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Show #455
Original airdate: Dec 31st, 2009
Guest: Jim DiEugenio
Topic: Listener Email / Buglosi Book Review Con't

Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim talks about a few reviews he's been writing at CTKA aka PROBE MAGAZINE
  • The Lonnie Hudkins story... Was Oswald a paid FBI informant?
  • FBI # 3 man, Cartha DeLoach.
  • Ralph Yarborough apparently heard Oswald was CIA
  • Richard Case Nagell and Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Nagell couldn't talk Oswald out of the assassination plot and then couldn't kill him as he was requested to
  • Jim likes Ed Haslam's books
  • The Redbird Airport story: Interesting story but we may never know if it's true
  • The dubious Oswald prints on the Mannlicher Carcano
  • No photo of the palm print was taken at hte time... A photo is standard procedure
  • The lateness of the palm print photo's arrival in Washington
  • Oswald in the lunchroom of the TSBD... He could not have just been on the 6th floor
  • Baker's 5 different stories attempting to identify Oswald in the TSBD
  • Belin went off the record five times during Baker's testimony
  • Jim gives an overview of these 5 stories and what he believes
  • The "ghost photos"

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Part 6 - Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, and Bugliosi's Bungle
  • How Ruby got into the basement of the Dallas police station. Jim describes why he didn't walk down the ramp
  • Bugliosi says he did in spite of witnesses who knew Ruby and did not see him
  • Billy Grammar identified Ruby as the man that made the warning phonecall. Bugliosi leaves him out of the book
  • Western Union was close to City Hall... Ruby didn't need perfect timing... He could've easily have been signaled
  • The horns that went off perhaps signalling Ruby to shoot Oswald
  • Captain Fritz strangely distances himself from Oswald just before Ruby shot
  • He was also noteable for looking the wrong way during the incident. Everyone but Fritz was looking at Ruby
  • Ruby's reaction when he found out Oswald had died
  • Jim explains why his review of Reclaiming History was so in depth
  • A discussion of the Tom Hanks production that tries to bring the Bugliosi book to the screen...
  • ...It may not make production!
  • Page details on mcadams and wikipedia
  • How Wikipedia will delete corrections to their pages even when the man written about makes the corrections
  • The result is the official story is often supported even if it's proven false or incorrect
  • Happy New Year Black Op Fans!

    Show #454
    Original airdate: Dec 24th, 2009
    Guests: Jim Douglass / Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: Recent Mocumentaries

    Play Part One Interview - Jim Douglass
  • Amazon has JFK And The Unspeakable
  • Update of JFK and The Unspeakable success!
  • Oliver Stone's appearance on Bill Maher's show with Jim's book
  • That appearance took sales "to the next level"
  • JFK Fed up with the Cold War
  • Jim didn't find the expected skepticism of JFK as a man
  • The office of President, however, met with much skepticism
  • Due to the opening of archives (The JFK Records Act) we now know just how much JFK turned to peace
  • The information shows just how much oppsition Kennedy had and how the opposition evolved
  • Khruschev had decided to join Kennedy in the moon-shot... Treasonous in the eyes of the war-makers
  • If the sharing of the moon-shot had gone through, it would have diffused the Cold War greatly
  • We have more than enough evidence to show why and who killed Kennedy... The specifics are unclear
  • The institutional forces that resisted Kennedy policy and many that were involved in the assassination
  • Jim believes LBJ had forknowledge but did not include it in the book for lack of solid evidence
  • A "don't miss the forest for the trees" analogy of the assassination
  • America's national Security State was responsible for the JFK Assassination
  • The rediculousness of the "Mob did it" scenario
  • Kennedy was making friends with Castro and Khruschev at this time... They, of course, didn't do it
  • Castro was receiving encouraging reports about Kennedy from, of all people, Khruschev
  • Regardless of how you take the assassination, the world changed the moment JFK died
  • Kennedy was alone in his policy... Obama, we hope, is not alone...
  • ...JFK And The Unspeakable: Why He Died And Why It Matters
  • The willingness to die for their convictions of both sides of the peace question
    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Listener Emailed questions answered:
  • The early reports of the rifle and the spent shells being found on different floors
  • More evidence that the cover-up was already in motion on the first day!
  • The problem with the "dented shell", CE543
  • Was there a connection between the TSBD owner and the assassination?
  • Was the upper storm drain shot possible?
  • The more plausible sniper's nests
  • Are there more COPA events coming up?
  • Robert Groden's new book... very expensive to make
  • How could Oswald have learned Russian so well?
  • The Ford book and the James Files story
  • False leads, JFK Murder Solved and Wim Daankbar
  • Why Richard Case Nagell was supposed to kill Oswald
  • Gary Mack minimizes Jack Ruby to a nobody
  • Gary Mack mocumentaries pretentious devices
  • Review and exposing the fraud and misrepresentations of JFK:The Ruby Connection
  • Jim DiEugenio review part 1 - Gary Mack's Follies
  • Jim DiEugenio review part 2 - Gary Mack's Follies Continued
  • Jim DiEugenio review part 3 - Gary Mack Replies: Doctor Faustus Defends His Deal
  • The rediculous timelines required for the official stories and Gary Mack's don't even match
  • A series of Oswald "wrong ways" and time impossibilities that are never explained
  • The requested transcripts did not match. They were "improved" or altered
  • Winchester bullets in Remington shells?...
  • The Tippit shells were marked at the scene by Officer J.M. Poe. The shells in evidence are not marked...
  • An Oswald/Hidell wallet found at the Tippit scene and on Oswald and also on his dresser at home...
  • A documentary is allowed no dramatic license. This show is a deception start to finish!
  • Mack leaves out points that need to be mentioned about Ruby in the police station
  • Jim describes many time points we know about Jack Ruby left out by Mack
  • Gary Mack was a conspiracy researcher before making a turnabout and taking...
  • ... the highly paid curator's job at the Sixth Floor Museum to spew the opposite opinion
  • If Lee Oswald was on the stand, the case would have been thrown out, Jim explains...

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • The Ruby phone calls that show where Ruby was and where Ruby wanted us to think he was
  • Mack's omissions eliminate any question of how Ruby got into the police station
  • Ruby never came down the Main Street ramp yet Mack has him doing this
  • Captain Fritz broke the protection of Oswald by leaving his lead position in front of him allowing Ruby space to shoot
  • Mack does not show this in any way
  • The horn honks are moved and then eliminated in the recreation
  • Now refered to as "a Dunkel Fable"
  • Henry Hurt quote "A Pimp for All Seasons"
    Larry Dunkel and the Sixth Floor are involved in serious, no-holds barred psychological warfare against the American public on the Kennedy case. In their brazen disregard of any journalistic integrity, their script and techniques might have been written by the likes of Allen Dulles or James Angleton.

    Show #453
    Original airdate: Dec 17th, 2009
    Guests: Dr. David Mantik / Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Dr. David Mantik
  • Dr. Mantic is a Radio Oncologist and also has a PhD in Physics
  • David is very impressed with Doug Horne's new book
  • Three abnormalities in the JFK X-Rays
  • One.) A white patch over the back of the head
  • Two.) a 6.5mm metal fragment inside the right orbit
  • Three.) somebody has scraped off the emulsion on an X-Ray
  • These alterations were perpetrated while this evidence was in the posession of the US government
  • The Governor Connally back injury bullet could not have passed through any other body
  • All three experts noted the strangeness of the metal fragment. None of them saw it in the body
  • David is also a big fan of Jim Douglass and his book JFK And The Unspeakable
  • Jim gave a lecture in Dallas this last November. This material should be available at JFK Lancer
  • Casket arrives at 8:00pm, Fink arrives at 8:30 X-Rays are already taken by 8:00pm...
  • ...The body would have had to have already been at Bethesda for some time for X-Rays
  • The eyewitnesses were not clouding the issue. They were telling what actually happened
  • The occipital wound showed an exit pattern not an entrance like the official story describes
  • We are directed to the appendixes of Doug Horne's book that summarize the three expert's

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Emailed questions answered:
  • What happened to the Powers film?
  • The film was taken from behind Kennedy showing how Connally was sitting in front of JFK
  • The TV simulations change the angle to make the shot seem possible
  • If Oswald re-assembled the Carcano in the TSBD, how could he have sighted it in?
  • Oswald had no tools and a screwdriver was needed for re-assembly
  • The argument between the scope and the iron sights on the Mannlicher-Carcano
  • Jim has revued Gary Mack's JFK:The Ruby Connection at
  • Deception and the Tosh Plumlee/Dealey Plaza information
  • DiEugenio believes the front shot came from further down the fence over the storm drain
  • What was Oswald's role in the USSR?
  • Jim believes Oswald was a Counter Intelligence agent and the USSR knew his role
  • Richard Russell and his dissent from the official story
  • Russell was onto the idea that Marina Oswald was part of the Russian Counter Intelligence program
  • Why were boxes stacked in front of the window on the sixth floor?
  • Why didn't LBJ run again after his first term?
  • Was LBJ driven to depression and possibly madness over his role in Vietnam?
  • Lonny Hudkins's story about Oswald being an FBI informant
  • The answer can be read in part 7 of Jim's review of Bugliosi's book

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim lists off many great researchers that were at Dallas this year
  • Jim refers to Edwin Black's article "The Chicago Plot", available exclusively here at Black Op
  • JFK: The Ruby Connection doesn't show who Jack Ruby really was...
  • ... Another Gary Mack disinfo show
  • Jim shows Ruby's ties to organized crime, particularly Lewis McWillie
  • Jack Ruby was also a police case fixer and a police informant
  • Ruby knew as many as 700 of the 1200 Dallas police officers of the time
  • He was also connected to the DA's office and a part of Dallas's justice system
  • Oswald's connections to Ruby
  • Oswald's double shows up at Ruby's apartment the night before the assassination
  • As Jim puts it, with all of these connections, how could Gary Mack leave them out as if Ruby was a nobody?
  • The falling blogosphere:
  • -The Huffington Post features Edward Epstein's strange version of the JFK assassination
  • -The Daily Beast features Gerald Posner as their chief investigative reporter...UGH!
  • Jim takes apart the stories of a few Lone Nut proponents
  • The Black Op Conference... Hawaii?.. San Diego?... A Cruise?...

    Show #452
    Original airdate: Dec 10th, 2009
    Guests: Douglas Horne
    Topic: Inside The ARRB

    Play Part One Interview - Doug Horne
  • Doug's book Inside the Assassination Records Review Board: The U.S. Government's...
  • ...Final Attempt to Reconcile the Conflicting Medical Evidence in the Assassination of JFK
  • His blog site is Inside The ARRB
  • Doug was a member of the ARRB for it's last 3 of 4 years
  • How he came to work for the ARRB
  • Doug's military background helped to get him the position
  • From the age of 14 he followed the critic's view of the Warren Commission
  • Doug opposed the ARRB's view that the Warren Commission got it right
  • The actual agenda of the ARRB...It was not to re-investigate the JFK assassination
  • The HSCA left many unsatisfactory conclusions. The ARRB tried to clear many up
  • There is undeniable evidence of a medical cover-up in the JFK assassination
  • Many autopsy photos and x-rays have been destroyed
  • As many as 18 different views no longer exist in the evidence collection
  • Doug lists off many photos proven to have been taken but no longer exist
  • The Optical Densitometry work done by Dr Mantic on the head x-rays
  • Mantic is a radio oncologist and has a PhD in Physics... A very credible researcher
  • Horne's view on what G Robert Blakey's agenda was
  • The primary difference between David Lifton's opinion and Doug's
  • A similar description of the head wounds as related by three witness physicians
  • Mortician, Tom Robinson saw the autopsy including the post-mortem surgery before the autopsy
  • Witnesses prove the cranium was sawn open and not blown open like the official story states
  • The scalp is held in place by many hands to obscure the hole in the back of the head
  • Two former FBI agent witnesses gave evidence the head was altered for the pictures
  • The alteration pictures still exist and the traditional autopsy photos have been removed
  • The autopsy report on record now is the third draft of that document
  • Humes burned one copy and another copy went missing during a transfer of materials from RFK
  • A third draft cannot be relied upon as evidence especially given the history surrounding it
  • JFK's brain and it's preservation treatment called "profusion"

    Play Part Two Interview - Doug Horne
  • There were two brain examinations a week apart
  • The images of Kennedy's sectioned brain do not exist in the archives
  • The images that do exist are not the images taken by John Stringer
  • The archived images show a primarily intact brain. The witnesses stated otherwise
  • Boswell stated that the top and right side and right rear of the skull were missing
  • Doug calls the Boswell diagram a "con job"
  • 3 pieces of skull found after the assassination and all are now missing
  • The Harper Fragment... Evidence of a rear exit wound...And a shot from the front
  • Questioning the authenticity of the Zapruder Film and a bit of it's history
  • Why Doug now believes the Z film is not authentic
  • Analyzing the film for authenticity
  • A few points attest to an authentic film but there are problems
  • The intrasprocket images extend too far on the archived film
  • The test shots do not show the penetration of intra-sprocket images the Z film does
  • The inference is that the original was reprinted on the archive film and was not original
  • Proof is provided by the contact copies not showing the intra-sprocket images
  • Doug could not get a test film made using the Z camera to prove or disprove penetration
  • He recently found out that this test is the very first thing that should have been done
  • Chain of custody questions... Strange negotiations by Life Magazine
  • The CIA's NPIC photo center created two briefing boards by two separate crews
  • The second film was a 16mm film, not the 8mm slit film
  • The 16mm film was a sanitized copy of the Zapruder film
  • The study of the Z film by the Hollywood team shows alteration of JFK's head
  • The fakery was terrible and very easy to spot and seven experts attest to the alteration
  • Conclusion: The Z Film constitutes irrefutable evidence of a US government cover-up
  • Just one more fraud in the JFK assassination saga... virtually every piece of evidence shows fraud
  • Doug thanks Rex Bradford for all of his help in helping create the book

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    Show #451
    Original airdate: Dec 3rd, 2009
    Guests: Douglas Weldon
    Topic: JFK Limo Research

    Play Part One Interview - Doug Weldon
  • Background to Doug Weldon... a very qualified individual
  • Doug qualifies the fact that he's a lawyer, a tough thing to be researching this case
  • Article discussed - The through and through hole in the limo windshield
  • Doug lists off a number of competent researchers and their critical works
  • So many people saw things denied by the Warren Commission "What is the value of these witnesses?"
  • George Whittaker's story of the windsheild at the Ford Rouge plant in Dearborn Michigan.
  • The old windshield had a bullet hole in it that traversed the windshield from outside to inside
  • The Whittakers were very fearful of divulging this information
  • Motorcade Seargent in charge, Stavis Ellis also recognized that a hole was in the windshield
  • Ellis was a very honest and solid witness. He sought nothing from his knowledge
  • A hole emanating from the front means a shot came from the front... "NO LONE NUT"
  • If this is true, who was involved in altering and obfuscating this evidence?
  • Adelia Glanges and the difficulties with other researchers using her information...They never interviewed her
  • Nigel Turner and Doug Weldon are the only two people to actually interview Glanges.
  • Witness testimony attesting to a windshield hole was continually made top secret
  • Deception regarding the windshield hole... Testimony changed to "Pinhole" and no hole at all
  • The government went to extraordinary lengths to get the hole testimony recanted

    Play Part Two Interview - Doug Weldon
  • Fear of assassination prevented many witnesses from coming forward
  • Doug clears up several misconceptions about the Whitehouse and Bethesda
  • William Greer, the limo driver changed his story many times
  • Martin Heinreichs, 3D image expert, stated the crack photos were not of the same windshield
  • The Secret Service ordered 12 windshields to use for "target practice" after the assassination
  • The inference is they were recreating the imaged damage without making a hole
  • Several dates seem to have been changed in and around the assassination
  • The limo seems to have a concocted history surrounding the driving of the vehicle
  • Weldon talks extensively about the researchers, good and bad
  • The lone assassin theory is "a house of cards"
  • Doug has a book in the works but he doesn't hold out hope it'll get published
  • James Cheney's testimony: First shot missed and raised dirt, second shot hit Kennedy in the front!
  • Weldon believes Lyndon Johnson was involved in the assassination

    Show #450
    Original airdate: Nov 26th, 2009
    Guests: Koji Masutani / Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Virtual JFK

    Play Part One Interview - Koji Masutani
  • The DVD Virtual JFK took 3 1/2 years of work to make
  • The video deals with what likely would have happened if JFK had lived
  • The book and DVD can be bought at Virtual
  • Kennedy faced the question of war 6 times and 6 times he chose peace
  • Koji talks about 5 varying views on JFK's future policy
  • He describes the 6 crises where the military recommended escalation
  • The DVD relies primarily on actual footage for it's conclusions rather than narrative opinion
  • The classified documents and recordings and the difficulties obtaining materials
  • The Freedom Of Information Act and accurate archival materials
  • How James Blight became the narrator of the movie
  • JFK was the first president to have live press conferences
  • The informative and disarming way JFK fended off questions...
  • ...much better than today's rehearsed and controlled presidential press conferences
  • Kennedy was well informed on every subject
  • Hubert Humphrey and Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam policy
  • Humphrey was opposed to Vietnam and Johnson used cronies kept him at bay
  • How Obama sees foreign policy in relation to JFK foreign policy
  • Lyndon Johnson's attack of conscience toward the end of his presidency
  • The intimidation of Johnson in the presence of the new Whitehouse Ivy Leaguers
  • Through this movie, viewers get a great overview of who JFK really was

