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    Show #762
    Original airdate: December 17, 2015
    Guests: Pat Speer / Dr. David Mantik
    Topics: The Fingerprints of Myth / Autopsy X-rays

    Play Pat Speer   (1:47:30)   Real Media or MP3 download

  •, JFK Lancer 2015 Conference
  • A variety of speakers and viewpoints, some contradictory
  • Canadian researcher Gary Murr and the ammunition
  • Larry Hancock on the history of American response to emergencies
  • Dr. Michael Marcades spoke about his mother Rose Cheramie
  • Pat spoke about the Oswald fingerprint and sniper's nest evidence
  • University of North Texas Dallas police photos collection
  • Lieutenant J.C. "Carl" Day's timeline and activity
  • No Dallas police photo of the "seat" box with the palm print
  • No Dallas police or FBI report indicating matching the print to Oswald
  • The print is of the center of the palm, not the heel
  • "Thumbprint" evidence is listed, but, not photographed
  • Lt. Day was interested in the right trigger guard, no record of it
  • The FBI indicated a palm print on the left trigger guard
  • Oswald's right fingerprints fit oddly on the left trigger guard
  • The paper bag supposedly used to carry the rifle into the building
  • No picture of the bag in the building
  • Detective L. D. Montgomery found the bag
  • Key Persons File (.pdf download)
  • The bag was sitting on the floor or on the box
  • Lt. Day lies about finding and signing the bag
  • The palm and fingerprint locations are reversed in the WC Report
  • Oswald was fingerprinted 13 times that weekend
  • The lunch bag was never given to or processed by the FBI
  • Oswald is wearing a shirt supposedly already given to the FBI
  • CD 1285 - DPD "Departmental Manual of Operating Procedures"
  • No photo of the palm print on the rifle barrel
  • J. Edgar Hoover's word instead of an FBI report
  • CD 5 - FBI Gemberling Report of 30 Nov 1963 re: Oswald
  • Multiple problems with box "A"
  • For multiple reasons, the fingerprint evidence is a question mark
  • Chapter 13: Solving the Great Head Wound Mystery
  • Chapter 14: Demystifying the Mystery Photo

    Play Dr. David Mantik   (33:01)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Neurologist Dr. Michael Chesser's JFK Lancer presentation on Greg Burnham's site
  • Dr. Chesser has viewed both JFK life and autopsy x-rays and photographs
  • The "white patch" density indicates that JFK's skull was all bone
  • Jerrol Custer and John Ebersol, x-rays of bullets and skulls
  • Probably that weekend, but, within a few weeks, the x-rays were forged
  • Dr. Chesser found evidence for a shot high in the right forehead
  • Something was done to remove bullet fragments suggesting more than one head shot
  • John F. Kennedy's Head Wounds: (Mantik 2015)
  • Dr. Mantik's JFK Lancer presentation

    Show #761
    Original airdate: December 10, 2015
    Guests: John Armstrong / Joan Mellen
    Topics: HARVEY and LEE / Jim Garrison

    Play John Armstrong   (46:38)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • On October 15, 1956 HARVEY Oswald enlisted in the Marine Corps.
  • Assigned to Platoon 2060 along with Allen Felde
  • LEE Oswald was stationed in El Toro, California
  • Private 1st class, 5th Marine Division, or not?
  • LEE and HARVEY attended the same radar school in Biloxi, MS
  • Allen Felde's testimony would have exposed HARVEY and LEE
  • Sputnik, HARVEY, Palmer McBride, Pfsterer Dental Lab, opera
  • LEE was stationed in Atsugi, Japan, LEE was a radio communicator
  • Richard Bullock said LEE was heavier and taller than the accused assassin
  • LEE incurred gunshot scars not found by Dr. Rose at the autopsy
  • Tall Marguerite Oswald 1958 photo (fourth from left), short Marguerite
  • William Wulf, Dr. Zhivago, HARVEY left New Orleans in June, 1958
  • 20 hours after the assassination, FBI confiscated Pfisterer employment records
  • Palmer McBride's testimony would have exposed HARVEY and LEE
  • How to avoid the years 1957-58, Liebeler told Wulf, 1954-55
  • Pfisterer president Linda Faircloth on Oswald
  • Marines who knew the tall, husky LEE in Japan were never interviewed by the WC
  • Oswald spoke Russian with a Baltic accent/Oswald never spoke Russian
  • Marina spoke English in Russian, Marina needs to be center, she was KGB
  • We don't know who HARVEY was, we don't know who Marina was
  • HARVEY was sent to Taiwan for a specific purpose
  • HARVEY was in the process of assuming the identity of LEE
  • HARVEY was in Taiwan, LEE was in Japan
  • Robert Blakey either did not review the Marine Corps Unit Diaries, or lied
  • HARVEY was in Iwakuni, LEE was the in hospital in Atsugi
  • THE CIA had been handling Russian speaking HARVEY since childhood
  • HARVEY had less than a year to his upcoming "defection"
  • HARVEY was discharged in September, LEE arrived in El Toro in December, 1959
  • John Hart Ely had the information that could have exposed HARVEY and LEE
  • The Commission ignored the LEE Oswald at El Toro
  • The FBI ignored the tall, nice-looking Marguerite

    Play Joan Mellen   (40:14)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim Garrison brought to life the role of Lee Oswald as cover for the conspiracy
  • Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, Oswald, the state of Louisiana
  • CIA admits Clay Shaw was a paid, contract source for the agency
  • The Federal Government arrested Garrison on a trumped-up case
  • They put Oswald in a position where he could be easily accused
  • Thomas Edward Beckham, Fred Lee Crisman
  • Beckham worked for Guy Bannister, Carlos Marcello
  • A Farewell to Justice: (2005/2013), Jim Garrison: His Life and Times (2008)
  • Bernardo De Torres, Angel Murgado
  • It takes everything you've got to change the tide of history
  • CIA was at war with President Kennedy
  • Kennedy was objecting to the fact that CIA was making policy
  • Our Man In Haiti (2012), Joan's site
  • CIA and Operation Gladio in Italy post WWII
  • A precedent for assassination, to overthrow governments, overthrow elections
  • CIA motive, protecting the institution and their control
  • Kennedy thought that he was President, he didn't have the power
  • The first person to face them down, to accuse them, was Jim Garrison
  • On the Trail of the Assassins: (Garrison 1988)
  • The Great Game in Cuba: (2013)

    Show #760
    Original airdate: December 3, 2015
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Assassination Research

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:08:08)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim really enjoyed Len's video interview of John Barbour (BOR 759)
  • John's film, The Garrison Tapes (1992)
  • John is seeking contributions to produce a second Garrison Tapes film
  • Jim Garrison's 1967 Playboy interview, Garrison on the Tonight Show
  • Spy Saga: (Melanson 1990), JFK: Ordeal in Africa (Mahoney 1983)
  • Citizens For Truth In The Kennedy Assassination
  • Hillary Clinton and the ISIS Mess (Sachs), Addendum (DiEugenio)
  • We need somebody who's going to stand up to the Pentagon and CIA
  • Jim Douglass at Marquette University (2011) comparing JFK and Obama
  • The Power of Nightmares 1:, 2:, 3: (BBC 2004)
  • John McCloy directly caused the Islamic Revolution in the Middle East
  • There was one president who did not toady up to the Shah
  • Carter assassination plot, Raymond Lee Harvey and Osvaldo Espinoza Ortiz
  • Kennedy, Johnson and the Nonaligned World (Rakove 2014)
  • I Don't Care Who Killed JFK (Dreier), arrogance and a whiff of stupidity
  • Vietnam, a reflection of the Cold War, Bush exacerbated the so-called War on Terror
  • The Paines' Participation in the Minox Camera Charade (Hewett 1996)
  • Dallas police found a Minox camera during the search of the Paines home
  • Missing and altered photos of evidence inventory
  • The Minox film from the Paines was in FBI possession as of November 25th
  • Shanklin advised Moore that no Minox camera had been found, only a light meter
  • If this was true, the collusion of the Paines is readily apparent
  • Did the Paines, participate in a ruse that had evidentiary implication?
  • The most well documented instance of deliberate evidence tampering by the FBI
  • The ARRB failed to interview the kindly Quaker couple
  • Hiss and Chambers, America's Dreyfus: The Case Nixon Rigged (Brady 2015)
  • The HSCA reported the rifling of CE 399 does not match the rifle

    Show #759
    Original airdate: November 26, 2015
    Guests: John Barbour / Gayle Nix Jackson and Athan Tsimpedes
    Topics: John Barbour's Last Word On 'The Garrison Tapes' / Lawsuit

    Play John Barbour   (1:10:42)   YouTube video

  • This video interview was conducted in Las Vegas, NV, on July 4, 2015
  • Len discusses his interest in the assassination and Jim Garrison
  • John was a stand up comic in San Francisco on November 22, 1963
  • It was suspicious to John that LBJ had to read about his own grief
  • John covers his first foray into American (US) television in LA
  • John was aware of the Clay Shaw trial as it occurred
  • Then he read A Heritage of Stone (Garrison 1970)
  • He called and requested to interview Garrison on his show
  • John created a very successful show called Real People in 1979
  • John read about the HSCA conclusion that a conspiracy had to exist
  • John found that Garrison was brilliant with language and sarcasm
  • John finally visited Garrison in New Orleans to tape interviews
  • Garrison read the WC Report and learned to doubt their conclusion
  • Oswald had been arrested in New Orleans, Garrison started investigating
  • How many shooters? Triangulation, three teams of three, nine people
  • How many people were aware Kennedy would be killed? 32
  • John prepared a two-part presentation for television on Speak Up America
  • Mr. Garrison how many shooters do you think there were? 32
  • George Schlatter thought Garrison was a fraud, he had the show edited
  • Oliver Stone produced JFK based on On the Trail of the Assassins (Garrison 1988)
  • This spurred John to produce a documentary with his Garrison interviews
  • The result was 'The Garrison Tapes' which was aired on Cinemax for only one month
  • The film, while well received, was difficult to get aired in America (US)
  • On the 50th, no one suggested Lee Oswald had nothing to do with the assassination
  • Some researchers are as much of a stumbling block as the Central Intelligence Agency
  • Charlie Rose interviewed Robert Kennedy Jr. in Dallas in January, 2013
  • "My father believed that the Warren Report was a shoddy piece of craftsmanship"
  • John arranged for RFK Jr. to speak at a viewing of the Barbour/Garrison film at UNLV
  • John supported LA Coroner Thomas Noguchi, and earned the enmity of Frank Sinatra
  • RFK Jr. cancelled the day before he was to show up in Las Vegas
  • Jim Marrs, Dick Russell and Joan Mellon showed up as a panel
  • We've had 50 years of silence, we need a year of outrage
  • More at, John Barbour's World, IMDb, Twitter, Facebook
  • Support John through his Go Fund Me Camapign

    Play Gayle Nix Jackson and Athan Tsimpedes   (35:09)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Gayle has filed a lawsuit against the National Archives
  • For return of her grandfather Orville Nix's film of the JFK assassination
  • The government needs to be responsible and liable for their actions
  • For it's return, or if not, that Gayle be compensated accordingly
  • The last the original was seen, was with the HSCA in 1978
  • The Zapruder film, the government paid $16,000,000 for it
  • Hoping that this gets their attention, look in the boxes
  • Think of the many questions the film could answer
  • The ARRB, was not willing to return the Zapruder film
  • Only two films of the assassination, both are criminal evidence
  • What happened to it? What happened to it's chain of evidence?
  • Who had it last? The archive has copies of it
  • Just can't imagine someone throwing it away
  • The film reverted from UPI to the Nix's after 25 years
  • At that time, 1978, the film was not found
  • A piece of history that shouldn't have been ignored
  • The JFK Act mandate, what search was made?
  • There is a (dollar) value to that film, no doubt about it
  • They have 60 days to respond, we will begin requesting documents
  • Taking depositions under oath, provide us some answers
  • The media interest has been a pleasant surprise
  • Anyone with any knowledge (of where the film is), contact Gayle
  • Rights should always be vindicated to the fullest extent of the law
  • Gayle's e-mail:

    Show #758
    Original airdate: November 19, 2015
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Wynne Johnson / David Josephs
    Topics: Assassination Anniversary / Encounter in Dallas / Evidence of Conspiracy

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:24:30)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim will be speaking via Skype at the ROKC Symposium 2015
  • Jim is impressed by the level of research activity around the world
  • JFK Lancer November in Dallas Conference
  • David Talbot was on KPFK radio in LA speaking to an overflow audience
  • At CTKA, Kevin Coogan on Oswald and Japan
  • Arnaldo Fernandez on Shenon and the CIA’s Benign Cover-Up
  • Upcoming, more from Gary Aguilar and David Josephs
  • Jim on Talbot's The Devil's Chessboard: (2015)
  • General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: (Caufield 2015)
  • The increasing length of books, win the debate by talking longer
  • Len has produced a video of his latest interview with John Barbour
  • Listener correspondence, the power of the Israeli lobby in the U.S.
  • Kennedy, Johnson, and the Nonaligned World (Rakove 2014)
  • Betting on the Africans: (Muehlenbeck 2012)
  • Johnson and Nixon reversed JFK's Middle East policy
  • Jim has found no evidence of Israel or Mossad involvement in the JFK case
  • Final Judgment (Piper 2004), not very convincing at all
  • HSCA radiologist Dr. McDonald and Operation Plumbbob
  • CTKA review of LBJ Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination (Nelson 2013)
  • Phillip Nelson's rebuttal to the above review
  • Don't kill the messenger because you didn't write a very good book
  • No doubt that Johnson was in on the cover up from the first day
  • Did Oswald actually sneak into the Texas theater?
  • Johnny Brewer's report that he saw a furtive guy sneak in
  • Two policemen with the three 'tramps', Harold Weisberg identified them
  • Bugliosi comparing Manson to Hitler, an irresponsible comparison
  • Flashback:, by Ron Lewis (1993), Jim doesn't buy it
  • What is with Judyth Baker? Judy Baker, Carol Hewitt, CBS
  • You can't get total clarification the Mary Sherman case, there was a cover up
  • Dr. Mary's Monkey: (Haslam 2007)
  • Black Op Radio - home of the best show notes on the web

    Play Wynne Johnson   (21:45)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Circa September 1963, Wynne was at the Southland Center in Dallas
  • He and a friend encountered three men
  • After the assassination, he recognized Oswald as one of the men
  • His friend's mother warned them to never mention the encounter
  • Years later, he realized the other two were Phillips and Veciana
  • Southland Center 1963, Part 1
  • Southland Center 1963, Part 2
  • Southland Center 1963, Part 3
  • Antonio Veciana - Admissions and Revelations

    Play David Josephs   (38:23)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • David's writing has been featured on CTKA
  • As a boy David read LIFE magazines on the JFK assassination
  • He has been posting on various forums for ten years
  • Jim DiEugenio asked David to produce articles
  • The conspiracy is contained in the evidence
  • April 27, 1964 memo from Redlich to Rankin
  • Films and photos were indeed altered
  • January 20, 1964, Hoover to Rankin, Commission Document 298
  • The story of the 'tramps', two different stories
  • Someone, or some group, was leaving behind the breadcrumbs
  • Mexico City, Rafael Ochoa, an asset of the FBI
  • The travel to and from Mexico City shows the conspiracy
  • The money order for the Klein's Sporting Goods rifle
  • David identifies four separate "findings" of the money order
  • The Backyard Photos, Marina's taking of the photos
  • Did the limo stop? Could Agent Hill run from one car to the other?
  • Judyth Baker and her 'Copy B' of a W2 form
  • Zapruder's Bell & Howell could photograph 48 frames per second
  • Secret Service Chief James Rowley, CE 399 and the Zapruder film
  • David's CTKA articles: The Evidence IS the Conspiracy,
        and Poking More Holes in Judyth Baker

    Show #757
    Original airdate: November 12, 2015
    Guests: David Lifton / Staffan Westerberg & Pete Engwall
    Topics: Allen Dulles / JFK Research

    Play David Lifton   (1:07:43)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • December 7, 1965, David was a graduate student at UCLA
  • Recounted in chapter 2 of Best Evidence (1981)
  • The Zapruder film, President Kennedy was shot from the front
  • David had a relationship with researcher Ray Marcus
  • "We found no evidence of conspiracy"
  • Fifty-one Witnesses: The Grassy Knoll (Feldman 1964)
  • The head snap on the Zapruder film is an artifact of the fact
        that the Zapruder film was altered to eliminate the car stop
  • How could the WC ignore the apparent backward movement?
  • Wesley Liebeler, "The autopsy report is the best evidence"
  • The FBI Sibert and O'Neill Report on the autopsy
  • " of the head area", somebody altered the body
  • "Specter hopes he gets through this with his balls intact"
  • Liebeler wrote a 13 page memorandum, November 8, 1966
  • The issue is, was there fraud in the evidence?
  • By altering the body, you can change history
  • Dulles could have been one of the synthesizers
  • Coup d'État: A Practical Handbook (Luttwak 1979)
  • Hey, the emperor is not wearing clothes
  • Dulles was the personification of this lie
  • You can't run the Dallas operation from a thousand miles away
  • The people that murdered John F. Kennedy are treasonous cowards
  • At the operational level, people had to be bribed
  • That weekend, the "ground crew," were all murdered
  • Dulles emoted a level of evil, guile, deceptiveness
  • David Lifton Address at Bismarck State College(2013)
  • Best Evidence research video
  • Very sophisticated strategic deceptions, a Rubik's Cube

    Play Staffan Westerberg & Pete Engwall   (50:34)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Staffan is a journalist in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Pete remembers the assassination very well, aged 10
  • What was lost with a very heinous crime
  • Operation Mockingbird CIA manipulation of the press
  • They All Lied About Oswald (Westerberg/Engwall)
  • The Soviet Union, you did not walk in and you did not walk out
  • Raoul Wallenberg, suspected spies died in the Lubyanka
  • Nothing in the official story is true
  • The plan sure didn't stop when the shots were fired
  • Marina Oswald testimony at the HSCA hearings (BOR 714)
  • Maybe Lee Oswald was a concept more than a person
  • White Russian ties in Dallas and New Orleans, Ruth Paine
  • Lee had four low-paying jobs, unreliable, unlikable, untrustworthy
  • In every testimony Lee is a wife beater who spoke very good Russian
  • Marina could speak English coming to America
  • Russian?, I don't think Lee could speak it
  • Is Oswald one person, two persons, a concept, an operation, an idea?
  • To show in how many ways the story is created
  • The Russian defection, you would need a joint agreement
  • Lt. Revill investigation of Thomas and Natalie Ray
  • OSWALD stayed at their home a few days prior to the assassination
  • The White Russians have ties to Gehlen and MKULTRA
  • The Zapruder story, it just doesn't sit right
  • It's preposterous, the truth, people employed to bury it
  • Expect a book, "They All Knew"

    Show #756
    Original airdate: November 5, 2015
    Guests: Governor Jesse Ventura / Kevin Coogan
    Topics: American Conspiracies / Lee Harvey Oswald and Japan

    Play Governor Jesse Ventura   (57:30)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • American Conspiracies (Ventura/Russell 2011 (Updated 2015))
  • Jesse would like this book to frighten and wake people up
  • A chapter on the 28 redacted pages in the 911 Report
  • Unfortunately, Jesse Ventura disturbs comfort zones
  • Chapters on POWs and MIAs, Monsanto and the FDA, climate change denial
  • Jesse Ventura Off The Grid, Ora TV, Tyrell Ventura on RT, Watching the Hawks
  • Edward Snowden, this country has an upside down compass, we prosecute whistleblowers
  • Waterboarding whistleblower John Kiriakou on Off The Grid
  • Presidential candidates advocating torture, torture is a war crime
  • They're paving the way for Jesse to run for President
  • In the last Presidential election, 64% chose not to vote
  • The current Presidential debates, a reality television bonanza
  • Time Warner is the seventh biggest campaign contributor to Hillary Clinton
  • Jesse Ventura/Navy SEAL Chris Kyle case in Appeals court
  • Amici Curiae of 33 media companies and organizations, unjust enrichment
  • Jesse Ventura v. Chris Kyle, MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER
  • It's been 50 years and we can't see Oswald's tax return?
  • It's time for Oswald to be officially cleared
  • Two conspiracies, to murder the President, to cover it all up
  • Allen Dulles on the Commission is the fox in the henhouse
  • Voter fraud comes in through voting machines without receipts
  • Free speech is about unpopular speech, it needs protection
  • SPECIAL: Access this interview on You Tube

