim Douglass) (Probe)

  (2000 05/06)   Aspartame Murders Infants
                          (James Bowen M.D.)

  (2000 08/00)   16 "Smoking Guns" in the Death of JFK
                          (James H. Fetzer) (Murder in Dealey Plaza:)

  (2000 08/10)   Echo correlation analysis and the acoustic evidence in the Kennedy assassination revisited
                          (DB Thomas) (Science & Justice)

  (2000 09/00)   Context of 'May 2001: Medics Train for Airplane Hitting Pentagon'

  (2000 09/00)   Max Holland Rescues the Warren Commission and the Nation
                          (Gary L. Aguilar) (Probe)

  (2000 09/23)   Wall Street, CIA and the Global Drug Trade (Michael C. Ruppert)
                          (Nexus Magazine, Volume 8, Number 6 October-November 2001)

  (2001 01/11)   FTW SUBSCRIBER BULLETIN 01-01
                          1984 FAA Memo: Depleted Uranium Used Commonly In Aircraft
                          Manufacture Poses Serious Hazard To Crash Investigators
                          (Michael C. Ruppert) (From The Wilderness)

                          The making of a war criminal
                          (Christopher Hitchens)

  (2001 02/00)   Summary of Events as of February 2001
                          (Catherine Austin Fitts)

  (2001 02/15)   President Fox Guarding Narco-Hen House?
                          (Tom Flocco) (WND)

  (2001 04/09)   No. 1: World Bank and Multinational Corporations Seek to Privatize Water
  (2001 04/09)   No. 3: U.S. Army's Psychological Operations Personnel Worked at CNN
  (2001 04/09)   No. 4: Did the U.S. Deliberately Bomb the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade?
  (2001 04/09)   No. 13: The World Trade Organization is an Illegal Institution
  (2001 04/09)   No. 15: Gerber Uses the WTO to Suppress Laws that Promote Breastfeeding
  (2001 04/09)   No. 19: U.S. Using Dangerous Fungus to Eradicate Coca Plants in Colombia
                          (Censored 2001: Featuring 25 Years of Censored News and the Top Censored Stories of the Year)

  (2001 04/25)   One Awful Night in Thanh Phong
                          (Gregory Vistica) (New York Times)

  (2001 05/00)   Review of Murder in Dealey Plaza:
                          (George Costello) (THE FEDERAL LAWYER)

  (2001 05/14)   COPA v. Department of Defense on King Files
                          (John Judge)

  (2001 05/31)   All Hell Breaks Loose
                          (Michael C. Ruppert) (From The Wilderness)

  (2001 05/27)   COPA v. Department of Defense FOIA appeal lost
                          (John Judge)

  (2001 06/00)   Carnivore: US Government Surveillance of Internet Transmissions
                          (Virginia Journal of Law and Technology Volume 6, Issue 2 - Summer 2001)

  (2001 06/11)   Timothy McVeigh, meet Lee Harvey Oswald
                          (Helen Kennedy) (New York Daily News)

  (2001 06/26)   India in anti-Taliban military plans

  (2001 00/00)   The Art and Science of Misrepresenting Evidence
                          (Stewart Galanor)

  (2001 07/00)   Frozen Light
                          (Lene Vestergaard Hua) (Scientific American)

  (2001 07/09)   HOSTAGES: A Multi-Part FTW Special Investigation - Carlos Lehder (Michael C. Ruppert)
                          (From The Wilderness)

  (2001 07/29)   A Manifest Absurdity!
                          (Jim Fetzer) (

  (2001 07/30)   Key Report on OKC Bombing
                          (William F. Jasper) (New American Magazine)

  (2001 08/14)   HOSTAGES: A Multi-Part FTW Special Investigation - A.I.G. (Michael C. Ruppert)
                          (From The Wilderness)

  (2001 08/16)   Marijuana Party makes BC history (Marc Emery)
                          (Reverend Damuzi) (

  (2001 08/21)   Empire or Not? A Quiet Debate Over U.S. Role
                          (Thomas E. Ricks) (Washington Post)

  (2001 08/30)   The Greatest Vendetta on Earth
                          (Jeff Stein) (Salon)

  (2001 08/31)   What Follows from the Fragments?
                          (Kenneth Rahn)

  (2001 09/18)   U.S. 'planned attack on Taleban'
                          (George Arney) (BBC NEWS)

  (2001 09/19)   US Government Had Prior Knowledge Of Emergency - America's Reichstag Fire
                          (Sherman H. Skolnick)

  (2001 09/23)   A New War or a New World?
                          (John Judge)

  (2001 10/00)   The Lie That Linked CIA to the Kennedy Assassination: The Power of Disinformation
                          (Max Holland) (Studies in Intelligence)

  (2001 10/09)   Suppressed Details Of Criminal Insider Trading Lead Directly
                          Into The CIA's Highest Ranks
                          (Michael C. Ruppert)