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim Fetzer
  • Jim talks about the recent Huffington Post article here
  • Jim and Jim Marrs rebutted the above article here
  • ...and at Jim Fetzer at Blogspot
  • Jim describes several points that show the discussed photo was faked
  • The point is made that garbage like the original photo article are held up immediately...
  • ...while the truth is suppressed
  • How Jim came to collaberate with Jim Marrs on this article
  • Many reader comments on the article still show the lone nutter view is held by many
  • The pictures show many photographic alterations but they also show the two newspapers,...
  • ...The Militant and The Worker, who's views were antithetical to each other
  • Jim talks about bloggers pushing lone nutter theory
  • CE 399, Gerald Ford and the rediculousness of the Magic Bullet theory
  • Jim's website is Assassination Science
  • There you'll find the discussed article called "Another Attempted Reenactment Of The Death Of JFK"
  • Archived podcasts of Jim's radio shows can be found at The Real Deal With Jim Fetzer

    Show #449
    Original airdate: Nov 19th, 2009
    Guests: Douglas Valentine /Kris Milligan
    Topic: The Strength Of The Pack

    Play Part One Interview - Douglas Valentine
  • An overview of a few of Douglas's books: TDY, The Phoenix Program and The Strength Of The Wolf
  • The CIA infiltration of the DEA
  • Strength Of The Wolf is the history of the Bureau of Narcotics
  • Strength Of The Pack is the history of the Drug Enforcement Agency
  • Valentine shows the depth of corruption in drug enforcement
  • The CIA was instrumental in the corruption since it's inception but...
  • ...illicit drugs have been controlled for political gain for far longer
  • The OSS was created with the help of the Bureau of Narcotics
  • Drug trafficking helped form the relationships of the CIA with the Mafia
  • Douglas describes how the CIA enabless drug running inside America
  • The Reagan Whitehouse, DEA and Iran/Contra
  • The CIA uses drug dealing as a tool to control various smaller governments around the world
  • The strange recent story revealing Hamid Karzai's brother as Afghanistan's biggest drug kingpin
  • "The CIA, wherever it goes, corrupts everything it touches": Douglas Valentine
  • American politicians allow the corruption to exist because it allows American foreign policy...
  • exist as the corrupt imperialist machine that it is
  • They can't stop the drug trade so they do the next best thing, the control it...
  • ...rather than leave it to criminal enterprises(as if the CIA wasn't a criminal enterprise in itself)
  • Lucien Conein... CIA Agent, Military Advisor, Domestic Government Investigator and DEA Agent
  • The Washington and Kent State protests and how Nixon dealt with it
  • The DEA infiltrated protest groups, using drug activity to stop war protests
  • Part of the law enforcement culture is it's affinity to right wing politics

    Play Part Two Interview - Douglas Valentine
  • Douglas's books and other resources can be found at his website, and at Trine Day Books
  • The takeover of the Bureau of Narcotics by the CIA
  • No drug enforcement was carried out in Vietnam after a particular incident for many years at the behest of the CIA
  • How agents get involved and then rise up in the DEA heirachy
  • How a good drug investgator was prevented from taking action by the CIA
  • How the Cuban Revolution accellerated drug trafficking in America and how they were enabled afterward
  • The DEA and the CIA are not happy about this book so get it while you can!

    Play Part Two Interview - Kris Milligan
  • Trine Day Books primarily publishes suppressed books
  • Kris's father was a CIA agent who also thought Vietnam was about drugs
  • His reasons for printing this genre of literature
  • The main page has a great array of works published by Kris

    Show #448
    Original airdate: Nov 12th, 2009
    Guest: William Pepper / Bill Davy
    Topic: News / JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - William Pepper
  • Sirhan moved from a secure unit at Corcoran to an open prison where he is exposed to risky inmates
  • Dr Pepper is in the process of getting Sirhan's memory restored and his case retried
  • There is some new evidence confirming old evidence proving Sirhan's innocence
  • A Spanish judge is attempting to try the Bush administration for war crimes

    Play Part Two Interview - Bill Davy
  • Bill got interested in the Kennedy case listening to Mort Sahl
  • He published an article "Through the Looking Glass: The Mysterious World of Clay Shaw" available at Probe Magazine (
  • Expanding on that theme he wrote "Let Justice Be Done" which is no longer in print
  • Bill is working on a new volume of this book
  • Eye-opening items Bill found out about the Garrison investigation that proved he was right all along
  • An explanation of the Clinton/Jackson sightings of Oswald
  • Perry Russo confirmed much that the witnesses claimed
  • Carroll Thomas's FBI interview showing Shaw and Ferrie knew each other was suppressed
  • Vanity Fair has a great article called A Clash Of Camelots
  • Earl Warren gave the first draught of the Warren Report to William Manchester and the Kennedys for approval?
  • The pressure brought to bear on Warren and others to come to the Lone Nutter conclusion
  • Oswald impersonators in Mexico determined in the beginning not to be Oswald
  • Strange dealings between an itinerant warehouse laborer and Russian intelligence people... Who was Oswald?
  • Were these people really Oswald or someone portraying him to create a "Russia-did-it" scenario?
  • Doug Horne's "bogus Brain Pictures" discovery. Conflicting dates point to this being the case
  • All of the Warren Commission authors that did NOT believe the Warren Report
  • Opinions of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
  • The complicity of the media
  • Bill Davy doesn't have a website but he's on Facebook if you want to look him up
  • Bill gives kudos to Jim Douglass and Peter Vea
  • Even the factory that produced the Mannlicher Carcano said Oswald couldn't have done the shooting with their gun

    Show #447
    Original airdate: Nov 5th, 2009
    Guest: John Judge / Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: COPA 2009 / JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - John Judge
  • The history of and purpose of COPA
  • COPA is working on getting the extensive FBI records regarding Dr. Martin Luther King
  • These records were not affected by the JFK Records Act and remain sealed
  • The general sealing of files regarding assassinations and disasters
  • 15.5 million records per year are classified by the government, many reclassified after previous release
  • How this secreting of files enables the alteration of history
  • John Judge and many others are working on opening a museum of "hidden"history in D.C.
  • The difficulties showing history at established museums
  • The limited historical value of the Spy Museum
  • How history is slowly becoming less important in the mind of the public
  • If you forget your history you're doomed to repeat it!
  • The 15th annual COPA conference will be in Dallas Nov 20th to the 22nd, 2009
  • The COPA web site is at Political
  • Hotel reservations need to be made seperately at the Hotel Lawrence, Dallas Texas
  • This year's agenda and several speakers that will be attending
  • The list of speakers is phenominal
  • A lost tape of the RFK shooting proving more than one gun was fired
  • COPA is attempting to stream all or some of the conference live
  • The security of presidents
  • John relates a poignant scene from Orwell's "1984"
  • The loss of researchers' archives after their deaths and attempte so preserve archives for the future
  • Any questions can be answered by emailing COPA at

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim answers emailed listener questions
  • Why Bugliosi is so far off the mark on the JFK assassination - A 20 year snowballing of errors
  • The Spence/Bugliosi mock TV trial had no basis in truth and did not resemble a real trial
  • Several points that void arguments made by Bugliosi in his book and some magazines
  • The parrafin tests proving Oswald didn't fire a gun yet held up by Bugiosi as damning evidence
  • The Jet effect evidence and the reaction time evidence
  • When did Oswald realize he was the patsy and was he at the Tippett murder?
  • Was David Ferrie a witting or unwiting participant?
  • Was an Airforce pilot's body used as a double for JFK and was Tippitt "Badgeman?"
  • Kudos to the people who created the transcripts of the 4 parts of the debate!
  • Why did the rifle bags differ in seperate photos?
  • Some inconsistencies of John McAdams
  • One of the bags in evidence was mailed empty to Oswald?
  • The dubious finger/hand prints on the bag
  • Where are the part boxes of ammunition that should exist if the rifle was Oswald's?
  • The rifle and pistol are ordered 2 months apart but arrive the same day?
  • Did Oswald actually fight anyone in the Texas Theater or was he just roughed up?

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • We have CE399 and several fragments. Where are the other bullets?
  • The Bob Barrett bullet just ceases to exist Bugliosi accepts Barret's denial without argument
  • The 7.65 shell also disappeared for 30 years
  • CE543 shell could not have been dented by the Mannlicher Carcano before it was an empty shell
  • The fingerprint evidence is extensive. It will take a full show to cover it
  • Pat Speer is doing an essay on the fingerprint evidence
  • What was the reason for all of the police presence at the Texas Theater?

    Show #446
    Original airdate: Oct 29th, 2009
    Guest: Gil Jesus / Lisa Pease
    Topic: JFK Research / COPA

    Play Part One Interview - Gil Jesus
  • Gil became interested as a 12 year old after reading a volume of the Warren Report
  • His father allowed him to read police reports so he was able to read the Warren Report from the slant of a police officer
  • Gil's YouTube channel is G J J dude
  • He talks about Oswald at the Dallas Police Station and his news clips from there
  • The loss of memory of the people that interviewed Oswald: Avoid perjury.... just don't comment
  • Wade, Fritz, Curry and the PD and DA's office in Dallas's well known corrupt practices of the time
  • The limited questioning of Oswald... deliberate and deceptive
  • In public and on the air Oswald requested a lawyer but in private we are asked to believe he didn't want one
  • Oswald was held incommunicado to prevent him from getting a lawyer easily
  • Ruth Paine tells the usual deceptive testimony on the subject while pretending to be overly concerned
  • The ACLU were lied to by the Dallas PD and chose to believe the lie
  • Lawyer Nichols, in the end, served the needs of the Dallas PD when he should've served the needs of Lee Harvey Oswald
  • The farcical police lineup
  • The sheer number of strange occurrences in this case at the police station show clearly there was collusion...
  • the Dallas PD, and this is just one strange venue in this case among many
  • Almost every point in every place in this case shows evidence tampering, deception and obfuscation
  • If Ruby didn't know Oswald, How could he have known Oswald was part of the Fair Play For Cuba Committee?
  • Kennedy's opposition to the military's predisposed planning and their anger toward him for it
  • Dialogue about the common sense conclusions you have to make when you hear the evidence
  • Mack, McAdams and others and the disinformation that never seems to stop

    Play Part Two Interview - Lisa Pease
  • Lisa's continuing work can be found at Probe Magazine (
  • Lisa reviews C David Heymann's new book Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story
  • Lisa has found the book is a compilation of innuendo and speculation as are many of his books
  • Heymann has claimed several proveable untruths such as Pulitzer Prize nominations he never got
  • The editor involved edited all of his books and they've all contained untruths... She's part of the problem
  • The editor seems to have deliberately missed proving credibility on issues she should have
  • Heymann claims to have joined the Mossad. Would he be talking about it if he did?
  • How honest and dishonest writers quote statements made by people
  • Heymann even mis-quoted Gerald Ford, a disinformationalist in his own right
  • Lisa on coverups; (think Gerald Ford) just change the facts to suit the story
  • Heymann even quotes Pierre Salinger as stating sexual innuendo... just not credible
  • The only proveable things Heymann says are the proveably "untrue" things
  • Lisa talks about a woman who had knowledge of a plot to kill Ted Kennedy around the time of Chappaquiddick
  • E Howard Hunt showed up on Chappaquiddick Island very shortly after the incident... Why?
  • In the end, Ted Kennedy's story still fits the facts and he never veered from his story
  • Posner has the private cell number of Hamid Karzai's brother, the largest heroine kingpin in Afghanistan... Why... and how did he get it?
  • Osama Bin Laden... still not captured... just look for an older Afghani man dragging a dialysis machine

    Show #445
    Original airdate: Oct 22nd, 2009
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Listener questions:
  • Commentary on the Zapruder film - The theory can be very speculative
  • More than one Oswald... There is much evidence for at least two
  • When did Oswald realize he was the patsy?
  • The Officer Baker(Oswald at the Coke machine) and the Texas Theater incidents
  • Ruby at the police station
  • How Oswald likely met Guy Banister
  • The setting-up of Oswald
  • Reasons why Ferrie was not a McGuffin
  • The credibility of the Dallas police and the formation of the Warren Commission
  • Jim comments further on the debate - McAdams is impervious to evidence
  • How the other side tries to keep Oswald out of the Baniste address, 544 Camp St.
  • The photo evidence, the reality and how it is dealt with by the lone nutters

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Part 6 of Jim's Bugliosi book review
  • Bugliosi, in spite of evidence to the contrary, finds no fault with the Dallas Police
  • Craig Watkins, recent Dallas D.A. proved how shabby the Dallas police investigations were in the JFK era
  • Jury rigging and racism riddled the D.A.'s office
  • Watkins found a cache of JFK documents and evidence not catalogued previously!
  • Wesley Buell Frazier(the source for the spurious curtain rod story)
  • Oswald denied the story but it was held up as truth
  • Several points that show flaws in the official stry
  • This seems to point to Frazier either being coerced or him wanting to be included in history
  • The bag the FBI had in evidence does not match the original... planted/altered evidence?
  • Frazier's lie detector test showed "controlled hysteria"
  • The first rifle found, a .303 Lee Enfield was also found at Frazier's house
  • This infers that Frazier brought the rifle and blamed Oswald... hmmm
  • Frazier's story doesn't jive with witness accounts
  • An explanation for the "curtains" picture
  • Four bags were known to have existed.
  • There was no one to place Oswald in the TSBD... Frazier's story was concocted to do this

    Show #444
    Original airdate: Oct 15th, 2009
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Call in between 9pm 10pm EST 604 525-4167 or 604 525-3974 during show time only.
  • Jim elaborates on a topic from last week's show questioning the credibility of two sides of a topic
  • Neutron Activation and Parrafin tests on Oswald proved he never fired a gun that day
  • Could CE399 have done "ANY" damage, let alone all of the damage attributed to it?
  • Why the Warren Commission advocates try to keep Oswald out of 544 Camp Street
  • Showing how Truman and Johnson were not Liberals as John McAdams stated
  • John Kennedy spent his presidency trying to reverse the Cold War policy that Truman began
  • The less than liberal results of the Johnson presidency
  • Why Oswald left the TSBD and Dealey Plaza after the assassination
  • Noteable: The TSBD was only one of several businesses located in that building
  • Roger Craig a very credible witness
  • Hoover's dealings with the CIA
  • Oswald was not just a patsy, he was a "pawn"
  • Caller: Where was Oswald when some events transpired?
  • Caller: What's your opinion of Larry Flynt's Rebel Magazine?
  • Larry Flynt actually hired Gordon Novel and Mitch Werbell, two identified CIA men
  • Caller, Gil comments on an out and out lie in the Warren Report!
  • Chauncey Holt's admittance that he was the older tramp. Was it Holt or E Howard Hunt?
  • Why Jim picked the 4 people he did to challenge for a debate
  • Do "Case Closed" or "Reclaiming History" have any redeeming historical value?
  • Jim reviews his phenomenal critique of of Reclaiming History
  • Why OP Wright's name isn't mentioned in the Warren Commission Report
  • The dubious chain of evidence of CE 399

    Show #443
    Original airdate: Oct 8th 2009, 2009
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio and John McAdams
    Topic: JFK Research Debate Part 3 & 4

    Play Part Three Interview - Debate Part Three

  • Q: The Commission claimed that Oswald took his rifle from the Paine garage on the morning of 11/22 with the intent of killing President Kennedy: What evidence is there that the rifle was in the Paine garage on November 21st?
  • Q: Is there proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Oswald and Oswald alone fired the magic bullet?
  • Q: Did Hoover proclaim Oswald guilty before or after the FBI examined any of the evidence?
  • Q: Can anyone name Oswald's communist associates in the US and their group affiliations?
  • Q: Did Oswald order the rifle in evidence?

    Play Part Four Interview - Debate Part Four

  • Q: Are the backyard photos genuine?
  • Q: Did the HSCA cover up evidence of a large exit wound in the back of Kennedy's head?
  • Q: Was President Kennedy's intent to withdraw from Vietnam at the time of his assassination?
  • Question for John to Jim: How many people are involved in the assassination and coverup?
  • Question for Jim to John: Why did John misrepresent Michael Kurtz from his book Crime Of The Century
  • Summation from John: Evidence is solid on every point, John lists several items that he claims proves Oswald was where he was when the Warren Commission states it and evidence is clear in general that Oswald is guilty.
  • Summation from Jim: The Walker bullet was switched, The bullet in Parkland Hospital was not the one in the archives, Evidence is changed all over the case, Jim gives several examples, details will be found in the archive and the debate transcript

    Transcript of the Debate (word .doc) Part One    Part Two    Part Three    Part Four   

    Show #442
    Original airdate: Sept 24, 2009
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio and John McAdams
    Topic: JFK Research Debate Part 1&2

    Play Part One Interview - Debate Part ONE

  • Opening statements: John, then Jim
  • The opening statements present the credibility of evidence as seen by both opponents
  • The points made will be too numerous to list. Please listen to the audio for your best coverage
  • Q: Why should anyone believe the 'Single Bullet Theory?'
  • Q: Whose portrait of Oswald is correct the Commission's or Jim Garrison's?
  • Q: Did Oswald go to Mexico CIty, and if so what did he do there?
  • Q: Are you satisfied with the official autopsy?
  • Q: Do you believe the official x rays and photos are real?