    Play Kevin Coogan   (1:10:33)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Kevin's article, Tokyo legend? Lee Harvey Oswald and Japan Lobster Magazine
  • Kevin wrote Dreamer of the Day: (1998) about the far right
  • He was interested in General Edwin Walker and Louisiana
  • Kevin was interested in A Hall of Mirrors (1967) by novelist Robert Stone
  • Kevin read The Idle Warriors (1991) by Kerry Thornley
  • Legend: (1978) by Edward Jay Epstein, claimed knowledge of Oswald in Japan
  • Legend: was a big seller, it had the story of Yuri Nosenko
  • A lot of what Epstein wrote is really absurd
  • Epstein claimed Oswald had visited the Queen Bee night club in Tokyo
  • Atsugi AFB was a huge base, the U-2 group was a small unit, heavily guarded
  • John Donovan claimed he was in the Philippines with Oswald
  • But, Donovan told the WC he first met Oswald later at El Toro
  • Epstein tries to give credibility to Angleton who doubted Nosenko
  • Team B and the Committee on the Present Danger
  • Passport to Assassination: (Nechiporenko 1993)
  • Oswald was never trusted, but, the Soviets did look at him
  • A faction in CIA wanted to suggest the Russians may have killed Kennedy
  • The WC and the HSCA could not agree whether Oswald had gone to Taiwan
  • The Mitchell/Martin 1960 defection to the Soviet Union
  • People who knew Oswald the defector were not extensively interviewed
  • Mayday: Eisenhower, Khrushchev, and the U-2 Affair (Beschloss 1988)
  • Mitchell and Martin defect one month after Powers was shot down
  • Col. Fletcher Prouty discusses the Gary Powers U2 flight
  • The Missing Chapter Lee Harvey Oswald In The Far East (Swike 2008)
  • CIA ran extensive operations in the United States
  • James Jesus Angleton, the CIA, and the Craft of Counterintelligence (Holzman 2008)
  • Exaggerate Oswald's supposed U2 connection to discredit Nosenko

    Show #755
    Original airdate: October 29, 2015
    Guests: David Talbot w/Jim DiEugenio / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Allen Dulles and The Devil's Chessboard / Phil Shenon

    Play David Talbot w/Jim DiEugenio   (1:49:06)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • David's new book, The Devil's Chessboard: (2015) Brothers: (2008)
  • Bobby was looking at the CIA anti-Castro operations as the source of the plot
  • David thought of Allen Dulles as the chief culprit, the "Old Man"
  • The Dulles Era is the beginning of today's lawless era
  • Subversion, extraordinary rendition, assassinations, surveillance
  • David encourages that his book be bought at an independent bookstore
  • During WW II Allen Dulles conducted his own foreign policy
  • Allen and (John) Foster Dulles go way back with these Nazis
  • Sullivan & Cromwell, I.G. Farben, Zyklon B
  • They put the interests of their clients above the good of the war effort
  • Unconditional surrender, Operation Sunrise, Karl Wolff
  • The first tool of the Final Solution, Walter Rauff and Gas Vans
  • James Angleton hid Nazi war criminals in Italy
  • Reinhard Gehlen's rise through the West German power structure
  • Dulles' day calendars, blacked out for Dallas in October, 1963
  • American media, Washington press corps, timid and complicit
  • His "retirement", Dulles didn't get the memo when he was fired
  • An anti-Kennedy government-in-exile in his home in Georgetown
  • Cuban exile Paulino Sierra Martinez met with Dulles
  • Dulles put William Harvey in charge of assassinations
  • Trujillo, Dominican Republic, Jesus de Galindez, extraordinary rendition
  • CIA support of a coup attempt against Charles De Gaulle
  • The CIA "kill team" was brought back to Dallas
  • Mark Wyatt, Harvey's assistant, Harvey was in Dallas in November 1963
  • Dulles at Camp Peary, "The Farm" the weekend of the assassination
  • Dulles worked hard behind the scenes to get appointed to the WC
  • Angleton's and Dulles' daughters were two of David's sources
  • Dulles' JFK Oral History Interview
  • "the assassination ... if any one of the chess pieces ... had been
        moved differently ... the whole thing might have been different"
  • CIA knew the (Bay of Pigs) Cuban Brigade was doomed to fail
  • The plan was to force Kennedy to send in the military
  • Arthur Schlesinger's Journals: 1952-2000 (2008)
  • Schlesinger worked up a CIA reorganization plan for President Kennedy
  • American media. lazy and ignorant or they have an agenda
  • David calls on NARA employees to leak the 1,100 CIA documents
  • Hollywood does not want to be Oliver "Stoned"
  • It's a war of ideas, the best story wins
  • The communist witch hunt purged Washington of FDR New Dealers
  • Nixon was sponsored by the Dulles'
  • Truman's bombshell of an op-ed (December 22, 1963), (more)
  • Dulles operated within a system of power The Power Elite (Mills 1956)
  • Dulles was uniquely connected, to make something like this happen
  • David will be speaking at the JFK Lancer conference this November
  • SPECIAL: Access this interview on You Tube

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (45:09)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • That ballistics evidence is linked to Oswald is a myth
  • Neutron Activation Analysis was first used in the Kennedy case, junk science
  • CE 399, Odum (FBI) supposedly showed CE 399 to Wright and Tomlinson
  • The FBI was lying, Odum admitted he had never done that
  • Bullet fragments allegedly found in the car
  • The head and tail of the bullet that went through JFK's skull
  • That Oswald ordered that rifle has been discredited
  • Problems with the money order and P.O. box
  • No evidence LHO ever bought bullets, only four were found
  • Problems with the shells and the sniper's nest
  • Photos show the sling mount strap attached differently
  • Legal case have some anomalies, this case is all anomalies
  • David Josephs on the weapons at CTKA
  • CE 399 covered by Jim in Reclaiming Parkland: (DiEugenio 2013)
  • With the hand gun, there is no proof, the FBI never went to Railway Express
  • CTKA will review The Verdict: by Barr McClellan (2015),
        and Where Angels Tread Lightly: (Newman 2015) and others
  • The Black Op Radio schedule
  • Bill Simpich on "Oswald's" Wallet, Part 1 and Part 2
  • From the Archive, Lisa Pease on Otto Otepka, Oswald, and CIA

    Show #754
    Original airdate: October 22, 2015
    Guests: Dan Hardway / William Pepper
    Topics: CIA Admission of Cover-Up / Songs Of Peace

    Play Dan Hardway   (1:02:02)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • SCOOP: Thank You Phil Shenon, an article by Dan Hardway
  • October 6 Politico article on John McCone by Phil Shenon
  • The Devil's Chessboard: (Talbot 2015) Allen Dulles and CIA
  • Conspiracy Theory in America (deHaven-Smith 2014)
  • Amendment to the Constitution regarding Presidential succession
  • CIA admits a withholding of information from the Warren Commission
  • David Robarge, Studies in Intelligence Vol. 57, No. 3 (September 2013)
  • The Shenon article is full of spin, more favorable to CIA than Robarge
  • A propaganda operation, acknowledging a “benign cover-up”
  • John Kennedy appointed McCone head of CIA over the objection Bobby
  • "He's a real bastard, that John McCone" - JFK to RFK
  • CIA ruled out a Castro retaliation theory
  • CIA needs their fallback position, there was a “benign cover-up”
  • The long unravelling that leads to a full revelation of the truth
  • Dan will publish a rebuttal at in the next couple of days
  • Robarge says, "Moreover, the DCI shared the (LBJ) administration's
       interest in avoiding disclosures about covert actions that would
       circumstantially implicate CIA in conspiracy theories"
  • The commission never even knew to ask the question of whether Oswald had
       accomplices in, or was used by persons, in Miami, New Orleans, the mafia,
       anti-Castro Cuban organizations, or the intelligence agencies
  • Investigation of anti-Castro plots would implicate CIA in the JFK assassination
  • Bobby suspected anti-Castro Cubans, the mafia, Hoffa, and CIA
  • Another big release of documents coming out in October 2017
  • Propaganda groundworking resisting the declassification of any more documents
  • CIA covered-up that the DRE had a CIA case officer, George Joannides
  • Joannides effectively shut down Dan and Eddie Lopez (BOR #697)
  • We don't know what else has been withheld, why now?
  • We admitted a cover-up, move on folks, there's nothing to see here
  • They knew Cuba and Russia would be exonerated
  • They could not investigate anti-Castro covert operations
  • To better and improve and preserve the life of people that elected him
  • CIA had determined that the lone nut theory was the "best truth"
  • CIA imposed that truth on the Commission, an admission to obstruction of justice
  • CIA continues to subvert the institutions of democracy in this country
  • McCone told Bobby he thought there were two shooters in Dallas
  • Lyndon Johnson was involved in the cover-up
  • Phil Shenon is playing a role in the continuing misinformation campaign
  • Dan is highly motivated by truth, and refuses to quit fighting
  • McCone to Bobby, Journals: 1952-2000 (Schlesinger 2008)
  • Dan Hardway article also at AARC Here

    Play William Pepper   (1:07:10)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Songs Of Peace and Violence in the Shadow of Drawn Swords
  • In April of 2009 Len Osanic arranged and recorded music for 25 poems of William Pepper
  • The album is now available free for Black Op Radio listeners
  • Download the zip file here to a computer, then transfer to ipad or phone

    Show #753
    Original airdate: October 16, 2015
    Guests: Jerry Coley / Aaron Russo
    Topics: Assassination Witness / Freedom to Fascism

    Play Jerry Coley   (50:35)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • A rebroadcast of BOR #297, Nov 16, 2006
  • Coley recounts in detail his experiences in the Dealey Plaza area on November 22, 1963
  • He worked at The Dallas Morning News Advertising Dept., as usual Jack Ruby was there
  • The corner of Main and Houston, @12:20, an epileptic fit, out of nowhere an ambulance
  • The President passed by, an echoing noise, people running toward the Grassy Knoll
  • Discovery of a pool of blood on the steps near the picket fence
  • Back at The News, @12:45 Jack Ruby was there, looked out the window, crying and talking
  • Photographer Jim Hood, rushed back down, tasted blood, made a photo
  • Recognized Ruby as he shot Oswald, found no stain, Hugh Ainsworth, Coley at The News
  • His wife received threatening phone calls, two FBI men, the photo and the photographer
  • The FBI took the negative and the print, "This conversation never took place"
  • Subpoenaed to Ruby trial, never called, Unsolved Mysteries episode
  • Location of "LIQUID" (below Zapruder's position)
  • Jim Hood died in a mysterious plane crash
  • Assassination related deaths, family terrified for years
  • The Warren Commision was a quick whitewash of everything
  • NOTE: This blood indicates a second missed shot, the first having injured James Tague

    Play Aaron Russo   (43:35)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • A rebroadcast of BOR #296, Nov 9, 2006
  • Producer, filmmaker, director, America: Freedom to Fascism
  • There is no law that requires people to pay an income tax on their labor
  • "Supreme Court decisions do not apply to the IRS"
  • Aaron's website,
  • Habeas Corpus, H.R. 6166, get out into the market place, DVD, Google
  • 1913, the Sixteenth Amendment
  • The Supreme Court ruled, that while corporate gains are taxable, labor isn't
  • 1913, the Federal Reserve Act
  • Tax the labor of the people to pay the Federal Reserve System interest
  • The Democrats just won, nothing's gonna change, totalitarian policies
  • A central bank and graduated income tax are planks of the Communist Manifesto
  • A One World government, money controlling governments
  • America has become a Facist country run by the corporations
  • Have everybody "Chipped", Radio Frequency Identification, RFID chips
  • Women's Lib, tax half the population, indoctrinate the children
  • The difference between a Democracy and a Constitutional Republic
  • "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch"
  • Fiat Money, making money out of thin air, is a curse
  • Congress has the legal authority to shut the Fed down
  • They can't control us unless we allow them to, stop cooperating
  • If you care about your freedom, fight back, wake people up

      Interview with Dave Champion
      Tagged Workers
      Real ID Act

    Show #752
    Original airdate: October 8, 2015
    Guests: Col. Fletcher Prouty / John Armstrong
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research / Harvey & Lee

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty   (1:08:33)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • A need for close relationship between the Agency and the military departments
  • Certain military officers whom the CIA needs, let's say pilots
  • President Diem said, 'How do I know who's CIA?'
  • Take Mr. X and call him Commander Jones, and he works for CIA
  • National Security Council Directive 5412 of March 15, 1954
  • Assign people, from the Defense Department, who were actually they were from CIA
  • That agency might not even know that employee was our man
  • Lansdale was a full colonel in the Air Force, that was his cover story
  • There are assignments like that in the White House
  • We had spread through the government what I called a Secret Team
  • The agency had heard of the capability of a new aircraft
  • We bought hundreds of those airplanes for the CIA, technically for the Air Force
  • Purchased by the Air Force, but not paid for by the Air Force
  • Concealed activity that is designed for clandestine operations
  • There is no law for the control of covert operations
  • We put them in other departments and agencies
  • A newer political appointee has no knowledge that this man is CIA
  • Al Haig, during the Johnson Administration, moved to the White House
  • General Richard Secord, worked right up into the White House
  • One of the strongest of these papers, the designation was NSC 10/2
  • Eisenhower, did not want the CIA to create a capability that was on-going
  • Allen Dulles, a covert operation, they would agree to it
  • The secret of covert operations is the control of money
  • The Department of Defense would support CIA covert operations
  • Reimbursement, keeps bills from appearing in public
  • A lot of money, the agency began to get a much larger budget
  • A completely classified budget and almost non-accountable
  • Reimbursement, can be used, without explaining that it was for salaries
  • CIA had, a Suydam Account, Air America, a major supermarket chain
  • If I were in Congress today, I'd take a look at that
  • The natural war-planning function of the military
  • CIA considered as a fourth force, Army, Navy, Air Force, and CIA
  • The 234 Provisional Support Group, CIA people in military uniforms
  • The agency was able, to create quite a well-equipped military force
  • The Agency is able to get equipment immediately, for any covert activity
  • Things the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was not aware of
  • In Indonesia in 1958, CIA supported tens of thousands of troops
  • Rifles, the General didn't know where they were going
  • You have to have the authority, the paperwork, a cover unit
  • We had so many units, in so many places around the world
  • We used an Air Force unit to go to one of the major radio suppliers
  • The company that did it had no idea that they were dealing with CIA
  • There are a lot of companies that have had those contracts
  • Covert operations, it's almost uncontrolled
  • The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site, Proutypedia

    Play John Armstrong   (17:44)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • By early 1955 HARVEY Oswald and his mother were living in New Orleans
  • Dolly Shoe Company, on Tuesday April 12th, fired young Oswald
  • Marguerite Oswald's Federal income tax returns remained classified
  • 126 Exhange, 120 N. Telemachus St., owned by a Margaret Keating
  • Dolly Shoe, Tujague's, JR Michaels, Pfisterer Dental
  • Spring 1956, HARVEY attended Warren Easton High School
  • No payroll checks, no tax records, no work permit
  • Social Security records could have exposed HARVEY & LEE

    Show #751
    Original airdate: October 1, 2015
    Guests: Dr. Marie Fonzi / Larry Hancock
    Topics: Gaeton Fonzi / Lancer Conference

    Play Dr. Marie Fonzi   (1:02:44)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Marie is a retired teacher and wife of the late Gaeton Fonzi
  • Marie is interested in the understanding of the assassination of young people
  • She has asked Larry Page of Google to present a doodle of JFK on 11//22
  • Write to Google at to add your own request
  • Marie, a journalism major and teacher, shared Gaeton's assassination interests
  • The Warren Commission, The Truth, and Arlen Specter (Fonzi 1966)
  • Marie, Gaeton and researchers Vincent Salandria, Tink Thompson, Mark Lane
  • Antonio Veciana, the leader of Alpha 66, a militant anti-Castro group
  • Veciana said he had seen his CIA contact, Maurice Bishop, with Lee Oswald
  • Veciana and a police artist created a sketch of Bishop
  • Senator Schweiker recognized the sketch as being of David Atlee Phillips
  • The Last Investigation: (Fonzi 1993)
  • If Oswald met with CIA agent Bishop/Phillips, then he was not a 'lone nut'
  • Veciana had been shot, he appeared to be frightened of CIA
  • In November 2013, Antonio sent Marie a letter
  • “Maurice Bishop, my CIA contact agent was David Atlee Phillips”
  • Robert Blakey called Gaeton 'Captain Ahab', whose white whale was CIA
  • In 2014 Blakey told Marie, "He (Gaeton) knew what we didn't"
  • "Who Killed JFK?" (Fonzi 1980) Washingtonian article
  • Blakey wrote a nasty letter responding to the above article
  • CIA had to have been involved in the assassination and in the cover-up
  • Gary Cornwell told the HSCA staff, in the JFK case, "reality is irrelevant"
  • Richard Sprague wanted to solve a crime, Blakey wanted to write a report
  • CIA was thwarting Danny (Hardway) and Eddie (Lopez) at every move
  • Marie visited Antonio, he then spoke at the 2014 AARC conference
  • Bishop/Phillips met Oswald in the Southland Center in Dallas in September 1963
  • The importance of JFK's Commencement Address at the American University
  • Young people have to realize the implications of the JFK assassination
  • We need a JFK Assassination Truth curriculum for teachers
  • Marie used 50 Reasons For 50 years... in her course on the assassination
  • Marie has audio tapes which prove Bill O’Reilly to be a liar
  • Blakey, a bureaucratic person, was absolutely fooled by CIA
  • Bob Tannenbaum said, "Gaeton was the best investigator I have ever seen"

    Play Larry Hancock   (1:15:44)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • 20th annual JFK Lancer November in Dallas Conference, November 20-22
  • David Talbot, Russ Baker, Pat Speer, Bill Simpich
  • Jacob Carter, Sherry Feister, John Hunt, Dr. Michael Chesser
  • Dr. David Mantik, William Law with Jim Jenkins
  • Bill Garnet with an introduction to the film, The Parkland Doctors
  • Bill and Gayle Newman, Wesley Buell Frazier, Peter Dale Scott, Gary Murr
  • Walking tours and a memorial ceremony in Dealey Plaza
  • JFK LANCER, conference information
  • Larry is interested in Cold War history and the JFK assassination
  • Someone Would Have Talked (Hancock 2010)
  • Nexus: (Hancock 2011), on the CIA and political assassinations
  • The Awful Grace of God: (Wexler/Hancock 2013), on the King assassination
  • Shadow Warfare: (Hancock/Wexler 2014), on clandestine operations
  • Surprise Attack: (Hancock 2015), on National Security under stress
  • Larry was surprised how little prepared Presidents are in a crisis
  • And how apt they are to cover-up, 9/11 and dereliction of duty
  • Dig a little, and you'll be surprised how much you can find
  • Cover-ups are a management process
  • Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
  • Over time, are the people and the media more demanding? No
  • Does an elected Commander in Chief get any training? No
  • Kennedy's naval experience gave him an understanding of giving orders
  • RFK assassination, the girl in the polka-dot dress
  • LAPD knowingly threw away one of the most promising leads, Sandra Serrano
  • Special Unit Senator, the investigation was compartmentalized
  • Larry hopes to present on the National Security response to the JFK assassination
  • The missing first phone call between J. Edgar Hoover and Lyndon Johnson
  • ARRB releases could have helped the HSCA crack the case
  • Larry wants to understand the National Security system, decisions, oversight
  • Understanding when someone is playing the system
  • The President and Sec. Def. are empowered to use military force domestically
  • Prepare and train civilians with command and control responsibilities
  • Institutional memory in Washington, D.C. is terrible
  • JFK was not adequately briefed by Eisenhower and his people
  • Central Intelligence Agency, who are they working for?
  • Larry enjoys debating and is happy to engage with his readers

    Show #750
    Original airdate: September 24, 2015
    Guests: Jeff Carter / Greg Parker
    Topics: Backyard Photographs / November In Oz Symposium