  (2001 10/11)   The CIA met Bin Laden while undergoing treatment at an American Hospital last July in Dubai
                          (Alexandra Richard) (Le Figaro)

  (2001 10/24)   Narco-Dollars For Dummies
                          (Catherine Austin Fitts)

  (2001 11/02)   The Role of Pakistan's Military Intelligence (ISI) in the
                          September 11 Attacks, (Michel Chossudovsky)

  (2001 11/02)   Bin Laden Met With CIA In July...And Walked Away - Connect The Dots
                          (Michael C. Ruppert)

  (2001 11/06)   William Milton Cooper Killed in Entrapment

  (2001 11/08)   When Osama Bin Ladin Was 'Tim Osman'
                          (J. Orlin Grabbe)

  (2001 12/00)   Mysteries of the 112 Intelligence Corp Group
                          (Larry Hancock)

  (2001 12/06)   "Oh Lucy! - You Gotta Lotta 'Splainin To Do" A Timeline Surrounding September 11th:
                          If the CIA and the Government Weren't involved in the 9-11 Attacks, What were they Doing?
                          (Michael C. Ruppert)
  (2001 12/06)   The Profits of Death - Part I: Insider Trading and 9-11
                          (Tom Flocco) (FTW)

  (2001 12/11)   The Profits of Death - Part II: Trading with the Enemy
                          (Tom Flocco) (FTW)

  (2001 12/14)   Battelle Chief Suspect in Anthrax Mailings
                          (Tetrahedron, LLC)

  (2001 12/21)   FBI Investigates Possible Financial Motive in Anthrax Attacks
                          (Susan Schmidt / Joby Warrick) (Washington Post)

  (2002 00/00)   The 'Lone Nutter' Refutation
                          (James H. Fetzer)

  (2002 01/00)   FBI Implicated in Anthrax Mailings Cover-up:
                          Mueller Reports No Intention to Investigate Chief Suspect
                          (Tetrahedron Publishing Group)

  (2002 01/09)   The Profits of Death - Part III
                          All Roads Lead to Deutsche Bank and Harken Energy,
                          W's own 1991 Insider Trading Scam: The Mother of All Enrons
                          (Tom Flocco) (FTW)

  (2002 01/28)   A White Knight Talking Backwards (Delmart Edward "Mike" Vreeland)
                          (Michael C. Ruppert) (FTW)

  (2002 01/31)   'To Fight Freedom's Fight'
                          (William Safire)

  (2002 02/00)   On the Origins of the Assassination of JFK
                          (Jim Fetzer)

  (2002 02/20)   Office of Strategic Mendacity
                          (Maureen Dowd) (New York Times)

  (2002 02/23)   The truth is out there ...right?
                          (Ian Mulgrew ) (Vancouver Sun)

  (2002 02/26)   Rumsfeld Formally Disbands Office of Strategic Influence
                          (Eric Schmitt) (New York Times)

  (2002 02/26)   'Drug War' Opponents Blast White House Policy
                          (Susan Jones) ( )

  (2002 03/03)   The Axis of Re-Election
                          (Anna Quindlen) (Newsweek)

  (2002 03/12)   America as Nuclear Rouge
                          (New York Times)

  (2002 03/12)   Bennett announces Americans for Victory Over Terrorism project to support America's war on terrorism
                          (Free Republic)

  (2002 03/18)   Pipeline politics taint U.S. war
                          (Salim Muwakkil) (

  (2002 05/27)   DEA attacks med-pot and hemp
                          (Pete Brady) (

  (2002 07/28)   Entering the Gallery of His Mind - A Conversation with Elio Bruno
                          (Marcelo Silveyra) (

  (2002 08/00)   The life and death of Peter McWilliams
                          (R. W. Bradford) (Liberty Magazine)

  (2002 08/12)   Jim Garrison, the KGB, and the CIA
                          An open letter to Foreign Affairs magazine
                          (Oliver Stone and Zachary Sklar) (The Nation)

  (2002 08/25)   Flight of the Phoenix From Vietnam to Homeland Security
                          (Douglas Valentine)

  (2002 09/02)   Special Exhibit 10 Report: Ballistics Research in the Assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy
                          (Rose Lynn Mangan)

  (2002 09/04)   Funding War Public Relations With Foreign Cash - Like Father Like Son?
                          (Tom Flocco) (

  (2002 10/30)   Not all conspiracies are created equal
                          (John Judge)

  (2002 11/23)   25 Reasons Why 'White Collar Terrorists' Are To Blame For 911
                          (Dr. Len Horowitz)

  (2003 01/07)   Master of the Surveillance Image
                          (Dino Brugioni) (NOVA)

  (2003 02/04)   An Act of State - The Execution of Martin Luther King
                          (William F. Pepper) (

  (2003 03/08)   Will the Real Daniel Ellsberg Please Stand Up!
                          (Douglas Valentine)

  (2003 05/00)   JFK assassination film hoax - A simple introduction
                          (John Costella)

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