    Play Part Two Interview - Debate Part TWO

  • Q: Please appraise the work of the Dallas Police in light of what we know today
  • Q: Who controlled the Warren Commission?
  • Q: Who shot J. D. Tippit and why?
  • Q: Could Oswald have done what he is accused of doing inside the TSBD on 11/22/63
  • Q: What was Oswald up to in New Orleans in the summer of 1963?

    Show #441
    Original airdate: Sept 17, 2009
    Guest: Robert Groden / Tom Rossley
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Robert Groden
  • Robert gives some falsehoods that continue to be held up by the "lone nutters"
  • The Z film: 2 splices and 6 frames removed (and since replaced by Groden
  • There are a number of 'false' conspiracies that cloud the issue of the real one
  • Groden believes the Z film is the real deal
  • It is the single most important piece of evidence
  • Every doctor stated the official autopsy photos were faked
  • 152 autopsy photos were kept in the National Archives. 15 or 16 remain
  • The pictures that remain are different than the original ones
  • Robert's HSCA work
  • People that were on the HSCA committee specifically to kill it
  • Richard Sprague removed, Robert Tannenbaum removed Blakey installed as HSCA head
  • Groden's new book "JFK: Absolute Proof" will be released soon
  • It contains 1000 photos, many brand new
  • Another plug for Jim Douglass's book "JFK And The Unspeakable"
  • Groden: The McAdams's are accessories after the fact
  • Bugliosi in his book made 86 references to Groden and 85 are inaccurate
  • The huge wound in the rear of Kennedy's head could only have come from a frontal shot
  • Robert's website is JFK Murder.Com
  • His books are available there
  • The "black bar" inserted in the Z film... Robert inserted it
  • Robert will be found every Friday, Saturday and Sunday barring rain or holiday
  • Robert interviewed a woman that was talking to Oswald at the time of the assassination
  • This explosive story will be in his upcoming book

    Play Part Two Interview - Tom Rossley
  • Tom's debate with John McAdams
  • The lone nut proponents use obfuscation and intimidation to make their point
  • If the lone nutters questioned the Warren Report like they question the dissenters...
  • ...they'd see the truth
  • A few Warren Commission lies
  • The magic bullet... Bullets? (The Walker shooting bullet)
  • The Tippett shells from 3 different guns and the initialed shells disappeared
  • The Mauser is identified by four witnesses
  • The HSCA undermined when it promised an honest investigation
  • Tom makes a few points that are truly American
  • He has the first 5 volumes of the Church Committee report posted on his website
  • The timing of the Tippett shooting... Oswald had to do a 2 minute mile
  • The only provable crimes in the JFK assassination are perpetrated by the authorities
  • Tom's website is Who Killed JFK
  • Tom opinion, Harold Weisberg as the greatest investigator in the case
  • His dealings with McAdams... Tom doesn't think much of him

    Show #440
    Original airdate: Sept 10, 2009
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Questions form listeners
  • Bugliosi's lack of a computer
  • Rebel Magazine: "Terriffic." One of the last great Liberal to radical magazines
  • The Huffington Post censors out any reference to 9/11, surprisingly
  • Was Officer Tippit the Badge Man? The image is a remarkable piece of evidence
  • The participants that connect Watergate and the JFK assassination
  • Nixon: No obvious connection GHW Bush and E Howard Hunt are another story...
  • What looks like a set-up perpetrated by McCord during the Watergate break-in
  • Jim references Jim Hougan's great book Secret Agenda
  • DiEugenio's conclusion: Hunt, McCord, Jaworski, Bush, Sturgis, Novell, Helms and more...
  • ... all involved both in the Watergate break-in and the JFK assassination
  • The "umbrella man's" companion, Orlando Bosch?...
  • The validity of the Nitrate test on Oswald
  • J Edgar Hoover's control of the FBI and it's corrupting influence

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Debate update
  • A simplified debate format described
  • 10 very basic questions will be debated and emailed questions debated in the second half
  • There will be a strict, no interruptions format
  • Richard Sprague's HSCA investigative agenda got him removed from the committee

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Bugliosi review con't
  • Jim Garrison, Rose Cheramie, Clinton/Jackson area the CIA
  • Oswald's voter registration in Clinton/Jackson with Shaw and Ferrie
  • Evidence proves this happened. Bugliosi denies it
  • Jim talks about the reasons Bugliosi and others deny what appears to be valid information
  • Cheramie was shrugged off by every investigation... a very important loss of evidence
  • Sergio Arcacha Smith and Emilio Santana were identified as Cheramie's acquaintances in the bar
  • Huge connections denied by Bugliosi
  • James Phelan's methods of discrediting Jim Garrison
  • Lee Harvey Oswald and Leon Oswald... two different people
  • James Jesus Angleton's and the CIA's subterfuge against Garrison
  • The CIA had a "Garrison desk"... Why if they weren't involved in domestic espionage?
  • The DA's office in New Orleans was bugged twice during the Shaw investigation
  • Jim lists several infiltrators in Garrison's office
  • Garrison had a huge CIA operation working against him
  • Is it any wonder he lost the case?
  • Jim gives a clear timeline of how Oswald was set up before the assassination
  • Jim gives Jim Garrison the primary credit for this timeline... It stands up well today

    Show #439
    Original airdate: Sept 3, 2009
    Guest: Tom Rossley
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Tom Rossley
  • Tom Rossley website
  • He originally accepted the official story and was prompted by a dissenter while listening to the radio
  • Tom lists 6 felonious charges that could be brought to Government and Media
  • He's always able to counter his critics with facts and his street toughness
  • Lone nutters only use the Warren Report chargesand conclusions, won't defer to real evidence
  • James Wolcott: Oswald was paid regularly by the CIA! This was suppressed
  • The campaign against Jim Garrison by the CIA and the media
  • The government tried to completely undermine Garrison's case before it went to court
  • Stone's JFK was the only movie to ever be totally villified by the government & media before it was released
  • Tom never speculates. He always quotes facts to prevent a loss of credibility
  • JFK's enemies... They were all domestic
  • Oswald: A radar operator at 3 different top secret U-2 bases sometimes as the man in charge...
  • Had a higher than average IQ.. and he had a working knowledge of 5 languages
  • A great many points that prove Oswald was an intelligence officer
  • Points made about the firing of Dulles, Cabell and Bissell of the CIA
  • Until you read the volumes of the Warren Commission Report, you can never be sure who's lying to you and...
  • In 45 years Tom has never heard a Warren Commission supporter ask someone to read the evidence and testimony
  • Bullet evidence does not support the official view
  • Sprague and Gonzalez booted off the HSCA for being truthful
  • Oswald's ties to the anti-castro movement while an suposed communist
  • Tom: Criminal Gerald Ford should have died in prison
  • An exerpt from volume 1 HSCA - The black bar inserted in the Zapruder film
  • The several Secret Service impersonators in Dealy Plaza

    Show #438
    Original airdate: Aug 27, 2009
    Guest: Mark Lane / Jim DiEugenio / Pat Valentino
    Topic: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Mark Lane
  • Commentary on the Bugliosi book and the upcoming Tom Hanks production of it
  • Many examples of Bugliosi's poor reasearch
  • Lane of Bugliosi: " I don't think he would recognize a fact if it came up and bit him"
  • ..."it's just incredible that anyone is going to rely upon him for a series. It's just beyond belief"
  • Mark cites his great article on Bugliosi: "Vinnie It Is Round"
  • Inaccuracies not only with Lane but outright lies about Cyril Wecht
  • Article from Arthur Krock discusses Coup will come from CIA in Sept. 1963
  • Mark Lane announces the name of his autobiography "Dancing With Bullies"
  • The title was coined by a Black Op listener, Larry Rule
  • Mark promises a defamation suit if Bugliosi continues to misquote and slander him
  • Answer to emailed question: Nancy Perrin-Rich

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Answering listeners' email questions
  • The lone nutters selectively choose their facts when attempting to make their case
  • Discussing the Oswald getaway vehicles: Bus?, Taxi?, Nash Rambler?...
  • Jim sorts out the witness testimony. It may be a Nash Rambler for the Oswald double
  • Pictures may exist of Oswald on the embankment and the Nash Rambler
  • Jim believes there were 2 Oswalds and this accounts for the confusion in witness testimony
  • The Thirteenth Juror: A new book about the MLK Jowers trial.
  • The Bugliosi book: Debating the well known fact that Oswald knew Ferrie early on
  • It appears that Oswald followed Ferrie to 2 different CAP (Civil Air Patrol) groups
  • Jim explains Ferrie, Oswald and the CAP
  • Bugliosi tries to obfuscate known evidence on this subject
  • 531 Lafayette St. and 544 Camp St. led to the same second floor offices
  • Bugliosi tries to say this was not the case
  • Jim presents many points of evidence and shows that Bugliosi did not do his homework
  • Bannister... Ferrie... Oswald... Shaw - connections
  • Clay Bertrand was Clay Shaw
  • Freeport Sulphur: Shaw... Ferrie... David Atlee Phillips... E Howard Hunt
  • These were all American intelligence people, not the Mafia or a lone nut
  • The Rose Cheramie incident: a brief outline for new listeners
  • Two conspirators fingered as knowing of the assassination "BEFORE" it happened
  • More on this and the Clinton/Jackson incident next interview with Jim

    Play Part Three Interview - Pat Valentino
  • OJ Simpson Appeal... in detail PDF of the OJ appeal
  • Pat makes a point he missed from his last interview
  • He uses facts to defend his theory from an email argument over OJ Simpson
  • The appeal document read at length
  • There was no reference to a gun
  • The prosecution made several agregious errors that were not disallowed by the judge
  • A list of the 11 charges against OJ Simpson in the Las Vegas incident
  • Hearsay was unjustly used in the prosecution
  • A prosecution witness is led but the prosecutor... Illegal!
  • Pat lists errors in detail
  • Jury selection anomalies
  • The defence was denied some of the jury selection process
  • Many jurors that openly showed their dislike for OJ were allowed to be jurors
  • The judge clearly failed to disallow biased jury members during the selection process
  • The jury was not properly sequestered before admonishing the lawyers
  • Pat shows the sarcastic and unfair nature of the judge
  • Forbidden statements made in front of the jury that should have been cause for mistrial
  • The four kidnapping charges appear to be completely unfounded
  • No evidence of a weapon. No evidence of confinement and no evidence of fear in the victims
  • This evidence shows that there is a very good chance of having a new trial
  • Even the victims did not want it to go this far

    Show #437
    Original airdate: Aug 20, 2009
    Guests: Pat Speer / Jim DiEugenio / Wayne Prante
    Topic: JFK Research / Vaccinations

    Play Part One Interview - Pat Speer
  • Pat's a long time JFK researcher
  • He has made the video "The Mysterious Death Of Thirty-Five"
  • How Pat became involved in the research
  • How he gained credibility in the community
  • Pat believes the fatal shot came from behind
  • The video can be purchased at Amazon ...and also at Pat's Website
  • They may be viewed in segments at YouTube
  • About innaccuracies in the documentary "Inside The Target Car" and Gary Mack's role
  • No matter what line of evidence you believe, most agree there was a conspiracy
  • The official story requies a "certain amount of delusion" to be believed
  • ...a run-in between John Simkin and John McAdams
  • Pat explains blood spatter as it relates to his theory of the JFK assassination
  • The current DVD is 90 min and 4 sections. It is an evolving work
  • Pat will likely add more sections in the future

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • John McAdams has accepted to debate Jim DiEugenio!
  • No one else was able to accept the challenge
  • Format and rules are to be announced at a later date
  • Larry Flynt's Rebel Magazine - It was a great magazine
  • Trouble getting IRS records
  • Jim received the David Atlee Phillips picture. It looks like Phillips but...
  • How did Bugliosi proof read the book's CD?... He doesn't have a computer
  • The CTKA website is being relaunched in a new format tomorrow Aug 21, 2009
  • Bugliosi book review part 6 will be available at the website

    Play Part Three Interview - Wayne Prante
  • Wayne is a Canadian activist memorable for the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference
  • David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones and other 9/11 research guests
  • About the Northwest Truth Convergence
  • The Calgary Protest and George Bush's attempted arrest by Splitting The Sky(John Boncore)
  • John Boncore's website is Splitting The
  • The judge has granted 5 days to present evidence of George W's war crimes
  • The H1N1 debate
  • A number of scientists have identified H1N1 as a man made virus
  • A regular flu in BC kills 2000 people. H1N1 numbers have not proven anywhere near as deadly
  • Because of the flu scares, pharmaceutical corporations are raking in huge profits
  • The contents of an innoculation can cause "Cytokine Storms"
  • Wayne has started False Flag
  • Wayne recommends Vaccine Resistance
  • Len talks about Anita Langley's dealings with her children's vaccines
  • Listeners are urged to use caution when making a decision to get a flu shot
  • Wayne is protesting the mass flu shots and educatingf on the contents of these vaccines
  • August 28, 2009, Vancouver Art Gallery at 4pm Wayne is assembling a protest of H1N1 vaccine...
  • Kevin Annett's website Hidden From

    Show #436
    Original airdate: Aug 13, 2009
    Guests: Pat Valentino, Pamela McElwain-Brown, Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Pat Valentino
  • Pat describes the Clay Shaw lecture
  • The lecture was rare for Shaw so this is special
  • Shaw blamed Jack Martin for fingering Ferrie in the conspiracy
  • Valentino makes note of a few strange statements by Shaw

    Play Part Two Interview - Clay Shaw Lecture
  • Audio Clay Shaw at Moorpark College 10 - 17 -1970 (1st minute is poor, gets better)
  • Clay describes his take on Garrison's investigation
  • He describes Dean Andrews, David Ferrie and Jack Martin
  • Shaw blames Garrison's unrelenting investigation for driving Ferrie to Suicide
  • describing the interview with Garrison
  • he denies using the name Clay Bertrand
  • He tries to be both humorous and amusing in describing his ordeal
  • Perry Russo, truth serum and hypnosis
  • Shaw tries to discredit Perry Russo and Vernon Bundy
  • Accusing Garrison of manufacturing evidence
  • He states the researchers were making a lot of money helping Garrison... Untrue!
  • ...Beyond the full time staff, all the investigators were volunteers
  • trying to discredit the Oswald, Ferrie, Russo, Shaw party picture
  • Shaw: the many groups involved are a changing story rather than an accumulation of conspirators
  • His description of the trial
  • The Charles Spiesel fiasco (Spiesel's apartment in NY was in a building owned by Clay Shaw)
  • Spiesel was likely a plant designed to derail Shaw's trial
  • An attack on Jim Garrison's integrity, calls him overzealous
  • Shaw gives a diatribe on the erosion of his rights
  • The Q & A period, mostly wandering off topic

    Play Part Three Interview - Pat Valentino
  • Shaws comment that Garrison made up Ferrie's suicide
  • Comments on Shaw's description of Ferrie
  • Clay's role is not clear but Valentino is convinced Shaw knew Oswald & connected to CIA
  • The lack of mention of Perry Russo in the movie JFK
  • No trial in Texas for JFK, Tippett or Oswald... That's illegal!
  • Dick Gregory: "Kook #1 killed the president. Kook # 2 killed Kook # 1
  • Kook # 2 was in his jail cell and left his window open, caught pneumonia
  • The next day he died of cancer"
  • The undermining of the current presidency
  • The Birther controversy
  • Where were these people during the proveable moments in the last administration?
  • Clay Shaw's apparent but ambiguous defence of the Warren Report
  • A short report on OJ Simpson and his appeal
  • The difficulty getting a fair trial in America today with the media coverage as it is
  • Instead of honest debate there is a shouting down by the media with no real explanation
  • A PDF of the OJ appeal, so we can follow the discussion next time

    Play Part Four Interview - Pamela McElwain-Brown
  • Background researching the JFK Limousine at Her Website
  • "Inside 'Inside the Target Car': My experiences as limo researcher for the show"
  • Pamela's only area of research is the limousine
  • She's been rebuffed at every request to see the original windshield
  • They were not allowed to interact with the limo in any way
  • the visit to the limo replica impressive outside... tacky and innaccurate inside
  • Inaccuracies in shooting Inside The Target Car... Bait & switch and omissions
  • Read Pamela's article at
  • Gary Mack seemed to be the man directing the deception
  • Pam was hired as the limo authority but ended up with no input
  • She concludes the fatal bullet could not have come from the so called Sniper's Nest
  • The opportunities where the winshield could have been replaced
  • 4 witnesses described through-and-through holes in the windshield
  • There was no documentation of the follow-up car yet it was sequestered with the limo