    Play Jeff Carter - Part 1   (2:24:33)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • 50 Reasons For 50 Years...
  • There is too much information available now to prop up the official story
  • The WC knew the story they were peddling was not the truth
  • The Cold War system takes precedence over any one person
  • Jeff particularly likes Episode 28 - Oswald is Shot
  • Len particularly likes Episode 44 - The Information They Were Seeking
  • The episodic format worked for the over six hours of 50 Reasons...
  • The series still gets around 400 views a day, over 730,000 views
  • Pat Speer on The Shot Sequence, Episode 12, the entry is too low
  • Backyard Photographs, Parts 1-3, Part 4, Part 5, on CTKA
  • Jeff is still seeking a coherent understanding about the assassination
  • Questions surrounding the Backyard Photos and camera caught his attention
  • He found Michael Paine's testimony to be really odd
  • Jeff knew to go into the official record, it's fascinating and necessary
  • There is something odd, just looking at the photos, at the poses
  • The HSCA photographic panel was using proven techniques, not junk science
  • It may be not the entire panel, but, Cecil Kirk, who is being deceptive
  • A skilled forger could have produce undetectable fake photographs
  • Jeff concludes that the high likelihood is these photos are genuine
  • To fake it, how did they know to get the props, the rifle, the papers, the address?
  • Elements of a composite would have had to have been taken months earlier
  • The photos are posed, and presenting something, LHO, guns, papers
  • Oswald was hanging with a crowd, engaged in activities, posing was needed
  • The photos were forensically linked to the Imperial Reflex camera
  • The camera was not discovered among Oswald's possessions
  • It was in a box Ruth Paine gave to Robert Oswald
  • The FBI was looking for the Backyard Photos camera
  • Dallas police said they could not have missed the camera
  • An Irving police officer stated that he had seen it
  • There is no smoking gun document sitting in the files
  • A determined researcher could completely destroy the official story
  • Cecil Kirk ties a single other baby photo to the Imperial Reflex
  • Some of the baby photos were taken in New Orleans, maybe by Ruth Paine
  • Oswald appeared to not be in the habit of taking family photos
  • Marina could not describe to the HSCA the unusual handling of the camera
  • After the assassination, Marina distrusted the FBI
  • The 11/27/63 FBI Marina Oswald interview with interpreter Leon Gopadze
  • This material is covered in Deep Politics (Scott 1996)
  • Marina cooperated more fully after being asked about the “Inter Club” in Leningrad
  • From the beginning, the Walker shooting appeared to be a false flag
  • Jeff planned a two part article, but it grew as he read contextual information
  • If Marina did not take the photos, who did?
  • The photos are circa the hand-off from de Mohrenschildt to the Paines
  • In fact, Oswald was not desperately unemployed
  • Reily Coffee in New Orleans seems to be a cover for intelligence operatives
  • The Backyard Photos could relate to the Walker shooting or the FPCC
  • Commission Document 6 - FBI De Brueys Report of 8 Dec 1963 re: Oswald
  • Richard Case Nagell, The Man Who Knew Too Much: (Russell 1992)
  • A far greater level of surveillance apparatus at work
  • A network of private industrial security, related to the defense industry
  • The odd marriage of Lee and Marina Oswald
  • Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall employee, Dennis Ofstein
  • Not the lone assassin, not the Marxist, a right-wing operative
  • Most of the important players in the story are unreliable
  • The negative template, don't interview significant witnesses
  • Mysteries of the Texas Theater, Julia Postal and her manager

    Play Jeff Carter - Part 2   (1:05:30)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The HSCA identify, but, have little to say about an additional Backyard photo
  • A third pose (CE-133-c), Marina originally said she took only one
  • The police posed a photo in the same manner
  • Oswald's ownership of the Imperial Reflex camera is a weak link
  • Two photos and two negatives were discovered in the Paine's garage on 11/23
  • Because he was framed, there is a tendency to see Oswald as a good guy
  • Jeff considers Lee to be a liar, aloof, and not a nice guy
  • Failure to explain the third photo's origin is an example of the negative template
  • Michael Paine said he saw a photo in the police station on 11/22
  • Seth Kantor noted the photos were developed at 501 Elm Street, the Dal-Tex Building
  • The Paines enter the story around the time the Backyard photos are taken
  • Michael Paine testified at length about 214 W. Neely Street
  • The odd 11/22 phone call between Ruth and Michael Paine
  • To take a position that the WC did a thorough job is just not tenable
  • The Paines walked away, Ruth testified last in New Orleans in 1968
  • Jeff learned a lot researching the Backyard photos and achieved personal satisfaction
  • Military Intelligence was all over Dealey Plaza, and they controlled the autopsy
  • Jeff utilized the Mary Ferrell Foundation site in his research
  • Real or fake, the photos, and who took them, are important
  • Jeff's site
  • Something is odd about Lee and Marina and their knowledge of English and Russian

    Play Greg Parker   (36:09)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The ROKC November In Oz Symposium will be in Melbourne this November 21/22
  • The Mercure Hotel is near a memorial to President Kennedy
  • James DiEugenio, Phil Hopley, Joseph Backes, Peter Morris, Gayle Nix-Jackson,
  • Vince Palamara, Colin Crow, Eric Wilson, Gokay Hasan Yusuf, Sherry Feister,
  • Harold Pollard, Ed Ledeau, Lee Farley, Greg Parker
  • New Zealand and Australian interest in the assassination
  • Greg was encouraged to read The Kennedy Conspiracy (Summers 1998)
  • Tiring of the McAdams's, Greg sought out valid assassination research
  • Greg wrote Lee Harvey Oswald's Cold War: (Volume 1) and Volume 2
  • The of testimony Charles Murret, Lee's uncle in New Orleans
  • Greg has concluded that David Ferrie recruited Oswald while in the CAP
  • The Prayer Man, Greg wants help from Oliver Stone in acquiring films
  • Listeners earn a 20% discount by mentioning the name 'Osanic' when registering
  • The FICON project, a precursor of the U2
  • Ruth Paine's sister, Sylvia Hyde Hoke, worked on this project for the CIA
  • Oswald and Albert Schweitzer College, by Greg
  • Expect more from Greg, the defection, Marxism, a possible Moscow stand-in,
  • the identity of the kid in the barbershop, a Washington insider,
  • the box-top in Oswald's pocket
  • Symposium tickets available here
  • Favorite Unitarian authors and a Helsinki honey pot

    Show #749
    Original airdate: September 17, 2015
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / John Armstrong
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research / Harvey & Lee

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:40:45)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim's site
  • Jeff Carter on the Backyard Photographs, Parts 1-3, Part 4, Part 5
  • Was the camera Oswald's? Did Marina take those pictures?
  • Pioneering Dallas DA Craig Watkins was defeated in 2014
  • The Truth Behind The Legend Of Lee Harvey Oswald: (Schwimmer 2015)
  • Tokyo legend? Lee Harvey Oswald and Japan (Coogan), lobster-magazine
  • We don't know enough about certain aspects of Oswald's life
  • There is yet to be a full and definitive biography on Oswald
  • General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: (Caufield 2015)
  • Expect an article from Jim titled The Decline and Fall of Jim Fetzer
  • Lyndon Johnson and the USS Liberty incident
  • No one has connected Johnson to the assassination of MLK and RFK
  • New movie, A Coup In Camelot
  • Listener questions, why the Ida Dox pseudonym?
  • Did Kleins employees acknowledge working on the Oswald rifle order?
  • The de Mohrenschildts are very highly suspect witnesses
  • Legend: The Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald (Epstein 1978)
  • Legend, with the help of Angleton, implicates LHO as a KGB agent
  • I AM A PATSY! I AM A PATSY! (de Mohrenschildt 1977)
  • The Cheney/Bush 9/11 testimony was not under oath
  • Can one discern a trail by tracking those who gained?
  • Peter Jennings, MacNeil and Lehrer, Dan Rather
  • Gerald Ford, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, and the assassination
  • Daniel Schorr, President Ford, and assassinations
  • It (the trail) leads to the Power Elite, the Eastern Establishment
  • Nixon vs. Kennedy: Iran and Vietnam, Part 1 (DiEugenio)
  • JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas, Nov 20-22
  • Global warming is a conspiracy, but, the JFK assassination is not?
  • JFK and the Majestic Papers:, by Seamus Coogan
  • The MSM needs funding, and the CIA has to put their money somewhere
  • Lone-nutters vs. Vietnam and JFK and the Third World
  • Civil Rights advancement under the John and Robert Kennedy
  • Reconstruction following the U.S. Civil War
  • JFK's Embrace of Third World Nationalists, by Jim
  • JFK's Embrace of Third World Nationalists
  • Review of The Kennedy Half Century (Sabato 2013), by Jim
  • Birmingham Alabama Commissioner of Public Safety Bull Connor

    Play John Armstrong   (21:09)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • From the John Armstrong 2015 interview - (segment 4)
  • January, 1954, HARVEY Oswald and Myra DaRouse
  • HARVEY Oswald and the Marguerite imposter, Exchange Alley
  • LEE Oswald and his mother, 1454 St. Marys Street
  • Myra looked at the photo, "That's not HARVEY"
  • 2220 Thomas Place, Ft. Worth, Stripling Junior High, Francetta Schubert
  • Stripling Junior High assistant principle Frank Kudlaty
  • Records and testimony could have exposed HARVEY and LEE
  • From the John Armstrong 2015 interview - (segment 5)
  • New Orleans, Dolly Shoe on Canal Street
  • The imposter Marguerite worked in positions where she was paid in cash
  • Louis Marzialle fired both LEE and Marguerite from Dolly Shoe
  • 120 N. Telemachus, owned by Margaret Keating, LEE's father's first wife
  • 1955, 16 year old LEE 5 ft. 10 inches, HARVEY 4 ft. 10 inches
  • LEE worked at Gerard F. Tujague Company, a freight forwarder
  • HARVEY worked briefly at the J.R. Michaels Company
  • The day of the assassination, the FBI arrived at Tujague's
  • They confiscated LEE's payroll records, which have disappeared
  • These documents could have exposed HARVEY and LEE
  • Harvey & Lee book
  • Direct download of the 2012 John Armstrong 7 hour interview

    Show #748
    Original airdate: September 10, 2015
    Guests: James Corbett / Inside Job
    Topics: 9/11 / Music To Indict Them By

    Play James Corbett   (1:28:02)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Everything You Wanted To Know About 9/11 In Under 5 Minutes!
  • James' website started in 2007, on 9/11/01 James was busy at work
  • James was taken in by the media psy-ops that day
  • The Pentagon hit and the stock market activity got Len's attention
  • The Bush administration signed NSPD-9: Combating Terrorism
  • That document was ready and waiting one week before 9/11
  • 'accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs'
  • Forbidden Truth: (Madsen / Brisard 2002)
  • Alledged terrorists involved with alcohol, cocaine, and strippers
  • Dov Zakheim, Pentagon comptroller, former CEO of SPC International
  • 8.5 trillion dollars worth of Pentagon transactions remain untracked
  • 9-11 Commission Report, Chapter 5, A Money Trail
  • "the origin of the money ... is of little practical significance"
  • Much of the testimony was based on torture sessions
  • Stratesec, Marvin P. Bush, and Wirt D. Walker III
  • 9/11 Chairman Thomas Kean and Ptech Inc.
  • What happened on 9/11, part speculation, part unknowns
  • Project for the New American Century
  • Operation Northwoods, to stage terrorist attacks in 1962
  • Visas for Al Qaeda: (Springmann 2015)
  • General Mahmoud Ahmad wired $100,000 to the lead 9/11 hijacker
  • Who Killed John O'Neil?
  • Abnormal, unusual put option activity in the markets before 9/11
  • Operation Cyclone, Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski
  • Who is Really Behind ISIS
  • Peter Dale Scott on the Taliban and opium trafficking
  • False flag attacks tend to be very successful
  • What Happened to the WTC Gold on 9/11?
  • An event on the scale of 9/11 took place for a number of different reasons
  • Meet Allen Dulles: Fascist Spymaster
  • False trails and false narratives have been put out there
  • James sources all of his facts with documentary evidence
  • Additional links: Academics Who Criticize War on Terror
  • NIST, NATO blamed after 11 police officers killed in airstrike

    Play "Inside Job" Music To Indict Them By   (43:21)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • A scathing indictment of the Bush administration's lies behind the 9/11 attacks
  • A 12 song concept album featuring hundreds of quotes from the 9/11 Truth Movement
  • Featuring; David Ray Griffin, Alex Jones, George Noory, Charlie Sheen and many others
  • Music Producer Les Murzsa has put the story of 911 to music in this impressive album
  • Using real quotes the real story is revealed and put in proper perspective

    Show #747
    Original airdate: September 3, 2015
    Guests: Dr. David Mantik / Peter Morris
    Topics: JFK Head Wounds / Australian ROKC JFK Conference

    Play Dr. David Mantik   (51:48)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • David's new e-book, John F. Kennedy's Head Wounds: A Final Synthesis
  • The head wounds are what killed JFK, how many shots, x-rays, photos
  • The photos conflict with Parkland and Bethesda witnesses
  • 16 Parkland doctors did not recognize the back of the head photos
  • The Harper Fragment, from the back or the top of the head?
  • David has 15 indicators which prove it has to from the back of the head
  • A shot from the front, which proves conspiracy
  • Evidence for three separate shots to the head
  • David praises the work of researcher John Hunt
  • David's work resolves several HSCA paradoxes
  • David accounts for the trail of metallic debris
  • Appendix K and Quentin Schwinn
  • How far will people go in obeying authority?
  • Photographer John Stringer admitted signing a false statement
  • Obedience to Authority: (Milgram 1974)
  • Do our Presidents really have independence?
  • Can an independently wealthy candidate, beholden to no one, succeed?
  • Government lies, surprisingly often, it's in the nature of organizations
  • Who funds America's terrorist enemies?
  • People of the Lie: (Peck 1998), evil penetrates organizations
  • The New American Militarism: (Bacevich 2005), the need for ongoing wars
  • Peer reviewed article by Dr. Mantik in the Medical Research Archives
  • A large bullet fragment not seen until the Clark Panel
  • Blakey was somewhat naïve, he supports the Single Bullet Theory
  • Neutron activation analysis is junk science, he thinks the Mafia hired Oswald
  • The Last Investigation (Fonzi 1993), Antonio Veciana and Phillips/Bishop
  • Your choice, tell the truth or follow orders

    Play Peter Morris   (1:02:06)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Peter lives in Adelaide, Australia
  • His interest was sparked by the film JFK and he now owns over 70 books
  • Peter has an interest in guns and owned a Mannlicher-Carcano
  • The ROKC conference will be in Melbourne this November 21/22
  • Dallas was incidental, the assassination was planned in Washington, D.C.
  • Peter and Len discuss Len's reluctance to visit Dallas
  • Peter will be presenting on the Mannlicher-Carcano, and the media
  • Peter will be displaying various collectables related to the case
  • Greg Parker, Hasan Yusuf, Sherry Fiester, Vince Palamara, Gayle Nix Jackson
  • Most of Peter's JFK discussion interactions are face-to-face
  • CE-399, the Single, Magic, Tumbling, Reverse Trajectory Momentum Bullet
  • Most MSM programs are intended to dupe
  • Refuted facts get reused, the Walker shooting
  • Peter's review of the Robert Stone/Max Holland JFK: The Lost Bullet
  • Why are the FBI agent's initials missing from CE-399?
  • Without getting into conspiracy theory, you can take down the evidence
  • Peter is the 'other' person who read Reclaiming History: cover to cover
  • Get back to basics, to proving the Warren Commission wrong
  • 50 Reasons for 50 Years... by Len Osanic and Jeff Carter
  • A good documentary or docudrama can be very educational

    Show #746
    Original airdate: August 27, 2015
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / John Armstrong
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research / Harvey & Lee

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:27:36)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA, David Mantik's peer reviewed paper on the largest metallic fragment
  • Jeff Carter articles on the backyard photographs
  • David Josephs article on the rifle from Klien's
  • Jim's article on Nixon vs. Kennedy, Part 1, Part 2
  • Nixon's Nuclear Specter: (Kimball/Burr / 2015), Fatal Politics: (Hughes / 2015)
  • Bugliosi: The Whole Story, by Jim
  • To submit to CTKA, go to the site, click 'Contact', write an e-mail
  • 2017, the end point for ARRB JFK records declassification
  • Jim is optimistic, though we don't have an accurate count of what has been held back
  • Len is not optimistic of any Administration or U.S. government transparency
  • Great work has been done on the medical evidence since Oliver Stone's JFK
  • The autopsy was mayhem, the guys couldn't do their jobs
  • Jeremy Gunn's wonderful questioning of the medical witnesses
  • The first autopsy, a trail of bullet particles in the skull
  • The (Ramsey) Clark Panel said the particles don't exist
  • Gunn got Dr. Humes to admit the particles are not on the x-ray
  • Dr. Russell Fisher and the Clark Panel
  • Transcript of Jeremy Gunn at Stanford, May 18, 1998
  • Gunn stated that he would rather defend Oswald than prosecute him
  • The Warren Report left out a ton of information about Oswald
  • If the WC saw the CIA Oswald file, why did they not publish it?
  • Why no mention of Angleton, CI/SIG, HT/LINGUAL?
  • ARRB Chair, U.S. District Judge John R. Tunheim
  • The ARRB was not an investigation, it was a declassification process
  • They did investigate the medical evidence, read the depositions, and here
  • Doug Horne memorandum on the Supplementary Brain Examination
  • Roger Feinmann (BOR #401), thought RFK had possession of the President's brain
  • The Men Who Killed Kennedy, will never be shown again on TV in the U.S.
  • We should expect declassifications regarding Phillips, Hunt, and Harvey
  • Doubt about how much power the ARRB had, not enough time or money
  • The CIA, the FBI, can wait out temporary entities like the ARRB
  • Ruth and Michael Paine were not interviewed by the HSCA or the ARRB
  • Questions: Linda Greenhouse and Connick v. Thompson
  • Harry Connick, New Orleans DA, notorious, he was that bad
  • Wikipedia, not objective, Connick was involved with Clay Shaw's defense
  • As DA, he tried to destroy Garrison's Oswald/Shaw evidence
  • Joseph Milteer, From an Office Building with a High-Powered Rifle: (Adams 2012)
  • JFK's Foriegn Policy, a Powerpoint presentation by Jim
  • Could Oswald have sent coded messages in letters to his family?
  • Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA (Weiner 2008)
  • You don't work for the New York Times and try to tell the truth about JFK
  • Sheldon Stern article on the Missile Crisis Kennedy tapes

    Play John Armstrong   (15:32)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • From the John Armstrong 2015 interview - (segment 3)
  • In late summer 1952, Lee and Marguerite moved to New York City
  • John Pic and Robert Oswald said Lee attended school in Manhattan
  • The FBI reported that Lee attended school in the Bronx
  • Oswald's IQ was tested at 118, a year earlier he tested at 102
  • Harvey Oswald stated that his brother sometimes took his place at school
  • Could it he been Lee Oswald he was referring to?
  • Lee attended school from January to June 1953
  • At the same time, Harvey truanted and was sent to Youth House
  • Inconsistencies are the result of merging the records of Harvey and Lee
  • The Bronx Zoo photo of Harvey, John Pic said the boy was not his brother
  • Marguerite said Lee's father died at age 45, he died at age 42
  • Marguerite said she was married 7/19/29, they were married 7/15/33
  • She gave an incorrect date for Lee's birthday, Carro Exhibit #1
  • It becomes obvious that you're merging two kids
  • Do you think it's possible he was immersed in an English language school?
  • Marguerite knew some of it, she didn't know the details
  • Marguerite was reading from notes during her WC testimony, and here
  • Harvey & Lee book
  • Direct download of the 2012 John Armstrong 7 hour interview

    Show #745
    Original airdate: August 20, 2015
    Guests: John Armstrong / Pete Johnson
    Topics: Harvey & Lee / JFK Assassination Research

    Play John Armstrong   (0:15:31)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • From the John Armstrong 2015 interview - (segment 2)
  • 1947, Walter & Georgia Bell, San Saba Street, Benbrook, Texas
  • Shown her FBI report, Georgia said, "That's not what I told them"
  • 2220 Thomas Place, Marguerite lived there in 1947, 1954, 1963
  • John Pic said, "I don't know nothing about San Saba"
  • In 1947, Pic, Robert, Lee and Marguerite were living in Ft. Worth
  • When Pic got to 1947, Allen Dulles asked for an adjournment
  • Two Oswald families living in two different locations at the same time
  • There were two young boys who used the name Lee Harvey Oswald
  • The merging of their identies demonstrates FBI involvement in the coverup
  • The devil is in the details
  • A Russian speaking boy, for a fake defection to the Soviet Union
  • Harvey & Lee book
  • Direct download of the 2012 John Armstrong 7 hour interview