    Play Part Five Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim answers a few email questions
  • Jack Dougherty did not see the rifle bag that Oswald was supposed to have carried
  • He was also on the 5th floor landing during the shooting... Oswald did not pass him
  • A man resembling David Atlee Phillips was at Oswald's midnight press conference
  • More on Jim's open debate challenge
  • More on the strap muscles (P88 Warren Report) and the footnotes (171)
  • How Humes is directed to explain the mislocation of the bullet hole in the shirt
  • The Bugliosi book review
  • Bugliosi uses the questionable Hugh Aynesworth
  • A history of Aynesworth with regard to the assassination and Jim Garrison
  • How he undermined Garrison's witnesses and the case
  • Bugliosi nevertheless uses Aynesworth as a credible source
  • Jim believes as much as 50% of Garrison's evidence and leads no longer exist
  • Jim describes James Phelan, a continual disinformationist
  • Bugliosi nevertheless uses Phelan's material
  • Bugliosi calls Clay Shaw a Liberal... He was, in fact, a Fascist
  • DiEugenio describes the network Shaw was deeply attached to
  • Shaw was a valuable and trusted asset of the CIA
  • Shaw's ties to Permindex from the beginning

    Show #435
    Original airdate: Aug 6, 2009
    Guests: John Barbour
    Topic: The Garrisom Tapes

    Play Part One Interview - John Barbour
  • Background of John Barbour
  • Garrison Humor phenominal in spite of the pressure he was under
  • Trouble getting distribution of the film
  • The Garrison Tapes won many awards yet is ignored by the major media
  • The media ignores Jim Garrison in spite of the evidence
  • If they admit Garrison was correct, they'd have to admit they were shills for the US government
  • Garrison proves the CIA murdered John Kennedy in cooperation with the Military Industrial Complex
  • Who told Ruby to shoot Oswald? Who?... Lawrence B Meyers? Who's that?
  • The contradictions that are Vincent Bugliosi... no more credibility
  • The Federal Reserve is the reason why America pays income tax
  • Kennedy signed a bill to print government money outside the control of the Fed
  • This may be one of the reasons he was killed
  • Barbour explains why the entire government should be in jail
  • The CIA has infiltrated every major news outlet... Every network, magazine and newspaper
  • JFK was going to dismantle the CIA after the Bay of Pigs fiasco
  • Dan Rather local reporter, lies for the government and is vaulted to national fame
  • If John ever remakes a part 2 it will include the extensive media coverup and the 3 names...
  • Barr McLellan's book Blood Money & Power: How LBJ killed JFK, compelling evidence
  • Barbour: Garrison was "The most decent man I ever met"
  • Books we all should own: "A Heritage of Stone" and "On The Trail of the Assassins" and...
  • Joan Mellen's great book "A Farewell To Justice"
  • Part 2 will be emotionally and financially taxing but John thinks he'll end up making it
  • DVD available at cost for $10 from John Barbour 10309 Denman St Las Vegas 89178 USA
  • View The Garrison Tapes in segments at Above Top Secret.Com

    Show #434
    Original airdate: July 30, 2009
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Debate challenge update
  • The "strap muscle" evidence and the real story
  • Lucien Sarti not one of the shooters
  • The front shot was likely a frangible bullet
  • The Oswald back yard photos likely not real
  • The cameras at the Paines's
  • Discussion of the major JFK web disinformationalists
  • Mike Palecek's Letter to Johnny Carson

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Virtual JFK and McGeorge Bundy
  • Book Review - "Lessons in Disaster"
  • Ed Lansdale probably met Ngo Dinh Diem at Notre Dame
  • Lansdale eventually vaults Diem into the presidency of the country of Vietnam
  • Kennedy rejects Vietnam intervention 10 times before allowing advisors
  • JFK was almost alone in not allowing troops to Vietnam
  • Bundy was impressed by JFK's knowledge of the Vietnam struggle
  • Kennedy was 'NEVER' going to allow combat troops
  • The Buddhist Uprising: A political disaster for the Diems
  • Shenanigans with the Aug 24th cable
  • Kennedy announces personnel withdrawals from Vietnam
  • All Americans out by the end of 65
  • After Kennedy the policy is reversed by NSAM #273
  • The Joint Chiefs present war plans that even include China
  • LBJ's Pearl Harbor became The Gulf Of Tonkin Incident
  • The provocations leading up to the apparent USS Maddox attack
  • By the end of 65 (JFK's end withdrawl date) more than 175,000 troops were in Vietnam
  • Bundy felt he'd committed many failures in administering his office with regard to Vietnam
  • He came to the conclusion only the sitting president could get America into Vietnam: LBJ

    Show #433
    Original airdate: July 23, 2009
    Guests: Robert Groden
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Robert Groden
  • Has been a JFK researcher for in excess of 46 years
  • Robert explains ther reasons for their case against Random House, The New York Times and Gerald Posner
  • Feinman and Groden sued to get fundamental protections from this kind of act for researchers
  • Groden lost the case and his lawyer Roger Feinman was disbarred because of a dishonest judge
  • Sonia Sotomayor was instrumental in the outcome of this trial and now is on the Supreme Court
  • Groden has been arrested without charges before and also sprayed with a neurotoxin
  • Groden has been run out of Dealy Plaza 80 times, once accused of being a terrorist
  • The neurotoxin case was thrown out before evidence was presented
  • The great books proving conspiracy have been prevented from appearing on the 6th Floor shelves
  • Robert tells how the City of Dallas tries to forget Dealy Plaza exists... No signs or directions
  • Groden is in Dealy Plaza every Friday, Saturday & Sunday barring bad weather
  • Groden's website is JFK
  • Robert promises 1200 photographs in his new book... More than any other source
  • Comments on the "Inside The Target Car" how misleading the show was
  • In the show, Jackie was situated behind JFK. In reality she was in front of him
  • Many inaccuracies that attempt to change the truth
  • When Groden attempted to correct their inaccuracies, Gary Mack told him to mind his own business
  • About people's loss of ability to think and the late Walter Cronkite and Johnny Carson
  • The shots and the impossibility of the government's fairy tale about them
  • Robert tells how ripped-off people feel after visiting the 6th Floor
  • How talk show hosts parrot the official story in spite of the credible guests they host
  • About Jim Douglass's remarkable book "JFK And The Unspeakable: Why He Died And Why It Matters"
  • Robert always knew Oswald didn't do it alone. It took him many years to figure out he had NOTHING to do with it
  • A witness Groden interviewed was actually talking to Oswald when the shots rang out
  • The disappearing rifles and the appearance of the Mannlicher Carcano
  • He describes Vincent Bugliosi - 85 of the 86 references to Groden in his book are inaccurate
  • How inaccurate are the rest of his references?
  • Bugliosi... Why was he chosen to write his book?
  • Document CIA 103560 Talking about using CIA media assets to discredit Groden
  • Groden turned down the job at the 6th Floor Museum because they wanted the official fairy tale parotted

    Show #432
    Original airdate: July 16, 2009
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • No takers on Jim's debate challenge - 2 Weeks and counting!
  • Jim explains the palm print analysis
  • How Arlen Specter deludes the reader on the neck wound evidence
  • Frantic calls from Judyth Vary Baker... are there two of them?
  • Sonia Sotomayor: deceit and Coverup while a Federal Judge at Probe Magazine
  • The death of Robert Strange McNamara, be up at Probe soon
  • Jim goes into who McNamara was
  • Why was nothing said about the total reversal of JFK policy immediately after his death?
  • McNamara was deeply disturbed by his role in the death of two million Vietnamese
  • LBJ reversed the policy and McNamara took the brunt of the criticism over Vietnam
  • Nefarious incidents, particularly "The Gulf Of Tonkin"
  • Jim talks about an upcoming book review: Lessons In Disaster by Gordon Goldstein
  • The book talks about McGeorge Bundy's role in the Vietnam conflict

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Robert Loomis's (Random House) campaign for Posner's garbage book
  • Loomis defamed several honest researchers in the advertising for the book
  • Feinman and Groden sued to get fundamental protections from this kind of act for researchers
  • The problems faced in the suit... Attempts to throw the case out and conflicts of interest with legal assistants
  • Sonia Sotomayor is brought in, changed the misconduct charges against Roger Feinman so often that he quit responding
  • This went on until all appeals were exhausted.
  • although "the penalty was not proportionate to what he did."

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Bugliosi Part 5 preview (it's almost done)
  • Bugliosi never left California to research the case in New Orleans
  • Jim calls this section of Bugliosi's book 'selective', 'one-sided and 'bizarre'
  • The information used in this section was discredited as far back as 1969
  • Harry Connick had ordered files destroyed and they weren't
  • The media got this story and Connick went crazy trying to get the files back
  • Jim tells how Connick covered-up a pedophilia case
  • He shows how Bugliosi missed basic conflicts in testimony in writing this chapter
  • Jim repeats his debate challenge to Mack, Von Pein, mcadams, Reitzes,

    Show #431
    Original airdate: July 9, 2009
    Guests: Bill Kelly / John Judge
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Bill Kelly
  • John Judge sparked Bill's interest in the JFK assassination and surrounding history
  • Bill is a founding member of COPA
  • Ties between the JFK assassination and Watergate
  • He explains how the actions of the Joint Chiefs are just one of the major forces that likely killed JFK
  • The Freedom Of Information Act and getting the known information out
  • The HSCA 50 year limit on document release enacted to protect the perpetrators while they are alive
  • Please take the time to sign the Online petition
  • New witnesses need to be called, Old witnesses need to be re-heard and...
  • ...The destroyers of assassination evidence need to be held accountable
  • About John Geraghty's proposed video series to come out before 2013
  • A number of actions that Bill and the rest of COPA are doing right now
  • An example of how the the keepers of the official story use disinformation to discredit the truth
  • Why are the honest books suppressed while the lies persist in the media over and over?
  • Praise for Jim Douglass, JFK And The Unspeakable and his book and his future work
  • We're closer now to solving JFK's murder... 80% of the public now believe it was a government conspiracy
  • Bill has transcribed an interview of Jim Douglass by Len Osanic - Download
  • The assassination records are due to be released in 2017. We need them released now!

    Play Part Two Interview - John Judge
  • Some history of COPA
  • COPA conference, speakers & details for 2009 in Dallas, Nov 20th to the 22nd
  • There was an inference of detente with the USSR in JFK's last American University speech
  • John believes this was the final thing that sealed JFK's fate
  • There are organized disturbances at every Dealey Plaza JFK event
  • John believes the Sixth Floor Museum is behind the disturbances
  • The Sixth Floor and the MLK rooming house 'sniper's nests' are altered
  • Northwoods and other military plots concocted to allow a US invasion of Cuba
  • How Oswald was set up at the Texas Theater
  • John believes Oswald was to have been killed in the Texas Theater
  • That went wrong and Ruby was forced to do the job
  • Oswald never fired a gun that day... The fingerprints were planted
  • Ruby, Tippett and Oswald knew each other
  • 9 defectors were in the USSR at the time Oswald was there.
  • All 9 came home the same month as Oswald
  • Marina testified with information about Robert Webster and not Oswald's story
  • The Sixth Floor is an accessory after the fact
  • The loss of Democracy, with the trillions in resources wasted on war
  • The Paul Wellstone crash... Very suspicious
  • The Dorothy Hunt crash... Very suspicious as well
  • The Reagan shooting: The .38 disappears and a .22 appears
  • People that were at the Reagan shooting were also at the Wellstone crash
  • Rove, Cheney and political dirty tricks
  • John's helping Cynthia McKinney in her recent jailing by the Israelis
  • Everything the Israelis did violated international law
  • John's views on American Imperialism
  • The comparison between Bush's policy and Obama's policy
  • John's website is Judge For Yourself.US or he can be found at COPA

    Show #430
    Original airdate: July 2, 2009
    Guests: John Geraghty
    Topic: JFK Documentary

    Play Part One Interview - John Geraghty

  • John is a member of COPA
  • His new project is to produce a number of truth documentary videos
  • This will be in response to the Bugliosi/Hanks movie due in 2013
  • The basic preliminary outline and contact info can be found at C.O.P.A.
  • Look for the title, "The Truth In Our Lifetime"
  • the topics of the 5 segments as they stand right now:
  • 1) An introduction to the assassination, The CIA and the political climate of the times
  • 2) Oswald's history, The Miami and Chicago Plots, Oswald's Intelligence background
  • 3) The legal battles, Creeping fascism, How the perpetrators controlled the media and the investigations
  • 4) Foreign policy changes, Increases in military presence in Vietnam, Ramping up the arms race...
  • ...The actions of the military and intelligence communities, All immediately following Kennedy's death
  • 5) What can be done, not only with the JFK assassination but the other US political murders of the 1960's
  • Several additions to the COPA Conference this year in Dallas
  • Does John think there's a possibility of anything happening as a result of this work?
  • He points out the hope brought about by William Pepper and the HSCA
  • John suggests the series will be produced using the Zeitgeist production model: Low budget, High quality
  • The series will likely be free to view and copies will be available for purchase
  • Donations are being accepted for this project under the above title at COPA
  • John got his inspiration to make these documentaries from Black Op Radio's Jim Douglass interviews
  • He makes a comment on the humanitarian ship arrested by Israel... Support the protests!

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • A recap of what is wrong with the show, Inside the Target Car
  • The ' where's' and the ' who's' of the show
  • Alterations and omissions
  • Another apparent documentary "Beyond The Magic Bullet"
  • The Sixth Floor Museum... Don't expect to find any truth there
  • The medical evidence cannot be covered in this 1 hour documentary. There is just too much information
  • The problems with the exact replica skulls
  • Jim points out leaving out information is as much as lying
  • The "Badge Man" was never presented in the show
  • Gary Mack was an original proponent of the Badge Man...
  • The 7.65 Mauser rifle found at the assassination scene... left out of the show
  • A talk about Dealey Plaza and possible sniper nests
  • Mack eliminates the stockade fence as the sniper's lair... beyond reason
  • Jim explains the differences in possible sniper nests relative to a sniper's use
  • Adelaide and problems with the model skull
  • Robert Groden pointed out the models in the car were not positioned properly
  • Groden was ignored. They always ignore the truth when it suits them to do so
  • Eliminating the best sniper nest choices and altering the figures in the limo... They're lying
  • Witnesses to the scene behind the stockade fence
  • The bullet entry point moves, first the Warren Commission and then this documentary moves it
  • Milicent Cranor and Dr David W Mantik both have great reviews discounting this show

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Inside The Target Car review - Part 3 How Gary Mack became Dan Rather
  • Lamar Waldron, Gerald Posner, Robert Loomis, James Angleton, Seymour Hersh and James Phelan...
  • ...What and who ties these men together?:
  • The Fraud of the documentary... point by point
  • Gary Mack exposed...
  • John McAdams aka Paul Nolan exposed
  • Dave Perry and Gary Mack's relationship traced from college to present day
  • McAdams still "The Laughing Stock Of The Internet"
  • The Sixth Floor actions against Robert Groden and the truth movement
  • Another Discovery Channel documentary lie upcoming. This one about Oswald and Ruby
  • Jim asks for your help in trying to get Discovery to produce truth
  • The McAdams Pig Pen
  • DiEugenio's challenge
  • The organized effort against Stone's JFK 'BEFORE' it was ever even made
  • Wikipedia infiltrated by McAdams and others?
  • Jim's going to COPA this year!
  • Black Op Conference - Nov 2010 in Hawaii - stay tuned for details
  • Jim asks for your help in trying to get Discovery to produce truth... Details Here

    Show #429
    Original airdate: June 25, 2009
    Guests: Mrs. Marguerite Oswald
    Topic: The Oswald Case

    Play Part One Interview - Marguerite Oswald

  • Marguerite Oswald Reads Lee Harvey Oswald's Letters from Russia
  • She is convinced he was innocent of any murder
  • The Oswald's were a Military family...
  • Has stated her belief that "Lee was an agent of the US. Government"
  • For 20 months Marguerite had no idea what had happened to Lee
  • She then approached the State Department in Washington DC
  • About 4 weeks later she received news of him in the USSR and his mailing address
  • She hopes the reading of his letters will show Lee as a good person
  • Lee asks for American literature, particularly magazines rather than other things
  • He was concerned with the cost of shipping for his mother
  • Marguerite points out that Lee wanted Marina 'to learn english'
  • Later news reports had Lee preventing Marina from learning the language
  • Lee sent many photos of Minsk and Leningrad
  • Marguerite takes time to point out Lee's humanity
  • Lee applies for exit visas for himself and Marina
  • He only requires an affadavit of support for Marina filed from the USA
  • He also believes he will be flying to America... An extremely expensive thing in those days
  • He asked for 1959 newspaper clippings from Fort Worth to tell what was said about him
  • He was easily allowed to apply for a travel loan through the American Embassy in Moscow...
  • ... This seems strange for a defector
  • Lee was by all accounts, an average family man
  • Why would the Department Of State bother to give Marguerite Lee's USSR address?
  • Rather than souvenirs of his homeland, he only wanted current news... as if he anticipated returning
  • Lee had little trouble arranging an exit from the USSR
  • He had little trouble arranging a loan to return... on what collateral was this loan based?
  • Why was Lee concerned with selling his story to the papers?...
  • Was he worried something might be said that could blow his cover?
  • Lee was not detained upon his arrival as a suspected Russian spy...
  • ...Why not?

    Show #428
    Original airdate: June 18, 2009
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: Virtual JFK, The Book and Movie

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Jim talks about his ARRB testimony
  • Declassified and classified documents
  • Clay Shaw's entire file will never be totally declassified... Jim believes much has been destroyed
  • Oswald's tax records were never released because Marina never signed off on them
  • Harry Connick Sr wanted to destroy the Jim Garrison files
  • Did Oswald actually carry the paper curtain rod bag to work that day?
  • Jim doesn't believe he did
  • Ian Griggs proved the bag could not have carried a disassembled rifle in that bag
  • The curtain rod story never came from Oswald. He only brought a bagged lunch
  • Ian Griggs: If there is no bag, there is no rifle and no case against Oswald
  • Len's working on a call-in segment to the show!
  • Jim relates a book written about a conference on whether or not the Vietnam war would have escalated under Kennedy
  • The book and video are called Virtual JFK... Jim recommends it
  • The video is good... The book is better
  • Meeting with Charles DeGaulle and General MacArthur convinced Kennedy not to go to war in Vietnam
  • Controversy over the book JFK & Vietnam, a timely and well researched book
  • The book caused a slow paradigm shift, causing history to show Kennedy wanted out of Vietnam
  • All of the generals and advisors wanted Kennedy to go into Vietnam
  • Kennedy's closest advisors, in the end, were unanimous that Kennedy wasn't going into Vietnam
  • McNamara simply couldn't remember Kennedy's policy even though he was instrumental in implementing it
  • Stone's JFK went easy on LBJ. Johnson recalled Rostow so he could escalate the war

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Johnson begins escalation within 48 hours of Kennedy's death
  • Johnson knew ahead of time of Kennedy's intentions
  • He tried to get McNamara to blame Vietnam on Kennedy's inexperience
  • If Johnson knew, then everyone in the White House knew Kennedy wanted out of Vietnam
  • Kennedy had learned to get away from the Cold War state of mind. Johnson never did
  • NSAM 273 changes began before Kennedy's death. Kennedy didn't write it. Who did?
  • Jim's opinion: The policy changes don't necessarily mean the staff were making plans...
  • Len suggests the authors knew Kennedy was going to be killed
  • It's likely a suggestion to be floated by Kennedy which he would surely have shot down
  • The gaps in the Pentagon Papers were filled in with Kennedy withdrawal policy
  • Somebody removed those sections and altered the record... Prouty had said this
  • All the bombing and major weapons use could not have won the war in Vietnam. It was a guerilla war
  • The Gravel edition is the complete, if not flawed Pentagon Papers

    Play Part Three Interview - Fletcher Prouty

  • The Summer of 1963
  • JFK Prepares To Get Out Of Vietnam
  • The Taylor/McNamara Trip Report of October 1963 and NSAM 263
  • This was not Taylor or McNamara's opinion. It was actually Kennedy's own policy
  • Stars & Stripes published the Kennedy withdrawl policy...
  • The Diems were to go on a diplomatic mission and the coup was to happen while they were gone
  • They did not board the plane to leave and instead returned and met their doom
  • Their deaths were not in the coup d'etat plans
  • Was Prouty shipped to the South Pole to get him out of town before Kennedy's assassination

    Play Part Four Interview - Fletcher Prouty

  • Discussion of drafts of NSAM 273
  • Calls for reversal of NSAM 263 one day before JFK's murder
  • The entire US cabinet were on their way to Tokyo when Kennedy was shot
  • The entire cabinet heading to a single location had never happened before
  • McGeorge Bundy not in Honolulu for this conference?...
  • ...The official record says he was
  • "Ambassador Lodge confers with the president" ... a strange quote from the record
  • Bill Bundy had no knowledge of NSAM 273
  • NSAM's 263 & 273 have both been misfiled in F.R.U.S.

    Show #427
    Original airdate: June 11, 2009
    Guests: David Ray Griffin
    Topic: Trial Update / Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - David Ray Griffin
  • David Ray Griffin's website:
  • David talks about his books and the ultimate updating of The New Pearl Harbour
  • The New Pearl Harbour: Revisited is a continuation of it's earlier namesake, not a replacement
  • Even the chapters are mirrored and designed as an update
  • Griffin: "The official story is not only absurd but it is physically impossible"
  • The mainstream media has been all but totally blacked out on this book
  • A crack in the media shell: Harpers Weekly gives the book a good review
  • Fox does it again, using a tragic news story out of context to smear the 9/11 truth movement
  • Griffin's new book, 'Osama Bin Laden: Dead Or Alive' is self explanatory in it's title
  • David presents evidence that Bin Laden has likely been dead for a very long time
  • He presents the argument that most of the recent audios and videos of Bin Laden are fakes
  • The book is not a 9/11 who-done-it. It simply focuses on the title question
  • Osama was never been wanted for 9/11... There's no hard evidence he did it
  • The "Boasting Bin Laden" tape not considered authentic by the FBI or Dept of Justice
  • All of the things Bin Laden had to orchestrate on 9/11 make the official story completely unreasonable
  • The media called Mohamed Atta a devout Muslim
  • Atta clearly did anti-Muslim acts in the weeks leading to 9/11 such as drinking alcohol and eating pork
  • Literally hundreds of facts contradict the official story. The media simply ignores what they can't explain
  • In spite of great ratings on 9/11 truth, the media defends the official story against common sense
  • Today's interest in 9/11
  • Enormous numbers in many professions are convinced the official story is not true

    Show #426
    Original airdate: June 4, 2009
    Guests: Cyril Wecht / Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: Trial Update / Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Cyril Wecht
  • Cyril's 4 1/2 year ordeal with the courts has finally come to a sucessful end
  • The case in general was ruled unconstitutional and illegal
  • Mary Beth Buchanan used her office to try to discredit Wecht, a Democrat
  • He also names Karl Rove and John Ashcroft as being involved
  • LIsting some Bush polical appointments
  • Limbaugh and Cheney speak for the GOP but don't speak for decent upstanding Republicans
  • The Limbaugh and Cheney campaign serves to drive good republicans to the Democrat side
  • In a better world these people would all be charged and convicted for their crimes
  • The comprimising of US heads of state
  • Wecht has been driven deep into debt by this case not to mention the emotional toll on he and his family

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Inside the Target Car - Lies and distortions from Gary Mack and the Sixth Floor. Jim has begun a review
  • Some of the proveable lies told by Gary Mack
  • John Mcadams still... The laughing stock of the internet
  • What happened to the 7.65 Mauser?
  • Gary Mack admits to a frontal shot?... A CONSPIRACY?...
  • More on Mack to come...
  • A review of the Pat Speer DVD, - The Mysterious Death Of 35
  • The JFK skull photo... upside down and later depictions concocted
  • The photo presented as the anterior of the skull was actually the posterior
  • Jim lists a number of researchers that the Warren Commission were up against... Covering up is difficult
  • A CBS show that was was to be a free and open debate that became a pro-Warren Commission show
  • The compromising of the doctors at Bethesda and how it affects the official outcome

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Jim Garrison background
  • Joan Mellen's book, Jim Garrison: His Life And Times, overall a good book
  • Garrison never knew his father after the age of 6 years old
  • Pershing Gervais met Garrison and became an investigator for him
  • Jim Garrison was a WWII pilot in small reconnaissance aircraft
  • His work as First Assistant District Attorney
  • ...A corrupt New Orleans police department
  • Guy Bannister comes to New Orleans
  • Garrison investigates vote fraud and endangers and eventually loses his job
  • He begins to clean up New Orleans as D.A.
  • He was disliked by many for this
  • The people that disliked him prevented Garrison from identifying Clay Bertrand as Clay Shaw
  • Garrison takes on the New Orleans judges
  • A few other noteable cases that Garrison tried
  • Garrison turned down a bank charter and several other appointments to to stay in the DA's office
  • Each appointment would have made him wealthy but he chose to do the right thing
  • Garrison shows continually by his actions that he was a just and moral man

    Show #425
    Original airdate: May 28, 2009
    Guests: Joe Green / Mark Lane
    Topic: Assassination Research / Warren Commission Testimony

    Play Part One Interview - Joe Green

  • Joe is a COPA member
  • How Joe became interested and involved in assassination research
  • Joes website is
  • Links to his other written works are found there as well
  • People get involved because they don't buy the official story.
  • Knowing the past in this sense allows one to see the future more clearly when it comes...
  • Because we see conspiracies in assassination research, we'll be better able to identify them in future events
  • The jfk 10 point program can be found at
  • Many of the people that were prominent in the JFK era admitted the official story was concocted
  • At this point, not only can we easily throw out the 'Lone Nut' theory, You can also toss away the'Mafia-Did-It' theory
  • Many researchers who have written inaccurate works are well intentioned and many improve their works in later times
  • Discussion of researchers and methods in general
  • Joe suggests that, to form a power base and exert pressure on the politicos, we should form a lobbying group
  • Tha lunacy of the Joint Chiefs in suggesting operations such as "North Woods"

    Mark Lane testimony to the Warren Commission

  • Oswald Innocent? A Lawyer’s Brief
    From Dec. 19, 1963, issue of the GUARDIAN, written by attorney Mark Lane.

    Part 1 Beginning of Testimony

  • Lane talks about his Warren Commission testimony
  • He represented Lee Harvey Oswald posthumously
  • The backyard pictures... doctored
  • In several pictures the pictures were identical except each had a different rifle
  • A glossy picture requested by Lane was refused by AP... for strange reasons
  • A witness to the Tippett shooting, shot afterward by a girlfriend
  • The girlfriend had been a stripper at The Carousel Club
  • She hung herself to death in custody later?
  • The tracheostomy performed through a bullet wound in the front of the throat... Shot from the front!
  • The prosecutors were devoted only to the Oswald, "Lone Nut" theory, never changing no matter what the evidence
  • The original story tried to show Oswald shooting as the limo approached the TSBD
  • The story changed when the obvious evidence could not support this
  • Life Magazine tried to say JFK turned completely around and was shot in the throat... which he, of course, never did

    Part 2 - Oswald's Political Background

  • The murder weapon changes early on
  • Identifying Oswald... Someone had to have informed on him
  • The speed and accuracy of the Mannicher Carcano is questionable at best
  • The ammunition was extremely faulty with many hang-fires and duds
  • Only an expert could have possibly performed the shooting... Oswald was a poor shot
  • reasons why Oswald could never have practiced on weekends at any rifle range
  • A gunsmith had mounted a scope for "an Oswald" but it could not have been a Mannicher Carcano
  • The Carcano was apparently sent with a scope mounted already
  • Fingerprints found on the rifle and boxes could not have been Oswald's
  • Daryl Click, the apparent taxi getaway driver did not exist
  • The parafin test proved negative to facial powder burns... Oswald never fired a gun that day
  • The Tippett murderer could not have been Oswald. The eyewitness described a different man

    Part 3 - Beginning of Medical Testimony

  • The difficulty in examining the tracheostomy as a gunshot wound also
  • Lane concludes the neck wound testimony by saying it had to be a front shot
  • There was never a roadblock or a cessation of transport to assist the investigation...
  • ...Oswald was already set-up as the assassin. The powers that be had made their mind up
  • Statements made by Jean Hill & Mary Moorman: None of the shots came from the TSBD!
  • ...Hill: The shots came from the 'Grassy Knoll' area
  • ...A person at the Knoll ran onto the triple overpass... Probably one of the assassins
  • Woodward: The shots came from the direction of the overpass and not from the TSBD
  • More than 3 shots were fired
  • The Secret Service and FBI agents pushed her to limit the shots to three
  • ...She would not. She insisted there were more
  • Employees of the TSBD testified the shots came from the Grassy Knoll/Overpass area
  • All the witnesses said the shots came from the direction of the Grassy Knoll/Overpass area yet...
  • ...the TSBD was searched.
  • The two people who ran into the building both thought the shots didn't come from there
  • Police Chief Jesse Curry was the only person that believed the TSBD was where the shots came from
  • The limo came to almost a complete stop after the first shot!
  • Lane contends if the shots came from the front, it would explain the hesitance to drive that direction
  • If the shots came from the rear, the expectation would be to accellerate, not stop
  • The original rifle was a German 765 Mauser, not an Italian Mannlicher Carcano

    Part 4 - Beginning Narrative As Presented By Dallas DA to Conclusion

  • Oswald had sufficient money to purchase a much better rifle
  • He went to Irving Texas and bought the piece of junk called a Mannlicher Carcano
  • The rifle was the only one that could possibly have been traced to him
  • (all of this is contingent on the idea that he actually purchased the gun)
  • Presidential protection everywhere was extremely tight...
  • ...yet Oswald apparently walked into the TSBD with an assembled rifle?
  • Oswald passed up his best shot, as the car approached the building
  • He instead chose to shoot as the limo was driving away... and through the foliage of a tree
  • Oswald went 7 blocks to catch a bus that would bring him toward the TSBD?
  • (The first escape by mass transit ever)
  • Apparently, upon reaching the TSBD, it is alleged that he caught a taxi a half mile past his home
  • After all this, allegedly he shot a policeman and then went to the movies
  • Does all of this make sense?
  • The interviews after his arrest showed him as very calm for an accused assassin
  • Mark appeals for the right to represent Oswald at the request of Oswald's mother
  • Oswald was denied his right to due process by the denial of Lane to represent him
  • He points out the Warren Commission would be excused as jury members in an Oswald trial
  • Conflict of interest would prove them all unsuitable
  • The president of the American Bar Association performed the duties as council to Oswald
  • Mark Lane was denied this right even though it is what the relatives wanted

    Show #424
    Original airdate: May 21, 2009
    Guests: John Hankey / John Simkins
    Topic: The Bush Connection/ CIA assets

    Play Part One Interview - John Hankey

  • John gives a brief history of his 30 years in assassination research
  • John's website
  • focuses on involvement in JFK's assassination and possible involvement in JFK Jr's death
  • Hoover left documentary evidence that George Bush Sr. was involved in the JFK assassination
  • Video Excerpt from Dark Lagacy
  • John states that he believes a "manchurian candidate" killed JFK Jr
  • About Gary Webb and Michael Ruppert
  • John stated Webb needed an autopsy and none ever happened
  • Evidence GHW Bush was CIA right out of Yale
  • John calls Dulles a CIA front and Prescott Bush as the real CIA Chief
  • He refers to an article he wrote for
  • He details how the international bankers and not necessarily the Nazis were responsible for the Holocaust
  • Prescott Bush was a Wall Street banker during WWII for Theissen Bank... an international bank
  • The international bankers were represented by the Harrimans and the Rockefellers in America
  • Says Prescott Bush was Harriman's "bag man"
  • John has a 15 minute video he asks everyone to watch on 9/11 from his website

    Play Part Two - John Simkin

  • A former history teacher, Simkin began Spartacus as an information source on Assassinations and the CIA
  • The forum is agreat way to debate this and other information
  • John's website is the famous
  • Spartacus is possibly the premiere web source for assassination fact
  • Simkin's Bio at Spartacus
  • He explains how he became involved in assassination research
  • Exposing Donald Bohning...
  • Donald Bohning is the CIA's media asset "AMCARBON-3".
  • Discussion of Donald Bohning at the Education Forum
  • Joan Mellen revealed Donald Bohning in "A Farewell To Justice"
  • Released from the CIA... Document 1   -   Document 2
  • John Simkin relpy to "The Intelligencer"
  • Operation 40 and The Bay Of Pigs operation
  • How the participants, as CIA assets try to control their press and rewrite their history
  • John does his best to put forward both sides of arguments and this allows the audience to see the truth
  • In spite of the efforts at truth, CIA assets still write disinformation on the assassinations
  • The difficulties getting truth on assassination or intelligence subjects published in the media
  • It seems that as soon as a publisher sees the subject matter they run hard the other way
  • The usefulness of the internet in getting information to people that the media won't publish
  • The internet is a "strength in numbers" kind of thing... They can't stop us all
  • Why are assassination documents being held for so long?
  • What is it they don't want us to know?