    Play Pete Johnson   (1:00:39)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Pete is live in the BOR studio in Vancouver with Len
  • John Judge's books have been moved into an office in Washington, D.C.
  • John had in excess of 10,000 books, his leadership is missed
  • COPA is decommissioned, Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA)
  • 2015 Australian conference, Reopen Kennedy Case
  • JFK did not need America to rule the world, American University speech
  • The war on terror goes all the way back to the Kennedy assassination
  • 50 Reasons for 50 Years... vs. the Mighty Wurlitzer
  • A casus belli, Bashar al-Assad Syrian chemical attack
  • Many great researchers have passed, we need good reseachers going through files
  • 50 years of research have left a mark, people believe there was a conspiracy
  • Where did the shots come from? "They came from the Pentagon"
  • John Judge was certain that Curtis LeMay controlled the autopsy
  • Socialism, socialised medicine, 'social', where is the stigma?
  • Don't forget RFK, Martin Luthor King, and Malcolm X
  • Chappaquiddick and John Lennon may have been operations as well
  • Perhaps LSD was introduced into the culture to diminish effective protest
  • Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004), hands off the Saudi royalty
  • Len recommends the films Citizenfour (2014) and Kill The Messenger (2014)
  • BOR broadcasts are worth listening to for news, research, history
  • Scott Enyart, a jaw dropping unbelievable story (BOR #737)
  • Some people appear to be paid to disseminate disinformation
  • What do you mean Gary Mack was a good researcher? (BOR #740)
  • On October 17th there will be a memorial service for John Judge
  • Harold Weisberg, a bulldog on Freedom of Information

    Show #744
    Original airdate: August 13, 2015
    Guests: John Armstrong / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Harvey & Lee / Richard Nixon

    Play John Armstrong   (19:55)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • From the John Armstrong 2015 interview - (segment 1)
  • The FBI used evidence that could not be authenticated as real
  • J. Edgar Hoover had to cover up the existence of two Oswalds
  • One of these young men was born in New Orleans in 1939, Lee
  • The other young man was likely born in Eastern Europe, Harvey
  • The Stovall exhibit, evidence from Ruth Paine's house
  • 225 items were secretly sent to the FBI in Washington
  • There were 455 items returned, John inspected these items 20 years ago
  • The FBI seems to have had prior knowledge of two Oswalds - or imposter...
  • The FBI and the WC would overlook and ignore certain evidence
  • Harvey & Lee book
  • Direct download of the 2012 John Armstrong 7hr interview

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:37:29)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • At CTKA,
  • Frank Mankiewicz (1924 – 2014), announced the death of RFK
  • Richard Schweiker (1926 – 2015) Congressman, Senator, Secretary of HHS
  • Schweiker was part of the Church Committee
  • David Mantik has been published in the Medical Research Archives
  • His paper is on the saga of the largest "Metallic Fragment"
  • JFK's Head Wounds: (Mantik 2015) (Kindle)
  • In the Eye of History: (Law 2004 (revised))
  • A new look at the enigma of the "Backyard Photographs", by Jeff Carter
  • The Evidence IS the Conspiracy: Part 1: The Klein’s Rifle, by David Josephs
  • Appendix A: Money Order Timeline: , by David Josephs
  • Nixon vs. Kennedy: Iran and Vietnam, Part 1, by Jim
  • The Khmer Rouge were not communists, they were radical anarchists
  • Nixon's death (1913 – 1994), "farsighted", "epochal achievements"
  • Nixon White House, 60 people were charged, nearly 50 were convicted
  • President Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon September 8th, 1974
  • Nixon's plan, codenamed The Wizard, was to position himself as a Wise Man
  • He wrote a memoir and was interviewed by David Frost on TV
  • He wrote editorials, visited China, visited the Shah of Iran
  • Nixon wrote at least nine books after his memoirs
  • His writing reflected a 1950's Cold War perspective
  • The fundamentalist revolution in Iran led to the War on Terror
  • John Foster Dulles, managed the overthrow of Mossadegh in 1953
  • Speculation on Raymond Lee Harvey and Oswaldo Espinoza Ortiz
  • President Kennedy was against colonialism and global empiricism
  • Nixon felt that Reagan should not be left in a room with Gorbachev alone
  • Nixon fought the government over the possession of his presidential papers
  • Nixon was present at the creation of America’s direct Vietnam involvement
  • Sen. Kennedy, warned the USA should not assist the failing French empire
  • Nixon wrote that the Vietnam War was not a civil war
  • Edwin Lansdale was in charge of CIA operations to prop up South Vietnam
  • A CIA National Intelligence Estimate showed Ho Chi Minh would win election

    Show #743
    Original airdate: July 30, 2015
    Guests: President Gerald Ford
    Topics: HSCA Testimony

    Play President Gerald Ford   (1:53:51)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Robert Blakey's introduction (full testimony)
  • ... the Commission report ... was an authoritative document
  • ... it was inadvisable ... to recruit a totally new investigating staff
  • ... the Church committee's final report, Book V - page 6
  • ... I have seen no new evidence that would change my views
  • ... independent followup investigation was conducted by the Commission
  • JFK EXHIBIT F-457 (Walter Jenkins re: FBI Director Hoover 11/24/63)
  • JFK EXHIBIT F-443 (Deputy Attorney General Katzenbach 11/25/63)
  • There was no pressure ... to hurry ... a decision by the Warren Commission
  • We were not familiar with the alleged destruction of the Oswald note to Hosty
  • ... plots directed against Castro, might have affected the extent of the Commission inquiry
  • JFK EXHIBIT F-464 (CIA possibility of using Oswald as a source of information)
  • JFK EXHIBIT F-467 (Mr. Hoover, that there may have been an Oswald imposter)
  • JFK EXHIBIT F-441 (DeLoach to Moore 12/12/63)
  • JFK EXHIBIT F-442 (Evans to Belmont 11/25/63)
  • I barely knew J. Edgar Hoover ... I would contact Mr. DeLoach
  • ... the two contacts with Mr. DeLoach, which were prior to December 20
  • ... it was not necessary to bring Jack Ruby from Dallas to Washington
  • ... we were fortunate to have had a person like Allen Dulles on the Commission
  • ... critics ... have ... misled ... by mis-stating ... and by omitting crucial facts
  • ... the bullet which struck President Kennedy's head, came from Oswald's rifle
  • ... we were not able to precisely pin down a motive for the assassination
  • ... we utilized the information from the in-house agencies of the Federal Government
  • I think we ought to compliment and congratulate Tippit
  • ... a unanimous vote ... that Lee Harvey Oswald committed the assassination
  • ... the Commission has found no evidence of a conspiracy, foreign or domestic
  • I do not think our lack of information ... would have changed the conclusions

    Show #742
    Original airdate: July 30, 2015
    Guests: Lynn Mangan / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: RFK Assassination / Richard Nixon's Vietnam War

    Play Lynn Mangan   (0:00:00)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Lynn is outraged by the way Sirhan Sirhan's trial was mishandled
  • A secret court order, about who would have access to the evidence
  • The search warrant re: Sirhan's Desoto, two bullets were switched
  • Lynn testified at the Scott Enyart trial (BOR Show #737)
  • Renumbered evidence tags on the fatal bullet (#24)
  • Bullet photos pages 176, 177, 178
  • Lynn does not want to write a book, the Sirhan case is a frame-up
  • The bullets in the door frame became the bullets in the DeSoto
  • Lynn's article The Last Bullet (not standing): July 26, 2015
  • Lynn's site Sirhan’s Researcher

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:10:39)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA, Lisa Pease on RFK, The Grand Illusion
  • Scott Enyart vs. LAPD, by Scott Manning
  • 1968, the Tet Offensive, Ted Shackley, a failure of intelligence
  • RFK in Indianapolis announcing the death of Martin Luther King
  • The RFK assassination, an incredible year, the Chicago convention
  • Johnson was trying to get a peace conference with North Vietnam
  • Nixon, Anna Chennault, Saigon, Chasing Shadows with Ken Hughes
  • Nixon was in violation of the Logan Act, unbelievable series of events
  • The Plumbers Unit was to find the Johnson file on Nixon and Chennault
  • Nixon began the long march of the Republican Right
  • Nixon's Nuclear Specter: (Kimball/Burr 2015)
  • Fatal Politics: (Hughes 2015)
  • In early 1969, Nixon knew we could not win in Vietnam
  • Kissinger floated the idea of using tactical nuclear weapons
  • Nixon's bombing chased the North Vietnamese further into Cambodia
  • The communist Khmer Rouge, Sihanouk, Lon Nol
  • Year Zero and the Cambodian genocide
  • Nixon had been very influenced by John Foster Dulles
  • The communist world was not a monolith, the Madman Theory
  • Kissinger suggested holding off the end of the war until election year 1972
  • Did Nixon expand the economy, unify us, keep us out of war?
  • The Geneva Accords, Nixon In the Jungle, by Jim Hougan
  • Coming soon, Richard Nixon's Vietnam War, a new article by Jim
  • Legacy of a Lie, by Pat Speer on Howard Willens and the WC
  • Robert Tannenbaum (BOR #731) and the U.S. atomic bombing of Japan
  • Jim and Len differ with Robert's assessment of their use
  • Letters: A review of Nova's Cold Case JFK, by David Mantik
  • A Face in the Crowd, the 1957 film with Andy Griffith
  • Vincent Bugliosi: The Whole Story, by Jim, 1400 hits a day
  • Charles Manson Was a Patsy, Mae Brussell

    Show #741
    Original airdate: July 23, 2015
    Guests: Phil Van Praag / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: RFK Assassination Acoustic Research / Gary Mack

    Play Phil Van Praag   (1:00:40)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • CNN reporter Brad Johnson contacted Phil
  • A recording in the California archives by Stanislaw Pruszynski
  • Stanislaw recorded RFK's victory statement and captured gun shots in the pantry
  • The FBI acquired a copy of the recording, and gave one to the LAPD
  • In 2005, Phil made five professional digital and analog copies
  • Phil has since used FOIA to acquire digital copies from the FBI
  • One of those copies made by the RCMP was closer to the original
  • Phil's discoveries, approximately 13 shot sounds
  • Greater than the eight possible from Sirhan's revolver
  • The recording allows precise timing of events
  • Shots three and four, and seven and eight, 120-150 milliseconds apart
  • The Iver-Johnson Cadet 55, 366 milliseconds between possible shots
  • Phil identified a unique 1600 hertz resonance, of 3-4 milliseconds length
  • New software is able to slow down that acoustic fingerprint
  • This unique resonance appears in only five of the shots
  • Phil conducted field tests to isolate shot characteristics
  • The test did not match the Iver-Johnson, it did match the H&R Model 922
  • Thane Eugene Cesar had an H&R Model 922 in the pantry
  • Phil took care to match the shot being fired away from the microphone
  • Phil got to know Paul Schrade, and Dr. Robert Joling
  • Mainstream media rather hopes the whole thing goes away
  • ShotSpotter technology allows real time distinguishing and locating of gunfire
  • A catalog of unique firearm acoustic characteristics could be put together
  • Phil had no preconceptions regarding RFK's assassination
  • He little hope of finding anything significant
  • Conclusions, more than one gun, one gun was an H&R Model 922
  • One gun was fired away from the microphone
  • Phil has not identified the gun firing eight shots
  • Phil has not identified any shooter
  • Phil has not identified which bullets hit which victims
  • Phil's research cannot prove a conspiracy
  • Could Sirhan have fired blanks? Phil does not think so
  • Phil's research coincides with what else is known
  • Evolution of the Audio Recorder (1997)

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (38:17)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Gary Mack, featured in The Men Who Killed Kennedy, went over to the other side
  • He became the most visible person supporting the WC in the mainstream media
  • CTKA, Mack's Power of Dissuasion by Ryan Siebenthaler
  • He was willing to rearrange evidence, to change geography in Dealey Plaza
  • He was the single reason for 50 Reasons for 50 years...
  • Separate Gary I from Gary II, he did do some good things, by 1994, he was Gary II
  • Len received outrageous e-mails from Gary, the "unsubstantiated" Fletcher Prouty
  • The weight of critical analysis, those numbers indicate where the truth lies
  • Nonconspiracists United, Biting the Elephant (Remington 2009)
  • We all owe Jim a debt, writing a critique of Bugliosi, Reclaiming Parkland (2013)
  • Gary Aguilar article on Bugliosi, Jim read all 2700 pages of Bugliosi
  • Who is going to take Gary's job at the museum? Dave Perry?
  • Dallas police officer Roscoe White and his "role" in the assassination
  • Who is going to be their main talking head on television?
  • Mack wondered about Mary Ferrell, in 30 years she wrote two essays
  • Gary got more rabid, he told Jim that Fletcher Prouty was a phony
  • Every major tenet of the WC is false, the opposite is true
  • The Grand Illusion by Lisa Pease on the RFK case
  • Listener questions, Sen. Cooper, The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, British TV
  • Money order handwriting analysis? It was manufactured after the fact
  • The HSCA report on the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination
  • Louis Stokes went into the tank on the assassinations
  • Robert Groden and Zapruder film alteration, he is entitled to his opinion
  • 4K scans, Jim has seen these scans, most convincing
  • Some say there was a wholescale reconstruction, including travelling mattes
  • Something is wrong with Frame 313

    Show #740
    Original airdate: July 16, 2015
    Guests: Jim Marrs / Robert Groden
    Topics: Gary Mack (1947 - 2015)

    Play Jim Marrs   (1:00:03)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The death of Gary Mack this Wednesday
  • Gary brought forth the Badgeman photo and the police dictabelt recording
  • Shots heard on that recording led the HSCA to admit to two gunmen
  • Gary was pro-conspiracy, he helped bring forth credible evidence
  • He was offered this lucrative position of archivist of the Sixth Floor Museum
  • Officially, the museum takes no "official" position, Bullsh*t!
  • Jim wrote Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy (Revised 2013)
  • The Dallas elite did not want Jim's book sold in the museum
  • A CTKA review of Inside the Target Car by Jim DiEugenio
  • Mainstream media's "most knowledgable man on the assassination"
  • Len, arguing with Gary, found that he was a complete ass
  • The media, especially in Dallas, has always been onesided
  • Oswald said he encountered a "Secret Service" agent
  • At the museum, the agent is turned into a newsman
  • Tired of two sides to this story, Len wants the facts
  • Jim taught a class at which Gary was totally disruptive
  • Robert Groden was offered that archivist job
  • Napoleon, "... delay the truth until it no longer matters"
  • Jim lived through Gary's transformation, not to speak ill of the dead
  • Gary was quite proactive, to try to prop up this Lone Assassin
  • His legacy, Gary muddied the waters, as a parrot
  • The Dallas puppet show, a true museum would blame Kennedy's enemies
  • The lesson learned, the circling of the wagons, something's wrong
  • 50 Reasons For 50 years... to slap the museum, here's the facts
  • Gary's attitude took a 180 degree turn after he was given this job
  • The Sixth Floor Ad Nauseum, the sniper window, is plexiglassed off
  • Two sides to Gary Mack, the two faces of Gary Mack
  • Population Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us (2015)
  •, Gary knew better, presenting this pablum

    Play Robert Groden   (36:21)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Robert has been ticketed 80 times in Dealey Plaza
  • What Gary really believed, watch The Men Who Killed Kennedy
  • The Sixth Floor bought him, he had the Dallas police arrest Bob
  • JFK: Absolute Proof (2013), detail about Gary, also Plaza Man
  • Robert would have had to sell out to work on the Sixth Floor
  • Gary was never the "greatest" researcher on the assassination
  • The media always go to the (Lone Nut) apologists
  • The bookstore does not have a single book arguing conspiracy
  • BOR did 50 Reasons For 50 Years... to counter Gary Mack
  • Robert had broken no laws selling books in Dealey Plaza
  • Discovery before trial, 500 e-mails between the City and the museum
  • Downtown Dallas Incorporated, all the wrong people
  • They tore up Elm St. to get rid of the white 'X'
  • Robert has been thrown in jail twice
  • Unsolved History, about seven shows on the assassination
  • They had Mrs. Kennedy in the wrong position in the car
  • "Mind you own business", "This is my business"
  • Posner, Bugliosi, those books they carry
  • Gary was the Archivist, Robert turned down being Director
  • He had a genuine interest, turned into propaganda
  • When the City needed something, he's the one they went to
  • Go to to get JFK: Absolute Proof
  • Robert's website
  • Gary had a knowledge of Rock 'n' Roll, Bob and Gary were friends

    Show #739
    Original airdate: July 9, 2015
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: CTKA/RFK Assassination

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:40:54)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA, Bugliosi: The Whole Story, by Jim
  • Declassified: The CIA, "Oswald" and Mexico City, by Jim
  • Pamela Mumford testimony, Oswalds passport
  • Transporter Del Norte vs. Flecha Roja bus lines
  • The whole Mexico City thing was made up after the fact
  • David Phillips told Mark Lane, "Oswald never visited"
  • That Oswald was not in Mexico City is part of the crime
  • Where was he? Sylvia Odio
  • "Davy Disappoints": A Rebuttal, by Bill Davy
  • Ballistics and Baloney:, by Martin Hay
  • Review of Undeniable Truths: (Souza 2014), by Jim
  • Review of Cold Case Kennedy: (de Mey 2013), by Gary Aguilar
  • Review of JFK in the Senate: (Shaw 2015), by Jim
  • News of the U.N. and the Dag Hammarskjold 1961 plane crash
  • Weeping over the death of a third world revolutionary
  • News of a Project Unspeakable Reading in September
  • My Interviews With David Slawson, by John Titus
  • Rachel Maddow on JFK, Vietnam, and the assassination
  • Gerald Ford, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, and the assassination
  • "it was not the work of one person, it was something set up"
  • Listen to the BOR live stream anywhere, 24/7, or download shows
  • Listener stats, through the roof, good honest research
  • RFK, Probe (David Manning) covered the Scott Enyart trial
  • Scott Enyarts story, BOR shows #12, and #69
  • A code of silence in these big city police departments
  • Six or seven detectives in suits observing the trial
  • It undescores the guilt, Who shot Bobby Kennedy?
  • LAPD Captain Frank Patchett’s version ... suggests a hidden agenda
  • Witness Lynn Mangan (BOR show #735)
  • Ted Charach and The Second Gun
  • Intricately planned in advance by the conspirators
  • Thomas Noguchi tested for powder burns, 0-2 inches
  • The photographs Scott Enyart took would have shown who was there
  • William Harper determined two firing points, the fatal shot from behind
  • The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (Turner/Christian)
  • "We shot Senator Kennedy!" Sandra Serrano
  • The hypno programming of Sirhan Sirhan
  • Maitre d Karl Uecker, a third gun, Michael Wayne

    Show #738
    Original airdate: July 2, 2015
    Guests: Dr. Cyril Wecht
    Topics: Robert Kennedy Assassination

    Play Cyril Wecht   (1:01:32)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • LA coroner Thomas Noguchi is a friend and colleague
  • Dr. Wecht was asked to consult on the 1968 autopsy
  • The incredible difference in the autopsies of JFK and RFK
  • Incontrovertible evidence, the fallacy of the official results
  • That autopsy was never discussed in the trial
  • "A distance of one inch from the right ear"
  • No way that the muzzle of Sirhan's gun was ever one inch away
  • The question is who was the other shooter?
  • Thane Eugene Cesar's gun was never tested
  • The media are embarrassed, they're not going to revisit this
  • You continue to pound on the doors of the Federal government
  • The HSCA, the Justice Department and Congress walked away from it
  • Noguchi would objectively release findings he made
  • Cyril testified for Dr. Noguchi, preventing that attempted ouster
  • Dr. Pierre Finck was associated with both the JFK and RFK autopsies
  • Was defense attorney Grant Cooper negligent? Incompetent? Paid off?
  • Evidence destroyed, these things occurred deliberately
  • It sickens, the knowledge of what transpired here
  • Why isn't (justice) done? A strong desire to keep this covered up
  • The idea that we've got this great open democracy is so naive
  • Study public information, the witnesses, the trial
  • In America there is more concern about athletics, than politics
  • They know damn well, they don't want to do something
  • Character assassination, is much more significant and extensive
  • People that will carry the ball, keep up the good fight

    Show #737
    Original airdate: June 25, 2015
    Guest: Scott Enyart
    Topics: RFK Assassinations