    Show #423
    Original airdate: May 14th, 2009
    Guest: Judge Joe Brown
    Topic: Martin Luther King Assassination

    Play Interview - Judge Joe Brown

  • What King's assassination meant to Judge Brown and that time
  • How American's have given up their freedoms through fear
  • Judge Brown states the Who isn't as important as the What and the Why
  • His experience with the ballistics in the case and his qualifications
  • The rifle and comparisons to other rifles
  • Brown is appalled with recent changes in the law concerning terrorism
  • The FBI damaged the evidence bullet
  • The judge doesn't believe James Earl Ray had the wherewithall to have carried out the assassination
  • The Ramparts scandal in Los Angeles
  • The MLK coroner was completely corrupt
  • Bore-sighting a rifle... explains a colonator
  • No investigator stood where King was shot and looked around
  • The tower at the fire station
  • King's all black security detail called to a meeting
  • One officer refused to go to the meeting anf he was hog-tied and tossed into a squad car
  • The trajectories of the bullets
  • How Outers Foul Out works... a reverse plating process
  • The first detective on the scene was directed to interview a witness
  • The witness was passed out drunk and could not have witnessed anything
  • Explaining how the bathroom shot could not be done
  • James Earl Ray never confessed
  • The death of Judge Battle does not cause the setting aside of the plea
  • Judge Brown's stellar reversal record
  • Government (FBI) was discussing whether King was better off dead or alive
  • Judge Brown talks about the tradition of racially motivated murders in and around Memphis
  • Commentary on the media ignorance of the case
  • Reporters no longer have the knowledge they need to report stories properly
  • The differences in media aproaches in different countries
  • Judge Brown observes things that were wrong with the Ray case are now enacted into laws

    Show #422
    Original airdate: May 7th, 2009
    Guests: Russ Baker / Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: Family Of Secrets

    Play Part One - Russ Baker
  • Why another book on Bush?
  • Russ gives a brief background of himself
  • He begins by talking about George HW Bush's intelligence background
  • George H W Bush finally documented as being in Dallas the day of the JFK assassination
  • About Prescott Bush... Nazi front banker
  • The links all the way to the present
  • Not just a criticism of George W but an exposee of the history of the Bush's
  • A description of how the upper crust sees the world... Oligarchs
  • Trusted friends are repaid with prominent appointments
  • How, as a journalist, Russ discovered JFK links... Not just a conspiracy theory!
  • George DeMohrenschildt and George HW Bush
  • During the JFK assassination era, Two George Bush's?
  • Covert operatives such as... Karl Rove, dirty tricks expert
  • Harriet Myers cleaned up George W's record
  • George W heads many failing businesses... Why him?
  • The corrupt system. How do we clean up American government?
  • Baker tries (and succeeds) to piece a tough world view together with this book
  • It is important not to narrow your field of interest too much
  • Nixon appoints obscure Poppy Bush to several prominent posts...
  • ...Nixon owed Prescott Bush favours
  • The entire government riddled with CIA appointments
  • The forces that removed JFK and Nixon and discreditted Carter... The very same
  • Russ Baker's other websites: and

    Play Part Two - Jim DiEugenio
  • The Puppet and the Puppet Masters Part 1 and Part 2
  • Jim doesn't believe Gonzalez and Dubois wrote the second Puppetmasters article
  • He believes James Phelan was the likely author
  • Phelan a 'bought and sold' author... CIA
  • The Mormon Mafia incapacitated Howard Hughes with drugs and stole his empire
  • Something happened at Playboy to stop Part 2 from becoming a decent article
  • Lamar Waldron and Thomas Hartmann not only screw up the JFK assassination, but also the RFK and MLK assassinations
  • Grace Steven's institutionalized for being a credible witness to disprove James Earl Ray as an assassin
  • Legacy of Secrecy completely leaves out Judge Joe Brown
  • Self hypnosis all but impossible... Sirhan couldn't have done it
  • Michael Wien (Michael Wayne) and Khyber Khan
  • The book says Thane Cesar did not shoot RFK yet he was the ONLY person in the perfect position to
  • The bumbling Watergate burglars... really a setup job focusing on the removal of Nixon
  • While Legacy of Secrecy has a couple of decent points, in general the book is trash
  • Arlen Specter flips to the Democrats... Why would they want him?
  • Jim runs through the absurdity of the single bullet theory and manipulating witnesses
  • John McAdams less than zero The Laughing Stock of the Internet... still
  • Specter: Nothing but a liar and opportunist
  • Democrats that should be elected in Specter's place
  • New movie recomendation from Len - Who Killed John O'Neill
  • Several things Jim is working on

    Show #421
    Original airdate: April 30th, 2009
    Guests: Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topic: JFK Assassination

    Play Part One - Len Osanic
  • Len talks about how he became interested in the JFK assassination
  • How he met Col. Prouty and started Black Op Radio
  • The Col. Prouty Reference Site
  • The Ballad Of Ed Lansdale - Song and Lyrics
  • About Ed Lansdale and his role in electing Magsaysay and the Bay of Pigs
  • Lansdale worked fore C.A.R.E. after his U.S. Air Force retirement

    Play Part Two - Col. Fletcher Prouty
  • Question to Col Prouty: How would YOU have investigated the JFK assassination?
  • Prouty gives several basic and logical statements in his answer
  • "I think within 6 or 8 hours, we would have solved the crime" - Col. Prouty
  • The minute we move away from the lone nut theory then there must be a "WHY"
  • 4 points that caused the Military Industrial Complex to get rid of JFK
  • Kennedy's suggestion to merge NASA with the Soviet Space Agency...
  • Restructuring the TFX program and weapons procurement...
  • NSAM #263 - Getting all Americans out of Vietnam by the end of '65...
  • Seeing a Kennedy dynasty with their policies beginning...
  • The U.S. military augmenting the Secret Service in protection of the President
  • How, in the Dallas case, the military was made to "stand down"
  • ...They assumed if they were standing down, some other group would take over...
  • ...This never happened! - Prouty
  • Re-routing the parade route at the eleventh hour...
  • False Dallas Policemen, Phoney Secret Service, Re-arranging Zapruder film frames...
  • ...staging a strange autopsy, Covering up these things all this time...
  • ...Only the government could do all of these things!
  • Jim Garrison was essentially correct in his basic thesis
  • The 'Tramp' pictures - Several strange anomalies!
  • CIA "Retired" General Ed Lansdale in the first photo. Why?
  • Prouty sends the pictures out to several aquaintences for analysis
  • They came back with the same answer - "That's Ed Lansdale"
  • The New Zealand news story and the timing of it

    Show #420
    Original airdate: April 23rd, 2009
    Guests: Pat Valentino / Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: OJ Simpson / JFK Book Reviews

    Play Part One - Pat Valentino
  • Pat's early research and how he came to know David Lifton
  • Valentino and Lifton give the Dallas Doctors the first look at the autopsy photos
  • The doctors, to a man, did not recognize the official injuries
  • Lifton will be releasing his new book soon
  • Pat and David Lifton will be collaborating on an extensive JFK evidence documentary
  • They promise to both be on Black Op in the near future to discuss the new book
  • Many parallels in the assassinations of the 60's
  • Pat draws an interesting coincidence: JFK, MLK, RFK: All were killed after opposing Vietnam
  • OJ in Las Vegas and was after his own personal belongings
  • When OJ entered the room, everyone was taping everything... A setup from the start
  • No chain of evidence in the audio evidence
  • OJ's lawyer limited in an unprecedented way and there was an "all white" jury?
  • A couple of instances that warranted a mistrial... None was called
  • One juror had been fired from his job for making racial slurs
  • Simpson should never have gone to jail over this case
  • Simpson and friend convicted of Kidnapping and armed robbery
  • It is highly questionable whether there was an intention to kidnap
  • ...The guys that carried the weapons walked, while unarmed OJ is convicted
  • Pat has a complete video archive, unedited, of the Vegas OJ trial

    Play Part Two - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim's website is Probe Magazine
  • McGeorge Bundy, Bob McNamara and Max Taylor all stated JFK was going to pull out of Vietnam
  • Jim's next reviews: Virtual JFK, Ten points and The Mysterious death of number 35
  • Jim will also review the Discovery Channel JFK documentary
  • He's also going to dispel the misinformation surrounding Stone's JFK
  • DiEugenio believes the Clay Shaw appearance at 544 Camp St should not have been in the film
  • Jim explains how the movie should have been made in his opinion
  • Fletcher Prouty was a consultant... his opinion of the film
  • Jim talks about Lamar Waldron's awful books, Ultimate Sacrifice and Legacy Of Secrecy
  • Harry Williams... The story grows every time it's told
  • Ultimately this book is just a new spin on a "Mafia-Did-It"scenario
  • Kennedy vetoed several contingency plans
  • Jim details many points that make the book's premise ridiculous
  • Jim shows that "C Day" is a complete fabrication
  • Many footnotes are non existent or anonymous
  • A back check of the research shows in many cases the research is faulty
  • Bernardo De Torres, Mitch Werbell and Eladio del Valle
  • The back-story on De Torres shows just how close Jim Garrison was to the truth
  • "Waldron conceals DeTorres' name to hide the fact that he is CIA"

    Play Part Three - Jim DiEugenio
  • The idea that they might have wanted to keep Oswald alive just doesn't wash
  • Waldron's and Hartman's dealing with a Dick Helms scenario
  • It was yet another unsubstantiated and ridiculous story
  • Statements of bravado taken as a confession
  • Jim deems worthless the testimony of Carlos Marcello... He had Alzheimer's disease
  • A school teacher gives a lesson on finding disinformation using Jim's reviews
  • Jim will deal with Waldron and Hartman's sections on MLK, RFK and Watergate, next time
  • The second Playboy article (The Puppet and the Puppet masters) ...
  • ...Somebody got to Playboy. The story wasn't what was promised

  • Howard Hughes Playboy article April 1977 part 1

  • Howard Hughes Playboy article Sept1977 part 2

    Show #419
    Original airdate: April 16th, 2009
    Guest: April Oliver
    Topic: Operation Tailwind

    From the Black Op Archives 2000
    Operation Tailwind - April Oliver and Jack Smith detail their well researched report on US. Military gassing deserters in Vietnam with Sarin gas. Then CNN caved in to pressure, called the story false, put a gag on them both, and fired the reporters.

    Play Part One - April Oliver
  • A replay of show # 005
  • The story was Nerve gas use in Laos during the Vietnam conflict
  • April was fired from CNN for reporting on it
  • CNN worried that their news sources would dry up at the Pentagon if the story ran
  • Her sources for the story were beyond question
  • She worked with Jack Smith, a very respected reporter
  • She exceeded all journalistic expectations on the credibility of the story
  • CNN did not know how to handle this kind of a story
  • There were at least 44 drafts of the story
  • CNN pretended they were blindsided by the article
  • Really, they didn't have experience fighting to heep the story alive
  • As a result, the military knows they can manipulate the media
  • April continued to receive reports of other operations in Southeast Asia
  • Deep racial divisions permeated the ranks of US military in Vietnam
  • US defectors were targeted by the American military
  • Tailwind was an operation to wipe out a defector's base inside Laos
  • Things went wrong and Nerve gas was called in to help wipe out the enemy
  • Nerve gas s a last resort weapon but the military doesn't want to admit it's use
  • April explain's the use and advantages of nerve gas
  • Not only a betrayal of April, it was a betrayal of the reporting profession
  • She explains what happened to Gary Webb (This was before his death, of course)
  • Poison gas used elsewhere, not just in Southeast Asia?....

    Play Part Two - April Oliver
  • The military doesn't want Special Ops being reported on
  • Psyops warriors working in newsrooms?
  • Military in a CNN newsroom could put reporters at risk in a war zone
  • Are they still working in newsrooms?
  • April talks about a website created to show April with a dagger through her head
  • This is the kind of intimidation she faced - How many reporters face the same thing?
  • A sworn deposition by an admiral showing requests for poison gas use
  • Kissinger tried to kill the story giving a ludicrous cover story
  • She won't ever agree to a gag order again
  • Washington Special Action Group (WSAG)
  • How April originally got the story
  • April is getting a law degree and getting out of journalism
  • Seymour Hersh's story on US forces firing on Iraqi troops during a ceasefire
  • The attack was similar to April Oliver's
  • Seymour Hersh wouldn't take this story on either

    Play Part Three - April Oliver & Jack Smith
  • April Oliver & Jack Smith interviewed by Alex S. Jones
  • Jones haggles over whether there was enough "naysayer" information in the story
  • April gives several points by witnesses both during and after her interviews
  • Jack talks abut the backlash not only to them but the soldiers who talked
  • Jones asks "Did you ask your confidential sources to come forward?"
  • April talks about another operation report on camera about nerve gas use in Cambodia
  • The gasses used and how they are used
  • Both reporters talk about journalistic integrity
  • **Audience questions**
  • Asking the same question different ways at different times
  • the questin asked of Admiral Moorer: "Was CS Gas used?" The answer was always "YES"
  • Peter Arnett's role in this story
  • Why assassinating defectors was chosen over capturing them in this case

    Play Part Four - April Oliver & Jack Smith
  • Arnett's support was lost as he retracted to save his job
  • Floyd Abrams, Hired by CNN to bury the story, questioned the validity of the information
  • He stated they were too zealous and believed the story was valid when it wasn't
  • Of course Oliver and Smith corroborated their sources and validated their story
  • The story is true! It was confirmed that nerve gas WAS used
  • CNN originally signed off on the story then backpeddled when military resistance was felt
  • Abrams took only 8 or 9 days to review a story that took 8 months to accumulate
  • April explains the use and handling of Sarin nerve gas and the minimal protection needed

    Interview with Major General John Singlaub
    APRIL OLIVER: We have a letter on Air Force stationary that says Operation
    Tailwind's men on the ground attest to CBU-15 [sarin nerve gas] being
    accurate and effective every time it was brought in... It is a letter
    signed by General Clay and sent to Air Force General Killpack...
    Read Interview Transcript

    Show #418
    Original airdate: April 9th, 2009
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio / Jim Lesar
    Topics: The MLK Assassination Trial

    Play Part One - Jim DiEugenio
  • DiEugenio's website is
  • Jim talks about the clash between the researchers
  • DailyKos and Firedoglake
  • Comparing modern events with RFK OK-ing the bugging Martin Luther King
  • It was the only way RFK "RFK could get Hoover off his back"
  • Wall Street and the sub-prime problems
  • The Democrats lost their way in 1968
  • Judge Joe Brown and the King case
  • Brown wanted to clean the rifle properly before doing conclusive tests
  • When Brown asked for this, he was barraged from all directions a la Jim Garrison
  • The truth was never allowed and Brown was removed from the case
  • The apparent James Earl Ray bullets did not match the King bullet
  • The gun was never properly sighted in... can you say Mannlicher Carcano?
  • Two white Mustangs
  • The ridiculousness of the sniper's nest
  • The witnesses did not see James Earl Ray
  • Merrell McCullough, CIA agent, points to the flophouse bathroom?...
  • McCullough later an 18 year vetran of the CIA on the balcony during the assassination?
  • J Edgar Hoover did his best to destroy the Black civil rights movement in America
  • Credibility and the clash between the researchers

    Part Two - Jim DiEugenio
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much re-issue - 2003, a more important book
  • Jim has taken the important points and put them into an essay on
  • Nagell was the most important witness in the JFK case
  • Nagell was investigating many important people unknown until after the assassination
  • The I.D. cards prove Nagell was working with Oswald
  • Nagel's 5 conclusions with regard to Oswald
  • Nagell said his job was to kill Oswald and prevent the JFK assassination
  • An Orange Bowl assassination plot foiled?
  • Jim DiEugenio: "Nagell was one heck of an investigator"
  • David Ferrie, Leon Oswald, Sergio Arcacha-Smith; Nagell investigated them all before the assassination
  • Fearing his own assassination, Nagell tries various things to keep himself alive
  • Jim Garrison thought Nagell was the most important witness too
  • Did the CIA hold Nagell's children hostage to keep his silence?
  • Shenannigans surrounding the missing footlocker after Nagell's death
  • The 112th file on Oswald
  • The bottom line on Nagell: He's telling the truth
  • About the film "Vietnam If Kennedy Had Lived"
  • The author takes the position that Kennedy would have pulled out of Vietnam
  • Several items brought up that will be in the next interview with Jim

    Part Three - Jim Lesar
  • Lesar represented James Earl Ray from 1970 to 1975
  • He also represented Harold Weisberg in the FOIA litigation
  • The FBI declared immunity from FOIA and lied about the records they had
  • Lesar wasn't concerned with James Earl Ray's guilt or innocence
  • He was only concerned with overturning Ray's guilty plea
  • Ray had been misrepresented at every turn until Lesar took over
  • How Ray came to plead guilty
  • Ray was afraid his lawyer would throw the case if he didn't plead guilty
  • Ray appeard very coherent and capable of working up a defense for himself
  • The legal forces of the time were bent on finding Ray guilty at any cost
  • It is extremely difficult to overturn a guilty plea
  • JIm is optimistic there will be a fair trial in the Martin Luther King assassination
  • Jim's work can be seen at or

    Show #417
    Original airdate: April 2nd, 2009
    Guest: Jim Douglass / John Judge
    Topics: The Jowers Trial