    Play Scott Enyart   (1:34:50)   YOUTUBE

  • Scott was a 15 year old photographer at the Ambassador the night Bobby Kennedy was murdered
  • Scott was familiar with the Ambassador, had a press pass, and had met Kennedy the day before
  • There was no official security, Scott was five feet in front of the podium, he followed backstage
  • Popping noises, Thane Eugene Cesar, Scott continued taking photos during the shooting
  • 18 to 20 pictures in the pantry, four or six during the shooting, just a few seconds
  • Sirhan emptied his gun in the direction of RFK, but he was in front, Cesar had drawn his weapon
  • The bullet count was 10 to 14, only eight in Sirhan's gun, Sirhan was not in position for the head wound
  • The evidence has been altered, they burned 2,400 photographs before the trial, part of a conspiracy
  • They destroyed everything that didn't point directly to Sirhan having done it
  • Scott was taken at gun point, transferred to Rampart Station, film sealed for 20 years
  • 1988, Scott tried to get his pictures back from the California State Archives
  • Scott sued LAPD, went to trial in 1996, attorney Skip Miller, Bernard Parks, Ted Charach
  • They claimed they found my film, the courier was robbed, Miller had called the courier company
  • They wanted to know the car, the color, the route, then the trial clerk's record had been stolen
  • Skip Miller contacted the jury foreman, taken before the Bar, found guilty, one day of ethics training
  • First trial, we were awarded a half a million dollars, they appealed, overturned our decision
  • I just wanted my film back, I was forced to see a psychiatrist, a way of intimidating me
  • It would have changed the law on how they handle evidence, from slight to reasonable standard of care
  • They got the press banned from our trial, I'll fight this in the press like I have before
  • I am on your show, because these are forums in which we really get the points across
  • Coroner Thomas Noguchi, stated that my photographs could have changed the results of his report
  • Lawrence Teeter has been battling away, who's killing our leaders?, the press stays away from it
  • Information sets you free, you haven't heard the last of me yet, another trial or something else
  • LAPD was not there before the shooting took place, there were three guns in that pantry
  • The FBI starts calling up, Special Unit Senator, rush to judgment
  • Somebody else was right behind him, your photographs would have shown that
  • You cannot connect Cesar and Sirhan as being both part of the same conspiracy
  • Eliminate the press coverage, cheat and lie, the jury saw right through this
  • Skip Miller came in there and lost this case, by taking the tactics that he did, the jury was truly offended
  • Three shelves full of documents, the entire record disappeared from the courthouse
  • They referred to me in court documents as, 'lurking in the kitchen with Sirhan'
  • The woman in the polka-dot dress, I have a photo of her, Sirhan, he has his hand on her shoulder

    This interview with Scott Enyart is a replay of Black Op Radio show Transcript of the interview

    Play Scott Enyart    (53:12)   YOUTUBE

  • Update to the trial in which Scott was trying to get his photos back from the LAPD
  • BOR Show #69 from March 13th 2002
  • Scott was studying photojournalism, high school paper
  • Scott was the only photographer still with Senator Kennedy
  • Paul Schrade fell and knocked Scott down
  • Scott was interviewed by police, they took his film from him
  • At a trial brought by Scott, police were guilty on all 14 counts
  • Sirhan emptied his gun, from in front, RFK was shot from behind
  • Sirhan's gun held eight bullets, retrieved 12-14 bullets
  • Scott took a photo of Sirhan with the girl in the polka-dot dress
  • The LAPD phone response, they took 20 minutes to arrive
  • The police told Scott a court order held his film for 20 years
  • A seven week trial after 10 years, LA spent over 2 million dollars
  • Rampart Station was extremely dirty, killing, planting evidence, etc.
  • Scott spent over a half million dollars, to retry the assassination
  • Coroner Noguchi testified, proving, Sirhan may not have killed RFK
  • Police destroyed over 1000 audio interviews
  • "We don't want another Dallas"
  • Three officers were found guilty of perjury
  • They offered doctored photos and claimed they were Scotts
  • The courier of the film was robbed
  • The prosecution had foreknowledge of the courier's route
  • The day after the assassination, Scott walked through the unsecured pantry
  • Scott has photos from before and after, but not during the shooting
  • The City settled with Scott for less than he spent on the trial
  • Attorney Skip Miller lied in court every single day
  • The cover up continues, of the truth of the assassination
  • Scott is planning a number of documentary films
  • It was people at the top, the police, Washington, the Mayor

    Show #736
    Original airdate: June 18, 2015
    Guests: Lisa Pease
    Topics: RFK and Hammarskjold Assassinations

    Play Lisa Pease   (1:39:38)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Dag Hammarskjold, United Nations Secretary-General 1953-1961
  • The mineral rich Katanga province of the Congo
  • Patrice Lumumba was assassinated just before JFK was inaugurated
  • Hammarskjold stood up for Lumumba's leadership
  • Hammarskjold died in a plane crash/murder
  • Assassin Roland "Bud" Culligan claimed he shot the plane down
  • Who Killed Hammarskjld?: (Williams 2011)
  • 50 years later, we still can't get the truth about so many cases
  • BOR, discussing things that really matter
  • We're subtly propagandized all the time
  • Bob Kennedy was the last powerful liberal candidate of his time
  • LBJ's recognized Vietnam was a war he couldn't win
  • Mr. President what is 'it' that we can do that will win the war?
  • Bobby had not authorized plots against Castro
  • All countries are at risk of their own secret service
  • CIA saw Bobby as their biggest threat
  • CIA can survive if it can control the media
  • The system prevents conspiracy from surfacing
  • Lisa believes Sirhan was completely innocent, hypnotized
  • People can be mind controlled, Hypnotism (Estabrooks 1957)
  • The Bjorn Nielsen / Palle Hardrup case in Denmark
  • Lisa thinks that Sirhan was only firing blanks
  • A 'Wolferism', claiming a match that isn't provable
  • Gun flashes are indicative of firing blanks
  • Sirhan was there to distract, not to injure the actual shooters
  • More than two people were shooting
  • Thane Cesar, was a shooter or an accomplice
  • Michael Wayne, ran out of the pantry with a gun in a rolled up poster
  • Paul Schrade, why not go for a twofer
  • Project ARTICHOKE, hypnoprogram someone to be the patsy
  • Control the press, the investigation, the FBI, the defense, the judge
  • Special Unit Senator, retired LAPD Lieutenant Manny Pena
  • Hernandez's interpretation of the lie detector is untrustworthy
  • The police knew what to cover up, as did Grant Cooper
  • There are people who have information that they have not shared
  • Garrison was so close to getting the CIA, to getting David Phillips
  • Read original documents, find some fact, and surface it
  • Judge Robert Wenke's 1975 RFK assassination inquiry
  • It was narrowly limited to the ballistics evidence, it was worthless
  • The Great Pantry Raid, inspecting the altered crime scene
  • The case is almost darkly humorous, a black comedy
  • The Scott Enyart (BOR #12) photographs of the assassination
  • Mobile Justice smartphone app, to secure police interaction photos
  • Share what you know, try no to be afraid
  • Agencies, police, CIA, do have good people
  • A gift of roses, Bugliosi (1934 - 2015) died a long time ago inside
  • Assassination is not limited to the U.S. or to that period in time
  • People need to stand up for every instance of injustice
  • Researchers are some of the finest minds in the country

    Play Investigative Report   (44:41)  

  • Investigative Report on the RFK Murder

    Part One

    Part Two

    Show #735
    Original airdate: June 11, 2015
    Guests: Lynn Mangan / Dr. William Pepper / Dr. David Mantik
    Topics: RFK Assassination / JFK's Head Wounds

    Play Lynn Mangan   (1:44:04)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Lynn (Sirhan’s Researcher) was a neighbor of Sirhan Sirhan
  • The provenance of the gun, and the absence of a serial number
  • George Earhart sold Sirhan a gun, Rafer Johnson knew the number, H53725
  • Special Unit Senator (SUS) screwed the hell out of this case
  • A Property Receipt, the issuer info was left blank, no serial number
  • Shell casings and other evidence are missing from the California archives
  • The shells from the scene were not marked for identification
  • Appendix H: List and Description of Trial Exhibits
  • A deliberate pattern of (SUS) wrongdoing
  • Nothing is accurate, nothing is original
  • Grant Cooper was the chief defense counsel, he rolled over in this case
  • Cooper aided the prosecution in every which way
  • Stipulation of evidence eliminates the need to prove the evidence
  • An orchestrated dog and pony show
  • Robert Kennedy, shot in the back from the front
  • Independent criminalist William Harper was helpful to Lynn
  • The Sirhans were not allowed into their house for a week
  • Sirhan was being controlled by hypnosis
  • Coffee and the girl in the polka dot dress
  • His next memory is being choked and his leg was twisted
  • Dr. Eduard Simson-Kallas with Mae Brussel
  • Three shooters, to distract and to create panic
  • Thane Eugene Cesar didn't kill Kennedy, no way
  • The 'killing crew' all had the same make of gun and ammunition
  • Harper said the Michael Wayne was another shooter
  • The Sandra Serrano / Hank Hernandez interview
  • The acoustic evidence, 14 overlapping shots
  • Sirhan had a right to a fair trial and he didn't get it
  • The 'Hey Punk' letter from Sirhan to Cooper
  • LAPD leaked to Harper against SUS
  • What the hell is going on? You can't keep quiet

    Play Dr. William Pepper   (00:00)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Dr. Pepper represents Sirhan Sirhan
  • Awaiting a ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Application for a Certificate of Appealability
  • A continued denial of justice for Sirhan and the Kennedy family
  • Robert was going to do important things if elected President
  • That assassination was decided upon by the ruling forces
  • The corporate and financial leaders of the country, the real power
  • Foot soldiers, overlapping government agencies
  • At a trial, evidence of the real killer, a second shooter
  • The evidence is encapsulated in the autopsy report
  • Bullets fired at powder burn range from behind him
  • Sirhan was clearly in front, five to six, even seven feet away
  • Shooting upward, probably from a kneeling position
  • Death threats towards Sirhan seemed to go away
  • Had to again alert the officials there
  • Grant us an opportunity to argue issues for appeal
  • In the King case, we had to convene a civil trial (Loyd Jowers)
  • Contact Len to offer financial assistance to Sirhan and Pepper

    Play Dr. David Mantik   (1:03:54)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • A Definitive Look at the Harper Fragment, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Appendices
  • The fragment was found in Dealey Plaza 29 hours after the assassination
  • A new book by Dr. Mantik is about to be published, JFK's Head Wounds
  • One frontal shot high on the right forehead
  • Another shot near the right ear could have created the Harper Fragment
  • David is open to the timing of the shots
  • Witnesses reported two shots right at the end, very close together
  • John Hunt on the HSCA and the Harper Fragment
  • David does not detect a suture line on the fragment
  • Vascular grooves, made by veins and arteries, are occipital in nature
  • Observing actual evidence in the archives is critical
  • The House Select Committee is a very interesting animal on this score
  • The HSCA said the fragment was parietal
  • Evidence for a Grassy Knoll frontal shot was there
  • Nine Parkland physicians saw cerebellum through a hole in the back
  • Dr. Robert McClelland interview
  • A third wound low on the right rear of the head
  • The trail of lead fragments from a frontal shot
  • The HSCA is as disappointing as the Warren Commission
  • Quentin Schwinn, while a student at RIT, was shown a transparency
  • The transparency showed a wound not in evidence
  • The high right forehead wound, an authentic autopsy photograph
  • In place of that wound, we see an incised wound
  • A conclusion, the fragment was moved before Billy Harper found it
  • A conclusion, multiple headshots, likely more than one after Z-313
  • Dr. Humes had time to remove evidence of frontal shots

    Show #734
    Original airdate: June 4, 2015
    Guests: Dr. Walt Brown / Dave Ratcliffe / Greg Burnham
    Topics: The Kennedy Execution / Fletcher Prouty

    Play Dr. Walt Brown   (1:30:42)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • President Kennedy's 98th birthday, May 29, 1917
  • Walt has good communications with BOR listeners
  • Walt has very nearly finished his last book,
  • The Kennedy Execution:
        The Six Seconds that Saved the Fraud of the Military/Industrial Cold War
  • Possible blocking of documents due for release in 2017
  • Two critical chances for peace: 1960 Paris Summit, JFK's second term
  • Both ruined by missiles: U2 shoot down, rifle bullets
  • The Military/Congressional/Industrial complex
  • A mousetrap, executed in a right-wing town by a leftist
  • If the U.S. military did it, it had to be covered up, ballots or bullets
  • "If Peace Does Come - What Happens to Business?" U.S. News (8/12/63)
  • Congressman Kennedy's 1951 Indochina visit, Edmund Gullion
  • NSAM 263 South Vietnam, signed by McGeorge Bundy
  • Walt suggests listeners Google search and read NSAMs
  • NSAM 217 Official Visits To Vietnam
  • Before you muck about with the system, watch the Zapruder film
  • Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush? That's what it's going to be?
  • Bush one - in on the execution, Bush two - a disaster
  • You can't check unnamed sources
  • NSAM 271 Cooperation with the USSR on the Outer Space Matters
  • JFK Address Before the United Nations, September 20, 1963
  • Do the research and learn about the world you live in
  • Given the execution in Dallas, we can not impeach the new President
  • Walt and 50 Reasons for 50 years... Episode 32, Episode 35
  • Portrait of the Assassin (Ford/Stiles 1966), used classified documents
  • The HSCA could not dare challenge the Honorable Gerald Ford
  • The Warren Ommission (Brown 1996)
  • 26 volumes, we're supposed to be impressed
  • It's not National Security, it's Government Security
  • BOR listeners are a family that understands
  • The Secret Team: (Prouty 1973) fell off Walt's shelf
  • The Mickey Mantle Murders (Brown July 1, 2015)
  • Look for Walt on BOR discussing Russian history

    Play Dave Ratcliffe   (52:41)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Dave listened to researcher Mae Brussell, over 800 shows
  • Dave met John Judge who introduced him to Fletcher Prouty
  • Dave read The Secret Team:, and collected articles by Fletcher
  • The Christchurch Star 23 November 1963
  • It wasn't what Fletcher studied, it was what he lived
  • First omit, then ridicule and minimize
  • Dave worked on transcribing Mae's radio shows
  • Fletcher was asked to set up the Air Force / CIA liaison office
  • The National Security Act of 1947, the formative years
  • Dave and Fletcher had a rich exchange and correspondence
  • Fletcher worked with Oliver Stone on JFK (1991), Man X
  • Media whores ignore 50 years of research
  • Fletcher lived with the milieu of death, he had a serenity
  • "The .. faceless, nameless, ubiquitous briefing officer"
  • The skill, of being present with whoever he was with
  •, Mae Brussell's Worldwatchers archive

    Play Greg Burnham   (1:24:18)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • June 5th is the anniversary of Fletcher Prouty's death
  • What Fletcher said was important, to hear his replies was impressive
  • He would answer on point, but, it was the tip of the iceberg
  • Fletcher was one of the most creditable people
  • Fletcher's wife was frightened by his revealing too much
  • Persons Fletcher spoke about never denied what he said
  • Fletcher pointed out how long we had been in Vietnam
  • People were under the impression that JFK started the war
  • NSAM 263, one of the big keys, seek out the references
  • Report of the McNamara-Taylor Mission to South Vietnam
  • NSAM 273, so much effort went into a withdrawal policy
  • Consider all the evidence, Occam's Razor
  • Could Bobby say, in 1964, that JFK was planning to withdraw?
  • Fletchers courage, "Everybody has to choose their own path"
  • Fletcher held oath to his country higher than an oath to secrecy
  • Alarmism in general, there's your red flag
  • The Climategate Emails (Costella 2010)
  • Whoever is making the claim, the burden is on them
  • Fletcher would not give you more than you could chew
  • "Don't take my word for it, do your own research"
  • Greg's site,
  • Greg's YouTube channel,
  • Greg's September 2014 presentation, Assimilating the Anguish

    For more info:
  • Proutypedia
  • The Col. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site

    Show #733
    Original airdate: May 28, 2015
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Dan Hardway
    Topics: HSCA Testimonies of McCloy and Cooper / Book Review

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:26:04)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Cooper and McCloy speak without being properly cross examined (BOR #730)
  • At the time, Cooper worked at law firm Covington & Burling
  • Cooper thought that a separate shot hit Connally, the FBI version
  • McCloy was a lawyer, a friend of Allen Dulles. he worked for the Rockefellers
  • McCloy was a chief advocate for the Japanese American Internment
  • He was the US High Commissioner in Germany after WW II
  • There had been open disagreement about the single bullet
  • "excellent police work .. the very early apprehension of the assassin"
  • Garbage In, Garbage Out, the whole thing is going to be flawed
  • Oswald and the CIA (Newman 1995), Angleton and Mexico City
  • The Lopez-Hardway Report (BOR #697)
  • The Warren Commission investigation of Mexico City was a bloody atrocity
  • It completely covered up, this ultimate manipulation of Oswald
  • "I personally traced every step .. Oswald took", not likely
  • Commission Document 1 - FBI Summary Report 12/9/63
  • How do you know the bullet went through Kennedy? Dr. Finck
  • The Sibert and O'Neill Report 11/26/63, not in the WC volumes
  • "what kind of an agency could have told Oswald to stand ready"
  • The Warren Report was dead on arrival
  • Why did the American people not see the Zapruder film, until 1975?
  • Pat Speer (BOR #724) on Thomas Canning
  • Only three Representatives asked Cooper and McCloy questions
  • Destiny Betrayed (DiEugenio 2012), Bloody Treason: (Twyman 1997)
  • They were asked tougher questions in Executive Session
  • CTKA, Bryan Bender article on 40,000 expected documents
  • 332 pages on E. Howard Hunt, 600 pages on David Atlee Phillips
  • An article by Jim on Ben Bradlee, declassified FBI file
  • Coming up, the RFK and Fletcher Prouty anniversaries, more HSCA

    Play Dan Hardway   (30:33)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Dan has reviewed A Cruel and Shocking Act: (Shenon 2013)
  • The review: A Cruel And Shocking Misinterpretation
  • The book concludes that Oswald was encouraged by the Cubans
  • Shenon spoke with Dan and Eddie Lopez (BOR #697)
  • Sylvia Duran was at least targeted to be 'pitched' by CIA
  • Too many things, create serious questions, a CIA operation going on
  • CIA anti-FPCC activity in New Orleans and Mexico City
  • 'Protecting sources and methods' covered up propaganda operations
  • Totally ignore so much of the case, like Bugliosi
  • CIA memo on how to handle critics of the Warren Commission
  • A massive well written book, can fool and misdirect
  • Dan contributed to Episode 44 of 50 Reasons for 50 Years...
  • 2017 review of JFK documents, CIA will appeal to them keep secret

    Show #732
    Original airdate: May 14, 2015
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: HSCA Testimonies of Katzenbach and Rankin

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:27:15)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Airing HSCA tapes is good, it was a second Federal investigation
  • The WC relied on the rifle, the shells, and CE 399
  • Nicholas Katzenbach testimony (BOR #729), the memo to Moyers
  • A commission independent of the Executive branch
  • The FBI is good at crime detecting, they were being held back
  • Collection of leads, running them out, wrote cohesive reports
  • Running out leads was avoided
  • Howard Willens, Justice Department liaison to the WC
  • The FBI was not being objective in this case
  • Katzenbach was not open minded on Oswald and conspiracy
  • LHO -Intelligence fingerprints, Ruby -Mob, CIA, DPD fingerprints
  • Murray Laulicht and Lloyd Weinreb, the Oswald and Ruby biographies
  • What did Katzenbach know about Oswald on that day?
  • Mexico City? 544 Camp Street? Clinton and Jackson? Ferrie? Shaw?
  • What Oswald did in Russia? Why he was sent to Russia?
  • Katzenbach, Helms (BOR #728), and Nosenko, was there a meeting?
  • The HSCA should be investigating the murder of JFK
  • The conversation is dominated by the CIA plots to kill Castro
  • False sponsors, first Oswald, then Castro, then the KGB, then the Mob
  • J. Lee Rankin testimony (BOR #729), not the first choice, Warren Olney
  • There was no serious WC investigation of any conspiracy
  • The Slawson Coleman Report on Oswald's "Foreign Involvement"
  • Rankin later understood that the FBI withheld information
  • Selectively misquoting the Eisenberg memo
  • Blaming the bad autopsy on the Kennedy family
  • Over 200 pages of Slawson's working papers are still being withheld
  • Rankin said they used Military Intelligence to check on the FBI
  • The Hosty note and 17 disciplined FBI Agents
  • If fame was the motive, why did Oswald claim, "I am just a patsy"?
  • CTKA, the true, premier JFK research site
  • Part 3 of David Mantik on the Harper Fragment
  • Ryan Siebenthaler on Gary Mack and the phony Ida Dox drawings
  • David Josephs, Poking More Holes in Judyth Baker
  • Jim reviews Andrew Cohen on Two Days in June (2014)
  • Jim has updated a review of the work of Anthony Summers
  • Jim has an article on McAdams at
  • Dean Holz acted as he did to protect Marquette
  • An Atlantic Monthly article by Conor Friedersdorf
  • Reckless abandonment of any professional standards
  • There is no absolute freedom of the First Amendment in this country
  • The Ward Churchill and Norman Finkelstein cases

    Show #731
    Original airdate: May 14, 2015
    Guests: Robert Tanenbaum and Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: House Select Committee on Assassinations

    Play Robert Tanenbaum and Jim DiEugenio   (2:23:08)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Bob attended law school at UC Berkeley
  • Bob worked as a prosecutor in Manhattan
  • He has written 27 fiction and non-fiction books
  • Echoes of My Soul (2013) about the Career Girls Murders
  • A false confession and conviction and a successful re-investigation
  • A telling photo of girls, trees, and water
  • Miranda is a Fifth Amendment case, advising of rights at time of arrest
  • Robert tried around 200 cases in eight years
  • Philadelphia prosecuter Richard Sprague, served as HSCA Chief Counsel
  • Sprague asked Bob to serve as Deputy Chief Counsel
  • You can't compromise in the search for truth
  • The 1996 Probe magazine interview of Bob by Jim
  • The Parkland doctors and staff, a gaping, avulsive wound
  • Scene 1 - the shooting, scene 2 - Parkland, scene 3 - Bethesda
  • The alleged Abraham Zapruder film, it has been altered
  • The notion of the HSCA sealing documents is highly suspect
  • The HSCA stated that the Parkland witnesses must be wrong
  • But, most of the Bethesda witnesses also saw the avulsed wound
  • The HSCA misrepresented and hid documents, a tremendous insult
  • Bob saw nothing that would compromise national security
  • A major act of deceit by those responsible for the HSCA Report
  • Richard Schweiker, Gaeton Fonzi, the Church Committee
  • Schweiker said he believed CIA was involved in the assassination
  • Gaeton Fonzi's work, he was a great investigator
  • Lee Harvey vs. Lee Henry, the photograph was not Oswald
  • CIA said a tape recording did not exist, but J.E. Hoover knew of it
  • Handed the memo, David Phillips (Maurice Bishop) walked out of the room
  • He had committed perjury and contempt under subpoena
  • The committee did nothing, so Sprague and Tanenbaum resigned
  • America needs to be reformed, not transformed
  • Bob takes Oliver Stone to task for Untold History of the United States (2012)
  • CE 399 could not be gotten into evidence
  • We don't always vote for people who win, we don't kill those who do
  • Bob does not understand why Tippit pulled over Oswald
  • How did the police focus on the defendant? Is it credible?
  • The Warren Commission was not focused on the truth
  • The FBI wanted to approve HSCA staff hiring
  • The Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment
  • Garrison was right about objectionable CIA behavior
  • The asassination was an illegal combination of two or more people
  • A film depicting Bishop, Oswald and Guy Banister
  • Blakey misrepresented testimony, and sealed records for 50 years
  • Blakey was a novice, he had never investigated or tried a case
  • Sprague wanted to retrieve the CIA typewriter from Mexico City
  • The 2000 Probe magazine interview of Richard Sprague by John Williams
  • Download Tanenbaum's presentation from the 2013 Wecht conference Here

    Show #730
    Original airdate: May 7, 2015
    Guests: Professor David Denton /
    Topics: 2014 Conference DVD / More HSCA Testimony

    Play David Denton    (46:06)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Warren Report 50 Years Later: A Critical Examination
  • We can presume that Oswald didn't do it, different viewpoints
  • Russ Baker, Doug Horne, 20 hours on seven DVDs, $50.00
  • We can just take this thing apart in a short period of time
  • If Lee did it, why would you have to lock up stuff for 75 years?
  • Planning a conference for October 16-18 in New Orleans
  • A focus on Oswald, the Garrison case, New Orleans
  • Maybe people with evidence in New Orleans will come forward
  • Dr. Mary Sherman, Dr. Mary’s Monkey (Haslam 2007)
  • Advanced cancer experiments with Dr. Alton Ochsner
  • Oswald, Ferrie, Baker, weaponized cancer injection
  • Sherman died under very suspicious circumstances
  • The sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty
  • LBJ: From Mastermind to “The Colossus” (Nelson 2014)
  • Sometimes the truth does lie on the dark side

    Play Cooper and McCloy   (49:52)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Cooper and McCloy testimony
  • Events in the intelligence community have raised new questions
  • There had been three shots, a separate shot struck Governor Connally
  • There was no "rush to judgment", "truth is our only goal"
  • The report .. does contain all the essential facts surrounding the assassination
  • The much-maligned Dallas police, FBI investigators, CIA, Secret Service
  • The Dallas police force .. should be given credit for .. excellent work
  • The investigative experience .. of the Commission was rather impressive
  • When you are shot, you don't know the minute you are hit
  • Oswald .. was the undisputed assassin of the President .. he .. killed Tippit
  • Hoover, McCone, never .. did we ever discuss the work of the Commission
  • An investigation, actually lay in the jurisdiction of Texas
  • No one has ever found anything other than the evidence about Oswald
  • Oswald .. was a failure at everything he tried .. he was a Marxist
  • Who has read 26 volumes of this case? How many read the summary?
  • HSCA exhibit F-476 (Organizational chart of the Warren Commission)
  • HSCA exhibit F-477 (Photo of the Warren Commission members)

    Show #729
    Original airdate: April 30, 2015
    Guests: Nicholas Katzenbach / J. Lee Rankin
    Topics: HSCA Testimony

    Play Nicholas Katzenbach   (1:11:23)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Katzenbach testimony and deposition
  • 11/25/63 Memorandum for Mr. Moyers
  • The FBI .. were certain to resent the appointment of any such commission
  • Mr. Hoover resented criticism to a degree greater than any other person
  • I am surprised that the FBI did not seize the opportunity to embarrass the CIA
  • HSCA exhibit F-466 (FBI memorandum from DeLoach to Mohr, 11/25/63)
  • HSCA exhibit F-473 (FBI memorandum from DeLoach to Mohr, 12/20/63)
  • I have been personally persuaded that the result was right
  • I don't think there are other investigators who have nearly the competence
  • If .. all the facts were not on the table .. nobody was going to be satisfied
  • I have no recollection of any conversation involving Mr. Nosenko with Mr. Helms
  • HSCA exhibit F-448 (Memorandum from Hubert and Griffin to Willens, 2/24/64)
  • I regret that the Warren Commission report was inadequate, if it was inadequate
  • NOTE Exhibits mentioned are printed with the testimony and deposition

    Play J. Lee Rankin   (1:44:48)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Rankin testimony
  • HSCA exhibit F-476 (Organizational chart of the Warren Commission)
  • We used all of the intelligence agencies of the Government before we got through
  • You had no knowledge .. of the assassination plots against Fidel Castro? I did not
  • The Kennedy family did not wish to have the (autopsy) pictures .. shown
  • The evidence of the doctors was equally good as far as the law goes
  • We .. didn't believe the FBI was capable of (withholding information)
  • CIA had told us that he (Nosenko) was a fake and not a real KGB officer
  • We were all convinced that Ruby was interested in a trip to Washington
        rather than how much he could enlighten the Commission
  • The FBI .. were never asked to .. involve their
        organized crime section ... in the matter? Yes
  • The report shows, that we only said that we were unable to discover
        any such information about conspiracy or conspiratorial activity
  • The Commission .. would accept Hoover's personal assurance ..
        Oswald had never been an informer or agent of the FBI
  • (The FBI .. conclusion .. was the lone assassin) We sought detailed evidence
  • I was naive enough with regard to this particular task, as general counsel...
  • Three bullets could have been fired within the time limits
  • (Connally) I think he's just mistaken .. he had to be shot by that same bullet
  • We never thought that the testimony of shots from other points was impressive
  • I gave each of .. the Directors ample opportunity to suggest anything they wanted
  • (Ruby) I was watching it in detail in every area, too
  • HSCA exhibit F-471 (FBI memorandum from Belmont to Tolson, 12/3/63)
  • I certainly had a reluctant relationship with the FBI in many respects
  • HSCA exhibit F-447 (Memorandum from Coleman and Slawson to WC, 6/24/64)
  • He (Hoover) was quite cold and uncommunicative
  • He felt that the Commission was hostile .. it was a burden to the FBI
  • I am maybe not happy to be here but I am quite willing to be here

    Show #728
    Original airdate: April 23, 2015
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Richard Helms HSCA Testimony

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:26:58)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Richard Helms HSCA Testimony (BOR #726)
  • Helms told Hoover to butt out of the Mexico City investigation
  • David Josephs on the Mexico City Trip (Part 1 of 6) at CTKA
  • The FBI couldn't make any sense of the CIA story about Oswald
  • Burt Griffin's requested CIA data on Jack Ruby arrived four months later
  • John Whitten complained about Angleton's interference
  • Angleton had the most data on Oswald, probably in the whole U.S. government
  • Angleton only came up once or twice in the Helms testimony
  • The legendary split between the FBI and CIA began over the Nosenko affair
  • Golitsyn was not treated like Nosenko at all
  • There had been an earlier HSCA executive session with Helms
  • Robert Blakey/BOR interview (BOR #697)
  • Cold Warrior: (Mangold 1992), on James Jesus Angleton
  • The KGB understood that Oswald was a false defector
  • Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba, and the Garrison Case (DiEugenio 2012)
  • Today we have evidence that Oswald was debriefed by CIA
  • Oswald was speaking Russian, Oswald Russian Episode (Titovets 2010)
  • 51 or 638 Ways to Kill Castro
  • The CIA Inspector General Report on plots to assassinate Fidel Castro
  • Perfect Villains, Imperfect Heroes: (Goldfarb 2002)
  • The HSCA could have charged Helms with perjury
  • AM/LASH was part of phase five, to get Cubela to assassinate Castro
  • Mongoose was authorized, but did not include assassination
  • Why the HSCA did not declassify the IG report is a mystery
  • Katzenbach said he had never heard of Nosenko
  • The CIA, they're not all a bunch of bastards
  • Once Oswald defected, there should have been a 201 File opened on him
  • Oswald was put on Angelton's illegal mail intercept program, HTLINGUAL
  • The 201 was opened because of Otto Otepka at the State Department
  • Spooks: The Haunting of America: (Hougan 1978)
  • The original wire from Moscow took 28 days to get improperly filed at CIA
  • There were many questions about Oswald not asked of Helms
  • Oswald and the CIA (Newman 1995)
  • Lopez and Hardway discovered the splitting of Oswald's 201 File
  • It was good to get Helms in front of a committee, but, too gentle
  • CIA's First General Counsel Lawrence R. Houston

    Show #727
    Original airdate: April 16, 2015
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Joe Green
    Topics: Helms, CTKA, Letters / KING KILL 63

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:02:07)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • BOR #726, Richrd Helms, Yuri Nosenko, James Angleton, Anatoliy Golitsyn
  • Legend: (Epstein 1978), Nosenko was essentially a prisoner
  • The KGB had Oswald pegged as a false defector from the beginning
  • Helms' family was wealthy and government connected, he was with the OSS
  • Helms replaced Bissell as Deputy Director of Plans
  • A Look Over My Shoulder: (Helms 2003)
  • Watergate, James McCord and Helms were tied at the hip
  • Secret Agenda: Watergate, Deep Throat, and the CIA (Hougan 1984)
  • "If Watergate is laid at the CIA's feet, every tree in the forest will fall"
  • CTKA, Martin Hay reviews Ayton and Von Pein
  • Hasan Yusuf reviews James Reston Jr.
  • Jim and Arnaldo Fernandez review Philip Shenon
  • David Mantik on the Harper Fragment, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Appendices
  • JFK's Stop The Cold War speech, the next day, his Civil Rights Address
  • Len recommends No Place to Hide: (Greenwald 2014)
  • The death of Dorothy Kilgallen, Midwest Today
  • Cyril Wecht HSCA testimony and interview with Len (BOR #720)
  • Jim's interview with Robert Tanenbaum
  • Ida Dox (not her real name) drawings
  • Misrepresentation and elimination of photographic evidence

    Play Joe Green   (25:24)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Ryan Page film KING KILL 63 (2015), debuts on the 19th at the Texas Theater
  • Joe was hired as a researcher and script consultant
  • The film features many assassination researchers, authors, film makers
  • Three years work, hours and hours of footage, informative and entertaining
  • 50 Reasons for 50 years...
  • Things related to the precipitating event of murdering the head of state
  • The "King" is the President, the killing of the King
  • A FaceBook Page, KING KILL 63

    Show #726
    Original airdate: April 9, 2015
    Guests: Richard Helms Testimony / Ryan Siebenthaler
    Topics: HSCA Testimony / Gary Mack

    Play Richard Helms   Morning Session   (3:07:49)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Testimony (Audio runs to 15:13 before text)
  • Helms' declassified August 9, 1978 testimony
  • F-536A (Letter to Helms from CIA Counsel)
  • F-536B (Letter to Helms from CIA Deputy General Counsel)
  • Organizational function of the Deputy Directorate for Plans in 1963
  • One of the most highly classified documents in Washington
  • The principal point of interest as far as the Agency was concerned was Mexico City
  • The Soviets might have been involved, the Cubans might have been involved
  • F-529 (8 July 1964 CIA memos from and to Chief Soviet Russia Division)
  • Mr. Nosenko requested that he be permitted to defect to the West
  • Report on Lee Harvey Oswald's contacts in connection with the KGB
  • INS technically excluded Nosenko from the US, temporarily "paroled" to the CIA
  • The statement of Mr. Katzenbach, could not be true, No; I am afraid it is not
  • F-413 (3 April 1964 Lawrence Houston memos)
  • We could not vouch for (Nosenko), we could not vouch for his statement
  • It was not the CIA's jurisdiction to keep an eye on (LHO) in the United States
  • F-531 (5 October 1972 Osborn memo)
  • The subject of it is retroactive reimbursement of Yuri Ivanovich Nosenko
  • F-537 (1 September 1978 CIA memo, answers to Nosenko interrogatories)
  • F-532 (CIA / Nosenko contract amendment)
  • I didn't recall that there was all that much change in his story by 1968
  • Hart: The agency's activity was devoted to breaking Nosenko
  • DC of SB: Detail which we could use in fabricating an ostensible confession
  • To agree this should be tried, the hostile interrogation should be tried
  • F-446 (August 7, 1978 Nosenko statement)

    Play Richard Helms   Afternoon Session   (2:30:39)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Testimony
  • F-413 (3 April 1964 Lawrence Houston memos)
  • Assassination plots, I never spoke to them myself about it
  • Helms' declassified 9 August 1978 testimony
  • An assassination plot (on Castro), I have on public television apologized for
  • F-527 (25 April 1967 memo re: Agency plans to assassinate Fidel Castro)
  • I became involved with this business sometime in 1962 after I took over as DDP
  • The only one, taken seriously was the one involving Roselli and Harvey
  • I am prepared to, take my beating in any form that you gentlemen want
  • F-539 (Church committee report excerpt)
  • F-538 (Church committee report excerpt)
  • Who was behind Lee Oswald, if indeed he was the man who was responsible?
  • In retrospect, Mr. Dodd, I would have done a lot of things very differently
  • F-520 (11 May 1964 CIA memo to DDP re: Lee Harvey OSWALD)
  • AMLASH was a political action to get a grouping together to unseat Castro
  • I am sorry he didn't give him a pistol, a lot simpler and less exotic
  • F-512 (14 September 1978 affidavit of an unnamed CIA employee)
  • This committee knows more about the truth, you have talked to Cuban officials
  • Oswald's defection, that was the Navy Department's responsibility
  • I find incredible, that Oswald was never interrogated or in touch with the KGB
  • F-518 (CIA memo re: Comments of Luisa CALDERON Carralero)
  • I am sorry. I won't ask you any more questions, Mr. Goldsmith
  • Return secret intelligence to the aegis of the U.S. Congress, let you run it
  • F-526 (25 November 1963 CIA memo re: Lee Harvey OSWALD)
  • Mr. Helms, I am not in a position here today to respond to your criticism
  • Standard operating procedure, would have been for the Navy to debrief him
  • (A) 201 file, is a type of Agency file in which personality information is placed
  • F-534 (State Department telegram from Moscow, 10/31/59)
  • F-523 (Form 201 CIA Personality File request 12/9/60)
  • The name is Oswald, Lee, and the middle name Henry
  • F-522 (Project ZRRIFLE handwritten notes)
  • ZRRIFLE originally started out as, an operational capability to kill people
  • "Should have phony 201 in R1 to backstop this, forged and backdated"
  • F-524 (CIA memo Breckinridge to Blakey re: Oswald 201 file)
  • Were you informed, 37 documents were missing from Oswald's 201 file? No
  • Additional exhibits: F-521, F-513, F-515, F-516
  • F-517, F-519; F-525, F-528, F-530, F-533
  • I think this inquisition has been admirably handled
  • I never found evidence that the Agency had anything to do with Lee Oswald

    Play Ryan Siebenthaler   (36:41)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Ryan's website - heavens -
  • Ryan had an interest in Texas history and a curiosity in the assassination
  • Gary Mack's "Magical" Powers of Dissuasion,
  • A live shooting/laser trajectory recreation on Unsolved History
  • Altered images used in overlays, seven steps missing
  • An Ida Dox drawing used as an autopsy "photo"
  • Gary as a laison, on TV, spread disinformation

    Show #725
    Original airdate: April 2, 2015
    Guests: Donald Gibson & Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up

    Play Donald Gibson & Jim DiEugenio   (59:22)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Donald's book, The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up (1999)
  • The creation of the Warren Commission was encouraged by Rostow, Alsop, Acheson
  • Moyers/Rostow conversation, LBJ/Alsop conversation, the McCloy/Dulles Commission
  • Warren Ommission (Brown 1996), Dulles and The Assassins (Donovan 1955)
  • Post-assassination, John McCloy had a hand in overturning Kennedy policy in Brazil
  • A fundamental conflict between Kennedy and the Establishment, global domination
  • On the commission, there wasn't much curiosity shown by Dulles or McCloy
  • Nobody after the Kennedys was able to offer an alternative to the Establishment offensive
  • Curry, 'We didn't have any between Elm and the railroad yard', interrupted by McCloy
  • Memos, Hoover, Belmont, Katzenbach, '... to settle the dust ...'
  • Alan Belmont, not Hoover, seems to be the Establishment guy
  • Belmont retired to the Hoover Institution, ultra-conservative, anti-government think tank
  • The assassination of Huey Long, Huey Long (Williams 1969)
  • A populist who actually built things for the people of Louisiana
  • Long was to the Left of Roosevelt, he was no buffoon
  • High finance, constituting themselves as a private government
  • Officially Long was killed by a young doctor, Carl Weiss
  • The evidence was suppressed for 35 years, Herbert Christenberry, Clay Shaw
  • Freeport Sulphur, the upperclass hire people like Dick Cheney to run things
  • Also by Donald, Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy presidency (1994)

    Show #724
    Original airdate: March 26, 2015
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Pat Speer
    Topics: HSCA / Listener's Letters / Thomas Canning HSCA Testimony

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:01:18)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Gerald Ford's HSCA testimony, fully probed Jack Ruby, ridiculous
  • Dulles had a lot of information, he told them very little or nothing
  • We don't know facts about the wounds, because of the autopsy doctors
  • The autopsy was not 'inadequate', it was negligent Supplementary Report of Autopsy
  • Military brass in the room prevented them from dissecting the wound
  • In the Eye of History: (Law 2004), best book on the medical evidence
  • Here's our conclusion, but, please don't look at the body
  • Stringer, Q: ... did you use a press pack? A: No
  • There's got to be a stronger word than 'fraud'
  • 50 Reasons... 50 Years..., no case, a fraud of evidence
  • Stringer's name is not even in the Warren Report
  • HSCA low point, Blakey supporting the Single Bullet Theory
  • Another low point, the removal of Richard Sprague
  • There aren't any high points in the hearings or report, with exceptions
  • The panel that examined the Jack Ruby polygraph did a very good job
  • Hoover was initiating and sustaining the false evidence trail
  • Gaeton Fonzi's report on Silvia Odio, the declassified 'Lopez Report'
  • Fonzi on Antonio Veciana and David Atlee Phillips / Maurice Bishop
  • Phillips' name is not in the 18,000 pages of the WC volumes
  • Garrison laid out the lower level of the conspiracy
  • Fonzi, Hardway, and Lopez (BOR #697) got to the middle level
  • Lisa Pease, John Newman, others, got to the top of the operational level
  • The Last Investigation (Fonzi 1993), another classic book
  • CTKA website, Hasan Yusuf on The Accidental Victim (Reston 2013)
  • A new entry, From the Archive, featuring excerpts from Probe
  • Letters, Brothers: (Talbot 2008), Mellon on Sheridan
  • Sheridan wasn't working for RFK at the time he sabotaged Garrison
  • Jim has seen no credible evidence that RFK knew Oswald
  • Arlen Specter, where do you begin with this guy?
  • Creation of the Single Bullet Fantasy, the medical evidence coverup
  • Discrediting the Sibert and O'Neill report
  • Vasili Mitrokhin, an archivist for the KGB, defected in 1992
  • Mitrokhin said Phillip Agee was in league with the KGB
  • Black Op Radio Facebook Page