    Play Part One - Jim Douglass
  • Jim is working on a book on Martin Luther King. It will be at least a year away
  • Jim was a professor of religion at the University of Hawaii at the time of MLK's death
  • Jim ended his academic career shortly afterward, focusing on activism
  • Judge Joe Brown was ejected from the case, then James Earle Ray died, ending that case
  • The Jowers trial was the only trial completed in the MLK case
  • Douglass and Wendel Stacey were the only people to stay for the entire trial
  • The conclusion, the jury found "King was assassinated by a conspiracy of government elements"
  • Maynard Stiles gave testimony regarding cleaning up the crime scene under the direction of the police
  • This "cleanup" destroyed the sniper's nest
  • The flophouse bathroom was the "official" assassins nest
  • It has been altered to support the official story
  • A 'falling down drunk' man was the primary witness to Ray being the assassin
  • This man's common law wife, Grace Waldron, had seen a man walking past the doorway
  • This man was not James Earl Ray... She was not intoxicated and she was not called for testimony
  • Grace Waldron was committed to a mental institution for 10 years to prevent her testimony
  • The phone call taken by 'Lorraine' of the Lorraine motel asking to move King's room
  • Lorraine had a heart attack and died shortly after hearing of King's death
  • Hoover had been the man responsible for moving King to the Lorraine Motel
  • The assassination is described as "highly orchestrated"
  • The 'moral bankruptcy' of governmental forces in these things
  • The Special Forces team ready to shoot King and Andrew Young, suprised by the shooting
  • They withdrew their hit team before firing a shot
  • Jowers admitted to his role in the assassination
  • Wendell Stacey here and here died under suspicious circumstances in August 2007
  • Judge Brown's removal from the case because his expertise on firearms went against the official story
  • The rifle package was dropped in the doorway 10 minutes before the assassination
  • This means the rifle could not have been used in the assassination... Ray did not do it
  • Just as in the JFK assassination, WHY is the question that needs to be asked
  • Jim's book on MLK will also include Malcom X in the material

    Part Two - John Judge
  • A great selection of John Judge material on Raticle.Org
  • Harold Weisberg's investigation of James Earl Ray
  • Different aliases, Different James Earl Ray's...
  • King's views, particularly on militarism
  • The surveillance and disruption by COINTELPRO
  • Assassins from different directions... if they were needed
  • Connections between the assassins and the "Tramps" of JFK fame
  • How King was moved to the Lorraine Motel and then to a vulnerable room
  • Judge Joe Brown removed from the case because of his ballistics expertise
  • There was virtually no coverage of what should have been the trial of the century
  • The Martin Luther King center has the transcript of the trial
  • Browse The King Center starting at the home page
  • John Judge: "I don't think we can celebrate King's life without remembering his death"
  • 80 witness deaths in this case... suspicious to say the least
  • The abject racism involved: The Memphis Police, The FBI and others
  • John talks about the struggle to re-open these cases
  • Although slim, there is now some hope of these cases seeing the light of day
  • Bush reversed the opening of files and reclassified many records
  • Division 5, The DIA, The ONI and the FBI and many others
  • DIA gets more than 85% of the black budget, not CIA
  • A bit of Jagger Chiles Stovall history
  • Domestic and foreign assassination squads
  • DIA working with organized crime
  • Able Danger "manipulating" Al-Qeda
  • Paul Wellstone bullied by the Bush Administration... conveniently killed in a plane crash
  • The crash was very suspicious much the same as Dorothy Hunt's plane
  • How do the FBI show up so immediately on these scenes when they are up to 5 hours away?
  • John's talks about what he did following the King assassination
  • The 9/11 investigation mirrors the Warren Commission investigation in tactics
  • Mae Brussell Pegs Fritz Kraemer as mentor to Alexander Haig and Henry Kissinger
  • CNN's 'Murder in Memphis': A horrible propaganda piece... the conclusions are very easy to dispell
  • John's websites are Judge for, Political and Grounds For

    Show #416
    Original airdate: March 26th, 2009
    Guest: Dr. William Pepper
    Topics: The Jowers Trial

    Part One - Dr. William Pepper
  • The popular media ignored the proceedings after the family of MLK gave testimony
  • The trial determined that James Earl Ray was an innocent patsy
  • A hit team did the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King
  • It was determined that MLK was killed to prevent a sit-in in Washington DC
  • Jim Douglass was the only reporter to attend the entire proceedings
  • Len has created Dr. William Pepper's new website
  • Dr Pepper has written an argument showing the erosion of the US constitution
  • He shows that this erosion has occurred over the last 11 presidencies
  • This paper will be available on Pepper's website
  • The arguement calls for a constitutional convention to amend, protect and support the US Constitution
  • He's also framing legal indictments against several members of the Bush administration
  • The four counts on these indictments will include:
  • 1) Torture
  • 2) Waging of agressive war
  • 3) War crimes and crimes against humanity
  • 4) Illegal detention and extraordinary rendition
  • Bill is doubtful the Obama administration will act on these indictments
  • Obama will be too busy trying to save the American economy
  • It looks like the bankrupting of America is a planned event
  • Bill talks about his "first love"...Poetry
  • Exerpts of Dr Pepper's poetry available on his website
  • New album available Preview Here
  • Sirhan Sirhan's hypno-programming
  • About the funding of his pro bono work... Donations are much appreciated
  • Bill reflects on his frienship with and his admiration of the man
  • The Martin Luther King center has the transcript of the trial
  • Browse The King Center starting at the home page
  • Bill is working on his third book on the King case which, he states, will be his final printed word on the case
  • He's finishing up a book on Hugo Chavez and his Bolivarian revolution

    Part Two - Mark Lane
  • Pauley Perrette is doing a documentary on Mark's life called "Citizen Lane"
  • Lane and Dick Gregory wrote Murder in Memphis", a revisionist view of the MLK murder
  • A J. Edgar Hoover dirty trick
  • Hoover wanted King dead
  • It was known to King's people of an FBI "Kill King" squad
  • King was originally to stay at the Holiday Inn Rivermont
  • Hoover started the racist campaign to get King out of the Holiday Inn where he was safe
  • The Lorraine Motel stay was arranged specifically by Hoover
  • The bizarre relationship between Hoover, Clive Tolson and the FBI
  • Hoover's secret files kept him in power
  • Mark's personal experience with Martin Luther King
  • A Black Op Listener came up with the working title of Mark's autobiography title "Dancing With Bullies"
  • It was a combination of statements made by Mark Lane and Jim Garrison
  • This will probably be the final title of Lane's Autobiography
  • The Martin Luther King Legacy: He led a quiet, peaceable life
  • King created the revolution among Black People for human rights
  • He spoke strongly against the Vietnam conflict
  • The march on Washington to create economic change in America is what got him killed
  • King was not only committed to change in America, but everywhere
  • If not for King's work, Obama would not be President today
  • Non violent revolution, a la Mahatma Gandhi, was the only avenue open to Black People
  • King was just a regular man and nobody before or since has changed America so profoundly
  • Lane calls Obama "The most eloquent speaker to ever hold the office of President of the United States"
  • As eloquent a speaker as JFK was, Lane says Barack Obama is more eloquent
  • The teetering economy
  • Comments on torture and the previous administration
  • Mahatma Gandhi's strange autobiography
  • The salt tax and cloth making in India and the Gandi revolution
  • MLK stood for much. He never let anyone down and everyone knew he never would
  • About at Spartacus - Joachim Joesten author of"Oswald: Assassin or Fall Guy?", Sept, 1964
  • Congressional testimony about a disgraced former English policeman at the HSCA during the James Earl Ray segment
  • Dick Gregory ... trying to get the truth out of a fearful Walter Fauntroy
  • Mark Lane features much of his work at his website

    Show #415
    Original airdate: March 19th, 2009
    Guest: Charles R. Drago
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One - Charles R. Drago
  • Charles gives a brief background of his involvement in assassination research
  • Drago: "Every day the researchers don't work together we work for the enemy"
  • The late George Michael Evica and Mary Ferrell Foundation, An inside look at the beginning
  • Are Mary Ferrell's or Jay Harrison's archives safe?
  • These are the people's archives. They need to be properly cared for!
  • A list of items in the Harold Weisberg archives as an example of how archives should be administered
  • Charles wants to give the archivists the benefit of the doubt but...
  • Nobody is sure how the archive items are cared for
  • Deep Politics Forum and CTKA (Probe Magazine)
  • Charles talks about infighting and competition between research groups that hurts the cause
  • Drago delivers a poignant essay on control of The People's National Archives
  • The conspiracy issue is no longer a debate.
  • Anyone with reasonable access to the evidence who concludes it was not a conspiracy...
  • "Is cognitively impaired and or Complict in the crime" - Charles Drago
  • A literary comparison to the major government players in the JFK case

    Play Part Two - Jim Fetzer
  • Jim talks about his research into Mary Moorman in the street in Dealy Plaza
  • Dick Cheney's assassination team (originally reported by Seymour Hersh)
  • Several former political executives from the last U.S. regime try to revise history
  • Beginning with the AIG bonus story
  • Suggestions on what the $165 million could buy
  • The new tax laws to reign in the bonuses paid to bailed out corporations
  • Jim lists of several examples of funds misappropriation leading up to the collapse
  • Seemingly genuine examples of concern by right leaning people
  • Jim is concerned over the way the Obama administration is managing the economic crisis
  • Concern that the crisis will result in the implementation of the Amero (NAU)
  • U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar

    Show #414
    Original airdate: March 12th, 2009
    Guest: Mark Dawidziak / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One - Mark Dawidziak
  • Mark starts by giving a history of how he became involved in conspiracy research
  • He has been a critic of the official story
  • Mark draws several comparisons between the JFK and Lincoln assassinations
  • He describes the "toothless" media in the assassinations
  • The real stories are ignored as they "trivialize us to death"
  • It was either a conspiracy or a bungled investigation - There is no middle ground
  • The government has let us down and nobody seems outraged at this
  • The essence of freedom is the ability to criticize freely
  • Three media "tricks of the trade"
  • 1) Accept all official news as truth
  • 2) Demonize as lunatics, anyone questioning the official theory
  • 3) Dismiss any investigative reporting that goes against official theory
  • Mark feels Stone's JFK had more of a casting problem than a historical one
  • How the major media espouses the official story
  • They investigate by ommission. They never answer the real questions
  • The investigation of the assassination was held to the lowest standards

    Play Part Two - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim comments on Lamar Waldron's work
  • Waldron ignores many facts and goes with the official story "goes with Ray as the killer of KIng"
  • The missing pieces of CE399
  • Talk about Jesse Curry's book and interviews
  • Dallas Police gave up all the JFK evidence to the FBI
  • The did not get back everything that they sent
  • Exhibit 3 from Connally obviously weighed much more than 3 grains
  • It therefore could not have come from CE399
  • Various images of bullet fragments prove CE399 was not the only missile
  • The Dolce bullet tests on YouTube
  • The Rydberg drawing conflicts with evidentiary pictures
  • Ruth Paine as a credible witness... NOT!
  • Allen Dulles >>> Mary Bancroft >>> Michael Paine's mother
  • Witholding the Imperial Reflex camera from the police and FBI
  • Ruth gave it to Robert Oswald instead?... Why?

    Play Part Three - Jim DiEugenio
  • Dick Russell's "On The Trail Of The JFK Assassins"
  • Dick Russell has been reporting on the JFK case for more than 20 years
  • Doug Horne: Re-investigated a great deal of the JFK case
  • Horne's essays concern the brain weight and other key things
  • The brain weight is significantly higher than what should be obvious in the photos
  • Senator Richard Russell discovered the farcity of the Warren Commission
  • He set up his own investigation in light of this
  • Russell's 3 major conclusions: 1) Marina Oswald lied
  • 2) The Mannlicher Carcano was incapable of doing what it was said to have done
  • 3) There really was a second Oswald
  • The same conclusions researchers were coming to
  • It was Boggs and not Long that got Jim Garrison to investigate the JFK assassination
  • Garrison had been working on the investigation much earlier than previously known
  • 3 Warren Commisioners dissented by the end of the sixties
  • Luis Castillo - A probable programmed assassin, a la Sirhan Sirhan
  • The Church Committee Report: Not all evidence given over to the Warren Commission
  • The sacrificing of the 'dedicated' Spague (HSCA) and the JFK investigation afterward
  • Stansfield Turner wouldn't co-operate with the HSCA
  • Jim Garrison, Joe Brown, Richard Sprague... impeccable careers
  • All three drummed out when they investigated their respective cases
  • A meeting in the Bahamas names Maurice Bishop as David Atlee Phillips
  • Eladio del Valle, Escalante, The Soviets, and Richard Case Nagell
  • Ties between Nagell, American Express and Oswald in Russia
  • The Paines are still both alive as far as Jim knows
  • The Paines are related to families with great power (Cabot & Kerry)

    Show #413
    Original airdate: March 5th, 2009
    Guest: Pat Speer
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One - Pat Speer
  • Pat's website: Pat Speer.Com
  • The healthy changes of opinion
  • Reverting to the primary JFK evidence
  • The palm print on the Mannlicher Carcano... Dubious at best
  • The shirt thread evidence
  • The curtain rod bag... The evidence changes
  • Fingerprints on a cardboard box... No photo of it
  • The three "gun rest" boxes...Prints found three days later
  • The significance of the sniper's nest window moulding
  • Missing photos... Photos that you'd expect to have been taken
  • The broken elevator and people escaping out the back way?
  • The side stories, phony Oswalds etc.
  • Broken evidence chains, lack of credibility: A completely shabby case against Oswald
  • This might be evidence of an active conspiracy or lazy police work
  • The movie JFK": comparison of fact with editorial license... 80% / 20% respectively
  • Jim Garrison
  • They never looked anywhere but at Oswald... the case loses all credibility for this
  • New York Times travel ad for the 6th Floor Museum Leave a comment...

    Show #412
    Original airdate: Feb 26th, 2009
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio / Rich DellaRosa / Jim Fetzer
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim starts with an update of things on his website,
  • He's done a review of Shane O'Sullivan's book, "Who Killed Bobby?"
  • Probe also has a Philip Sheridan review of the film "An American Affair"
  • Mary Meyer and JFK
  • Jim believes the "marijuana and LSD" story was disinformation
  • Upcoming review on "On The Trail of the JFK Assassins" by Dick Russell (next week)
  • He talks about the downfall of "The Man Who Knew Too Much"
  • The second version cuts out all the extraneous material that hides the story
  • The second book also has more new material including Nagell's suspicious death
  • Jim and Lisa Pease visited Nagell's house two days after his death
  • Jim is going to do a review of the new version of "The Man Who Knew Too Much"
  • LIsa Pease is doing a review of "An Open and Shut Case" on RFK's assassination
  • This book was self published and soon will be available from a major publisher
  • He pans "Legacy of Secrecy" the Lamar Waldron / Thom Hartman book
  • It's a rehash of the previous terrible book, "Ultimate Sacrifice"
  • Jim Douglass is doing a book on MLK and Malcom X... Should be a good one
  • DiEugenio explains why "C" day was a sham
  • About several awful authors and how they quote each others' material
  • Len's video reply to Vincent Palamera video
  • The timing of the disinformationalists
  • The disinformationalists seem to make a lot more money than the critics. Why?
  • How many men on the 6th floor and how many shots were fired. VIdeo

    Play Part Two - Rich Della Rosa
  • Website discussed -
  • Rich maintains he viewed a different film than the regular Zapruder film
  • The debate was Mary Moorman in the street, is the film correct
  • A chronology and overview of the Z film
  • Rich calls this "complete" version of the film, complete, original and unaltered
  • He believed this other version to be 16mm and not 8mm format
  • This other version was of "professional quality"
  • Rich calls the common versions of the film the "Extant" versions
  • Umbrella Man and the accomplice
  • Della Rossa details material not shown in the extant versions
  • You must conclude Secret Service complicity
  • Who was showing this complete version around the university circuit?
  • William Manchester "Death of a President"
  • Manchester's descriptions of the assassination car
  • Rich believes Manchester watched the film 75 and as many as 100 times
  • He was tireless in his research for the book
  • Manchester got his version of the Z film from the Secret Service
  • Jackies changes to the manuscript were quite superficial
  • Jackie's lawsuit of Manchester
  • What was it that caused the suit?
  • William Manchester was no weakling but this book almost broke him
  • What did he see that bothered him so much?
  • Rich maintains that Manchester saw the other "much more gruesome" film
  • Jim Fetzer says it was the conflict between what he found out and the official version

    Show #411
    Original airdate: Feb 19th, 2009
    Guest: Jim Marrs/ Pat Speer
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One - Jim Marrs
  • Jim has been teaching a JFK Assassination course from 1976
  • A chronology of JFK Assassination trends
  • Jim was teaching truth... a rare thing in this case
  • The Tippit shell casing switch
  • All of the Dallas evidence was shipped to Washington
  • None of the original evidence was returned after the investigation
  • During this time, there was no chain of evidence
  • 2 TSBD roll calls...
  • Police were tipped off by Military Intelligence as to Lee Harvey Oswald's identity
  • Oswald identified two employees in the lunchroom just before the shooting
  • How could he know if he was on the sixth floor shooting out of a window?
  • Bugliosi's rhetoric against the JFK researchers
  • Truth was NOT on Bugliosi's agenda in his book
  • Jim dispells the idea that Inside The Target Car was accurate
  • 6th Floor Museum: Headquarters for the cover-up
  • Who runs the 6th Floor Museum?
  • Efforts to pull the building down were thwarted
  • As a consolation, the museum was built but no one can even look out that window
  • Oswald could never have shot through the 'Texas Live Oak' in the line of sight
  • Jim explains how the official story of the shots just doesn't wash
  • Gary Mack's disruptions in class caused the cancelling of Marrs's classes
  • Marrs says material like Bugliosi's book is only meant to generate controversy
  • The controversy ensures nothing is really being done in the case
  • Jim now has available, an index to Crossfire at Jim Marrs's website