    Play Pat Speer   (1:34:24)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • 09/12/78, Thomas Canning testimony, NASA engineer, trajectory expert
  • A late addition to the HSCA, not experienced in tracking wounds
  • F-147, F-137, bullet track straight across the top of the head
  • F-134 (Z-Frame 312), Kennedy's position in car
  • F-141 (Doll made up to look like Kennedy)
  • F-122 (TSBD)
  • F-376 (Wound locations)
  • F-135 (Croft photo)
  • Canning has JFK lean forward, shot in back, sit up, shot in the head
  • F-143 (Overhead view of limo), deceptive positioning
  • "The natural conservatism of ... forensic pathology ... I do not share"
  • Canning's letter to Blakey
  • "... study of the photographic record ... reveal major discrepancies"
  • "... strong indication of conspiracy at the Plaza"
  • Canning, a puppet of Blakey, his testimony is just bogus
  • There is more gray area than substantial facts in the testimony
  • FBI photo showing trajectory taken from the Dal-Tex Building
  • Some of the Congressmen were there to shut down the conspiracy
  • Way overdue, to agree the government was involved in a coverup
  • Gary Mack, 'Museum' curator, F.P.O.S., press-titute
  • The Sixth Floor, headquarters for The Lie
  • They would not carry the Col. Fletcher Prouty cd-rom
  • Been drinking the Kool-Aid?
  • McAdams, karma came up and hit him, just caught up with him
  • O'Reilly and McAdams have discredited themselves
  • Max Holland, the official story has got a major flaw in it
  • Phillip Sheenan, the Cubans encouraged LHO while he was in Mexico
  • Maybe we were wrong about who fired the fatal shot
  • Each episode of BOR, people have learned a little bit more
  • Chapter 19c: Lost in the Jungle with Kurtz
  • Blakey acknowledges the lies told him, not the lies he told himself
  • Chapter 15: The Tangled Web
  • HSCA Final Report Trajectory Analysis,

    Show #723
    Original airdate: March 19, 2015
    Guests: Dr. William Pepper
    Topics: Sirhan Sirhan Threatened

    Play Dr. William Pepper   (20:31)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Dr. Pepper called BOR to warn about Sirhan's life being threatened
  • Sirhan Sirhan is being stalked in the prison, and is anxious about his own safety
  • James Earl Ray died strangely of Hepatitis-C in prison
  • Dr. Pepper wants this known, and urges BOR listeners to contact the prison
  • The truth of the assassination of Bob Kennedy would die with Sirhan
  • Warden Daniel Paramo, Tel. 619-661-6500
  • Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility, 480 Alta Rd., San Diego 92179
  • Sirhan was hypno-programmed to play the role of a patsy
  • Bob Kennedy was hit by four bullets from behind, Sirhan was in front
  • Dr. Pepper has much evidence that he can't reveal until a regular proceeding
  • The closer we get to the truth, the more dangerous it is for Sirhan
  • Len's site
  • The assassination foreclosed the possibility of how we've come to be ruled
  • We are rapidly becoming a corporate fascist society, militarization
  • Control of and suppression over whistle blowers
  • February 3, 2015 Certificate of Appealability (COA) court filing

    Play Gerald Ford   (45:31)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • HSCA Testimony Sept 21st 1978

  • Show #722
    Original airdate: February 28, 2013
    Guest: Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Pentagon insider information

    Allen Dulles and the CIA

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty Audio  (46:08)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Allen Dulles was in Paris with the Wilson Peace Conference group after WW I
  • The Dulles's were senior directors of Sullivan & Cromwell, an office in Nazi Germany
  • The World Council of Churches, OSS WW II experience, an unusual individual
  • Preaching anti-Communism, he abolished the DDA, the office for planning
  • An agency and a government of reaction, a straightjacket Kennedy was trying to remove
  • Gen. Smith, SACSA, Gen. Erskine, Special Ops moved in to the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Importance of Deception, Gen. Krulak, Counterinsurgency began under Eisenhower
  • The bureaucracy was all ready for Nixon, the infrastructure was in place
  • The Taylor letter, NSAMs 55, 56 and 57, the shock in Washington
  • Lemnitzer was not a cold warrior, his successor Taylor was, a major change
  • Taylor, not the representative military man of that time, made Ambassador to Vietnam
  • The make up of the Taylor/Cuban Study Group, Dulles made up the witness list
  • Dulles did some indoctrination on Bobby Kennedy and Maxwell Taylor
  • The Study Group's report was in the form of a letter to Kennedy

    The NSA

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty Audio  (19:58)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • The NSA, the eyes and ears of America in the world, a purely mechanical job
  • The NSA was used to detect information around the world in the 60's
  • Sheer volume of information is overwhelming, computers are needed to filter it all
  • The NSA is a governmentally/militarily directed agency
  • The CIA is different in that it is an independent agency with a focused agenda
  • JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Occasional collisions of policy between the agencies and military operations
  • How the checks and balances failed in the Iran/Contra operations
  • The abolishment of the OSO was a mistake, a breakdown of checks and balances
  • Isolating departments from each other under seperate commands and personalities

    Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza, November 22, 1963

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty Video  (9:46)  YouTube

  • Investigation of Dealey Plaza photographic evidence, three men, not tramps
  • In the first picture, another man, his back to the photographer
  • That man is General Lansdale, a strange little eye-catch, a bit of expression
  • Lansdale had sent Prouty to the South Pole, he was out of the country on the 22nd

    The Bay of Pigs Explained

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty Video  (55:10)  YouTube

  • Kennedy was in the Navy, he was a congressman, then a senator
  • Eisenhower had approved a base to train exile Cubans to incite a rebellion
  • Eisenhower would never have approved an invasion
  • The fourth Kennedy/Nixon debate, Kennedy knew the leaders of the Cuban program
  • The CIA changed the plan to a 3,000 man invasion before the inauguration
  • Marine Colonel devised the plan, Kennedy waited for the air strike
  • Destroyed seven of 10 Cuban jets, JFK ordered the destruction of the three
  • The Cuban Study group, Operation ZAPATA, Dulles, Burke, Taylor, RFK
  • Walter Bedell Smith, Truman's DCI, a democracy cannot wage war
  • Covert operations can be done up to a certain size, should be taken from the CIA
  • Fletcher briefed the JCS on NSAM 55, a major change
  • A key point in Kennedy's difficulties with many points of power
  • McGeorge Bundy called Gen. Cabell and cancelled the additional air strike
  • Why? Not elaborated, there was no air cover in the plan
  • 42,000 rifles, submarines, not covert, advised to keep Americans out of Asia
  • NSAM 263, Vietnam policy, Taylor and McNamara went to Vietnam
  • The Taylor/McNamara Report, withdraw all U.S. personnel
  • Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, opposition to the film JFK
  • 570 billion dollars, the Military/Industrial Complex, Kennedy and the report
  • Honolulu and NSAM 273, a reversal of NSAM 263, NSAM 288
  • A history of the U.S. in Vietnam, the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg, DOD/ISA
  • Lodge confers with the President, no mention of JFK's assassination

    Show #721
    Original airdate: March 5, 2015
    Guests: Donald Jeffries / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Hidden History / HSCA / Listener's Letters

    Play Donald Jeffries   (1:17:06)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Donald's Hidden History was released in 2014
  • Donald joined Mark Lanes' Citizens Committee of Inquiry in the 70's
  • Things are connected, an uninterrupted timeline of corruption
  • Fascinated by events around the assassination, Donald read a lot
  • Donald met Harold Weisberg, who was a profile in courage
  • Lone Nutters don't disagree with each other
  • Donald tracked down SA Rybka's grandson, something is amiss
  • 50 years later, there's still some fear there
  • Skyhorse publishes many worthy books by researchers
  • The Sixties, Vietnam, MLK, RFK, a loss of innocence
  • Real investigative work is only being done by independent citizens
  • Pre-schoolers could ask more penetrating questions than these professionals
  • Assassination was outlawed as a policy weapon
  • Obama used a drone to assassinate a US citizen
  • Actor Freddie Prinze offered Mark Lane help, weeks later he was dead
  • 9/11, Oklahoma City, it's not a Left/Right thing
  • Three Presidents have been accused of rape, Reagan, Clinton, Dubya
  • The internet is helpful, television is a dinosaur media
  • Donald's book covers many things, in a reasonable manner
  • The scope of the lies, we're like a frog in a pot of boiling water
  • With the assassination, something was wrong at the beginning
  • John F. Kennedy Jr., that was not an accident
  • The 9:39 PM phone call, they threw it down the memory hole
  • He was a threat, obsessed with finding out who killed his father
  • The MSM goes up to a certain point, instead of really significant issues
  • Is everything a conspiracy? It's all just organized corruption
  • Try to keep the internet free, it's our only hope
  • The new normal is they cart away the evidence
  • The JFK cover up was transparently bad, they wanted the controversy
  • The passport in the rubble, the single bullet of 9/11
  • Avery, Lifton, Armstrong, Di Eugenio, Kelin, Palamara
  • Donald's blog, Keeping It Unreal
  • Donald wrote that the FBI does not keep stats on missing children
  • Bohemian Grove and the giant Walter Cronkite voiced owl
  • Mae Brussell, researching without subpoena power
  • The Left never really liked JFK, the last President that opted for peace

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:00:50)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Cyril Wecht and the HSCA Forensics Panel
  • Tannenbaum brought in Michael Baden and Cyril Wecht (BOR Show 720)
  • Senator Chris Dodd got Blakey to come on the HSCA
  • Blakey knew that he could not get Wecht to turn
  • Rep. Tom Downing, was shown the Zapruder film
  • Downing and Gonzalez got the committee formed
  • Walter Pinkus, David Burnham, Nicholas Horrock, attacking the committee
  • They were doing to Sprague what they did to Garrison
  • Rep. Louis Stokes was the new chairman, Blakey took over
  • Sen. Schweiker told Tannenbaum, "The CIA killed President Kennedy"
  • The Kennedy assassination goes to the heart of the American power structure
  • Blakey got to Baden and Andy Purdy, he flipped those guys
  • The HSCA was the last great chance, to find out who really killed Kennedy
  • Bill O'Reilly is getting roasted by colleagues
  • O'Reilly wasn't even in the Falkland Islands, in a war zone
  • He claimed he was outside de Mohrenschildt's home at the time of his death
  • A lone-nutter book by someone with someone is not doing well
  • Jim's article on Ben Bradlee will be out soon on
  • CTKA, John Armstrong (BOR Show 719) on the Kleins rifle
  • Robert Kennedy and the FBI wiretaps of MLK
  • Hoover was trying to drive a wedge between RFK and MLK
  • Tom Robinson and wounds observed at the JFK autopsy, creditable
  • The Chomsky attack on JFK was a disgrace

    Show #720
    Original airdate: February 26, 2015
    Guests: Dr. Cyril Wecht
    Topics: HSCA Testimony

    Play Cyril Wecht   (53:29)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The original executive head of that committee (HSCA) was Richard Sprague
  • He started a true inquiry, he approached it as a good prosecutor would
  • He was forced out, in came Blakey, he was hostile as hell
  • Cyril was one of nine on the forensic pathology panel
  • The panel interviewed Humes and Boswell, though Cyril was excluded
  • Show me a single case in which a bullet produced seven wounds in two men,
       with a weight loss of 1.5%, with it's entire casing intact
  • Cyril's colleagues rubber stamped the end result, not to jump in the fray
  • The Clark Panel in 1968 rubber stamped the Warren Commission
  • If this case happened to 'Joe Jones', it would be blown out of the water
  • CE 567, lead missing from the single bullet (CE 399)
  • The HSCA concluded that there had been a conspiracy
  • You either have a single bullet, or you have more than one shooter
  • What was it's purpose if it's conclusion was ignored?
  • Cyril, testifying to present his findings, sensed he was not amidst friends and allies
  • CE 294, Mannlicher-Carcano bullet comparison
  • A letter to the New York Times calling for JFK's exhumation and an autopsy
  • The Times Memo From Argentina article
  • The assassination was a plant that had tentacles that went all over
  • Cyril was afforded an opportunity, and gave his testimony
  • Blakey knew what his job was, he knew what they were looking for
  • The passion remains, it's intellectually distressing, the government's covered up

    Play Dr. Cyril Wecht   Sept 7 Afternoon Session   (1:01:58)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Mr. PURDY. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Dr. Wecht, did you request to testify today?
  • Dr. WECHT. Yes, I did.
  • Mr. PURDY. Dr. Wecht, what are the major conclusions of the forensic
       pathology panel with which you are in disagreement?
  • JFK Exhibit F-95 (CE 399 -The Single Bullet)
  • JFK Exhibit F-102 (CE 399 photographic enlargement)
  • JFK Exhibit F-294 (CE 399, CE 572, CE 853, CE 856)
  • JFK Exhibit F-320 (Diagram of positions of limousine occupants)
  • JFK Exhibit F-84 (X-ray of Governor Connally's wrist)
  • JFK Exhibit F-229 (Enlargment of Z-Frame 193)
  • JFK Exhibit F-272 (Enlargment of Z-Frame 222)
  • JFK Exhibit F-244 (Enlargment of Z-Frame 225)
  • JFK Exhibit F-320 (Diagram of positions of limousine occupants)
  • JFK Exhibit F-273 (Chart of positions of Kennedy and Connally)
  • JFK Exhibit F-245 (Enlargment of Z-Frame 230)
  • JFK Exhibit F-246 (Enlargment of Z-Frame 237)
  • JFK Exhibit F-247 (Enlargment of Z-Frame 238)
  • JFK Exhibit F-84 (X-ray of Governor Connally's wrist)
  • At a certain point, counsel intentionally dropped CE 399 on the table
  • This testimony was not carried in full on television,
       the audio ends just before Chariman Stokes begins his questioning
  • Transcript of Dr. Cyril Wecht Testimony

    Show #719
    Original airdate: February 18, 2015
    Guest: John Armstrong
    Topics: Harvey and Lee / JFK Research

    Play John Armstrong  (1:08:32)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Order the complete Seven hour interview for only $10 - Direct mp3 Download

    Buy Now

  • John is the author of Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald (1997)
  • Records in the Warren volumes that contradicted themselves
  • Alan Felde, with Oswald in boot camp and in school in Memphis, Tennessee
  • No records of Oswald going to school in Memphis, he was supposed to be in Japan
  • D. Power's orders list Squad 3383, WC lists 3381, Class AB27037, WC says AB27330
  • School records, WC does not have Lee attending Stripling in Fort Worth
  • Robert Oswald said he did, John spoke to the assistant principal from 1954, Lee had
  • Frank Kudlaty said he had given Lee's school records to the FBI on the 23rd
  • Somebody knew how important those records were to show up within 24 hours
  • FBI and WC handling of events and witnesses, within 24 hours
  • Teenage employment and school records, questioning employers
  • FBI agents went to Klein's Sporting Goods, they took the microfilm
  • John Ely, WC staffer, found discrepencies he couldn't understand
  • The FBI misquoted teacher Myra DaRouse, did not investigate the school in Memphis
  • Records of Oswald in Taiwan and Japan at the same time
  • Most Marine interviews were of Marines in California at MACS-9
  • Evidence gathered and people interviewed without any records to show it
  • John read the WC Report and all 26 volumes, things in there just didn't make sense
  • Marina said Oswald spoke perfect Russian with a Baltic accent
  • How did he learn it so well? Where did he learn it? No record
  • You find one discrepency, then another, and another, and another...
  • John went to Argentina to interview Anita Ziger, who knew Oswald in Minsk
  • John asked, "How was his Russian?", Anita told him, "He didn't speak any Russian"
  • You write, you call, you interview the people who knew Oswald
  • A missing tooth, John spoke with Marina, she gave him x-rays and photos
  • No end to the discrepencies, Harvey at MACS-9, Lee on a ship in the Pacific
  • Rambler/bus, back/front of the Texas Theater, lay the documents side by side
  • Two columns, Harvey and Lee, "Call me Harvey", two different people
  • Harvey on the first floor, short and thin, Lee on the third floor, big and husky
  • Ed Vobel knew Harvey in school and Lee in the Civil Air Patrol
  • Vobel called from the Ochsner Clinic the day before his death
  • John has provided a foundation for someone to further this work
  • All of this could end with a DNA test of Robert Oswald's and Marina's children

    Show #718
    Original airdate: February 12, 2015
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Dr. Walt Brown / Joan Mellen
    Topics: Stripping a Professor of Tenure

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:29:23)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Interesting books, Dissenting Views II (Green 2014), Hidden History: (Jeffries 2014)
  • Jim is writing about Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee and the MSM
  • Richard Helms was a childhood friend and Bradlee served in ONI
  • Jim reviews films at
  • CTKA, Review of the House Select Committee on Assassinations
  • David Mantik on the HSCA and the Harper Fragment
  • Jim honors Paris Flammonde who passed away in November, 2014
  • The Kennedy conspiracy;: (Flammonde 1969)
  • Reopen Kennedy Case (ROKC) Conference in Melbourne, Australia, Nov 2015
  • News of Marquette professor John McAdams being stripped of tenure
  • The dismissal letter from Dean Richard Holz
  • "...carelessly and arrogantly intimidate and silence the less-powerful..."
  • " in integrity..."
  • " have done a great disservice to Marquette, its faculty, students and alumni."
  • " used her as a tool to further your agenda."
  • "Your conduct thus impairs the very freedoms of teaching and expression..."
  • Fox News went to help one of their own
  • More news about McAdams from The Atlantic
  • The Federalist Society, a conservative reaction to the Warren Court
  • They are representing McAdams pro bono
  • The Col. L Fletcher Prouty Reference Site,

    Play Dr. Walt Brown   (39:23)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The letter of dismissal from Dean Richard Holz to John McAdams
  • Accuracy? Not a chance, Integrity? He's never respected anybody
  • That's not free speech, it's intimidation
  • Contact Dean Holz at
  • He's gone personal, he can't beat them up on the facts
  • Put McAdams in the arena with me, make my day
  • Rumors of an FBI unit keeping up with the JFK research community
  • A University is bound by massive codes of ethics
  • Tenure protects against random, frivolous complaints
  • To revoke tenure, they've got the cannon loaded
  • We're gonna sing the fight song and be rid of you
  • Enough McAdams, a perfect time to say the famous words, 'Case Closed'
  • To offer him up for sainthood or martyrdom, he's not deserving
  • Len's McAdams page, Laughing stock of the Internet?
  • He's been dishonorably discharged, and good riddance
  • It's about the truth, and we're getting closer every day
  • Walt's Master Analytic Chronology of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  • You're not gonna solve the Kennedy assassination in 200 pages, 32,000 pages
  • JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly, contact Walt at
  • He's been an unpleasant thorn for a long time, collegiality is necessary
  • "Because the Warren Commission said," is a meaningless sentence
  • My best to your listeners, they're the greatest people out there

    Play Joan Mellen   (42:51)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Freedom of Speech, protect the speech of people whose views you find repellent
  • If he has committed crimes, he should be charged in court
  • We believe in the rule of law, we need to protect that too
  • The Dean protests too much, we don't have the answer from McAdams
  • McAdams slandered Dr. Gary Aguilar
  • University administrators are interested in fortifying their own position
  • Joan is no fan of McAdams, but, the First Amendment, tenure, rule of law
  • We're not adjudicating this, we don't know, we're not there
  • Joan thought of suing Bugliosi for slander
  • They got Capone for income tax evasion
  • It is a high price to pay, firing a tenured faculty member
  • If it was the Devil himself, I feel it isn't right
  • It's not about him, it's about the precedence
  • McAdams has no influence, he loses in the greater scheme of things
  • Garrison, when attacked, "The First Amendment lives in an oxygen tent"
  • File a criminal complaint if you're harassed
  • Bugliosi, we sould have found out who paid for that book
  • There's more on the table than firing a guy we don't like
  • Joan has had tenure for a hundred years, she likes it
  • A lawyer in the research community might help us to understand
  • Don't look to the left, don't look to the right, do what you're doing
  • We apply the First Amendment to everyone, even Canadians
  • Is he well connected, is somebody behind him?
  • Give the defendant a chance to talk, maybe he'll hang himself
  • The test, is to protect and defend people whose opinions we detest
  • We have to protect the few freedoms that we have left in these hard times

    Show #717
    Original airdate: February 5, 2015
    Guests: Pat Speer / Dr. Larry Sturdivan
    Topics: HSCA Testimony

    Play Pat Speer   (1:28:46)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • HSCA testimonies ware broadcast live, but where are they on the internet?
  • It was a show that was put on by the staff, the congressmen didn't know
  • Jack White and the HSCA/photogrammetry set-up
  • Cyril Wecht was the only objective guy on the medical panel
  • Thomas Canning said that Kennedy was leaning forward before going behind the sign
  • This hunk of garbage called the Single Bullet Theory
  • Sturdivan was brought in to sell the wound ballistics
  • He was a statistician, not a medical doctor
  • His numbers didn't add up, when he wrote a book, he just changed the numbers
  • Tests suggest Connally was shot by a low velocity bullet
  • Guatemala 1954 "Operation PBSUCCESS" documents, assassination manual
  • 800 meters velocity vs. 800 feet velocity
  • Who was deliberately lying vs. who was a true believer?
  • There were problems with the dictabelt evidence
  • Arlen Spector's son was hired by a congressman to assist with the HSCA
  • The details become irrelevant when they go against the Oswald Did It conclusion
  • Humes autopsy, the Clark Panel, Humes HSCA testimony
  • This closed case, slam dunk, is still a big mess
  • Golden apples, keep people looking in the wrong direction
  • Dr. Guinn bending way over backwards to try to make the data fit
  •, e-mail Pat at
  • JFK: The Mysterious Death of Number Thirty-Five, Part One
  • Pat contributed to Episode #12 and Episode #26 of 50 Reasons for 50 Years...
  • The most important letter in CIA is A for Agency, who does that agency work for?
  • National Archives, Records Relating to Key Persons, 11/30/1963 - 9/24/1964
       NOTE: The above link is currently displaying:
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  • People at the top have an agenda to cover up, rather than really investigate

    Play Dr. Larry Sturdivan  Sept 8 Morning Session   (2:26:30)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Mathews: Mr. Sturdivan, would you state your name for the record?
  • Sturdivan: Larry M. Sturdivan.
  • Mathews: What is your occupation?
  • Sturdivan: I am a research physical scientist.
  • Testimony
  • JFK Exhibit F-111 (Flash shadowgraph of a projectile in the air)
  • JFK Exhibit F-112 (Flash X-ray of a bullet in flight)
  • JFK Exhibit F-113 (View of an M-193 bullet)
  • JFK Exhibit F-114 (Same bullet at a lower velocity)
  • JFK Exhibit F-310 (Picture of a Mannlicher-Carcano bullet)
  • JFK Exhibit F-116 (Bullets fired through gelatin)
  • JFK Exhibit F-115 (A very simple drag force equation)
  • JFK Exhibit F-117 (Film of gelatin experiment) (Not found)
  • JFK Exhibit F-273 (Chart of positions of Kennedy and Connally)
  • JFK Exhibit F-320 (Diagram of positions of limousine occupants)
  • JFK Exhibit F-294 (CE 399, CE 572, CE 853, CE 856)
  • WC CE 399 (The infamous bullet)
  • WC CE 572 (Bullets recovered in cotton-waste)
  • WC CE 853 (Bullet ricocheted from goat carcass rib)
  • WC CE 856 (Bullet shot directly into a cadaver wrist) (Not found)
  • JFK Exhibits F-255 through F-258 (Z-Frames)
  • JFK Exhibit F-66 (Ida Dox drawing showing skull fragmentation)
  • JFK Exhibit F-53 (X-ray of President Kennedy's skull)
  • JFK Exhibit F-304 (Film showing the shooting of a can of tomatoes) (Not found)
  • JFK Exhibit F-305 (Film showing the shooting of a skull) (Not found)
  • JFK Exhibit F-307 (Approximate location of hole in the top of the President's skull)
  • JFK Exhibit F-306 (Skull utilized by Edgewood Laboratories for the Warren Commission)
  • JFK Exhibit F-81 (Diagrams of path of bullet through Connally)
  • JFK Exhibit F-118 (Experimental bullets fired at Edgewood Arsenal, and CE 399)
  • JFK Exhibit F-303 (Momentum equation)
  • Z-Frame 313
  • Z-Frame 314
  • Z-Frame 315
  • Z-Frame 316
  • JFK Exhibit F-309 (Film of the shooting of a goat) (Not found)

    Show #716
    Original airdate: January 29, 2015
    Guests: Robert Groden
    Topics: HSCA Testimony

    Play Robert Groden   (54:53)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Robert was on the HSCA staff for three years
  • At the end of their time limit, the HSCA returned money to the treasury
  • Bob Tannenbaum told Robert that he was right about the conspiracy
  • Robert Tannenbaum was under a non-disclosure order until recently
  • Notice that one of the congressman starts to attack Robert
  • The autopsy photos were faked, the President was shot from the front
  • Robert Blakey threatened to throw Groden in jail
  • Robert writes about the HSCA in JFK Absolute Proof  (2013)
  • Nobody on the photographic panel knew anything about the assassination
  • It just ended, very sad, we had one chance to get it right
  • George Joannides, CIA sicced him on the HSCA
  • CIA security rep Regis Blahut broke into a safe, to view an autopsy photo
  • During the testimony, they were friendly, towards the end it got uncomfortable
  • Robert was told he could testify some more, but, they never asked him back
  • Robert had been involved in assassination research half his life when he testified
  • Gerald Ford was a despicable traitor, he lied about the back wound location
  • Cecil Kirk (BOR Show #715) was a diehard defender of the WC, he was deplorable
  • It was a miracle to get the House Committee formed in the first place
  • Blakey and company ruined the investigation, absolutely despicable
  • We did get the ruling that there was a conspiracy
  • Robert details 89 witnessess who saw the President's head wound
  • The Dallas City Attorney and a judge got the City out of his case

    Play Robert Groden   Sept 6 1979 Afternoon Session   (1:55:49)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Goldsmith: Mr. Groden, would you please state your name and occupation for the record?
  • Groden: Robert Groden, photo-optics technician.
  • Testimony
  • Z-Frame 225
  • Z-Frame 313
  • (Testimony is missing from the audio,
       from 'without taking aim' (P. 64), through, 'signs of responding to a shot' (P. 66)
  • JFK Exhibit F-273 (Chart of positions of Kennedy and Connally) (Not referred to on audio)
  • JFK Exhibits F-209, F-247, F-249, F-265, F-272, F-274 (Zapruder frames) (Not referred to on audio)
  • Testimony (continued on P. 66)
  • Z-Frame 210
  • Z-Frame 224
  • Z-Frame 253
  • Z-Frame 237
  • Z-Frame 238
  • The Zapruder film is shown
  • Testimony (resumed after many pages of Z-Frame photos)
  • JFK Exhibit F-244 (Z-Frame 225)
  • JFK Exhibit F-245 (Z-Frame 230)
  • JFK Exhibit F-246 (Z-Frame 237)
  • JFK Exhibit F-247 (Z-Frame 238)
  • JFK Exhibit F-249 (Z-Frame 274)
  • Z-Frame 133
  • Z-Frame 486
  • The Zapruder film is shown again
  • WC misprinting and mislabelling of Z-Frames 313, 315, 314, 316 (Volume XVIII pages 70 and 71)
  • JFK Exhibit F-121 (TSBD) (Hughes)
  • JFK Exhibit F-122 (TSBD) (Dillard)
  • JFK Exhibit F-123 (TSBD) (Powell)
  • JFK Exhibit F-126 (Altgens 6)
  • JFK Exhibit F-128 (Altgens 6)
  • JFK Exhibit F-129 (Moorman)
  • JFK Exhibit F-155 (Willis)
  • JFK Exhibit F-267 (Nix) (corresponds to Z-Frame 313)
  • JFK Exhibit F-274 (Z-Frame 413)
  • JFK Exhibit F-130 (Umbrella Man)
  • JFK Exhibit F-124 (Altgens 5)
  • JFK Exhibit F-125 (Milteer)
  • JFK Exhibit F-131 (Tramps)
  • JFK Exhibit F-173 (Tramp B/Sturgis)
  • JFK Exhibit F-174 (Tramp C/Hunt/Chrisman)
  • JFK Exhibit F-127 (Oswald/Lovelady)
  • Altgens 6 corresponds to Z-Frame 255
  • JFK Exhibit F-179 (backyard photographs) (CE 133-A and CE 133-B)
  • JFK Exhibit F-270 (Two Oswalds)
  • JFK Exhibit F-208 (Rifles), critic Jack White
  • JFK Exhibit F-132 (Three Oswalds)
  • JFK Exhibit F-166 (Oswald Marine height chart)
  • Z-Frame 236
  • Z-Frame 237
  • Z-Frame 238
  • Altgens 7 (Mrs. Kennedy on trunk)
  • Smoke during CBS test firing of a Mannlicher Carcano rifle

    Show #715
    Original airdate: January 22, 2015
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / William Pepper / Cecil Kirk
    Topics: JFK Research / Academic Freedom / Sirhan / HSCA Testimony

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (45:21)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The HSCA was completely scripted, except for Cyril Wecht
  • The HSCA had more data to hide than did the Warren Commission
  • RFK Jr., says CIA prevented normalization of relations with Cuba
  • CTKA, Jim is working on an exposé of Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee
  • Who was JFK?, Who killed JFK?, Watergate, he blew all three
  • David Kaiser, American-Tragedy: (2002), review of Selma (2014)
  • David Josephs on Mexico City, The Trip Down: Part 2
  • John Armstrong, Oswald Did NOT Purchase a Rifle
  • All of laughing stock John McAdams' classes have been cancelled
  • Open Letter in Support of Cheryl Abbate
  • CIA might just abandon him, FOX news brought him out in a suit and tie
  • Gender Based Violence, Responsibility, and John McAdams (Abbate)
  • Sgt. Cecil Kirk, WC and HSCA photographic analysis
  • Kirk said the first shot came as early as Zapruder Frame 162
  • Rosemary Willis, the little girl in red

    Play William Pepper   (30:51)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • After 16 months, the District Court judge denied the petition
  • Sirhan pled guilty to avoid the death penalty, which he received anyway
  • Dr. Pepper is seeking a Certificate of Appealability (COA)
  • The woman in the polka dot dress would be revealed at an evidentiary hearing
  • Pursuing this case is expensive, contact Len ( to donate funds
  • Evidence of Sirhan's innocence is strong, close shots from behind and below
  • 13 shots from an eight shot gun, shots from the left, shots from the right
  • Who benefits? Try to end war in America, they're not gonna stand for that
  • The MSM does not want to touch these kinds of cases
  • BOR listeners are important, the way citizens should act, doing research
  • Paul Schrade is still pushing ahead
  • Who Killed Bobby?: (O'Sullivan 2008), Shadow Play: (Melanson 1997)
  • Write to California Attorney General Harris and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)
  • Dr. Pepper was audited by the IRS for seven years

    Play Cecil Kirk   Sept 14 Afternoon Session   (52:08)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Sgt. Cecil Kirk Testimony
  • JFK Exhibit F-178, chart of backyard photographs
  • JFK Exhibit F-179, JFK Exhibit F-182, backyard photographs
  • JFK Exhibit F-380, JFK Exhibit F-390, JFK Exhibit F-180, backyard photographs
  • JFK Exhibit F-183, JFK Exhibit F-184, backyard photograph, front and back
  • JFK Exhibit F-383, backyard photograph
  • JFK Exhibit F-185, backyard photograph
  • JFK Exhibit F-398, backyard photographs
  • JFK Exhibit F-381, Imperial Reflex camera
  • JFK Exhibit F-187, film plane of the Imperial Reflex camera
  • JFK Exhibit F-190, test exposure
  • JFK Exhibit F-191, test camera exposure
  • JFK Exhibit F-188, JFK Exhibit F-397, backyard photographs
  • JFK Exhibit F-189, photo of Oswald's daughter June

    Show #714
    Original airdate: January 15, 2015
    Guest: Marina Oswald Porter
    Topics: HSCA Sept 13th and 14th 1978

    Play Marina Oswald    Sept 13 Morning Session   (2:41:42)     MP3 download

  • Transcript
  • Stokes: The Chair will not tolerate any disruption, all persons remain in thier seats
  • Blakey: Marina Prusakova was born on July 17, 1941 in Molotovsk near the White Sea
  • Blakey: In March 1961, she met Lee Oswald, six weeks later they were married
  • Blakey: Four areas of questioning, Russia, Dallas, New Orleans, Dallas
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD)
  • Pavel Golovachev
  • KGB, the Soviet intelligence agency
  • Previous Depositions
  • Komsomol
  • George DeMohrenschildt
  • The rifle, CE-139
  • General Walker
  • CE-133-A and CE-133-B
  • F-180, F-382 and F-383, F-381
  • Richard Nixon in Dallas in April
  • Ruth Paine
  • Clay Shaw
  • David Ferrie
  • Guy Bannister

    Play Marina Oswald    Sept 13 Afternoon Session   (1:31:41)     MP3 download

  • Transcript
  • Mexico City
  • Texas School Book Depository (TSBD)
  • Mr. Frazier
  • O.H. Lee
  • 1026 North Beckley
  • Michael Paine
  • FBI agent James Hosty
  • Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC) leaflets
  • The route the President was going to take
  • Mrs. Paine's garage
  • Marina and Lee (Priscilla Johnson McMillan 1977)
  • Officer Tippit
  • Jack Ruby
  • Alek Hidell
  • Governor Connally

    Play Marina Oswald    Sept 14 Morning Session   (53:36)     MP3 download

  • Transcript
  • Minsk

    Play Marina Oswald    Sept 14 Afternoon Session   (47:30)     MP3 download

  • Transcript (audio interrupted), Transcript (audio continued)

    Show #713
    Original airdate: January 8, 2015
    Guests: Joan Mellen
    Topics: CIA Control of the HSCA

    Play Joan Mellen   (1:31:11)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA)
  • The AARC 2014 Conference, Joan got moved to the second day
  • The conference highlighted Robert Blakey
  • DRE played no role in the assassination
  • The investigation had been compromised by CIA before Joannides
  • Scott Breckenridge was higher up than Joannides
  • Blakey blames the assassination on Carlos Marcello
  • Antonio Veciana had not spoken at conferences before
  • He said the Mexico City scheme was made up by David Atlee Phillips
  • Joan has written about investigators Robert Buras and L. J. Delsa
  • Thomas Edward Beckham met with Oswald on the day of the assassination
  • Fred Lee Crisman knew Shaw and Beckham
  • Joannides was one aspect, Sprague and Tanenbaum had to step down
  • Respect for history, building on what has come before
  • Ramifications of Phillips and Mexico City, LHO was a minor CIA figure
  • No rogue elements in CIA, everybody is on the same page
  • HSCA investigator Eddie Lopez, Bernardo De Torres
  • Blakey knew to acquiesce to CIA involvement in the investigation
  • Research can be done starting with Gaeton Fonzi's memos
  • Robert Tanenbaum at the Wecht Conference (2013)
  • You can understand that CIA took the HSCA's investigation as a challenge
  • John McAdams - Laughing stock of the Internet?
  • You're not going to find a smoking gun document, but, smoking footprints
  • Another LBJ cover-up, the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967
  • CIA asserting greater power then the President of the United States
  • We're not asking for another government investigation
  • He fired Allen Dulles, but, Dulles never left the job
  • The most important letter in CIA, A, Agency, working for a client
  • Building Lyndon Johnson (Ramparts 1967), Brown & Root
  • The Dulles's friends were the Nazi's, this man is a traitor
  • The Nazi's invaded the world political structure, they did not disappear
  • Jeremy Gunn, Herbert J. Miller and Walter Sheridan,
  • Castro, Khrushchev, the Mafia, Lyndon Johnson, blow that smoke away
  • Murder one President, the next one will toe the line

    Show #712
    Original airdate: January 1, 2015
    Guests: Donald Gibson & Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Battling Wall Street / Letters

    Play Donald Gibson & Jim DiEugenio   (1:27:00)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Donald was guest number three on Black Op Radio, May 11, 2000
  • Donald did his dissertation on the growth of multinational corporations
  • Battling Wall Street (Gibson) and Destiny Betrayed (DiEugenio) shared a publisher
  • Donald's was the first book on Kennedy's economic policies
  • The Steel Crisis, intent to discredit Kennedy with Labor
  • Roger Blough, U.S. Steel, Wall Street, prevent JFK's intervention in the economy
  • Kennedy's Statement on the Steel Crisis (text) (newsreel)
  • They underestimated his major strategic response, that enhanced his image
  • Alexander Hamilton's 1791 Report on Manufactures
  • Hamilton clearly rejects the idea that private interests just be allowed to run wild
  • JFK used all available tools, to promote higher prosperity, and higher justice
  • Irrational, destructive economic practices, under the banner of the marketplace
  • Paper profits vs. creating real wealth, Kennedy was better than a Keynesian
  • JFK and science and technology, nuclear energy, NASA, a coherent program
  • The significance of the Kennedy assassination, since then, a disaster
  • By the 90's the economics departments got taken over by servants of big money
  • The National Security Strategy of the United States of America, (2002) (2006)
  • The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up (2014 re-issue), Progressive Press
  • Kennedy's were unto themselves, little to do with upperclass influence and power
  • David Rockefeller to JFK, JFK to Rockefeller
  • Cooperative Nationalism, each country had a right to it's own strategies
  • Trilateral Commission, to destroy nationalism, TRIALOG
  • The Steel Crisis was one of the opening guns in the globalism strategy
  • Vietnam was McGeorge Bundy's policy, he wrote the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
  • John McCloy, an employee, Mr. Fix-It, on the Warren Commission
  • The Eastern Establishment, their lawyer, their utility man
  • Dulles, covert operations, McCloy, overt operations
  • The WC shut down Dallas police, Texas, and Congressional investigations
  • Lay the dust and blame Oswald, there was no investigation
  • Joseph Alsop and LBJ, Monday 25 November, 1963, 10:40am (audio) (text)
  • No indications for Johnson having Kennedy killed, as surprised as other people
  • Huey Long and JFK, populist Governor of Louisiana, he was assassinated
  • Changes, foreign policy, Dominican Republic, Alliance For Progress
  • There was no available resolution to the conflict between Russia and the U.S.
  • International Monetary Fund, City of London, Wall Street, by the mid 1950's
  • Get access to other country's wealth and gain control
  • The Kennedy's were an impediment to the whole global strategy
  • Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (Perkins 2005)
  • Corporations, banks, investors, began abandoning the American economy
  • Gutted, deindustrialized, rolling crises, a drop in the value of the dollar
  • The upper class have no idea what they're doing at this point
  • Obama had the opportunity to launch the second New Deal
  • There is no David Rockefeller today, policies which can't work
  • The Times and the Journal settled the whole thing, then Ruby shot Oswald

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (59:35)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA, look for continuations and additions this week
  • Letters, Rubenstein/HUAC letter, the zip code, on the fence
  • CIA Inspector General's Report on the Castro plots, no Kennedys
  • Kennedy, advisors in Vietnam, from 900 to 15,900, problematic
  • Promises Kept: (Bernstein 1991), Mr. Kennedy and the Negroes (Golden 1964)
  • Executive orders, he didn't have the votes, Birmingham, things changed
  • The Promise Revisited  (Harper/Krieg 1988), Ordeal in Africa (Mahoney 1983)
  • Reclaiming Parkland: (2013), film critiques and lists
  • Lawrence of Arabia (1962), one of the great films, Five Easy Pieces (1970)
  • American cinema, foreign films, classic films, Woody Allen
  • Blakey, as a guest, we want to understand, Sins I, Sins II
  • He says he was wrong about Joannides, 50 Reasons For 50 Years, Episode 44
  • Joannides and other people, the AARC Conference, they invited Blakey
  • David Ormsby-Gore, The Education of a Statesman (Leaming 2006)
  • A definitive biography of Kennedy by Jim?
  • Frank Sturgis at the Ambassador Hotel?
  • False defectors, at least 13 people, Otto Otepka
  • Noam Chomsky and the film JFK
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