    Play Part Two - Pat Speer
  • Pat explains his statement regarding Gary Mack
  • Errors in making TV shows are explained away after the fact
  • The complainer is often blamed instead of the one who made the error
  • Speer defends Bugliosi in some ways
  • He calls the Bugliosi book "Spin"
  • Debunking Dr. Michael Baden
  • The Clark Panel: A report trying to discredit Josiah Thompson's book... unsuccessfully
  • Dr. Wecht was upset about the make-up of the Rockefeller Panel in '93
  • Wecht explains the conflict of interest of the panel members
  • HSCA panel members also have a similar conflict
  • Basically theses panels move the woundsand confirm the lone nutter theory
  • HSCA ignores its own experts
  • Anomalies in the exit wounds
  • As bad as Baden is, Bugliosi uses him as an expert in his book
  • Pat lists several things Baden gets wrong
  • Baden doesn't appear to have studied the JFK material he's asked about
  • He appears to be winging it when asked questions he should know answers to
  • After being fired, Baden sues the City of New York and loses
  • Dr. Baden testifies in the shaken baby case and the Phil Spector case
  • So many of these people are held up as experts and they are not

    Show #410
    Original airdate: Feb 12th, 2009
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Watergate & Howard Hughes & the CIA

    Part One - Jim DiEugenio
  • The Puppet and the Puppetmasters mentioned in show 408
  • The article explains many things; among them, Hughes buying casinos with Nixon's influence
  • The article talks about 'how' Nixon will be taken down
  • Jim refers to Jim Hougan's book "Secret Agenda: Watergate, Deep Throat and the CIA"
  • Jim Hougan is the only author to come close since that article
  • The second part of the article did not live up to the billing... it's been sanitized
  • Hughes ended up dying, probably leaving parts of his empire to the CIA
  • The implication is that CIA incapacitated Hughes to get his empire
  • Howard Hughes is mentioned to have died far earlier than is publicly known
  • Jim Mentions Hougan's previous book "Spooks" and the Virgilio Gonzales affidavit
  • A review of an article by Gus Russo
  • Jim DiEugenio's review at
  • Russo authored a misleading book on the Kennedys called "Live By The Sword"
  • JIm compares Russo's tactics as being very similar to David Atlee Phillips
  • Jim points out just how inaccurate the article is
  • It talks about Kennedy and Cuba and ignores all other Kennedy history of that time
  • The article centers on manipulating the Warren Commission
  • The trouble is, they say LBJ and RFK were doing this... ridiculous!
  • Jim points out the fix was in long before LBJ or RFK became involved
  • Allen Dulles' blunder in dealing with Castro sending Cuba to the Soviets
  • Truman's solution would've kept Castro in the west and a non-Communist
  • Russo says the Kennedys knew of the Castro Assassination plots
  • There is no evidence the Kennedys knew anything about the plots
  • German documentary (Rendezvous With Death) on JFK, sreenplay by Gus Russo

    Part Two - Jim DiEugenio
  • Implications by Gus Russo, and Seymour Hersh (The Dark Side of Camelot)
  • They infer that JFK got Judith Exner to take money to the Mafia
  • Jim proves this to be another deception
  • The General Walker shooting - Oswald couldn't have done it
  • The twists and turns showing Oswald was most likely not working for the USSR
  • Russo calls researchers"Conspirati" with a "pathological hatred of the US Government"
  • It's Russo's cheap attempt to discredit JFK researchers
  • Who is Gus Russo, really?
  • Caroline Kennedy
  • Jane Hamsher, Firedoglake and the Blogosphere
  • Bloggers don't get paid generally. You get what you pay for as far as the news goes
  • Hamsher was upset with Jim's open letter
  • Jim points out the Bloggers lack of historical background
  • Cesar Chavez and MLK's endorsement of RFK
  • How Jim views Caroline Kennedy would have been as a senator
  • Jim Fetzer's Assassination Research site also has Jim DiEugenio's Bugliosi article up

    Show #409
    Original airdate: Jan 29th, 2009
    Guest: Mark Lane
    Topics: Review of Bugliosi

    Part One - Mark Lane
  • Bugliosi exposed as a fruad by Mark
  • Bugliosi refers to the TV trial of Oswald as an actual trial
  • He settles on hearsay testimony. He never goes to the source
  • He picks information to fit the story rather than letting the evidence speak
  • An article on Bugliosi in PDF format from Mark Lane's website
  • There are a great many other interesting things on Mark's site
  • Mark talks about Bugliosi's manner of writing... a "Bugliosi saves the day" style
  • He talks about his case against E Howard Hunt
  • Marita Lorenz, Frank Sturgis and Gerry Patrick Hemming
  • How Hunt hung himself in his trial
  • Lane's trouble getting his books published
  • Mark is now writing his autobiography
  • He's been practicing law for 57 years
  • Obama has been signing bills that Lane has long fought for
  • Investigating the MLK case... Hoover arranged the murder
  • An eyewitness proving Ray wasn't the killer was committed
  • How Lane got the woman out of Memphis
  • How times have (and America has) changed since Mark was a young man
  • Grant Park: A three day protest ordeal in Chicago in 1968
  • Obama used Grant Park for part of his platform, silently of course
  • Lane sees great hope with the Obama administration

    Part One - Pat Speer
  • Gary Mack's shameful role inside the target car
  • Pat talks about a deliberate deception by Bugliosi that angered him
  • Chapter 9b on Bugliosi: The embarrassing Bugliosi saga
  • He relates how some of the material is used and altered by Bugliosi
  • Chapter 16c on Inside the Target Car: Confirmation and Disappointment
  • Comments on Bugiosi and his latest book about George Bush
  • Even the mainstream lone nutters won't give Bugliosi the time of day
  • Youtube video of Baden testifying with exhibit upside down:
  • Who wrote Bugliosi's book?...
  • Commentary: Inside the Target Car and Gary Mack
  • Moving Jackie to discount the Grassy Knoll shot
  • The animations are always a deception
  • Pat feels the head shot entered along the skull causing the skull to do what it did
  • Youtube video which demonstrates that Specter lied Video
  • Speculating over the motivations of the commission investigators
  • It looks as if they found an assassin to blame and fit the evidence to the crime

    Special Extra !
    Original airdate: Jan 24th, 2009
    Guest: Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: January 24th Birthday Special !

  • Gone but not forgotten...
  • Video Excerpts from the new release
  • New video packages available Feb. 1st 2009

    Show #408
    Original airdate: Jan 22nd, 2009
    Guest: Ira David Wood III
    Topics: The Chronology of the JFK Assassination

    Part One - Ira David Wood III
  • What sparked David's interest in JFK
  • He's an actor, Director and Theater owner
  • The rarity of JFK theater scripts
  • David's working on a novel "Dark Quadrant" with a JFK Assassination theme
  • The novel will weave some fiction with a good deal of fact
  • He was asked by Jim Fetzer to participate in "Murder In Dealy Plaza"
  • Ira found several patterns while he compiled his chronology
  • Among these are various deaths when investigations were announced
  • The Chronology of the JFK Assassination Part 1
  • The Chronology of the JFK Assassination Part 2
  • The general apathy of the public with regard to truth in government
  • Once the researchers stop arguing then we can come together with some force
  • Dis-information campaigns and discord among researchers serve to prevent this
  • Fighting the fear caused by the political assassinations of the 60's
  • The campaign against Stone's JFK: Using a brick to kill a fly
  • Oswald's phonecall to John Hurt in Raleigh NC
  • Several possibilities regarding that call
  • Elizabeth City & Nags Head
  • Zapata, The Houston, and The Barbara J
  • William Sommerset and Joseph Milteer
  • Raphael Trujillo's and JFK's assassination & Gerry Patrick Hemming
  • Power and communications are cut in several places during the JFK assassination
  • LBJ would likely have gone to prison after Nov 22
  • Several teams brought into Dealy Plaza to deflect suspicion from the "A" team
  • The Stemmon's sign, The Sewer system and other things in Dallas
  • About the sniper's nest
  • David doesn't think the 6th Floor Museum is entirely a loss to researchers
  • How the assassination affects us today

    Part Two - Jim DiEugenio
  • Robert Maheu begins his CIA career
  • The ops against Sukarno and Castro
  • Wiretapping Sam Giancana's girlfriend
  • RFK is ignored when he tells the CIA to stop the covert plots
  • Maheu buys several Vegas hotels for Howard Hughes
  • The Larry Dubois and Laurence Gonzalez Playboy article on Hughes & the CIA
  • The article was called "The Puppet and the Puppetmasters" from Sept '76 A snippet here
  • How much of Hughes' empire was co-opted by the CIA?
  • The attempted covert recovery of the Soviet submarine K129(Project Jennifer)
  • The Glomar Explorer's most famous job was "Project Jennifer"
  • The ousting of Maheu and the takeover of his empire
  • Robert Bennett, Ties to Maheu (Hughes), Howard Hunt and The Watergate burglary
  • The RFK Assassination: Was it a Maheu operation?
  • Jim Hougan's important book on Watergate, Secret Agenda
  • The Summa Corporation robbery: an inside job?
  • Millicent Cranor's CTKA article
  • Cleaning up the assassination limo... destroying evidence
  • Just how much brain matter was missing in the beginning?
  • The brain weight anomalies
  • Problems with Officer Bobby Hargis being hit with JFK's brain matter
  • Millie showed several possible locations for snipers, against the official story
  • Misrepresenting evidence to try to disprove any frontal shot
  • The piece of JFK's skull recovered after the assassination... lost by the FBI?
  • bullet fragmented in JFK case,but not in the simulation
  • The shot from the front looks like a frangible bullet.
  • The best sharpshooters could not replicate the official shots
  • Probe also has a 2 part interview of Jim Douglass
  • Jim's book, JFK and the Unspeakable... a GREAT book!
  • Jim's open letter to Caroline Kennedy and Jane Hamsher, also at Probe
  • Jim's review of Reclaiming History will eventually be 7 parts
  • Moving the back wound, Inventing the Magic Bullet Theory: Who do you believe?
  • The decline of Hollywood. Jim no longer watches movies
  • Jim lists off several great movies and when he sees the turning point to worthless pulp
  • Jim recommends the 'must see' series The Power of Nightmares:Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

    Show #407
    Original airdate: Jan 15th, 2009
    Guest: Rich Della Rosa
    Topics: Assassination Research

    Part One - Rich Della Rosa
  • Rich is a long time researcher, running his website in it's 11th year
  • Recent information on JFK's body between Parkland and Bethesda
  • Rich first refers to Michael Calder's book "CIA vs. JFK"
  • Calder references a"pre-autopsy"
  • At NOON, RN, Jane Carolyn Wester received a call refering to a Secret Service Agent
  • She's asked to notify the waiting Secret Service Agent as soon as JFK arrives
  • Why was the agent already there?
  • Immediately, a subsequent call asked her to set up for a craniostomy
  • Still, Kennedy has not been shot yet
  • Immediately after that she gets another call to set up for a thoracostomy
  • Still, Kennedy has not been shot yet
  • The apparent Agent was not likely a real Secret Service Agent
  • The scuffle over the autopsy which should have been done in Dallas
  • Removed JFK's body from the bronze casket before it left Parkland
  • This was the reason for the scuffle
  • After the entourage left Parkland, body bag was taken via another entrance
  • The pre-autopsy was to obfuscate incriminating evidence pointing to more than one shooter
  • How the procedure was done before arrival at Walter Reed
  • A story about a retired doctor that talks about a three month pre-autopsy rehearsal period
  • The three months BEFORE the assassination
  • The doctor that should have performed the autopsy was sent home AT GUN POINT!
  • Autopsy photos were taken at Walter Reed and Bethesda
  • The autopsy photos were actually "pre-autopsy" photos
  • Reconstruction of, among other things, JFK's ear using wax
  • The bodybag was then placed in the shipping casksket and sent to Bethesda
  • The pre-autopsist assumed "man-in-charge status at the autopsy
  • Commander Humes was guided by this man
  • Based on "The JFK Conspiracy: Breakthrough Evidence" by E. Z. Friedel, M.D.
  • ISBN: 978-1-4259-9216-3 published by Author House
  • Rich's next interview will be about another Dealy Plaza film

    Part Two - Jim Fetzer
  • Reads items from The Dallas Morning News newspaper Nov 23rd 1963
  • This newspaper already purports the three shot scenario
  • Jim calls out several points that obliterate this theory
  • Speculation, Kennedy was alive when he arrived at Parkland?
  • Jim dispenses with ths idea
  • He lists a great many items contradicting the Warren Report
  • He talks a bit about what Mary Moorman says and what the Z Film shows
  • Alteration?: You be the judge. Jim does an analysis at the link below
  • Bush's ridiculous exit interviews
  • The reduced stature of America in the world after this administration
  • The economy was looted by this administration
  • Obama has already done more before innauguration then Bush did in his whole term
  • Will Obama save America? Time will tell
  • A list of Bush Rats

    Show #406
    Original airdate: Jan 8th, 2009
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Assassination Research

    Part One - Jim DiEugenio
  • Yuri Nosenko's recent death
  • He had tried to defect in 1962 and he'd seen Oswald's KGB file
  • The FBI believed Nosenko was a true defector
  • James Angleton and the CIA believed he was a false defector
  • Nosenko was tortured for years by Angleton
  • Anatoly Golitsyn, another defector influenced Angleton in this direction
  • Kim Philby, a good friend of Agleton's, was a Soviet spy
  • Edward Epstein and his book 'Legend'
  • Bruce Solie's conclusion: Yuri Nosenko was a genuine defector
  • William Colby ran Angleton out of the CIA over the Nosenko case
  • Jim believes Nosenko would have blown the Angleton cover story on JFK
  • Evidence indicates Angleton went to damaging lengths to maintain the Oswald story
  • Television shows over the years that push the official storyon CBS & Discovery
  • These shows make a constant attempt to try to disprove the conspiracy theorists
  • They don't do a convincing job if you know the facts
  • The disinformationalists: Gary Mack, Hugh Aynesworth, Vincent Bugliosi etc
  • Forces trying to nudge Caroline Kennedy away from Hillary's Senate seat
  • Ramparts Magazine and The LA Free Press - Unequalled publications
  • A paradigm shift: The rise of Obama and the decline of Rove
  • The rise of the "blogosphere": Trying to move the media toward a mythical center?

    Part Two - Jim Douglass
  • Jim's book JFK and the Unspeakable is now the #1 Kennedy book on Amazon
  • American intelligence was instrumental in the JFK Assassination
  • To say any one force (CIA, Mafia, Castro etc) was responsible is irresponsible
  • Douglass mentions Vincent Salandria as having the case solved many years ago
  • Salandria's overview of the case makes the most sense
  • The Joint Chiefs wanted to win the Cold War
  • In fear of nuclear holocaust, Kennedy wanted to end the Cold War
  • Thomas Arthur Vallee, The Chicago Plot and Oswald
  • Jim's message: Why was JFK assassinated?
  • Kennedy reached out to his enemy, Khruschev
  • Because of this we still exist. He prevented nuclear war
  • Kennedy was all but alone in Washington when he turned to peace
  • Jim thinks Lyndon Johnson had foreknowledge but didn't participate personally
  • After the assassinations of JFK, MLK & RFK, he saw his own end and left office
  • The hope of Obama in the context of Kennedy's American University speech
  • The task is to learn from the past to save the future
  • This will be difficult with all the disinformation getting better publicity

    Part Three - Donald Scott
  • Scott's book, Aids: A Crime Beyond Belief available at Amazon
  • The book is also available by calling 1-888-232-4444 from the publisher
  • America's hidden or secret government
  • This group's involvement in JFK's assassination
  • Plots in Miami, Chicago and Texas
  • The many plots featured a cookiecutter scenario that matched Dallas
  • Donald Wayne House was also set up to be a patsy
  • House was to meet with an old friend Randall Hunsacker
  • Randall Hunsacker was not home and House was turned in via a phone call
  • George F. Hunsaker was turned in because he took a rifle out of his car
  • Scott feels these two Hunsacker's are far to coincidental
  • Oswald was announced as the assassin
  • House and Hunsacker were released and not investigated
  • House and Hunsacker were alternate patsies
  • Oswald was to be shot at the TSBD but that was thwarted
  • Assassinations, Disease development and release etc. are deliberate
  • 8000 people every day die of AIDS and nobody cares
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, although it doesn't kill, prevents childbirth
  • These are population control devices created by a secret government